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Couple exciting sex domination instruction
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FINALLY the epilogue. . it's a bit small but don't be mad. Sure things won't end the same but remember they could always end.

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. Written by Dragon of the Underworld Revised by Evildart17/Darkcloud75 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Way I Dreamed It Part 1 Epilogue Chapter 14 Naruto was holding back screams of pain. The pain he was receiving was getting to be too much, but he had to hold it, she was going through some pain then he would have to go through it with her. Everyone was in the hospital waiting to see Naruto and Hinata.

They were anxious and worried; they wanted this to be over already. They were in the hospital waiting room waiting for Tsunade to come and tell them that everything was fine and they could go see them. It was now a little over nine months. The more things played out the more Hinata was happy, many things turned out different then what she had dreamed but the results were the same.

During her birthday she and Naruto told everyone that they were a couple, leaving out the details. Everyone was shocked to hear the news especially Hiashi who knew that Hinata loved Naruto, he just thought that it would take more time for Naruto to realize it or in Hinata's case the courage to tell him. Beside all that everyone was happy for them that they had finally gotten together after many years of wondering when?

Being the head of the Hyuuga clan Hiashi was always strict, firm, and emotionless, which was made him very intimidating, something that is needed of the Hyuuga head.


Even though he didn't show it Hiashi was happy for his daughter, he was sure that Naruto would do more for her then he could. Unless they were on missions or they had other important matters to attend to, the two were usually together. Since the day she revealed her feeling for him Hinata changed, she was surer of herself, less shy, and needier.

Since then Naruto and Hinata would make love nearly everyday when possible, she always loved the way he filled her. When Hinata and Naruto found out that she was pregnant, they were both happy and crazy with joy this scene didn't change from the one she dreamed. They were ecstatic that they were going to be parents, something they knew they were going to be good at. Their joy didn't last to long they knew they had to tell Hiashi of Hinata's situation.

Like any father he was furious that she got pregnant before she got married. Over time his anger swelled down especially with the thought of having grandchildren. When Hiashi told Hinata and Naruto that they should be married before the child was born they immediately agreed, to them getting married was a huge piece of their puzzle. The Hyuuga elders had problems with Naruto marring a Hyuuga, but Hiashi made sure that they didn't ruin anything. Because Hiashi was going to fund the wedding, he had planned a huge and elegant one.

However Naruto and Hinata didn't want that type of wedding all they needed were their friends and family and the essentials. Hiashi finally agreed, the wedding was small but everyone loved it. And now Hinata was in labor. Naruto's hand was swollen and red from all the squeezing Hinata was doing. He gave Hinata his other hand to relieve the pain from that one, but she refused she wanted him to continued to receive the pain just like she was right now.

When everyone saw Tsunade walking through the door they knew that it was over, she told them they could enter. When they came in the first thing they saw was Naruto holding the baby.

Naruto was blocking Hinata from the view of the others, so when he moved and everyone else saw Hinata they were surprised to see that she too had a baby in her hands.

"Hey guys" said Naruto.

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"Are both babies yours" asked Sakura. "Of course, we didn't want to tell you guys, cuz we wanted to surprise you" said Naruto. "What are they?" asked Tenten. "Their girls, fraternal twins" said Hinata. One of the girls had midnight blue curls while the other one had blond curls and both had cerulean blue eyes.

"AAWWWW their so cute" said Ino. "What are there names?" asked Tenten. "This little one is. .

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. Emi" said Hinata.

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"And this one is. .

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. Saya" said Naruto. "Hinata do you want to hold both of them?" asked Naruto, Hinata nodded and Naruto put Saya, the one with midnight blue hair, on Hinata's other arm.


Naruto couldn't help but smile as he looked at all three together, Naruto caressed each little girls check then he leaned in and kissed Hinata. Hinata gave her little girls a kiss on their forehead as she began to tear up from so much happiness.

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"Hinata can I hold one?" asked Tenten. Hinata nodded and handed her Saya. "Can I hold one too?" asked Sakura, Hinata just handed Emi to her. Naruto could see that Hinata still needed a little bit of time to let it all sink in so he hugged her as she cried all her tear of joy on his shoulder. Naruto was happy as well he finally had the family he always wanted.

Hinata was happy and most importantly glad, glad that what happened before was a dreamed because this was way better then the way she dreamed it. The End xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx . .

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. . Better. --Oh man I think I'm going to cry. .


. [sobbing] A/N --I want to thank EVERYONE that read my story I truly hope you liked it. --Now check out part 2. REVIEW PLZ.