Feel envy while watching the newest porn online

Feel envy while watching the newest porn online
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Fbailey story number 400 NOTE: This is much longer than my normal stories. The Lady Past The Woods When I was in high school I got an idea for my photography class from a Relaxation CD that Mom had given me a few years ago. I would lie in bed not being able to sleep and listening to the babbling brook.

Eventually I was relaxed and asleep. When I told my teacher about my idea she was excited that I had envisioned a scene to go along with the sound and now wanted to marry them into a movie. There was a small stream that ran behind my house and through the woods. As it happened I lived down stream and decided to simply walk up the stream slowly taking footage that I would later cut and splice to make it about an hour or so in length.

My teacher and I figured that I might need three or four hours to start with. She said that if I found a nice waterfall that that alone might be all that I needed.

Of course sound was absolutely necessary. She suggested that I might consider placing birdseed, salt licks, even crickets, near the pool at the base of a waterfall to enhance my chances for nature to help me out. She suggested some fish too. I knew that I had to check out that stream better than I had ever done in the past. Each night after school I would go further and further into the woods, following the stream, and filming as I went.

It was certainly slow going, walking in the water on slippery rocks as I held my digital movie camera. I also only had a couple of hours of good lighting after school but if I got myself organized then I could really do some filming on the weekend. It took me four evenings to just get through the woods.

Just before I exited the woods a sound caught my attention. Then some movement caught my eye. I could not believe what I was seeing but I quickly lifted my camera and started recording.

I was shaking so bad that I had to sit down with my back against a tree and try to relax. Even then my heartbeat caused the scene before me to jump up and down. Luckily I found a tree stump to sit my camera on. What I had stumbled onto was a naked woman getting fucked by a large Golden Retriever. She might have been a little older than my mother, but she sure looked better. Now my mother is an attractive woman by all means but that woman letting the dog fuck her was NAKED, she was pretty, and she had beautiful hair, nice hanging tits, and she had a wonderful voice.

It sounded foreign like maybe French or Italian. As I watched she called the big dog Sir Galahad and she thanked him for having a big cock, sticking it in her, and knotting them together as she screamed out in an intense orgasm. I watched as Sir Galahad twisted around and got butt to butt with her. I then had a great view of her on her hands and knees.

She was in a perfect position for me and the zoom feature allowed me an excellent view of her face, her hanging breasts, and her beautiful hair. She was a blonde with long curly hair hanging down both sides of her face and that hair was big and full too. She sort of reminded me of Farrah Fawcett pictures that my Dad had. I watched her for about fifteen minutes, until the dog released himself from her.

I got scared as he started to run right for me but when she called to him he stopped dead in his track and returned to her. If I were fucking her I would obey her every command too. I stayed right where I was until she had gone into her house, then I slipped away quickly. The next day was Saturday so I took Mom's car and drove around to her place to ask permission to walk up her stream for my school project. Really I just wanted a chance to see her again and maybe to find out who she was.

When I rang her doorbell she shouted out "Just a minute" and then a couple of minutes later she opened the door wearing a very sexy outfit that consisted of tight short shorts and a see through blouse with a black bra on underneath. She checked me out and said, "Sorry for the delay but I had to get dressed.

You see, I'm usually nude." I said, "Oh I wouldn't have minded that." She smiled and said, "I bet you wouldn't. My name is Dominique, now what can I do for you?" I explained to Dominique about my thoughts on a school project and then asked her if I could walk the stream on her property. She said that I could and she even offered to go with me. She took me through the house and out her back door. I saw the dog dishes on the floor in the kitchen and asked, "Do you own a dog?" Dominique answered, "No.

I was training a dog for a woman. She wanted a dog with special training. My husband owns a big pet store over in Clyde." That was a big city not too far away. As we walked along the stream she mentioned a waterfall with a nice pool below it where she liked too cool off on hot days.

When I saw it I knew right away that that was exactly what I had been looking for. The pool was about twelve feet across and about twelve feet long. A ten-foot waterfall feed the pool and it tapered to a shallow stream at the other end. Dominique told me that it was about waist deep in the middle.

The side that we were standing on was like a six-foot rock cliff and the other side of the stream was a nice grassy incline.

She told me of the deer and other smaller animals that come to the pool to drink and bathe. I was excited. We talked about building a blind to hide me from the animals but she suggested that I put my camera on a post and just let it record. That way none of the animals would know any better. She also mentioned that I should talk to her husband about it since he was sort of an animal expert. She invited me to dinner saying that he would be home shortly after the store closed. I wanted to spend as much time as possible with her so I accepted her offer.

When her husband arrived she gave him a kiss that curled my toes. During dinner she asked him about Sir Galahad and he told her that the lady had decided to pick him up on Monday because something had come up. Throughout dinner we talked about filming the stream pool and its visitors. He had a great idea so we grabbed a few items and then we all walked back out. He placed an old birdhouse against a tree, tilted it, and then nailed it in place.

I could open it up, put my camera in there, and protect it from any rain and from being seen. His idea for better sound involved a long cord with a microphone on one end that would plug into my camera port. The microphone was then placed in a hollowed out log to conceal it and protect it from the weather and moved closer to the waterfall. It seemed perfect. To test it out, I turned it on and then the three of us walked through the water with our shoes off. Dominique went right into the water with her clothes on.

The view was actually better than when her clothes were dry. I wished that she had been dressed in white. Anyway the test was fine and the sound was good too.

I told him that I had two battery packs so that one could charge while the other one was being used. I told him that I had several eight-gig cards too and that they were numbered to keep them straight. He suggested that I try it out the following day, Sunday, and that I record before dawn, around noon, around dinner time, and before sunset.

Dominique suggested that I spend the day with them and charge the batteries at her house. Then her husband suggested that I spend the night too. I went home and told Mom what I was up too.

She was excited for me so I grabbed some more equipment and a change of clothes. That evening they watched a movie and cuddled on the couch while I sat in a very nice recliner.

I kept an eye on them as they made out. His hands roamed over her breasts, her hands played with his crotch, and they kissed a lot. After the movie it was bedtime. Dominique showed me to my bedroom and kissed me goodnight like she had been kissing her husband. As I lay there I could hear some mumbling and then a bed hitting the other side on the wall.

I knew they were having sex. I got so excited that I jerked off and shot cum all over the bed. That relaxed me better than any CD I listened too and I fell asleep.

About five-thirty in the morning Dominique woke me up telling me that I needed to put my camera out by the pool of water and that I could go back to sleep afterwards if I wanted too.

Dominique was wearing a black see through neglig?that made her look even more beautiful. She handed me a flashlight and kissed me again before wishing me good luck. As we kissed my hand went to her breasts and her hand went to my crotch. No girl had ever touched my penis before and I liked it. I hadn't ever felt of a girl's boobs before and I liked that too. Before our kiss ended I was hard.

Dominique asked me if I wanted her to fix it. I had no idea what she meant but I knew that it needed fixing. Dominique then sucked my cock into her mouth and gave me my very first blowjob before telling me to get dressed, take care of my camera, and come back to her. I did rush out, set my camera up to record, and rushed right back to her. However, we weren't alone, her husband was sitting in the kitchen watching her fix breakfast. I could not believe that she was still wearing that black neglig?and that he didn't mind.

I was pretty sure that she was wearing black panties earlier but she wasn't then and she bent right over giving her husband and I a wonderful view of her pussy from behind. Plus I got a really nice view of her puckered asshole too. Her husband said, "Honey, your vertical smile is showing." She replied, "Too bad.

My panties were wet from giving both of you blowjobs before breakfast." Her husband asked me, "You should give some serious thought to making a jerk-off video too." Dominique said, "I don't want a million little boys jerking off to my uncovered pussy." Her husband then asked her, "What if he just made two copies? One for him and one for me." Dominique smiled and said, "I could live with that." I interjected, "But my camera is out near the waterfall pool." He said, "Well, I have a camera too.

It might not be as good as yours is but it works." He directed Dominique while I photographed her. She cleaned up from breakfast and put things away while bending over as much as she could in that black neglig? Then she took a shower, fixed her hair, and applied her makeup. Then she went out back still nude. Since it was just before noon we headed out to change my battery and SD card.

While we were out there Dominique frolicked in the pool water and then we headed back to the house. With very little encouragement from us she masturbated for us while telling us about the nude beaches in France where she grew up, how she had never even owned a bikini top until she came to America, and then she told us how she had lost her virginity to a tall blond Danish boy that was on vacation with his family. Actually it was his sister that had seduced Dominique.

Then in the middle of it all Dominique felt his cock slide into her pussy while his sister was still eating her. Dominique was thirteen years old at the time, the boy was sixteen and his sister was eighteen.

She knew that they had used her but she didn't care, after all she had gotten exactly what she wanted…twenty-seven times in that two weeks. Dominique told her husband that if he brought Sir Galahad home that she could show us how well he learned his job.

He rushed off to his store. Meanwhile Dominique asked me if I want to fuck her and loose my virginity. I sure did. It wasn't long before she was holding onto my waist and putting my cock in her pussy. It sure wasn't long after that, that I was cumming in her. All too soon Sir Galahad was back and I was filming him licking her pussy and her crying out how good he was. Her husband cheered her on, and then he cheered Sir Galahad on.

That dog mounted her in record time and was forcing his cock into her. I got a close look at his knot slipping out of his sheath and into her hole. He fucked her like my hamster used to fuck his wife…fast and furious. In no time at all he was butt to butt with her and still shooting cum into her. Her husband put his cock in her mouth and she gave him a blowjob too. Finally I decided to change my camera battery and storage card at the waterfall.

It was so peaceful that I stayed around for a few minutes enjoying the solitude. Dominique said that she had had enough of my camera for one day but said that she would do things for me the next weekend. After dinner I changed the camera battery for the last time and headed home. I was planning on getting my camera back in the morning before school. At home I downloaded the three waterfall discs and the Dominique disc.

I watched most of the first waterfall disc before going to sleep. It was nice and had a couple of deer and a couple of rabbits drinking from the water. The flowing water was good and loud too. After school on Monday I finished off the first waterfall disc and started the second one but Mom interrupted me with dinner.

After dinner I watched some television with my parents. They were nothing like Dominique and her husband. They didn't fool around and they didn't even sit together. Mom was fully clothed too. At bedtime I watched a few minutes of my Dominique disc while jerking off then I went to sleep very relaxed. I got up late and couldn't get my camera before school so I went directly there after school.

Dominique greeted me in a pair of tight shorts and nothing else. We walked to the pool where she removed her shorts and jumped into the cool water. Afterwards we made love on the grassy slope and relaxed in each other's arms. Just before I headed home with my equipment I gave her one last orgasm with my fingers. When she cum she flooded my hand.

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As I walked into my house Mom introduced me to Sir Galahad her new dog. He ran to me, smelled my fingers, and went right after Mom. He knocked her down then as she got onto her hands and knees to get up he drove into her hard.

It was her own fault because she wasn't wearing any panties and she had been letting him lick her pussy for a couple of hours without any relief. I just aimed my camera and started recording. Mom froze in place as that big Golden Retriever held her down with his chest on her back. I got in close to capture his cock sliding into my mother's pussy. Mom said, "Get him off me.

I don't know what got into him." I replied, "Come on Mom, he got into you because he smelled his trainer on my fingers. You were just in the right place at the right time. Dominique says he is the best that she has ever trained. You should be very happy to know that. You must be the mysterious woman that ordered him from the Pet Shop a month or so ago and wanted him to have special training. Then because I took your car Saturday you couldn't pick him up until today." Mom asked, "How do know all this?" I replied, "Because I have seen Sir Galahad fuck Dominique twice now and recorded it both times." Mom said, "Please don't tell your father about this." I knew I had her so I said, "I won't tell him but I will need you to be naked for round two.

I'll record it. Then when Sir Galahad is through with you, it's my turn." Mom looked shocked and said, "But you're my son." I said, "So what. If he can fuck you, so can I. Besides, I've been fucking Dominique and lost my virginity to her." Then I pulled my cock out, stuck it in her face, and said, "Suck it." She rolled her eyes, gave me a pleading look, and opened her mouth.

I recorded it all. Mom swallowed and waited for Sir Galahad to loosen from her. Without any more talk Mom undressed and coaxed Sir Galahad to mount her again while I recorded it. She loved the feel of his knot lodged inside her pussy. After that I just got down behind Mom and slipped my cock in. I finished cumming in her just as Dad's car pulled into the driveway. Mom screamed, grabbed her clothes, and ran for her bedroom. I pulled my pants up and was petting the dog when Dad came in.

When Mom came back down her hair was wet and she was wearing a one-piece terry cloth outfit that was shorts and came up over her breasts. Dad smiled as he moved in for a hug and a kiss.

I saw his two hands cup Mom's ass cheeks and lift her off the floor. Dad looked at me and said, "Dinner will be a little late." Then he picked Mom up, placed her over his shoulder, and then walked up the stairs with her. Mom smiled at me with her tits hanging out of her top because it had slipped down with Dad's movements. Then she said, "Take my car and go get yourself a bite to eat." Apparently Dad was playing with her crotch when she said, "Take in a movie too." Then she giggled like a schoolgirl.

That was something I hadn't heard in a while. As I drove into town I had to smile knowing that Dad was getting sloppy thirds, after Sir Galahad and me. After the movie I returned home but it was too late to do anything with my waterfall movie.

It was Friday evening when I got around to my second SD camera card. Two hours into it I saw six girls come into view. I recognized them all as girls in my class. I took special notice of Kimberly the girl of my wet dreams up until just recently. I knew that Kimberly lived near Dominique and I knew that she had been talking about a sleepover at her house that weekend but seeing them near the pool excited me. Soon I was watching them get undressed until they were all naked and then head into the water.

I'd have given anything to have zoomed in closer however the microphone that Dominique's husband had suggested was pure genius. Apparently Kimberly has bathed nude in that waterfall pond since she was a little kid. She said that Dominique the owner has swam nude with her on many occasions in the past. After some time frolicking and splashing one another they asked Kimberly who she would give up her virginity too.

I was totally shocked when she mentioned my name as her first choice. The other girls tried to talk her into the class genius or the class jock but Kimberly was adamant that I was the perfect choice and the perfect gentleman. Then she confessed that she had had a crush on me for years and that she masturbates to thoughts of me every night.

After they dried off while lying on the grass they got dressed and left. I was pretty sure that they said something about next weekend. I could hardly sleep but I set my alarm clock for just before dawn. Mom heard me moving around and came to the kitchen to see if I was all right.

It was her mother instinct kicking in.

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She had on one of Dad's old thin stretched out T-shirts and nothing else. She sure looked good so when she asked me if I needed anything, I just smiled at her.

Mom lifted that T-shirt up over her head and leaned over to grab a hold of the counter. I watched her tits dangle as I unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock, and slipped it into her pussy from behind. Not another word was said. When I finished I patted her ass and left the house. I grabbed a couple of items in the garage, took Mom's car, and parked at Dominique's house. I made my way to the waterfall pool and built a simple duck blind out of an old two by four and Dad's staple gun.

A few small tree branches and I was lying on the ground waiting for something to happen. I was in the perfect place to see anything approaching. I was in awe as a small fawn approached the pool of water and took a drink.

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It looked so helpless and defenseless as it drank. Soon I spotted his mother keeping watch over him. She stood guard the whole time and got him back to safety. While I lay there I saw a whole new world of wonderment as the forest came alive. I had no idea how much wildlife lived between my house and Dominique's house.

In the next few hours I saw squirrels, chipmunks, ground hogs, rabbits, and even a fox come to that pool to drink. I decided that I should make a movie about the wildlife in the woods behind my house. About noon Kimberly arrived. She was alone but she seemed to be looking for someone. She undressed slowly giving me quite a view. I zoomed in and felt my cock becoming erect against the ground. I got even more excited when she removed her bra and her panties. Kimberly rubbed her breasts where the under-wire bra had cut into her soft flesh.

Then she rubbed her crotch. I saw her finger slip into her outer lips searching for some moisture in her hole before going after her clit. She smiled, she closed her eyes, and soon she was cumming.

Right after that Jill, one of the girls from last weekend came over the hill to join her. Jill smiled and said, "You started without me." Then Jill gave me just as good a show getting undressed. I then watched as the two girls embraced and kissed very passionately. When they went into the cool water their nipples hardened. Kimberly floated on the surface in front of Jill and then Jill leaned over to kiss Kimberly again, then she sucked on both of her nipples, and finally I watched as Kimberly parted her legs for her girlfriend.

Jill indulged herself in Kimberly's pussy for a minute or two until Kimberly had an orgasm. Kimberly and Jill traded places and it was Kimberly's turn to kiss, suck, and lick her girlfriend. As they air-dried their bodies on the grass afterwards I listened to them talk. Jill suggested that she try to talk me into a threesome with Kimberly. She said that no boy in his right mind would refuse a sweet deal like that.

She also said that she would not let me fuck her until I had fucked Kimberly. Both girls were virgins. After they dressed and went home I slipped away too and drove home.

When I arrived home Dad was already gone, but Mom was waiting for me. She wanted some training from Dominique for herself and wanted me to introduce her. I called Dominique and she invited us both over and told us to bring Sir Galahad. When we arrived, Dominique was in the backyard and naked, waiting for us.

Sir Galahad ran right to her. That afternoon Mom learned everything that she had wanted to learn. Mom wore poor Sir Galahad out and herself too.

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Dominique made sure that Sir Galahad knew that Mom was his new bitch. Sir Galahad fucked her pussy, her asshole, and he got his doggy cock licked by her too.

His knot got lodged inside her pussy three times that afternoon before Dominique sent us home to rest. I got plenty of it recorded as well as fucking Mom and Dominique to relieve my own problem. True to her word the first thing on Monday at school Jill approached me about a threesome with her and Kimberly. She said that Kimberly had chosen me to give her virginity too. All I asked was when and where. She said at her house and right after school. I said okay. All day whenever I saw either one of them they smiled and did something sexual to excite me.

They would rub their nipples hard, scratch their pussies, and slip their middle fingers into their sweet mouths. At lunch both girls sat with me but not a word was mentioned about meeting later. When the last bell sounded I went straight to my locker.

The girls arrived shortly and we headed out of the school together. Our bus was waiting and we went straight to the back. No one paid any attention to us but Kimberly was too scared to let me start anything on the bus. She kept telling me that once we got to Jill's house that I could do anything that I wanted to do to them both.

I told Kimberly that she was the one that I had jerked off to for a very long time. Kimberly confessed to the same thing. I told her that I wanted to smell her finger after she had given herself an orgasm. Jill told her to do it. Kimberly looked around, slid over closer to the window, and then let Jill cover for her by sitting in my lap and blocking everyone's view of her.

As we passed Dominique's house Kimberly let out a soft moan and held her fingers up to my nose. As I smelled them Jill told me to taste them too. I did and Kimberly tasted very nice but Jill already knew that.

We stopped at the foot of Jill's driveway and got off the bus. We walked up the driveway, Jill opened the door, and the three of us went inside. Kimberly took me directly to Jill's bedroom. It was on the first floor at the back of the house and it had a nice view of her backyard.

Moments later, Jill arrived with a tray containing veggies, dip, and sodas. It was her way of making our first encounter more romantic but we really didn't need anything more than to get naked and get in bed. I felt that I had to make the first move so I had the girls sit on the bed and watch me while I undressed. They were both amazed when my erection popped out of my underwear. It seemed that neither girl had seen a naked boy before, other than a few babies that they had sat for.

Since Kimberly was shy, Jill went next. I enjoyed watching her undress but I had already seen her goods twice. However, I was shocked to see that her pussy was bare…she had shaved all of her pubic hair off.

Jill tipped Kimberly over and straddled her face pushing her pussy into her face. After a really good kiss to her clit Jill got up. Then it was Kimberly's turn to undress for us.

Even though I had seen her naked before I was still mesmerized as she revealed more and more flesh to me. I was not totally surprised to see that she too had shaved her pussy bare. Later I found out that they had actually shaved each other's pussy. I walked into her arms and pressed my bare flesh against her bare flesh as I had been imagining. I felt her nipples press into my chest, I felt our bellies meet, and then I felt her thrusting her pelvis into my erection.

She trapped the head of my cock between our belly buttons and started grinding herself into me. Her shyness had completely disappeared. She kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth. My hands were cupping her smooth ass cheeks. I was in heaven. I turned us around and walked her backwards to her bed. Jill got up and allowed me to lay Kimberly down on it on her back. I started at her forehead and kissed her all the way to her toes skipping her pussy.

When I finished kissing the bottom of her feet I got between them and worked my way up her inner thighs to her bald pussy. I spent the next several minutes enjoying her 'Nectar of the Gods.' As I ate Kimberly, Jill got on her back under me and sucked my cock.

When Kimberly came in my mouth I came in Jill's mouth. I knew that I would be ready to fuck Kimberly in a few minutes and that it would be even better for her. I sucked on her nipples causing her to close her eyes and causing me to get hard.


With her permission I slipped my hard cock into her soft tight pussy taking her virginity. Her hymen was not an obstacle, my cock was not causing her any pain, and we both were enjoying the coupling. Her eyes closed and she ran her fingernails gently down my bare back as she told me that she loved me. I told her that I loved her too just before I splashed several gobs of cum around inside her.

She begged me to never take it out but eventually it softened and fell out on its own. Jill kissed Kimberly and told her that she was a real woman now. Kimberly kissed me, thanked me for making her a woman, and then she asked me to make Jill a woman too. I made sure that she was okay with me making love to another woman. She thinks of Jill as a sister and wouldn't think of loosing her virginity with Jill having the same opportunity.

So I did the same things to Jill's body that I had done to Kimberly's body only with much more reaction on Jill's part. She was highly aroused when I finally slipped my cock into her orifice and she had an orgasm immediately.

Fucking into Jill was a new experience and nothing like fucking Dominique, Mom, or even Kimberly. Her pussy muscles squeezed my cock, her nipples brushed my chest, and her ankles pressing on my ass were trying to push my cock further into her love hole. Just before my climax Jill had another orgasm and cried out at the top of her lungs that she loved me.

I whispered in her ear that I loved her too but Kimberly heard it anyway. Kimberly smiled and said, "Yes, we have both loved you for so long but I never knew just how much Jill loved you." Jill said, "I'm sorry Kimberly I didn't know how good his cock would feel in me." Kimberly said, "Its okay. Just promise me that you will share him with me occasionally." Jill said, "Let's make a pack. The three of will have sex together, at least for the next year. Okay?" Kimberly said, "Okay." I said, "Okay, but this is a little strange.

You girls are willing to let me fuck you both, I have always been in love with Kimberly, but Jill…you are fantastic to make love too." Jill replied, "So are you. I never expected sex to be so wonderful. Is it that way with everyone?" I really didn't want them to know that they weren't my first so I said, "Apparently not because Kimberly didn't react like you did." That simple lack of truth got a big smile from both girls.

For the next hour we enjoyed each other's company, they made out with one another, and I made out with both of them too. Fucking Jill the second time was just as good as the first time was. I climaxed, she had an orgasm, and then she cried out loudly. A quick shower with all three of us and it was time to go before Jill's mother got home.

Her father worked in the next town and it took him longer to get home. Jill walked me to the door and gave me a kiss that would last me until I went to bed. I walked Kimberly home and she too gave me a very nice kiss before going inside.

I ran through the woods to my house and greeted Mom with a kiss on the lips and a pat on her ass. She told me that Sir Galahad had taken care of her three times that day but that she had time for me before Dad came home, if I needed some relief. I told her about Jill and Kimberly becoming my two girlfriends. Mom added 'with benefits.' I smiled and said yes.

She congratulated me but told me that she was always available for me too. I thanked her and offered to help her with dinner. That night I had jerked off to thoughts of Jill and Kimberly before Mom came in to give me a blowjob.

I really needed that and I thanked her for taking such good care of me. She said that it was her job. The next day at school they asked me to go home on their bus again for more sex. There was no way in hell that I would turn them down. Whenever we saw one another I got a nice kiss.

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My friends saw me in a lip-lock with Kimberly before class and with Jill after class and wondered what was going on. I told them that I had two girlfriends and that they knew about one another so it was cool. They were immediately jealous especially since Kimberly was one of them.

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Apparently I wasn't the only boy in school to have a crush on her. I didn't tell them that Jill was even better to kiss, to make love too, and even a better friend to talk too. Kimberly was certainly pretty but Jill was the girl that I could marry, have children with, and live with for the rest of my life.

No other fourteen-year-old boy had thoughts like that yet. Jill was certainly special but I wasn't ready to give up Kimberly either.

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Fortunately I didn't have too. One day when were alone I told Jill about my relaxation movie and she told me to finish it so that she could see it.

I told her about seeing her at the waterfall pond twice with a bunch of girls and then with Kimberly. She just smiled and asked me if I wanted her to splash around in the water for a jerk-off movie too.

I told her that that had crossed my mind. Then Jill asked me if wanted some of her girlfriends to pose in the water for me. Pose? Yes, pose for me with them knowing that I was filming them. Sure, I'd love that. Jill said that I might even get to fuck some of them too. I couldn't believe that Jill wasn't jealous. I knew that I would be if some other guys were fucking her. I told her my thoughts about having other sexual partners and she just smiled. Then Jill told me that she had been watching from the woods when Sir Galahad and me fucked my mother and Dominique that one day.

I was shocked but Jill told me that it was okay and that it was actually exciting to watch me with another girl, especially her best friend Kimberly.

Then Jill admitted that she had watched Dominique with Sir Galahad on several occasions and wished that she could let him fuck her too. I told her that she could because I wasn't jealous of a dog fucking her as much as a boy that might take her away from me.

She smiled, kissed me very passionately, and told me that no boy could every take her away from me. I invited her and Kimberly to come home with on my bus the next day. Sure enough the next day they came home with me, and Mom shared Sir Galahad with them.

I had to smile thinking that that dog had fucked all of the girls that I had fucked.


Lucky mutt! Kimberly loved the dog more than Jill did. When he wasn't fucking them I was. Then Jill whispered to me that she wanted to watch me fuck my mother…but from up close, in fact from right under her in a sixty-nine. Mom said that it would be okay so the girls took their positions as I got behind Mom. Kimberly watched from a short distance while Sir Galahad fucked her again. Mom got off good knowing that our secret was out and that we had an audience, not to mention that she liked eating my cum out of my girlfriend.

Jill got off by seeing me fuck my own mother as well as being close during it. She really liked Mom's fresh cum pouring into her mouth when she had her orgasm. When my cum dripped out of Mom it was icing on the cake. Meanwhile Sir Galahad had given Kimberly several orgasms in a row, her first multiple orgasm and from a dog at that. We learned a lot about one another that day. With all that sexual freedom at my house the girls came home with me every day, we fucked like crazy, and then I drove them home before Jill's parents got there.

A week later school let out and summer started for real. My teacher loved my relaxation waterfall movie and made copies to circulate on my behalf. I started my jerk-off movie with Jill and Kimberly splashing around in the pool and showing off their bodies as they jumped and floated on the surface.

I recorded them getting undressed, lying in the grass to dry off, and then getting dressed again. Jill invited several of her and Kimberly's girlfriends over to watch the first part of my movie. All five of them said that they would pose for me but that they really didn't wanted anyone that they knew to jerk off to them. One girl suggested a different kind of jerk-off movie where the girls were lying naked on a bed with their legs open and masturbating.

Now that would be great. So that week I recorded each of the girls as they masturbated each day for me and as they played in the waterfall pool. After showing them my two finished movies they were up for anything. It was Jill that suggested that they all let me fuck them while she recorded us.

At first they were skeptical but they soon realized that she was sincere. Three of the girls were virgins but were willing to let me take their virginities on film. That took a whole week to record but I got to fuck Kimberly and Jill too for the movie.

Our next venture was for the girls to masturbate with toys that they accumulated from their mothers. My mother offered them all of her toys since she didn't need them any more. Then she offered to purchase them some unusual items like butt plugs, nipple clamps, and anal vibrators. After another week of recording that movie was finished. Mom suggested that the girls run around in the wood naked like a bunch of fairies while I record them.

They liked that idea and were happy to do it for an hour each day if I could take care of their problems afterwards. I barely got through that week. It was Mom that suggested that I let Sir Galahad help me take care of the girl's problems, hence proposing yet another jerk-off movie.

The girls were eager to try that too after my girlfriends told them what a great lover Sir Galahad was. Another week and another movie.

The next movie consisted of the girls at my house wearing sexy neglig?, drinking wine, and playing truth or dare. I couldn't believe some of the questions that those girls could come up not even the answers.

As far as the dares they got pretty outrageous too. I did get enough footage of the girls peeing outdoors to make another movie from.

Our last movie that summer was of the girls pretending to be lesbian lovers and eating all of the other's pussies to orgasm. Talk about jerk-off movies…I had enough to last me a lifetime.

When school started out the New Year we were all assembled in the auditorium for some kind of a presentation. My photography teacher called me up on stage and presented me with a professional DVD of my movie "Relaxing near a waterfall." She also presented me with a sizeable check to put away for college. My publisher would be sending me more from time to time.

They also sent enough DVDs for the entire school plus the teachers, with a small box full left over for me to give away to relatives. I was very popular after that. All seven of my girls told other girls about some of my other movies and asked them if they wanted to be added to them or that I was thinking of making sequels.

Mom just kept reminding me that I could get away with murder until I turned sixteen then I would be in trouble until the girls turned eighteen and did it all over again for me. Once I told Jill and Kimberly what Mom had said they started lining up eighteen-year-old senior girls to pose for me.

They even signed model releases and agreed to split half of and profits that I made from selling the movies. They also made me promise to limit the number of girls on a DVD to five…that way they each got ten percent of the action.

Deal! That started my Internet "Jerk-off Movie" business. I sold a lot of them around school too since the guys really needed something to jerk off too. Even some of the girls bought my movies, after which they offered to pose for me too.

Business was so good that I was able to put myself through college as well as Jill and Kimberly too. We majored in Business and Photography. Being in college opened up a whole new world for girls, ideas, and more jerk-off movies.

I bought a house just off campus and turned the entire upper floor into my studio. Eventually I married Jill but Kimberly continued to live with us and help recruit new talent each semester. The End The Lady Past The Woods 400