Hot blonde babe satine spark falls for a hot guy he is willing to pleasure her and make her cum on t

Hot blonde babe satine spark falls for a hot guy he is willing to pleasure her and make her cum on t
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I was feeling nervous and excited, my first real university party! It was a few weeks into the semester and I had found a group of friends. Two of them Luke and Dylan lived in the same room and it became the party room. I couldn't wait for the party to begin. High school had been uneventful on the girl front for me, I had fooled around a bit but never sex.

I had always been afraid of it, and I hadn't wanted to lose my virginity to the wrong person. So I found myself at university with my V-card fully intact. But it was still early, the semester had barely started.

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I had met a few girls but either they didn't show interest or I didn't. With a 6'1 athletic build I felt fairly confident in my body. In high school I had suffered from moderate acne which I'm sure didn't help with on the girls front. Luckily however during my final year my face cleared up, and so my confidence had risen. I had been fairly nerdy in high school, I worried about grades and projects not sports and parties.

I planned on enjoying university, especially the partying. So I grabbed my beers out of the mini fridge in my room and went down the hall to Luke and Dylan's room. I could hear the music as soon as I opened my door, the hall was practically vibrating with every beat. I opened the door to their room to find it practically empty. It was just Luke, Dylan and a few of our other friends. "Where is everyone?" I asked, Dylan was the first one to respond over the blasting music.

"Not here yet, duh!" I turned the music down, cracked a beer and sat down. "So when is everyone going to arrive?" "Probably within the hour, or never who knows." Luke said.


Luke was about the same height as me but was more sticklike, the definition of lanky. Dylan on the other hand was a big guy, he was a rugby player and every part of him was thick. He was only a few inches taller than me but had at least 40 more pounds on his frame. Soon a few more people arrived, mostly people I already knew. The party had finally begun. We played beer pong and flip cup, people kept trickling in. After a while I found myself in one corner of the room chatting with a friend of mine.

Then the door opened and a gaggle of girls walked in. Five gorgeous girls. One of them stood out to me, she was tall, at least 5'9 and blonde. I was instantly attracted to her. I imagined us hooking up and going back to my room, I told myself there's no way I could get with her. She probably has a boyfriend and even if she doesn't she probably wouldn't hook up with me. I kept my eye on her but decided not to go and talk to her right away.

Instead I tried to ignore her, pretend she wasn't there and just try to have fun at the party instead of just chasing a girl I didn't have a chance with. So I played games a chatted with people and just had a good time. Around midnight I found myself talking with my friend. As we were chatting two girls came over and stood next to us. One was the girl from before the tall blonde. She looked at me and smiled. I couldn't help but smile back. I stood across from her, with my friend next here and her friend next to me.

I did my best not to stare at her, but she was so sexy, she was slender and tall, with what looked to be C cups breasts, her cleavage was on display thanks to a skimpy tank top.

Her long legs hidden by a pair of tight jeans. Her skin was smooth and the perfect blend of white and tanned. She had big blue eyes and a breathtaking smile, with perfectly shaped lips. I was fairly tipsy at this point, the alcohol was making me brave.

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I was about to say something to her when she grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her. Our lips met and the shock almost made me pull away, but she knew what she was doing. Her lips were so soft and moist, I wanted to kiss them forever. Her arms held me to her, and my eyes closed as I lost myself in the kiss. Her mouth opened and our tongues began to explore each other.

Her moving into my mouth, mine into hers.

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It was the best kiss I had ever had. Then she sucked on my tongue and sent a tingle through my entire body. My dick felt like it was going to break through my pants it was so hard. By this point I had totally forgotten we were at a party, I couldn't hear the music anymore the only thing was her in front of me.

My hands moved all over her, one squeezed her tight round ass and the other began to massage her breast. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder and I was pulled back to reality and the party. Luke looked at me with confusion on his face, I responded with "What?" Luke said "Well?

Go get a room!" I looked at the beautiful girl in front of me, and said, "Wanna go to my room?" She looked back at me and smiled. We left without another word. I led the way quickly to my room. As soon as the door shut behind me she threw me on the bed and climbed on top. I was thrilled. She removed my shirt and gave me an appraising look. Her hands grabbed my chest and stroked my somewhat toned abs. Then she took her shirt off. My mouth must have dropped open because she looked at me and smiled.

Her bra was the only thing left covering her tits. She started kissing me again, hungrily.


Her tongue practically wrestling with mine. I became lost again. My hands however seemed to move on their own, they were all over her body, from her boobs to her ass to her back. Then they unclipped the bra. As it fell away I couldn't help but stare.

They were round and perky, a little more than a handful with cute little nipples. They felt amazing to hold, I began massaging them. She let a quiet moan. I decided to take the initiative, I rolled her off of me and took her place on top.

She looked at me with a sexy grin, biting her lip and all. I was so incredibly turned on and she hadn't even touched my throbbing member. I unbuttoned her pants and flipped her over to pull them off. Her legs seemed to go on forever, they felt like silk. Once her pants were off my eyes moved from her ankles upwards, her long legs finally ended with a tight round ass that looked so good I decide to take a little nibble.

As I playfully bit down she half laughed half whimpered with surprise.


She flipped back over the only thing left on her was a little black and red thong. She sat up and kissed me, her hands moved to my belt and soon my pants were on the floor. She pulled me back on to the bed and kissed me some more. My hands all over her once again. One moved towards her pussy.

I stayed outside her panties, and started massaging.

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A low moan erupted from her, and she whispered in my ear "mmm, yes." Her hands moved to my crotch. She started stroking my cock through my underwear.

It felt amazing. A moan erupted from me and this spurred her on.

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She removed her hand and pull my boxers down. She took my cock in her hand and began stroking slowly. I was not enormous but I felt good about my dick, it was a solid 7 inches. She seemed to adore it, she stopped kissing me to look down and see, her smile made me feel like I was the greatest man who ever lived. She began to stroke it again. It was her turn now I thought, as my hand moved up away from the rather large wet spot on her thong and then underneath. Her skin was so smooth, I moved down towards her mound, the skin stayed smooth.

I felt her lips then her wetness and began to softly stroke her clit. She moaned again, this time louder than the last. "Mmmm yesss!" She gasped. My fingers continued but pressed a little more and moved a little faster.

Her hand came off my dick and grabbed onto me, "keep going, keep goooing" she moaned again. I continued to gain speed, "Oh my god! Don't stop, don't stop!" I kissed her once more and then moved my head towards her nipples.

I began to lick and suck on them as I stroked her, her pelvis moved against me pressing herself against my hand. "Yes, Yes Yes!" She cried and her body shook with a powerful orgasm. She lay against me and kissed me again, it seemed to be a kiss of thanks. My finger then moved down to her whole, it played around it.

It was so wet I couldn't stop myself from pushing slowly inside, it was tight I could feel her contract with pleasure as I entered her. She moaned again. I started to move my finger in and out, curling it so it would push against her g-spot. She moaned and whispered to me "I can't wait for you to fuck me with that big cock of yours." I asked "Well let's not put it off then?" She looked at me with a mischievous smile and said "not quite yet." With that she pushed me onto my back.

Suddenly I felt her mouth engulf my cock. Her tongue pushing the head and swirling it in her mouth as she sucked. She started moving up and down.

It felt amazing. I was lost in bliss. All this for my first time! I couldn't help but smile. I was brought back to reality as her hand began to stroke me as she continued to take me deep into her mouth.

I couldn't take much more. Her sucking and stroking was pushing me closer and closer to finishing. Up and down up and down, and then she took me entirely. I couldn't believe it, I had never experienced deep throating before and it felt better than I could have imagined.

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Her head was practically a blur up and down, up and down. I could feel myself getting close, my balls clenching and tingling.

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She just kept going, encouraged by my moans of pleasure. Suddenly with a final moan I erupted inside her mouth spewing hot ropes of cum, I had never experienced an orgasm that strong before.

She continued to suck, but gently and carefully so she wouldn't over stimulate me. Clearly she had some experience. She looked up as I finished, a big smile on her face. "Enjoy that did you?" I could only respond with a satisfied "mmm". I lay my head back as she joined me on the bed once more. "I hope you're ready for round two?" I wanted to say yes and start fucking her right there, but I hadn't recuperated yet, my dick needed a few minutes at least.

I decided I would buy some time by taking care of her. I rolled her onto her back and began kissing her once more. I started moving down her body this time, kissing her neck, grazing her collar bone licking her nipple, gently kissing her smooth flat belly and on to her mound. I began by breathing close to the lips, her pelvis moving ever so slightly encouraging me. But instead I moved away, I started kissing her thigh starting at her knee and moving closer and closer, licking and kissing as I went.

Her thrusts became more evident as I moved closer. I was teasing her quite effectively, so I continued. I hovered just above her soft lips and then moved to the other leg.

Kissing and sucking her thigh. Finally she begged me "please, please stop teasing me. You're driving me mad." I went back to her hot mound. I kissed above it and started moving down, I tasted her clit on my tongue and a long slow moan of pleasure came from her.

So I continued to lick, slowly at first tasting her thoroughly with my entire tongue, then I started to use just the tip to flick it. Her moaning became louder and breathing became more laboured. I started licking circles around it and I took one hand and began massaging her boob, gently pinching the nipple. She started thrusting into my face, her body was out of her control and she was getting close.

I kept going licking and sucking her little wet cunt. Then I slid a finger inside her, I'm fairly certain she came, her body shuddered and she moaned "ooooh fuck!" but I wasn't finished. My finger began moving, in and out. She was soaking wet, I could feel her contracting and pulling my finger deeper and deeper. My tongue continuing to lick her clit. One of her hands was on mine squeezing her breast while the other was clenching the bedding tightly. I slipped another finger inside her, in and out in and out.

Her moaning egging me on. "Oh fuck, oh yes, dear god don't stop!" She cried breathlessly. Suddenly her legs closed around my head as her whole body clenched, she shuddered and cried out as she climaxed. As her legs loosened their grip on my head I kissed her wet cunt once more and moved up to lay next to her. She looked at me and said "I like you." I looked back into her big blue eyes, "I think I like you to." We stayed like that for a few more minutes before drifting off into a blissful satisfied sleep.