Hairy Asian Bitch Is Fingered And Fucked Hard

Hairy Asian Bitch Is Fingered And Fucked Hard
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Alisha and Jackie were at the mall checking out clothes and jewelry. "I wish I could afford this one"said Alisha, pointing to a real nice long gown.

These 2 black women were getting upset that they couldnt afford stuff and when they asked the sales person for a little discount they were turned down. "Shit" said Jackie,"He couldve been a little nicer-he owns the damn store." Just then this beautiful white woman came in, got the same gown they were looking at (in a much smaller size) and went to the register, where they saw the salesman give the girl a discount on this and some other items.

"Why should that bitch get special treatment? She looks like some rich white bitch who always gets whatever she wants handed to her." said Jackie. "I think we should give her some special treatment too."and the 2 black lesbians gave each other that evil smile. They followed the young woman into the parking lot, and remained unseen by her.

Alisha ran at her and grabbed her putting her hand over her mouth just as she was getting into her new compact car. They held the woman and took her to their car and pushed her in.

"What's your name,bitch?" Alisha asked as Jackie drove to the back, which was pretty secluded. "Angie"she replied. "please, dont hurt me. I'll give you whatever you want." "You sure will,bitch." Alisha had her arm around her throat from behind her now.

Alisha was about 5'9" and must have been at least 180 pounds while Jackie was even bigger. Angie was a 33-year old woman with beautiful Italian-European looks.long dark hair, dark eyes, beautiful smooth,tanned skin and a great body. She was 5'5" and 115 pounds with 36-23-35 measurements. Alisha got out of the car holding Angie, and Jackie quickly threw a punch at Angie's soft belly, which was partially showing under her low cut top.

"Uungh"but Angie couldnt move as Alisha still had her by the neck. Another punch to the belly. "You always get everything,huh bitch? Well now you get OUR gift" and she slammed another punch into Angie's lower belly.

Jackie grabbed her and held her arms behind her for Alisha now. Alisha punched her belly then."Uuuhhhh".Jackie let go of the breathless woman and Alisha punched her in the mouth,turning her around and Angie went face first into the side of the car.

Jackie turned her around,held her neck against the car and smashed her knee up between her legs. again.again. Jackie let go of her neck and Angie fell in a heep. Alisha lifted her up roughly by the hair and after opening the trunk of the car, found a dirty rag and shoved it into Angie's mouth.

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They threw her into the trunk but as Angie tried to get away, they slammed the trunk door down on her lower leg. Angie screamed through the rag but they easily got her in now and slammed it closed.

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They were heading to their 'clubhouse' as they laughed excitedly and talked of the things they were going to do to her. They kept thinking of things to out do each other until they reached their destination.

Their clubhouse was actually an old abandoned warehouse. Nobody knew they used this place and it wasnt close enough to anything for anuone to see or hear them. They got there and opened the trunk. They lifted the scared woman from the trunk and carried her inside.


They removed the gag as it wouldnt be necessary. "Now we can hear your lovely cries and screams" said Jackie. She punched her hard in the jaw, knocking her backwards until she hit some metal shelving that was left in the warehouse. Angie was almost knocked unconscious as they easily tied her wrists high and to the sides of her and tied her ankles similarly at the bottom.

A smack to the face woke her a bit as they began removing her top. "No! Please! Let me go! I'll do anything. Please!!" cried Angie. " Shut the fuck up,bitch. We gonna have some fun now with your pretty little body." They used knives to rip her pants off, put a knife to her face to scare her more, and easily tore her bra off, followed by her panties.

of course they took off her expensive shoes,too.

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Then Alisha began fondling her right tit. "These titties are nice and firm for their size." Jackie gently fondled her left tit. " Mmmm.They are so nice", she said. Angie was hoping they would play with her, maybe use her sexually. This would be better than being hurt. As one of them began licking her tits, the other began slowly moving her fingers down her body, until she got to her well shaven mound of brown curly hair.

Then lower, caressing her cunt lips. "You like that,dont you?" she asked. Angie, not wanting to be hurt, replied positively. Angie actually began to get wet, when they stopped to whisper amongst themselves. They got soemthing and put it on their hands, but Angie couldnt see what it was.

But when they came back to her, she saw that Jackie put on thin leather gloves with blunt metal objects on the knuckles. Alisha's were different. They covered both her hands.One side looked like sandpaper, the other side had short sharp pins sticking out. Angie looked terrified now. "Please," she begged, "fuck me.I'll eat you.Whatever you want!

But dont hurt me. PLEASE!!". . Jackie softly moved her fingers around Angie's left tit. Suddenly the metal knuckles SLAMMED into the lower outside of her tit. Angie screamed as Jackie's fist pushed the soft tit into her body and left imprints of reddish marks. She took her time and then a had left SMASHED into the other side of the same tit. "AAAAHHHHH" Jackie was looking more angry and meaner now as another metal knuckled punch SLAMMED Angie's left tit again.and again.another one as poor Angie was crying, begging and screaming.

BAM!.BAM.BAM.ALisha watched in awe as Angie's tit was being pummeled ferociously. There were bloody bruises all over the tit, which was becoming swollen. SMASH! the bottom was pounded.SLAM! right in the nipple.Slicing punches now as Jackie was punching the tit methodically and trancelike. Angie's mouth was hung open,salive dripping out.

"She needs some drugs, but it will cost her" Alisha said. While Angie's left tit looked horrendous, her right one looked beautiful as always.

Her left tit was about double the size as it was so swollen. After Angie was wide awake again, they showed her what she looked like in a mirror. "Oh God! My tit hurts so much.look what you did to it!" Jackie gave her a sinister smirk and put each of her fists to the sides of Angie's beaten tit.

She then rammed both fists at the same time, towards each other,squashing her abused tit. Jackie did this hard 6 times, causing further destruction of the once beautiful breast. "Ive been waiting patiently,but I cant wait no more"said Alisha, as she punched her nailed gloves at Angie's right tit. Bloody marks on top of bloody marks, as she hammered her tit, mostly into her nipple. AAAAHHHHH"."Oops.let me wipe the blood for you" and she used the rough sand paper of her gloves and rubbed her tit ripping it more.

Angie was in so much pain, but the 2 girls weren't through with her. Then Alisha roughly grabbed and groped at the beaten left tit with the sandpaper like part of the gloves, rubbing the wounds, enlarging the bloody wounds. Angie was shown her tits again in the mirror. She screamed in shock from the disgusting look of her once beautiful tits.

Jackie got a metal rod, about 4 feet long and stood next to the hurt girl. An evil smile crossed her face as she lifted the rod. THWACK!! It came down on the top of her beaten left tit so hard it looked like it was going right through the flesh. "Noooo-aaaaggghhh"cried poor Angie as the rod hissed through the air again. THWACK! WHACK! AGAIN and AGAIN!

Ripping into the tit flesh as the surrounding flesh seemed to go around the rod. Alisha laughed and told Jackie to do it harder. Jackie had the rod above her held with both hands and as hard as she could, dropped it across the top of Angie's left tit again.and again.and again! "Did you have enough yet,bitch?" said Jackie. "Oh God.Yes, Please.No More! Please!" Alisha said,"Hey.I didnt get to do much. I aint done with you, bitch." She got a vice and put it over Angie's right tit so the top metal piece was above her tit and the bottom was under the tit.

As she turned the crank it began to squeeze the tit. "No.No.Pleease!" squeeled Angie. She turned the crank and it got tighter.tighter.Angie was in excrutiating pain as her tit was being flattened. Jackie yelled"Come on!

You can make it a lot tight than that!" So Alisha turned the crank harder."AAAYYYIIIII" cried Angie as the vice looked like it was holding a fat pancake. But Alisha used both hands and made it tighter! "YYAAAAAHHHHH" "Lets see if I can close the vice with your tit inside" Alisha said, and she used all her strength to tighten the vice even more, flattening the tit so bad it was bleeding from the sides of the vice.

Keeping the vice there, she grabbed a nail and slowly shoved it into the middle of Angie's right nipple."YYAAAAAGGGHHHHH" as blood sprayed out. Finally the vice was removed and Angie was let down.but not before she was forced to look at her ravaged tits in the mirror again. Jackie got a bullwhip and yelled at the dazed and hurt Angie to lick Alisha's cunt. She got on all 4s, and approached Alisha as the whip whistled through the air and CUT into Angie's back.

"YEAAAAHHH". and she hurried to lick Alisha's cunt. "MMMmm,,Alisha was enjoying it, but said,"Yes.whip her again." And the whip CUT through her flesh again, this time across her ass. Of course Jackie resented,too, how perfect Angie's ass was. Not too large,not too small.So, she backhanded another cut crossing the last one."Uuuurrrggghhh.Sto-oppp.p-p-please" Alisha turned around and said "Now eat out my ass hole".

Putting her ass in Angie's face, Angie turned away at first from the smell. "THWACK" "Again" crisscrossing her ass with more red cutting lines. Angie, though disgusted, began licking Alisha's ass hole. But after about 30 seconds, Jackie kicked the toe of her boot hard between Angie's legs, strikng her cunt. Angie cried out and dropped to the floor. Both girls then placed a bunch of aching kicks at her cunt.kicking and stomping.

As Angie lay helpless on the floor, Alisha and Jackie took a little break to hug and kiss and fondle each other.


They whispered and laughed planning what they wanted to do next. They soon came back to the helpless girl still lying in pain on the floor. There was a post across the floor with 2 steel rings about 4-5 feet apart. They tied Angie's ankles to chains which were tied to those posts.

They put a heavy chair in front of her. Alisha got the bullwhip and said to Angie, "Stand up straight bitch. If you bend over, I'll lash your white bottom some more. Jackie stood in fron of Angie and launched her fist upwards hard at her exposed cunt. "Euuuoowww" She instinctually reached down which made her bend.

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WHACK! The bullwhip cut into her ass.Angie screamed again and stood up, wobbly. Jackie punched her cunt again. Angie cried out but tried not to bend over. BAM! Jackie punched her vulnerable cunt again. " more. I cant stand anymore." POW! another hard punch brought pain to her cunt. After one more punch she fell over against the chair, exposing her ass again. SLASH!


She couldnt stand up as the whip kept hitting it's soft target. SLASH! THWACK! WHOOSH! cut after bloody cut ripping into her ass. RIP! WHACK! AGAIN! and AGAIN! Back and Forth.

Poor Angie was slumped down on the chair, her ass thoroughly sliced up. "Lets get her awake again. This is too much fun to stop.". More drugs awakened the hapless girl again and she immediately felt the cutting of her ass. SLASH! SLASH! SLASH! Blood dripped down her legs."Jackie, hold her arms behind her for me". Angie's feet were still being held by the chains above the floor.

Now Alisha would get some boxing practice and Angie's soft belly would be her main target. POW! SMASH!

Angie was breathless but couldnt fall. SMASH! SLAM! WHAM! Alisha's fists kept on smashing into the soft flesh of Angie's belly. "Alisha, put those gloves back on". Alisha smiled as she put on the gloves with the nails and now her punch pushed nails into poor Angie's belly.

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Angie couldnt scream but her belly was slowly being ruined by the nails. When this finally stopped, they untied her ankles. Jackie stood Angie up on her knees, holding her by the hair. Then she SMASHED her right fist against her lips which sliced across her own teeth, cutting them badly.

Jackie picked her up by the hair again,gave her to Alisha who slammed a fist directly at Angie's nose. A crack was heard as blood flowed from a new wound. Jackie then sat on Angie's bloody chest and threw rights and lefts all over her face.SMASHING her cheekbones, her eyes, her mouth, just SMASHING and SMASHING, not letting up until she was tired. "Whew. Im tired, you lucky bitch" she said as she sat on Angie's broken face. angie kicked her legs like a fish out of water, trying to breathe. Alisha was laughing hysterically as JAckie got up.

"Look! She made your ass all bloody."she said to Jackie as Angie's blood was all over her ass. "I'll show you who's ass is all bloody.

She kicked Angie over so she was lying ass up. She got something that looked like a spatula, but larger. It had wicked steel prongs and dents throughout. She began SMASHING Angie's ass with it. CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! each time sending more skin and blood flying.

CRASH! CRASH! Angie's ass was really being torn up. as Jackie gave the instrument to Alisha. She rubbed it over the ass, cutting it further. RIP!

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Her skin was being torn. Angie's mouth was wide open in shock. "We wont be able to keep the bitch alive if we do much more". Yeah, I guess its enough.I think we taught her a lesson. They both laughed, but before leaving they got a sandpaper covered thick dildo, and after kicking her cunt some more, they drove the dildo into her. Then they used all their strength to overturn a heavy cabinet, it landing with a loud cracking sound on Angie's lower left leg, trapping her.

Alisha lifted her head up by the hair, and said," Now you wont think you're better than us,huh." and before leaving they both kicked her face like it was field goal practice.