Naiara brasil cousin touching herself

Naiara brasil cousin touching herself
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This is a story about Teagan, my girlfriend back in my university days and her roommate, Sarah. Teagan is of an Asian descent which granted her a slender petite frame, hazel eyes, long dark hair and naturally tanned skin. She is blessed with firm B cups, a flat stomach and lean shapely butt - she goes to the gym to do squats quite frequently.

And to top it all off, she is very pretty with a sweet smile. Being an introvert, she is very soft spoken and shy. Only after a year of going out with each other, did we finally have sex - I was her first sexual partner.

She was timid at first but was very eager to learn. We both lived on the campus in our university, but the dorms we were in were gender specific - and they were very strict about visitation from the opposite gender. Each room is shared between two girls, with a connecting bathroom between two room - so four girls to a bathroom.

And Teagan shared her room with Sarah - who quickly because her very close friend and confidant. Sarah could be said to be the complete opposite of Teagan. Sarah was from a Scandinavian descent with big blue eyes, short blonde hair and fair skin with freckles. Now, she is truly blessed with double Ds and a bouncy ass you would love to squeeze. She is by no means fat - she is very curvy with a bubbly attitude.

Almost as tall as me and half a head taller than Teagan, I can always feel her breasts squeeze onto my chest whenever she greeted me with a hug.

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She was very supportive of our relationship. As Teagan is not much of a risk taker, it took me quite awhile to convince her to let me sneak into her dorm room so that we can spend the night together.

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At last the night finally came. It wasn't hard getting inside with Sarah acting as a lookout while Teagan guided me into their room. Once inside, Sarah gave me one of her bear hugs to welcome me and all I can think about is how soft her boobs are.

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Teagan was very nervous so she wanted to take her shower first to calm down. As she walked into the bathroom, she told me that the bathroom door is a little dodgy and it shouldn't be closed too tightly or it'll get stuck - so I'm not allowed to peek and Sarah was meant to watch me.

In actual fact, it turns out I was watching Sarah. We were both on the couch with the TV on, and from that angle I would have no hope to taking a peek into the bathroom unless it was from Teagan's bed. So my attention fell to Sarah and her loose sleeveless top. From the side of her top, I can see quite a bit of sideboobs - and based on how much sideboob I can see, I'm pretty sure she is not wearing a bra.

I tried to memorise this view - without get caught of course. Sarah changed the TV channel and found some workout show and got up to mimic the people on the show.

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She invited me to join but I much rather sit and watch her ass through her obscenely short shorts. As she leaned forward, her shorts rise up, showing the bottom of her white curvy ass. Her legs were so wide apart that when she bends over to touch her toes, I can see down her blouse and caught a quick glimpse of her breasts.

It was so quick I wasn't able to get a clear image - what a shame. It wasn't long before the shower stopped and Teagan came out with a towel covering all her good bits. Sarah quickly jumped into the bathroom before the girls from the other room gets in. Now that we were alone, Teagan gave me a sneaky smile and slowly lower her towel. My heart was pumping furiously and my cock was aching to be unleashed as her breasts came into view. Still moist from the shower, her breasts were slightly shiny with her nipples aroused.

I literally leaped out of the couch and started kissing her as she dropped the rest of her towel on the floor. My right hand cupped her breasts while my left squeezed her ass. I can tell that she was excited too as her hands were busy working on my belt.

It wasn't long before I was naked too and she was lying on her bed with her legs spread wide open.

I wanted to jump right into action but she stopped me. She told me to pick up her towel and stash my clothes before Sarah comes out of the shower.

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In the meantime, she will finger herself to keep herself 'occupied' while she waited. I watched her for awhile.

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Her finger slowly slide into her honeypot and come out all glistening, followed by another finger - now she is using two fingers. I can't wait any longer so I quickly grabbing everything and shoving them all into the storage compartment above her bed.

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To my surprise, as I was doing that she grab my cock and started licking it - making me moan involuntarily. I looked down and she was staring right back into my eyes, with my cock deep in her mouth. I think I'm in love. My legs quickly became weak so we changed position with me on my back on her bed and she on all fours sucking furiously. It was then when we hear the shower stop. Not wanting the blowjob to ever stop, I quickly covered us both with her blanket.

Reading my mind, she kept on sucking. It was then I noticed that I could see into the bathroom. Sarah has left the door ajar and the gap was wide enough that I can see her wiping herself dry. So while my girlfriend was under the blanket licking my cock and giving me deepthroats like a champion, I was ogling her roommate wiping water off her bouncy breasts.

I can only imagine how her light pink nipples would taste like.


How her breasts would feel in my hands - probably spilling out between my fingers. How heavenly it would be to be able to motorboat or titty fuck her. And then without wanting to, I blew my load. Teagan was not ready for this and she choke on my cum and I continuously squirt thick gulps into her mouth.


She was not a fan of shallowing so she prepared a cup for her to spit into discretely. Needless to say, I did not get laid that night. But that blowjob was unbelievable.

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Teagan thought that the risk of getting caught turned me on so much I couldn't control myself. It was partly true, but we can all agree that it is a lot more than just that. --- More to come! From that night onwards, I visited her dorm pretty often. Especially now that I know that I can spy on anyone in the shower. But things really get hot when I noticed Sarah spying on Teagan and I as we fucked.


So keep an eye out for chapter 2!