Deutsch ffm Fisting

Deutsch ffm Fisting
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The first thing I ever put inside my wife's pussy besides myself was a hot dog. One of the many things I love about my wife is her willingness to try anything sexually I can think up. Her small five foot three inch frame has been put to the test on many occasions. So much so many times after I have had my orgasm, I would sit back and feel a small amount of regret or sorrow. Being called a sick bastard from some of my friends might have sunk into my head and sometimes I have a small amount of remorse after a sex session I know went south.

It is a weird feeling of lust I get when one of my fetishes does not get fed. Several times after we finish, I think to myself, I am never putting her through that again. Out of know where, a week goes by and I start thinking of it again. Two weeks, it is all I can think about and by the third week, my fetish gets fed. Then the process starts all over again.

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Even when I was single I always had those feelings and fetishes. Most of the time I could keep them under control by frequent masturbation sessions.

A few months after my wife and I got together I let her in on some of the less extreme fetishes I think about. Like this one night we were playing around and I had been stroking her clit very slowly and whispering dirty talk in her ear about how wet her pussy was getting. I asked her if she had ever fucked herself before.

To my surprise, she answered, "Yes, a couple of times." "What did you use?" "My fingers," she answered after a short pause. I was getting so excited, my dick was like solid steel and I was dry humping her leg like a young dog. I just had to see this for myself, so pressing it further I asked, "Would you show me?" "I don't think so," was her quick response.

I could tell this kind of talk was making her uneasy. I had to try another approach so I slowly pushed my middle finger into her very tight pussy before asking, "Have you ever used anything besides your fingers to fuck this pussy with?" That did it! I pushed to far. In one fluid motion she reached down, pulled my hand away from her pussy, got out of bed and looked me right in the eyes and protested, "I don't know what your thinking, but the only things that are going in my pussy are your fingers, your tongue and your dick, nothing else!

Oh and by the way, while we are on this subject, I do not suck dick either." She added before stomping off into the bathroom without another word. I was stunned.

I did not know what to say, so I said what any man would have said," What about anal sex?" She made no comment. Since all this new information has come to light and staying with this chick would result in me never receiving another blow job for the rest of my life, I did the only thing I new to do, I married the bitch. With her promise of never giving head and never doing anything remotely kinky, our married sex life was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

I was able to talk her into the occasional quick blow job about once or twice a year. It either took a whole lot of begging and whining on my part or if she wanted to buy something she really liked, she would offer it up. The rules were simple.

I could not put my hands on her head and if I ever wanted her to do it again, I had better tell her way in advance of when I was going to cum! The up side to it all, I was getting pussy every night and sometimes on rare occasion, twice!

The problem was I still had it in my mind there was more to sex than me getting on top, pumping away for five to ten minutes, then having a smoke.


This was not how I had it all pictured. I knew there was a sexed crazed slut in her somewhere and it was my job to bring it out! That was when I came up with what I thought was my brilliant plan.

This plan was going to make me or break me, but it was worth a shot. All I could do was cross my fingers and hope for the best. Friday night came and it was time to implement the plan.

I was the first one home from work and set everything up for a romantic evening. Candle light dinner, wine, soft music and a fire. I even put a trail of rose peddles leading through the house to the bathroom and into the bathtub where she could bath in roses.

Oh yeah, sick I know, but the mood had to be just right. The lights had to be just the right brightness so she could see herself in the mirror I had hung on the wall near the foot of the bed.

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She had to drink just the right amount of wine to take away her inhibitions but not be drunk. It had to be perfect or nothing at all. There was no room for plan B. She arrived home in a good mood and was surprised to see how I had the house all done up.

"Wow! You out did yourself. So what's the occasion?" She questioned. "There's no occasion, I just wanted to show you how special you are to me and how much I love you.

That's all!" I answered. We had a nice dinner then sat by the fire for some small talk, wine and cuddling.

She then walked down the rose peddle path and got into the bathtub where there were candles light and yes, more wine. As I waited for her to return, I stripped down and got into bed hoping I would not blow the mood with what I was about to try.

What happened next was not part of the plan! She came out of the bathroom in a sexy new red-laced teddy and posed for me at the door. "Wow!" was all I could say. Then she crawled into bed and without me asking or begging, began kissing along the shaft of my dick.

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I did not know what to do. She was sucking my dick! The light was perfect to see when she started to bob her head up and down.

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I could see my cock as it disappeared into her lovely sucking mouth. This was better than my plan so far. Without realizing it I was running my fingers through her hair and holding on to it. "Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to grab your hair." I said trying not to piss her off. I sure did not want her to stop. "It's ok, you can grab it if you want." She said with a slutty little grin. "What did this chick do with my wife?" I asked myself, but at this point, I really did not care.

So I did what she said. I gently grabbed a hand full of hair and at first just held it. The longer and harder she sucked the tighter my grip got and the more force I was pushing down on her head until she was taking my whole cock down her throat. After a little over a year of marriage, this was the first time she had ever done this and of course, I could not last long enough to enjoy it to its fullest. "Oh shit I'm about to cum!" I shouted. She lifted her head off my twitching cock and said, "We can't have that.

It's your turn to service me now." I did just that, the plan was back on track now. Damn I would love to have shot my cum down her throat, maybe next time. I tongue fucked her pussy for what seamed like an hour. I never put a finger in it because I wanted her to ask.


I sucked on her clit, spread her pussy lips apart and stuck my fat tongue in as far as I could, when she asked, "Please use your fingers baby." This was it, the moment of truth!

I slowly reached under the blanket and found 'it'. I had placed it there when she was in the bathtub. I even went as far to put a condom on it because I did not know if it would sting or feel weird, so I took precautions.

I gently spread her pussy lips back apart and in the dim light you could see her dampness from the licking I had just given her. Then I placed it right at the entrance of her pussy and with one fluid motion, pushed the hot dog in all the way. Before she could say anything, I placed my mouth back on her clit and started to suck.

She started to trash her hips up and down and I started to really fuck her hard and fast with that little wiener. "Oh my God, That's not your fingers, what is that?" She asked while lifting her hips to meet my thrusts. I stopped sucking her clit just long enough to answer, "It's a hot dog" and went right back to what I was doing.

She said something I have always wanted her to say. "Oh yes, fuck me with that hot dog." That's just what I did, I fucked the shit out of her with that hot dog. I moved out of the way so she could see me slamming that round piece of meat in and out of her hole in the mirror I had hung up earlier. She really got off on that. "Oh yea, keep fucking me, I'm going to cum." That was when phase two of the plan kicked in. Right in the middle of her begging me to fuck her harder and with her on the verge of cumming, I stopped and told her to do it herself for a second while I got on the other side of the bed.

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I do not know if it was because of the four glasses of wine or because she needed to cum so badly, but without missing a beat, she took hold of the wiener and started ramming it harder and faster than I had been, into her pink little pussy. With her other hand, she reached down and started frigging her clit like a mad woman. It did not look to me like this was her first time doing this.

It worked! I finally got to see my prudish wife fuck herself and damn was she fucking herself! My dick was like steel. I could not help myself, and started stroking my cock as fast as she was stroking that hot dog in her slippery hole. "I'm cumming I'm cumming I'm cumming!" She yelled out staring straight at my hand flying up and down my dick while a huge load of cum erupted all over her stomach and chest. One glob of cum hit her chin, but she did not even noticed.

Catching our breath we sat in silence for several minutes while we both watched the cum splatters start to dry. She finally said, "Wow, you made a mess." "That was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.


What did you think about it?" I asked. "It was not that bad," She said as a matter of fact.

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"But, can we use something a little bigger next time?" "I don't see a problem in that at all," I smirked, grinning from ear to ear.