Rebolando no colo do namorado

Rebolando no colo do namorado
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She sits in the sunroom looking out the window laughing at the weather man who predicted a "dusting to an inch" and says good gods look at this snowman shit!

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we probably have close to 4 inches of it!! then she giggles maniacally to herself. I'm glad i get more than 4" each night she smirks as she looks at him standing stark ass nekkid in the kitchen pouring himself a drink.

"be careful not to burn yourself with that hot water" she says. He spins around his cock hard as a rock and pointing at his smiling face "you mean not to burn this?" he smirks as he points at his rock hard cock. "wellllllllll yes but all of you really" she giggles. He comes out towards her and grabs her as he lays her on the table pulling her so her legs are on his shoulders.

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She sighs as his cock slips back into her knowing that she is still full of his seed from their love making earlier. "Oh my god" she moans as he penetrates her deep. "you mean like this?" he says as he flexes his hips causing his cock to dance and jump around in her.

"Fuccccccccccccck yes" she moans as he speed up his thrusting. He pulls his cock out of her leaving her aching for more as he goes back into the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee. "damn it babe" she says as he walks into the kitchen her legs still spread for him. "what" he giggles as he wipes his hand on his rock hard cock and pulls his fingers to his mouth licking off their juices.

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"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm we taste good together" he says She sighs as she watches him make his coffee. "Don't you dare fucking move" he says to her. "What are you going to do if I do" she smirks as she shifts a little on the table.

He returns to the table leaving his coffee on the stove top. He sits in the chair directly in front of her as his tongue snakes in and out of her cunt his nose flicking her clit. "oooooooooooh fuck" she moans as her gets her close. He breathes out and blows air onto her clit as he fucks her with his tongue.


He makes her moan and shift her hips up from the table as she cums hard onto his face. He keeps up his tongue assault on her cunt as she screams out in orgasm.

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He doesn't stop even after she cums for the 3rd time. It's not til she's shaking uncontrollably on the table that he stops stands up and rams his cock in her cunt.

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He rams in as hard and as fast as he can his thumb rubbing her clit as he shoves a finger into her ass this causes her to cum so hard that she squirts on his cock causing him to blast his load deep into her cunt. With this he leans over her and kisses her deeply he pulls her into the seated position his dick still buried deep in her.

"mmmmmmmmmmmm baby" he moans as he continues thrusting into her slowly.


"We need to get ready for our house guests soon" "ooooh Jack can we just tell them that we are .sick" she giggles as he thrusts into her more. "well darling" he says as he keeps his thursts up and feels her fingers searching for his asshole as she wants more of his seed "if we do that they may never want to visit us again and I honestly would like to have Jason and Stacey over again soon" he moans as she fingers his ass deeply while he fucks her harder.

"fucccccccccccccck " he sighs as he floods her cunt again He pulls out of her and kisses her deeply telling her they have to get ready as it's Super Bowl Sunday and their company will be there any minute now. She smirks and giggles as she crawls from the sunroom to the bathroom so she can freshen up before their company arrives. He follows her picking her up as she makes it to the steps "why my darling" he laughs "whatever happened to your legs? you look like someone fucked you sideways" He picks her up and she wraps her legs around his waist as his cock finds her cunt again "why Jack" she moans as he penetrates her again "It's like your cock has found it's homing beacon" with that they both laugh as they make it to the bathroom and fuck once more her against the door and him deep in her.

Just as they are about to cum there is a knock at the door.

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"Damn it dad it's us can't you leave her alone for 2 minutes?" She giggles to herself as she lays there with her feet up in the air. Is this really happening? She closes her eyes and just breathes in the after glow of their all night love making.

She slowly pulls herself up in the sitting position sitting with her legs crossed, looking at him sleeping on their bed.


That sigh escapes her lips as she looks at him and realizes (or rather hopes) that this is not a dream. She flexes her toes and giggles as she remembers the feeling of him sucking them slowly. He shifts ever so slightly the covers forming a tent as he does. This of course elicits a soft whistle from her as she admires that sexy cock once more.

"Good morning darling" she purrs as she leans over and kisses him fully on the lips. "mmmmmmmmmorning baby" he says thru a yawn.

"hehehe oh baby get your rest" she says as she goes to stand up.

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"mmmmmmmm don't leave" he murmurs as his hands go searching for her with his eyes closed. At this point she is on her knees still and his hand goes right for her cunt. His fingers slowly sliding between her soaking wet lips as he dips 2 fingers into her while his thumb strums lightly on her clit. "mmmmmmmmmmmmm" she moans as he continues his assault on her cunt his 2 fingers now in as deep as they can go.

"ooooooooooooooh fuck" she sighs out as she starts to cum her cunt grasping and sucking his 2 fingers for all they can. She lowers her mouth over his cock exhaling warm air over the tip. This of course makes his cock jump and look like it's going to burst thru that thin sheet.

She slowly licks and sucks him thru the sheet smiling as he shift and moans. "mmmmmmmmmmmm darling if you keep that up I'm going to blow" he moans. With that she pulls the sheet up covering his eyes as she lowers her aching cunt to his steel hard cock.

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Just as he penetrates her he explodes but he keeps fucking her knowing that he wants to get the head of his throbbing cock into her cervix. With one more thrust he does and as he does she explodes around him bathing him in her cum. He knows he won't be able to hold back much longer so he thrusts into her hard and explodes his seed coating her cervix giving her what she wants and what he does too.

With that the alarm sounds and she dreamily rubs her eyes smiling at the fact that once again she is bathed in sweat and her thighs are glistening with her sweet nectar.