Une grosse cochonne bbw francaise se demonter apres le petit dej

Une grosse cochonne bbw francaise se demonter apres le petit dej
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It was my fault my nephews turned crazy for pussy. I'm the one who gave them a taste for it. It was fourth of July, everybody had the day off, the kids didn't have school and we were all at my sister Linda's house, that huge McMansion she took from her bastard ex-husband in the divorce.

More spare bedrooms than most houses had rooms and an in-ground pool in the back yard. Linda's current boyfriend, Paul, was blending up margaritas for us on demand and the usual suspects, me and my youngest sister, Pam, were sucking them down like water and, of course, letting Paul get away with a quick squeeze of our butts as a thank you when Linda wasn't looking.

I patted him on his cock, through his swimsuit, and he got embarrassed and had to hide his boner behind the poolside bar. I laughed and went inside to my beach bag and threw myself down on the couch. They would be out in the yard all day, at least until 6 or 7 when Linda would make dinner for everybody. It was barely 11 in the morning and she already had everybody's lunches out there in the coolers. Turkey and swiss with tomato and mayonnaise on whole wheat. The kids would be playing in the pool all day, shoving each other and splashing and playing Marco Polo and trying to yank the girls' bikini tops off when they thought the adults weren't paying enough attention.

Succeeding on occasion. The adults wouldn't be paying much attention, at least not in the way that mattered. Paul would put on his sunglasses and pretend to fall asleep in a deck chair, leering relentlessly at the little girls in their swimsuits. Pam would play with the older kids in the pool, flirting a little here and there like we both did. I have no idea why women are allowed to get away with it but we do. We squeeze our little nephews on the biceps and pat their chests and hug our nieces from behind and linger and compliment their perfume and their breasts.

Pam was pretty drunk; she would probably be taking an actual nap soon. Hopefully under the umbrella or she would sunburn again. Linda and our brother and his wife, Dan and Barb, would be obsessed with the babies all day, making sure they were all sunscreened up and dressing them up in little bucket hats and teaching them how to float around in the shallow end. I had no interest in babies. I mean, I like them young but not that young. Teenagers were much more my speed.

Teenagers like my nephew, Lucas. The only one inside besides me. He was almost certainly in his room, playing video games or reading a book. He was terribly awkward. Linda always made him come out and play with his cousins for a little bit but he inevitably slipped back inside unless someone dragged him back out. I made sure to plant the seed in his head. Earlier that day, I mean.

He had been off by himself, lying in the grass and reading book. I plopped my stuff down right next to him to get his attention and stripped down, so close I was practically standing on him. The only person who noticed was Paul and we winked at each other as I pulled my shorts down and bent over, giving his step-son a nice, full view of my ass.

I turned so he could watch as I pulled my top off, tits dropping and threatening to escape my bikini top so I adjusted them, facing Lucas and making sure they jiggled for him.

It was a black triangle bikini and not a very modest cut. He coughed and drew his knees together to hide his boner. "Hi, Lucas. Did you miss your Aunty Maureen?" I asked, bending over at the hips and putting my palms on my knees, tits almost spilling out again.

He was staring right at them with his mouth open. "Reading anything good?" I asked. He just sputtered, glancing at his book and then at my tits and finally making eye contact.

I smiled. "Um, uh, y-," he stammered, sweat popping out of his forehead. "Y- yeah" "Good! Love you, you sexy little thing," I told him, tousled his hair, and walked away. He slipped into the house a few minutes later, probably after his boner went away, probably to squeeze one out.

And without inviting me. I planned to fix that. Pulling a Valium out of its container, I considered only taking a half. I had done a "dry run" of this little scenario a couple times and never been "caught" but now I was doing the real thing. I swallowed the pill and washed it down with a sip of margarita.

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Waiting for the benzo to kick in, I slid my hand down the front of my bikini bottoms and got myself excited, thinking about me and Lucas together. We both had brown eyes but he was blonde and I was brunette. He kept his hair little-boy short and my long curls were in a messy bun on top of my head. I was still taller than him but just barely, which must have made him about 5'7. He wasn't very muscular but gym class kept him in reasonable shape; there was no flab on his tanned, smooth muscles.

I worked out almost every day but I had slipped a little on my diet, so I was on the curvier side, at least by my standards. It mostly went to my hips and tits anyway and the men didn't seem to mind at all. "Thick" is in, I guess. Horny, euphoric, and a bit sluggish, I made my way upstairs. I almost lost my balance a couple of times and thought about taking a nap on the stairs but I decided, no, let's keep going and fuck our nephew.

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Lucas is totally perverted, have I mentioned that? Maybe that's why I chose him. No, that's not true, I chose him because he was alone and he gave me the chance to do it.

Anyway, he was apparently horny beyond belief. Last time, one of my dry runs, I crept upstairs and listened outside his door. I was only there for about a half hour and he must have paused his video game four or five times to jerk off.

And the stuff he jerks off to. I had risked a peak around the corner and luckily he was facing away from me, pounding off furiously to images on his phone and I could see what it was. Creepshots. My nephew Lucas took pictures of girls with his phone when they weren't looking. Girls at his school, his female cousins, his teachers. His aunts. I watched as he beat off, scrolling through bikini pics of me. Some of the pictures he stole from Facebook but some of them he took himself by the pool.

One picture, where I'm adjusting my bikini bottom so it looks like I'm giving myself a wedgie, was one of his favorites. Pam and I were apparently his go-to, or maybe we just gave him the most material.

And one of his teachers. A pretty young thing that had a habit of wearing button down shirts that let her bra peak out flirtatiously. Also some very close up shots he'd taken of his little cousin Amanda when she fell asleep sunbathing. I hadn't even noticed at the time and that stuff never gets by me.

"Little perv," I mumbled, eyes half open as I reached the top of the stairs and made my way to Lucas' room. He was there on his bed, still naked to the waist in his swim trunks, sitting cross-legged on his bed and playing PlayStation. "Knock knock," I said. I tried to actually knock on the door jamb but I missed and made the motion on thin air. I must have looked obliterated, which I was. Lucas turned and his mouth dropped, eyes locked on my chest.

I looked down and, whoops, half my left nipple was out. I fixed it and slurred an "oops" and threw myself down on the bed with him. I was fucking exhausted. I laid my head in his lap. I could already feel him getting hard against the back of my head. He started sputtering and making excuses. I barely remember.

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"It's fine, Lukey. Aunty Maureen just needs a nap," I told him. My eyes closed themselves on their own and I fell asleep. I only slept for about an hour, which is rare for me. Usually when I pass out I'm done until the next morning. I guess I was too excited to stay asleep, like a kid horny for her Christmas presents.

Right as I woke, Lucas pulled his hand out of my bikini bottoms. I was soaking wet down there. He was playing with me while I was asleep which just made me even tinglier down there. My mouth tasted like Mountain Dew and my nipples were a little sore.

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He'd really been enjoying himself. I still had my eyes closed so I guess I must have stopped snoring or something to tip him off. I was still wasted as shit but the nap had taken the edge off.

He threw down his phone next to me and resumed the video games. I made a show of blinking myself awake and stretching across his lap and jutting my tits at him. He forced himself to keep his eyes on the screen this time.

Cute. I could feel him already getting hard, poking against my back, so I rolled off him and laid there face-down. "Lukey?" I said. "Hm?" he replied. He seemed to lose the ability to speak around me a lot. "Do Aunty Maureen a favor?" "Uh-huh." "Go get another margarita from your step-dad, and then grab the one I left in the living room and bring them for me?" He complied immediately, leaping off the bed and pounding down the stairs.

Always running everywhere, him and his brother. When he returned he had my drinks, the half-empty one melted and lukewarm, the fresh one nice and slushy.

I took them from him, sitting up, and topped off my old drink with the new one. I handed the half-cocktail to Lucas and tinked the glasses together when he accepted it without thinking. "Drink up," I told him. He hesitated, lips parted. "Go ahead, drink," I urged him. I downed half my drink in two gulps and put a finger on the bottom of his glass, trying to lift it to his face. He took a sip and winced. "Oh, blech," he said. I laughed and ran my fingers through his hair.

"Better gulp it down quick, then," I told him and he did, grimacing and finishing the drink off. I put both glasses on his nightstand. Paul made those things pretty fucking strong but Lucas only had a couple sips.

I wanted him buzzed, not hammered. Consider yourself plied, Lukey. "Lucas, what's the most you've ever done with a girl?" I asked. He hesitated. He looked terrified, probably afraid that I knew what he had just done. Might was well break the ice. "Besides me, I mean." He started sweating. "What- what do you- I don't-" he stammered. I smiled at him and scooted closer.


So I could whisper to him in a deep, playful voice. At least that's what I was going for. "You think I wake up with sore nipples and a soaking wet pussy every day?" I asked him. "Why do my lips taste like your favorite soda?" He had no idea what to say.

He was staring at me with his mouth open, fidgeting, getting erect already. I wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed him. He didn't take any convincing. He made out with me immediately, in the way that inexperienced guys do, battering my tongue around my mouth and trying to jam his tongue down my actual throat, making me gag a little and turning me on a lot.

He grabbed my breast, gracelessly, slapping his palm to it and digging his fingers in. I whimpered into his mouth. "You like my boobies, Lucas?" I pulled the triangles aside and bared my tits at him. He groaned like a zombie and latched his mouth onto my right breast. I gasped and leaned back, pulling him on top of me and spreading my thighs so he laid in between them.

He brutalized my nipples with his mouth, taking turns and alternating and sucking on them as hard as he could, flicking them hard with his tongue and stabbing into them and swirling around and pulling on them, stretching them, biting on them and yanking them like he was trying to pull them off my body while I moaned and writhed underneath him pitifully.

"Lucas, you animal," I moaned, grabbing his butt and pulling him against me. His dick came out of his swim trunks. He laid it right against my bikini bottom and humped at me. I was about to pull my bottoms aside to let him stick it in me but he was already coming.

I looked down just in time for a glob of semen to smack me in the cheek. He was jizzing like a cannon, shooting across my belly and my tits, plastering my neck and just some of it made it to my actual face. I'm lucky it didn't take my eye out. He was hunched over me, red in the face and breathing hard for a few moments before he opened his eyes and saw me covered in his spunk. "Oh, sorry," he mumbled and went to get a towel out of his laundry basket.

I laughed. "Don't be sorry, honey. Hold on," I told him as he tried to hand me the towel. I scooped the semen off my belly and tits on the edges of my fingers, looked him right in the eyes, and licked it off my hands.

"Holy crap," he whispered. "I love sperm," I lied, playfully. I mean, I'm cool with it but it doesn't exactly taste great. I rubbed it into my tits and scooped the blobs on my face into my mouth. Then I toweled off.

"Lie down," I told him. He complied and laid next to me. I got on my hands and knees and sucked his cock into my mouth, licking our juices off him with relish. His thighs trembled in pleasure. He stroked at my hips and whispered, "Oh, Jesus." "I have an idea. Don't move," I told him and got up. He looked ready to get up and chase me so I held up a finger and told him, "I'll be right back.

Promise." I trundled to Linda's room and grabbed a couple pairs of disposable pantyhose. Lucas was still lying in bed so I straddled his chest, tying one of his wrists to one bedpost with them and then the other. He looked at his tied-up wrists and then up at me. "What are you gonna do?" he asked. I stroked his cheek and told him simply, "Torture you." I straddled him so my ass was right in his face and sucked him off, gently and first and then bobbing my head up and down faster to get him close.

As soon as I felt his cock twitching in my mouth I stopped, not touching his manhood at all, kissing his hips or licking his belly. Once it had passed I would start sucking again.

He would get close and I would stop, repeating the process endlessly, for over an hour, no exaggeration. At first he liked it but eventually he started asking to come. "No," I said flatly, cock stuck in my cheek. "Why not!?" he begged. "Because I love doing this," I told him. Then he started begging. Begging me non-stop to make him come or at least untie one of his hands. When I decided I'd had my fill I told him, "No. Make me come first. Stick your tongue out." He complied and I slipped my bikini bottoms down so my naked pussy was right in his face and sat on his head, clit pressing into his tongue and asshole grinding on his nose.

I rode his tongue, swirling my hips and fucking myself on him, bouncing his head into the mattress rhythmically. It didn't take me long. "Oh shit Lucas I'm gonna come," I blurted out. I grabbed a pillow and buried my face in it, screaming as I orgasmed and squeezing my thighs around his neck and riding him like a bouncing cowgirl, juices dripping down his chin.

I sat there on his face for a moment, breathing hard, his breathing coming out in little snorts with my ass threatening to suffocate him. Once I caught my breath I pivoted around and freed his hands, first one then the other.

Suddenly he surged up, throwing me off him and grabbing me by the shoulders and throwing me down on the bed.

Palms on my shoulders, he was pinning me down painfully hard. My eyes went wide. "Lucas," I gasped, faking shock. "What are you-" He growled, spreading my thighs apart with his knees. "Lucas," I faked. "Don't do this. Don't-" He knocked the breath out of me for a second as he flung himself onto me, wrapping his arms around me, pinning my arms to my chest, spreading my legs apart even further and stabbing at my pussy blindly with his cock. I tried to twist away and he grabbed my hair and yanked my head back, shaking me once, hard, into the mattress and he barked, "Stop it." I held still long enough for him to shove it in me and it made me scream and I covered my mouth with both hands.

I grabbed the pillow again and held it to my face with one hand and batted at his hips with the other. He grabbed my wrist and pinned it above my head, going to work on me and fucking me hard. I moaned pitifully into the pillow the whole time. He shifted his weight for a moment and I tried to twist away again. He growled again and spun me around, putting all his strength into it because I was probably heavier than him, my naked butt sticking up in the air with my face buried in the pillow, his hand on the back of my head and grinding my face into it brutally.

He fucked me hard and very fast, like he was jerking off with my body, slapslapslapslapslap, just beating into me like I were nothing to him but a wet pussy. I started coming and it made him come too, jamming the whole thing into me and giving me a series of brutal pumps, taking it almost all the way out and, thrust, impaling me viciously over and over until he was done.

He pulled out of me and collapsed on the bed. I stayed like that for a moment, ass in the air and jizz leaking down my thigh, then I fell over and went to get up. Lucas grabbed my hair and yanked me back to the bed again.

He got on top of me and latched his mouth onto my breast again. I cried out and it was a genuine reaction. He'd already chewed my nipples raw and he was tormenting them again, sucking and pulling at my boobs with his mouth, grabbing them so hard, like were trying to make them explode. I tried to push his head off my chest and he grabbed my wrists and pinned them over my head and continued biting at my nipples as I thrashed and protested.

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Once he was hard again he flipped me over and crossed my arms behind me, my hands touching my elbows and then he laid on my back.

He jammed his cock into me and wrapped his arms around my neck from behind and started humping away. He tightened his grip as he fucked me until I could barely breathe, trying desperately to get his arms off my neck.

He squeezed down all the way and choked me, bunnyfucking me and bouncing my hips into the mattress frantically. He loosened his grip just enough to allow me a few, desperate gasps and choked me again. I came and mercifully it made him come again, him going stiff again and spearing me as I squirmed and writhed beneath him. Finally he rolled off me. I could barely see straight. I had really been on the verge of passing out.


I wiped tears from my eyes and took a couple deep breaths. I hadn't been fucked like that since Dad used to sneak into my room when he was drunk. I got to my feet, grabbing my bikini and finally stumbling down the stairs. For some reason I assumed I would be safe downstairs but I was wrong. I was tying my bikini top when Lucas came up behind me and grabbed me by my hair again.

He dragged me to the ground and fingered my pussy and my tongue-fucked ass until he was hard again and threw my legs over his shoulders and resumed pounding me.

How many times can this fucking kid get hard? I orgasmed twice this time before he finally went stiff again and railed me hard as he came.

I managed to get my bikini on before he caught his breath and I stumbled outside, finally, to the deck and threw myself down on a beach chair. "Exhausted from all that napping?" Linda teased.

I just nodded my head. She laughed and patted my head. Jesus Christ, Linda, what kind of animals did you raise? I was just lucky Robert hadn't been in there with us. I would be stuck in an endless loop of teenage cock slamming into me as they took turns. Maybe I would try it some time. "Look who the cat dragged out," Linda said, referring to Lucas, who had come outside a few minutes after me. "They all out of video game up there?" she asked him.

He gave an awkward, fake laugh and went to where Robert was sitting. Nobody paid them much mind except for me as Lucas whispered something in his older brother's ear. They were looking at me and Robert's eyes went wide and his mouth slowly opened as he listened. I felt like a piece of meat, which I enjoyed, but I'd had my fill of dick for the moment and my tits felt like raw meat.

Give a girl a chance to get her bearings, boys. Robert walked over to me, hands clasped behind his back and very respectful. He was bigger than his brother. More muscular, too. He cleared his throat. "Um, Aunty Maureen.would you wanna play games in Lucas' room?" I shook my head. "Not right now, honey. I'm not really in the mood. Some other time, I promise." He gulped.

"Please?" he said, with just a little too much desperation in his voice. "Some other time, like I said," I told him, looking him right in the eyes.

"Robert, don't pester your Aunt Maureen," Paul said. "Aunty Pam will probably play video games with you." "Do what?" Pam said, making her way to the edge of the pool and pushing herself up, dark curls and big tits dripping. She had very similar features to me but she was shorter and bustier. Green hazel eyes, too. Her cheeks were wider than mine and currently flushed from all the margaritas.

I wanted to fuck her, myself, but she barely let me do that anymore. Robert gulped again. He shot Lucas a look. Lucas half-shrugged, wide-eyed. Robert dared, "Would you wanna go upstairs and play with us?" She pushed her butt up onto the lip of the pool. She looked up at him and smiled and wrung her hair. "With my two boyfriends? Of course I would, sweetness." The boys ran inside and Pam laughed, taking her time toweling off, Paul and all the boy cousins and even me fairly gawking at her as her big tits and ass jiggled as she dried herself off.

She went inside after them, in nothing but a swimsuit and a t-shirt. Oh, my. Should I warn her? Of course I shouldn't.