Gay porn I was pleasurably surprised when I witnessed the size of

Gay porn I was pleasurably surprised when I witnessed the size of
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WARNING: This story contains incest. If you are offended by incest in any manner please be aware that you are viewing a story that contains it and have the freewill and ability to ignore it and click out of this thread without having to read it.

The happiest day of my life, was the day my twin daughters were born. Now, please, don't get me wrong, I adore my wife. Marrying her was a joyous occasion, and without her I would never have been granted the two little miracles that I am father to, but their birth has given me more surprises and wonderfully happy moments than anything else ever has. Like tonight, for instance. You see, my wife and I have grown apart since the girl's were born.

Maybe it was the constant reminder that she was no longer the young, nubile girl I'd met on her (and incidentally, my) twenty-fifth birthday, but for the past six years, sex has been a no go for us and before that it had become a rare occurrence.

When we had first met, we couldn't keep our hands off each other, we were married by twenty-eight, and we purposely avoided having the girls until we were in our thirties, in order to enjoy ourselves as much as possible.

Now at fifty-three, with two eighteen year old daughters, I'm in a sexless marriage and about to go utterly crazy. Please don't misunderstand me. I love my wife unconditionally, and I have never cheated on her.

She is the love of my life but, what amounts to almost ten years without any real sex, has been hard on me. Or not, as the case may be.

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It has become even more difficult of late, as the girls have begun to grow into young women and their bodies have developed into nubile temptations for any man. Seeing them in their underwear, dashing around the house as they prepare for dates, or sunning themselves in the back garden in bikini's, rubbing lotion on their beautiful smooth and brown tinted skin has made my life hell.

Unable to fuck my wife (the true object of my desires) I have resorted to masturbatory fantasies, which have left me empty and cold following my mental undressing of my own daughters. This week my wife left for a work conference that will last a fortnight. We still talk and indeed the only area of our marriage in any danger is our sex life. We are best friends and we talk about everything and love each other very much, but whenever sex is brought into the conversation, she clams up and walks out of the room, making her excuses.

I've suggested therapy, but she is simply not willing to talk yet, and so I resort to self pleasure. With my wife away, I have the bedroom to myself and finally a comfortable place to get my jollies in, rather than the study room's chair. I decided that after taking a shower, I would hook the laptop up in our bedroom and watch internet porn and masturbate until I could physically take no more.

That's not exactly how it went. After lying on the bed, and opening the laptop, as I waited for it to load my busy work day caught up with me and I fell sound asleep. Naked as the day I was born, I slept for at least two hours, before being awakened by something I couldn't place. The room was dark, except the light emitting from the laptop's screensaver, and as I scanned it I saw nothing out of place. I assumed it was a noise from outside and moved to turn off the lightly humming computer when I saw a disc on top of its keyboard.

Knowing I hadn't left it there myself, I picked it up and saw that written on it were the words; "WATCH THIS!" Feeling I should follow the instruction I inserted the disc into the laptop and it automatically opened the video player program and immediately flashed up an unfocused image that I couldn't make out properly. As the focus shifted, I could see that there was naked flesh and my heart skipped a beat, as my cock twitched with anticipation.

As the camera finally focused, there in front of me was my daughter Rose, sat behind her was her identical twin, Lily, and both were completely naked. "Hello Daddy," Came Rose's sweet voice, through the laptop speakers, "Lily and I have made this video for you because we've wanted to tell you something for a while now and we figured now was the best time, and this was the best way".

I was taken aback, as Rose leaned in and began to kiss Lily deeply, and both girls ran their hands over each others body. I watched as Lily squeezed her sister's nipple between her fingers, and Rose let out a deep sigh of pleasure in response. "You see Daddy," Said Lily, "We've been exploring each other for quite some time now, since way before our teens. So much so that we've never really felt the need to get boys involved. We've dated, sure, and we've let guys do stuff, and we've even done stuff with them but we've never given ourselves totally to a guy.

At first we thought it was because we weren't ready, but honestly, after a while we realised what we truly wanted." As Lily spoke, Rose kissed her pert breasts and nipples. Biting them lightly and fluttering her tongue over them. Occasionally interrupting her sister to plant a kiss on her full lips, and shoot a dirty look at the camera lens. As Lily reached the end of her speech, Rose's face was firmly planted between her twin's legs and she was obviously performing her duties well, as Lily's breasts heaved with each breath and she tried in vain to concentrate on her task at hand.

My cock at this point was as hard as steel. Watching my baby girls pleasure each other like this had me so turned on that my cock actually ached with desire. "Oh Daddy," Lily said, breathlessly, "We want you. We want you to take our virginity. We want you to be the first man inside each of us." My heart almost stopped.


My baby girls were performing a sex show for me, just for me. Furthermore they wanted me to join in. Instinctively I was already stroking my throbbing shaft as I watched the screen intently, Lily's face contorting as her sisters tongue lapped at, what I imagined to be, her sweet little pussy.

"Oh God," I exclaimed to myself, gripping my rock hard cock and closing my eyes. My body was full to the brim with desire for my virgin daughters, and I knew, just one room away they were waiting for their Daddy.

Waiting for me, waiting for me to come to them and finally make them women. I struggled with my conflicting emotions for a few moments longer, until Rose's voice awoke me from my dilemma.

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"Daddy," She barely whispered, "If you're still watching this, trying to decide what to do, then stop right now. You're our father and we love you so much, and we know that you love us too. We want to share that love with you physically, so please Daddy. Please, come to our room now." As she spoke, her only-minutes-younger sister pleasured herself with her fingers. Teasing her tiny clitoris with the tips of her index and middle finger, as she held her pussy lips open for me to see, with her other hand.

"And Daddy," she breathed, still pressing her fingers into herself, "Don't waste all that tasty cum watching the video, when the real thing is waiting just one room away!

We are ready and willing to be filled up with your hot spunk." With that, my mind was made up. I had no choice in the matter really. My fiery lust took over and I leapt from the bed, still naked, my erection leading the way out of the bedroom door and into the hallway; my seven inches of steely flesh begging to be engulfed by virgin teen pussy. As I turned to face the open doorway of the twins bedroom, I was greeted by a sight that any man, in his most perverted mind, would call heavenly.

I stared at my daughters, tangled as they were at that moment in a beautiful embrace. Each face buried between the others legs, as they drank deeply of each other's juices and moaned with delight. Both girls have naturally tanned complexions, thanks to their mothers Latin blood, and I couldn't help but admire Lily's perfect bottom, as it rhythmically moved up and down, grinding into her sisters face underneath her, and take in the fact that neither girl showed signs of any tan lines.

Their coffee coloured skin tone coating them each in a golden glow. I stepped into the room, moving quietly, in order to not disturb the girls in their compromising position and moved into the perfect spot to watch little Lily's tongue tease Rose's clit. As I watched, Lily's eyes met mine and she smiled as she continued to lick at the wet slit beneath her.

I continued to watch for a moment, stroking my cock, mesmerised by my baby girl's tongue action on the sweetest looking pussy I had ever seen, I watched until I could take no more. I needed to taste Rose's virgin hole. I shifted forward, and gently lifted Lily's face from her sister's hot, wet crotch. Her mouth shined with the juices from her sister's pussy and without thinking I planted a kiss upon her lips, parting mine and invading her mouth with my tongue.

I could taste the sweet musky flavour of Rose's juices, mixed with the undeniable sweetness of my baby Lily's own mouth.

Desire pulsed through me, my cock throbbing as it did and an ache deep inside of me stirred. I needed to fuck both of my little girls; I needed to make them both women. I needed them to be my perfect little fuck sluts. Rose's virginity was there for the taking. I finished kissing her sister deeply, and then pressed my mouth against Rose's prone little pussy. To appreciate the full taste of her, slipping my tongue inside her, Rose bucked her hips and let out a muffled moaned as her mouth was still clamped to her younger twin's pussy.

Rose seemed to have realised that it was me, and not her sister, now working her clit with my tongue. "Oh Daddy!" She moaned, releasing her firmly clamped mouth, from her twin sister's pussy lips. "Hush baby," I replied, "Daddy's here to make you a woman." Her pussy was more than ready to take my cock.

Lily had done a fantastic job of getting her sister warmed up for me to fuck. Standing up, I looked down on my two gorgeous girls, as they looked back up at me, their big hazel eyes locked on my erection.


I stroked Lily's long dark hair and gently pushed my throbbing shaft towards her. "Get Daddy all wet and ready for Rose, baby." I said. She opened wide, and I slid my penis into her inviting mouth. She enveloped me in her lips, and the feeling of her warm, wet mouth, her skilful tongue and the slightest touch of teeth drove me completely nuts.


I moved my pelvis back and forth, thrusting myself deeper into her mouth, touching the back of her throat. She gagged, but took my full length; before I pulled out entirely and leaned down to kiss her once more.

"Guide me into your sister's pussy, Lily honey." I commanded. She obeyed well, gently grabbing my penis and leading me to her sister's virgin cunt. As the tip of my hard cock met with Rose's opening, I could feel the unmistakable resistance of her hymen, guarding the entrance to my baby girls' honey-pot. My dick twitched at the thought of busting through my little girls cherry, and I pushed forward, breaking her seal and making her a woman.

She whimpered as the pain shot through her, and I slowly inched into her tight hole. The feeling of penetrating my daughter for the very first time, after having not being near a pussy in nearly a decade, was intoxicating, and the desire to simply pound my way to orgasm was almost overwhelming, but I fought that feeling.

Rose had saved her body for me to break in, and like any father, I didn't want to hurt her, or betray the trust she'd afforded me.

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Lily looked on amazed, as slowly but surely my cock disappeared further inside her sister. Underneath Rose and I, a patch of red stained the bed sheets, marking the moment her virginity was lost. Rose exhaled as I withdrew then began to quicken my pace in and out of her slit. She was by far the tightest little pussy I had ever had the pleasure to enter, and as I dragged my throbbing dick in and out of her sweet, shaven hole she moaned and whimpered.

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It was beyond obvious that she was in pain, but I could also tell that she was enjoying the sensation. Lily sat up for a moment while I pushed myself in and out of her sister, and pulling her eyes away from my cock she kissed me as I continued to work Rose's tiny cunt.

Lily laid herself next to her sister and began kissing Rose sweetly on the lips as I pushed into her. The sight was more than I could take. I hadn't been near a woman in a sexual manner for such a long time, and viewing my beautiful and identical daughters making out, as my rock hard shaft slid in and out of such a perfectly hot, tight and dripping wet cunt took over any sense of reason that I had left.

Daughter or not, I had to cum! I clamped my hands onto Rose's hips, and thrust my dick deep into her. She whimpered once more, and as I began to pound her hole repeatedly in a swift and forceful manner her whimpers became wails, but not entirely out of pain. She was enjoying being fucked by her Daddy, and her pussy was letting me know just as much as her face was.

It squeezed around me, pulling me deeper, and as my little Rosey moaned "Oh Daddy!" I simply could not hold back. I shot strands of hot, sticky cum into her tight little hole, as I let out a guttural, animal roar of pure, intense pleasure. "Oh Rosey baby," I growled, as I continued to fill her up with my thick cum, collapsing onto her hot, sweat covered body, "Your such a good girl honey.

Such a good girl. You make Daddy so proud". "Mmmm, yeah." She exhaled, as my weight lay on top of her. "I love you Daddy". "I love you too sweetie," I said, out of breath, I laid a kiss on her full lips and we embraced passionately, kissing deeply, our tongues dancing on each other lips. I rolled off my daughter and watched, as she and her sister began to kiss deeply. My cock was aching from its first fuck of the night and I'd blown a considerable load inside her.

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I knew that Lily would soon want me to take her virginity also, so I simply lay and watch as the girls held each other close and kissed whilst I recovered. Lily played with her sisters nipples while they kissed, and Rose let her hands wander over her younger twin sister's body.

Lily shifted her body down, off the bed and between her sisters legs and began to gently lick, suck, and kiss at Rose's freshly fucked cunt, lapping up the spunk I'd deposited into her. My cock began to twitch at the sight of her beautiful face buried in her twin sister's pussy. Her eyes connected with mine and as she used her tongue expertly on Rose, she watched my dick dance as I watched her. She smiled and planted a final kiss on the pussy she was so lovingly working, and then she moved herself back onto the bed and towards me.

I was sat up with my back against the headboard and my legs open to allow her to get good access to my penis. She opened her mouth and took my semi-hard cock all the way into her throat and kept it there as I began to grow inside her as she massaged it with her tongue.

Just before my cock reached its largest she began to work her mouth up and down on my shaft, while Rose moved to sit beside me and planted a long, lingering, and passionate kiss on my lips.

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It is safe to say that I have never been so turned on in my entire life. Lily removed her mouth from around the shaft of my throbbing penis and kissed her way down it, holding the tip in her hand and slowly stroking it as she did. She tongued my ball sack as she stared up at me with those deep and dark brown eyes, and I watched her massage my scrotum with her tongue. She then licked her way back up my cock and began to kiss her way up my stomach, chest and eventually up my neck and across my cheek to my lips.

Whilst we kissed deeply, Rose rubbed Lily's clit. Lily moaned into my mouth, as our tongues intertwined. Rose moved herself behind her sister, and then guided Lily's hips onto me from behind.

I felt her hot little pussy press against the shaft of my dick and she slid up my length, coating me in a thin film of her juices. Once she reached the tip of my cock, Rose lifted Lily up slightly and helped to guide the head of my now fully erect penis to the slit between her legs. As my thick tip pressed against her hymen, my little Lily whimpered at the sudden pain she felt. "It's okay Lily honey," I said, "It only hurts for a moment.

Daddy will be gentle. Isn't that right Rose?" "Yeah Lil," Rose confirmed, "It hurts at first, but it feels so good when he cums inside you." I smiled at my two daughters, as they shared a kiss, and rested my hands on Rose's (which lay on her sisters hips) I pressed down, popping my second cherry of the evening. Lily whimpered into Rose's mouth as they kissed, and she began to slowly ride me, moving her tight cunt up and down the shaft of my stiff cock, pushing me deeper into her with each movement.

I leaned forward, and holding her waist with one hand, I groped at her pert little tits and sucked on her perfectly round, brown nipples. Her body responded well, and I felt her pussy become even wetter, and it twitched around my cock. As she began to get used to the rhythm and the pace she was setting, Lily sat forward and began to kiss me again. First my neck and face, and then full on my lips. "I love you so much Daddy!" She exclaimed as she finally took my whole shaft inside her virgin hole.

"I love you too, baby." I replied. Her riding me as we both sat up on the bed with Rose behind her, stroking and kissing her back and neck, made my cock pulse with joy. I had already made a woman of Rose this evening, and now I was making her twin sister one too. She slid her wet pussy up and down my dick, and I felt her juices run down my shaft and begin to trickle over my balls.

Lily's breaths were short and ragged, and with each one she released a little "Oh" from between her lips. Her pert breasts heaved with the effort, and her neck and chest were inflamed as she rolled her eyes back in her head and let out a deep sigh of pleasure. Her head back, Rose took the opportunity to wrap her arms around her sister's body. Her right hand groping at Lily's breasts, while her left pressed into her throat, and Rose planted another kiss on her sister's lips.

Watching them like this, while Lily's pussy held my cock like a vice, I could feel my second orgasm of the night approaching. My balls twitching as my spunk began to travel up my shaft. Rose let her right hand explore Lily's beautiful tan body and it rested just above her pussy, using her fingers on her sister's clit.

There was an almost immediate response from Lily's pussy, as it contracted around my set-to-burst shaft. She moaned in orgasm, and my dick finally unleashed its load into her freshly deflowered cunt.

As I came I leaned into my daughters while they kissed and took both into my arms. Pumping Lily full of cum, I let out another groan of pleasure and kissed both girls repeatedly, as the three of us embraced.

Once my balls had emptied for the second time, I fell back against the head-board and sighed deeply, as Lily stayed sat upon my still hard cock. She and Rose kissed and played with each other's bodies as I watched, and my dick began to shrink while still inside my daughter. Lily shifted off me, and cum dripped from her pussy. She lay beside me, and like Lily had done when I'd finished with Rose earlier, Rose used her tongue to lap up the spunk dribbling from her twin's no-longer virgin hole.

Lily and I shared a kiss while Rose did this, and within a few moments Rose's mouth was around my softened prick, cleaning it of her sister's juices and my own cum. We rested for a while after that, both girls holding me close. They talked about how long they had been sexually aware, and how long they had fantasised about me being their first, they even made note of the fact they knew I hadn't been getting any sex from their mother in quite some time.

I felt a tad guilty about being unfaithful to my wife (with my own daughters no less) but the girls seemed happy to justify it as their duty to provide anything their mother wasn't, and I was happy to allow that logic to placate me. The three of us took turns taking a shower, Rose first, and whoever was left behind invariably ended up fucking again. Lily still ached, so instead of having sex, she sucked my cock until I unloaded another stream of spunk, into her mouth this time.

After Rose returned, Lily took a shower and Rose climbed on top of me and rode me to orgasm once more, this time taking my load in her mouth as her sister had. I was completely drained. I could take no more, and as I showered I knew that my teenage daughters were at that very moment, licking at each other's pussies.

The thought made my aching cock stiff all over again, and when I got out of the shower I was disappointed to find neither girl in their room. It was a short lived disappointment however, as I found them in my bed, naked and waiting for their Daddy to fuck them again.