Exploitedcollegegirls Ginger Has An Anal Orgasm

Exploitedcollegegirls Ginger Has An Anal Orgasm
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Spells and Spunk Part 2 I'm going to turn on the comments for this part so I can see what the people who are reading my story actually think and I can find out how to improve the story and improve the rating I got on the first part.

It's probs because it was so short. Anywhore, never-the-less enjoy! Again, all characters are fictional As Fin finished interacting with Gina's rear end, he turned to the 15 beautiful girls in front of him. He caught the attention of the girls who he had greeted and groped on the way to the front, the girl he had anally probed was in a daze and Casey, at the back, was looking as innocent as ever despite his recent discovery of the sweetness of her pussy.

He looked around at some of the girls he hadn't the pleasure of 'meeting' and gave a wink to some and raised his eye brows to others. He spotted one girl who was a little short and had big chubby cheeks and big blue eyes, as well as short hair styled in a bob. He gave her an extended look over and noticed she had what looked to be an incredible arse and perky tits.

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"Fun sized" he thought to himself. She caught his eyes and gave him a grin and bit her lip - Fin's weakness. He clenched his jaw and raised his eye brows. Most of the other girls were consistently stunning, they seemed to be competing on who could wear their skirts highest and their shirts tightest. The strange thing that Fin noticed was that they were all girls Fin knew to be completely un-slutty and were not that eye catching on the corridors due to that very reason.

Fin didn't mind, in fact it made him hornier. "Alright guys let's begin shall we. Everybody make a space for a duel and Gina if you may?" Fin announced and beckoned her to follow him. The girls made two crowds either side of a gap to make a rectangular space with Gina and Fin in the middle. "Hit me with a few simple jinxes or even a minor curse if you know any" Gina looked into his eyes and nodded after a while.

She didn't really want to hurt him but the deal was made and if he didn't mind, she was mostly okay with it.

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She liked to think of it in a way that made her feel better; his reward for felling the pain was her body, all of her curves and holes were for him. She was holding onto his arm at this point and as he broke off the brief interlude and her hand trailed off his arm as he walked off. Gina and Fin had feelings when they were a little younger. They had some sexual experiences and had ended their relationship with a mutual respect of each others incredible ability to make each other cum very hard.

They were left with a pretty cool inter-exchange of feelings that was somewhat close to best friends. "Hey it's me. I'll be fine" Fin said with as much cliche-ness in it as he could, which made Gina laugh as she hated cliches with a passion.

"Okay fine" she took off a couple of meters down the space between the girls and turned haughtily back in the direction of her opponent; Fin. "So the basics of spells that cause harm to people is in the mindset" Fin explained "anyone can cast an incantation but only people with an actual hate for their opponent can cause the most harm. Gina will hit me with a spell and it will harm me, but only because she has the hate for me to do so.

Don't get her wrong, she likes me but we can all harness a hate for someone we like. If anyone can't find a way to hate me then just tell me and I'll figure something out.

Right Gina, fire away." Fin placed his arms at his side and bent his knees a little and prepared for a spell to hit him. Gina stood in a casting stance with her wand out and swiftly flicked her wrist in three different directions. An orange spark fired out of her wand sped towards Fin at an incredible speed.

It smacked Fin square in his chest and sent him flying backwards. She had shot a concussion curse at Fin which he hadn't expected, even though he had asked her to if she knew how. Fin slammed into the far wall and was left in a daze - his head spun and his bones rattled as he hit the floor. Fin's chest felt as if it had been smacked by a troll's club. All of the girls had a look of shock on their face (except one who was shocked at something else, but I'll get onto that later) and were swapping looks and watched Fin as he fell to the floor.

Gina had a look of sadness on her face, but not tearful; the one thing she hated more than cliches was hurting Fin. She started walking towards him and he sat up against the wall and lifted his head up with a smile as Gina approached him, "the things I do for love" he chuckled.

She smiled and crouched down to his left, "there's a lot more where that came from, especially if you keep those cliches up like that. Now here's your reward." She lifted up her skirt and exposed her light blue panties, her cute pussy mound was hidden behind them just begging to come out; just how Fin liked it. "Don't mind if I do" He replied and slowly slid his hand along her leg, towards her cunt.

He enjoyed the soft fell of her inner thighs against the back of his hand. Fin looked up at her before he got to her cunny and then to the rest of the gawking Ravenclaw beauties. He had an idea. His hand crept up to her pussy, but then went over her thigh, around her waist and down to her buttocks. He did the same with his other hand and then pulled her onto him so she was straddling his waist.

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Her snatch was now grinding against his boner that bulged against his trousers. Gina let out a little gasp and let Fin take control. He grabbed hold of her arse cheeks and pulled her even closer onto him. She instinctively put her arms on his shoulders to balance herself and let out a moan as her cunt rubbed hard against Fin's cock.

Only three thin materials separated his member from her kitty. She felt a zap of electricity run through her body and her heart beat quickened.

She felt a hand at the back of her head and was pulled down into a kiss.

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It was an embrace that lasted some time. Fin and Gina kissed each other with a passion that they had both missed deeply. Their tongues danced in their mouths as they snogged.

The girls looked at the pair with increasing levels of lust. Fin's hands were engaged; one had was firmly rubbing Gina's arse and the other was up her shirt and under her bra. Gina decided to respond in the only way she could in the circumstances. She rubbed her now wet panties onto Fin's protruding crotch which resulted the two moaning deeply into each other's mouths.

Gina sped up her grinding on feeling and hearing Fin's and her own response to the action. Gina was so pre-occupied by the sex machine that she was grinding her hot, wet cunny on that she didn't notice a pair of the girls creep up behind her.

Most of the girls were rubbing or fingering their pussys at this point or were, like the pair that approached Gina, rubbing the moist snatch of their newly found bisexual friend. The room was filled with moaning. The pair consisted of a ginger girl with freckles, long curly hair, a mostly flat chest and a round rump, and the other was Elise, the very eager girl that Fin had 'met' as he was walking through the crowd earlier.

She had blonde hair, a fine arse, a pair of perky tits and some very sexy legs.


They both sneaked up on Gina and placed their hands on her when they got in range. She didn't fell the the gentile hands on her back until she had gotten over an orgasm that was trigger by Fin pinching both of her nipples at the same time whilst thrusting upward with his throbbing cock.

After she had come down from her most intense orgasm in a while, even though it was only a small one, the two pairs of hands moved in. They were warm and strangely comforting to Gina. They started stroking her back, unclipping her bra as they went. The started to stroke her upper back and neck whilst Elise removed her bra fully and started to feel her lower back and bum. Gina looked behind her and smiled at the two girls. The Ginger working her upper back offered Gina her finger to suck.

She took up the offer and licked the tip. Gina then took her whole finger into her mouth which made all three girls a little wetter. Elise moved her hand down to Fin and Gina's cock and pussy grinding and added to the rubbing effect. Fin nearly came on the spot. Elise gave out a little giggle and winked at him.

The Ginger started to kiss Gina's neck and rub her boobs with Fin. All of the touching and sucking started to trigger a build up in Gina and she started getting closer and closer to cumming again. All of the others felt this and gave a special effort to give her an amazing orgasm. Elise stared to whisper dirty things into her ear and gave her nipple an extra squeeze and tug.

Elise slithered her hand down her skirt and started to circle her arsehole gently. Fin started to suck on her other nipple and nibbled on it occasionally whilst grinding his cock against Elise's hand that was inbetween his throbbing member and her soaking wet cunt. He used his spare hand to quickly plunge it into her panties and rub her clit directly.

She soon was on the verge of an outstanding orgasm. She grabbed onto Fin and pulled his head closer to her breast. At the last moment he inserted three fingers into her pussy and moved his fingers in a 'come here' motion. "Oooooh fuuuck" she began "ooooooohhh fuuuuUUUUUUCKK MEEEEEE!!" She started to scream.

"FUUUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH FIIIIIIIIIIIIN!". Her breathing became very heavy and her moans filled the room. The sounds of wet slopping and high pitched cries of pleasure from the other girls were all anyone could hear.

Gina's body began to tense up, her orgasm was very close. Beads of sweat were runnign down her body and her wetness had now soaked through Fin's trousers and saturated his angry, red member. Gina let out a moan and threw back her head. Her body went into spasms as an orgasm rippled through her entire body.

She pressed Fin to her breast as hard as she could and held on to his head as she shook and screamed out in pure ecstasy. Her pussy began to gush out waves and waves of cum and dripped noisily onto the floor, only to be lapped up by Hannah, a bold and eager bi-sexual Ravenclaw slut who was finger fucking her own hole as she consumed the juices on the floor, she even gave Gina's arse a little bite as she finished her drink.

Elise gave her face a stroke and a reassuring smile as she came up, they both seemed to be big fans of the exceptional bubble butt that Gina possessed. After about a minute of heavy panting and a few sobs Gina rested her body against Fin's and he held her.

"That was fucking amazing" she panted. "I haven't cum that hard since the last time we fucked". "I could tell" Fin admitted. He removed his three dripping wet fingers from her pussy with a satisfying slurping sound.

"You're drenched". He pulled Elise next to him and half put his fingers in her mouth, half offered them up and she took his fingers into her mouth with a moan of approval. The ginger sat down on his other side. Gina put a hand on each girl's cheek. "Thanks so much you guys" she half panted. The two girls took her hand and said in unison "our pleasure, that was sooo fucking hot"there was a chorus of agreeing moans and "fuck yeah" from the other 11 panting girls who had all gotten themselves and their friends off whilst they had pleasured each other.

"Hey how cum she gets her juices and I don't get a taste?" The ginger asked as a joke. "Oh you get your fair share too" Fin answered. He spread Gina's legs and pulled her panties off of her body without any resistance, he almost had to keep her from falling over because she was so dopey from her colossal orgasm.

Her light blue panties were now completely dark blue and were dripping all over. Fin sucked the juices out of them and then pocketed them.

He then propped Gina up against him and raised her bum in the air a little so that her pussy stuck out. The Ginger stared at Gina's hairless, swollen, drenched clit and her eyes widened with joy.

"All yours" said Fin as he beckoned her towards Gina's sweet smelling pussy. The Ginger dived into her cunt and lapped up ever last drop her her juices and even got some out of her honey hole. Fin stroked her head as she did so. "That's a good little girl" he cooed "get every last drop of nectar".

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"Hey you haven't gotten anything out of this yet" claimed one of the girls who was sat down, being propped up by her new found fuck buddy, just like Gina and Fin. "Oh?" he replied "what are you suggesting?", "Well me and my friend here are spent but I'm sure there are some more energetic little sluts around who would be willing" she pointed out.

Casey stood up from the back of the crowd and stepped over some of the tired out girls who lay on the floor from their sessions of cunnilingus. She strutted over to Fin and crouched down over him. He gave Gina to The Ginger to take care of her for the moment by propping her up against the wall for her to keep her company. Casey crouched down to him and crawled up to his mouth.

He could feel her breathing against his skin. She kissed his neck and tongued her way down to his chest. She had her arse pointed up into the air behind her to give the girls a nice view of her rump as she migrated down to Fin's waist. She seductively unbuttoned his trousers and pulled his aching cock out of his boxers. He sighed a breath of pleasure, his dick had been kept on a leash this whole time and he was very glad to release it to the outside air.

All the girls collectively gasped as his meat flopped out of his trousers.

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He sported a proud 8 inch cock with good girth and size. He was clean shaven, just like the girls and it was very erect. Casey was eyeing up his boner with glee, she was playing with it and pulled his foreskin down to reveal his angry, purple knob. Fin let out a groan and smiled at the girls' shock at seeing his cock. He especially enjoyed seeing Casey find such enjoyment out of just feeling his dick.

She threw him a glance and bit her lips. She poked her tongue out at him and placed it at the bottom of his dick. She kept constant eye contact with him as she slowly licked the entirety of his cock.

When she got to the top, she licked his knob is circular motions and dipped it into her mouth every few licks. The girls had gotten up to watch the show. Elise, The Ginger, Hannah, and Gina all were intently watching Casey orally pleasure Fin's massive cock.


"Do you think she can take it all" was whispered around the girls. "That's so fucking hot.", "I want his cum inside of me", "I hope she swallows his load." and other smutty wishes were heard in the background. Casey got wetter in response to hearing the wishes of her peers. She planned on doing them all.

She continued to lick the rest of his cock, as well as taking his balls into her mouth like a lollipop. She looked up to him every time she felt him get close to cumming. She felt he had dragged it on long enough and brought her mouth to the top of his cock.

She looked him directly in the eyes and took the tip of his cock into her mouth. "Is she gunna do it?", "can she do it?" was heard around the pair's audience. She enjoyed the crowd and decided to cease their wait. She started to slid her pretty mouth down onto his cock fast at first and then slowed down a little she got about three inches down. The feeling of the inside of Casey's mouth was incredible.

The wet, warm and smooth feeling of her throat felt amazing on Fin's cock. He let out a long moan and ended it with a lust filled "fuuuuuuuuuck". She slid further and further down onto his huge dick and slowed a little as she reached the last few inches. Her whole audience was stunned by her progress. She felt a hand on her sopping wet cunt and let out a moan on Fin's dick which brought Fin closer to cumming. She was very surprised that he had managed to restrain himself for this long and felt him get close to an orgasm.

She could not tell who it was that was caressing her engorged pussy lips but it sure felt good. She brought her mouth up and off his cock and then went straight back down.

She repeated this action two more times before Fin had to let out a warning. "I'm gunna cum Casey!" he almost yelled. She made a "MmmHmm" humming noise to signify that she understood. She took his cock out of her mouth one more time and circled her tongue around the tip of his dick.

"FUUUUCK" Fin exclaimed. He felt a build up in the base of his cock and it rushed up to the top of his dick. At the last second she plunged her head down onto his dick and felt his cum blast into her mouth.

She felt his hands press down onto her head and she moaned in agreence on his dick. He emptied wave after wave after wave of cum into her hot mouth. She coud not believe the amount of cum he was producing and had to swallow some in order for it to all fit inside of her mouth. She gripped onto his thighs through his trousers as an orgasm hit her from behind. Whilst she was pre-occupied on sucking Fin's meat, she had been getting the finger fucking of her life from an expert hand.

She had also felt a finger on her anus which must have been Hannah or Elise jumping in on the fun. Based on the amount of cum she had produced she guessed it must have been Hannah as she liked to lick cum off the floor. She milked the last of Fin's cum with her hand and waited till his cock had gone flaccid.


She pulled her mouth off Fin's dick, trying not to spill any of his treasured cum and sat up next to Gina. "That was pretty hot sweety." she admitted and wipped a drop of cum from the corner of Casey's mouth and licked it. Casey put her thumb in Gina's mouth and pulled it open a bit. She got the message and embraced her in a french kiss to recieve the cum. Casey emptied half of it into her mouth and kept the other half for herself.

They ended the kiss, looked at each other and swallowed at the same time. "Mmmmmmm" they both moaned, "tastes good girls" Gina said with a thumbs up.

I think this one was a little longer this time. I'll make a second part if I'm in the mood and I get enough views, only because that's how my motivation works.

If you feel like giving any form of critisism, good or bad, constructive or unconstructive, then go ahead. Hope you enjoyed