Beautiful Petite girl goes crazy for anal sex

Beautiful Petite girl goes crazy for anal sex
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<rockdyke> yeah, i have very few limits <SlaveBitch> So, same question goes to you <rockdyke> i dont do shitting or animals <SlaveBitch> And you might just wanna name them <SlaveBitch> That's it?

<rockdyke> pretty much <rockdyke> oh yeah, and children <SlaveBitch> Gotcha. What about incest in general though <rockdyke> very much so <SlaveBitch> Any scenes in mind?

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<rockdyke> depends, what are your limits? <SlaveBitch> Quite literally, none. Ask Velma. <rockdyke> good <rockdyke> im also big into watersports <SlaveBitch> Excellent <rockdyke> i like younger girls but not too young <SlaveBitch> Eh, I'm 2 years younger than you, but if you want me to be 18 or something in the rp, that's fine <rockdyke> so what do you have in mind, being that your the one advertising?

lol <SlaveBitch> Incest, maybe sis/sis, older one comes home late at night, drunk or something, I threaten to tell the parents in the morning, older sister gets pissed, and it's kinda obvious where it goes. <SlaveBitch> And I have a thing for death, so don't hold back. <rockdyke> sure, so ill be 17, you 15? <SlaveBitch> Sure, that works * rockdyke staggers up the hall and almost falls through the door of our room * SlaveBitch wakes up rather quickly and turns on the lamp <SlaveBitch> (Oh, name?) * rockdyke clambers towards my bed and starts kicking of my shoes <rockdyke> charlotte :) <SlaveBitch> (Stephanie here) <SlaveBitch> Charlotte!

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It's 3 AM! <SlaveBitch> What the hell is wrong with you!? I'm trying to sleep! <rockdyke> shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. youll wake up mom and dad * rockdyke clumsily pulls off socks <SlaveBitch> Good. And if they don't, they'll definately hear about it in the morning <rockdyke> what! your going to tell them? i haven done anything wrong i slur *throws a sock at you* * SlaveBitch pulls the sock off my head and gets out of bed <SlaveBitch> You woke me up, I have school in the morning!

<SlaveBitch> And nevermind later, they're going to hear about it now. <rockdyke> so fucking what, live a little. stop being so fucking uptight * SlaveBitch stomps towards the door * rockdyke grabs you by the hair and drags you back * SlaveBitch yelps out <SlaveBitch> The fuck!?


<rockdyke> what the fuck do you think your doing? stop being such a bitch! so what if i was out late. im not a fucking child <SlaveBitch> Yeah, well you have school in the morning too. Mom and dad will kill you if they find out you were drinking again. <rockdyke> ill be up in time for school. and they wont fucking tell me cos they wont fucking know <SlaveBitch> Oh?

<rockdyke> because if they do find out ill tell them about what a little slut you are * SlaveBitch tries to hit you a few times, to get your hand away from my hair <SlaveBitch> Don't call me names! * rockdyke slaps you and shoves you on the bed <rockdyke> its not name calling if its true * SlaveBitch yelps out and holds my reddened cheek <SlaveBitch> It is not! <rockdyke> i heard the stories about you at school. at that sleep over. kissing your friends rachel and maria.

i heard you even let a guy finger you behind the gym <SlaveBitch> They're lying, and it's obvious, judging the kind of people you hang around with. <rockdyke> they have no need to lie, it was your friends who told me <SlaveBitch> Stupid, drunken losers, just like you <rockdyke> said they would spill it all if i got some vodka <rockdyke> yeah, whos the drunk losers now?

<SlaveBitch> T-they wouldn't do that. <rockdyke> they paid for my vodka! * SlaveBitch looks away, a scowl on my face <SlaveBitch> Okay, so I kissed a few girls.

<rockdyke> so the way i see it, mom and dad already know i drink. you being a cheap slut is much worse. you owe me to keep me quiet <SlaveBitch> I don't owe you anything! <rockdyke> really? so ill just tell them your a lesbian whore?


* SlaveBitch starts stomping the floor with my foot <SlaveBitch> Mom! <SlaveBitch> Dad!

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<SlaveBitch> Charlotte's drunk again! * rockdyke punches you really hard in the nose * SlaveBitch feels my nose shatter and feels the warm blood flowing * SlaveBitch screams fairly loudly <rockdyke> see what happens when you start being a little brat?? * rockdyke holds her hand over your mouth <SlaveBitch> MMMFFF!!!!!!

<rockdyke> youll stop screaming if you dont want another one * SlaveBitch starts kicking hard, screaming still, almost not hearing your command <rockdyke> stop screaming! * rockdyke squeezes your throat with a spare hand * SlaveBitch coughs when you start choking me * rockdyke keeps squeezing * SlaveBitch stops resisting so much * SlaveBitch is sobbing pretty hard, but quietly. A river of tears flows down both cheeks <rockdyke> carrys on squeezing and starts whispering <rockdyke> shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! * SlaveBitch nods lightly, compliantly * rockdyke starts to relaease her grip * SlaveBitch breathes slowly, not making and sudden moves <rockdyke> you gonna shut the fuck up?

* SlaveBitch doesn't respond, fear has frozen me completely <rockdyke> fucking answer me! * rockdyke raises a hand * SlaveBitch nods quickly <rockdyke> now you little lesbian slut, lets see what all the fuss was about, take off your pyjamas * SlaveBitch shakes my head * rockdyke slaps you accross the cheek then grabs your face squeezing ur cheeks together <rockdyke> do as your fucking told * SlaveBitch inhales sharply and quickly unbottons my pajamas and lets the leeves slide of my arms, and I slowly reach down to slide off the bottoms <rockdyke> hurry the fuck up * SlaveBitch quickly slides them off and kicks them to the side.

Is tand there naked. <SlaveBitch> I stand* <rockdyke> this is what all the fuss was about, i thought youd have at least grawn a good size pair of tits by now * rockdyke slaps your tits as i inspect you * SlaveBitch cries out lightly when you slap them, trying not to make too much noise <rockdyke> stand with your legs apart and close your eyes * SlaveBitch very quickly does as I'm told * rockdyke lick her fingers and starts rubbing your pussy * SlaveBitch lets out a light moan and trembles * rockdyke starts to work 2 fingers inside you as soon as you start to get wet <SlaveBitch> S-sis.please stop.

<rockdyke> whispers in your ear "im gonna fuck you like that little prick at your school did!" <SlaveBitch> No.don't <rockdyke> didnt i tell you to shut the fuck up??

* rockdyke pulls out fingers and slaps your cunt really hard * SlaveBitch nods and sniffles * SlaveBitch screams bloody murder <rockdyke> grabs you by the mouth and shoves you to your bed <rockdyke> SHUT THE FUCK UP! <SlaveBitch> MMFFF! * SlaveBitch is kicking and punching again * rockdyke punches you in the stomach * SlaveBitch blacks out for a few minutes, the wind knocked out of me * SlaveBitch wakes up * rockdyke lifts up your head and looks at your unconcious face and spits on it before i drop it back to the bed * SlaveBitch wakes up and feels the dried spit on my face <rockdyke> your lucky you woke up, you dont pass out unless i let you pass out * SlaveBitch realizes I'm lying on my stomach and tries to turn over * rockdyke shoves you back onto the bed <SlaveBitch> Ow!

* rockdyke grabs you by the crotch and lifts ur ass up in the air <SlaveBitch> C'mon Charlotte, this isn't funny anymore!

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<rockdyke> whos fucking joking? <SlaveBitch> I-I thought.I dunno.just please stop Char. <rockdyke> why, you were moaning a fucking minute ago!

<SlaveBitch> I couldn't help it, but this isn't right.


* rockdyke slides her 2 middle fingers deep inside you again <SlaveBitch> Unnnnnhh! * rockdyke starts sliding them in and out of you <rockdyke> so some little arsehole at your schools allowed to finger you but im not? * SlaveBitch groans rather loudly, I can feel your knuckles grinding on my walls <SlaveBitch> No!

You're mys sister!

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<SlaveBitch> my* * rockdyke spits on ur ass hole and rubs it with my thumb a couple of times <SlaveBitch> No.not there.I haven't had it there yet. <rockdyke> well your about to. * rockdyke pushes her thum against ur puckered ass hole and slowly slides it in * SlaveBitch holds my mouth open for a couple of seconds in shock, then gets ready to scream <rockdyke> if you scream so help me god youll be fucking sorry!

<rockdyke> look! ill do it slow, just calm the fuck down * SlaveBitch can't stop myself and lets another scream penetrate my lips <rockdyke> if i need to shut you up, ill do it * rockdyke slams her fist againt the bottom of your back * SlaveBitch hears and feels a vertebrae crack and break <rockdyke> now maybe youll shut the fuck up * rockdyke continues moving 2 fingers and a thumb in and out of you * SlaveBitch nods, but sobs loudly * SlaveBitch feels your fingers grinding roughly in and out of my fuckholes, and I can't help but get wetter <rockdyke> see, i knew youd like it * rockdyke starts fucking you harder * SlaveBitch moans a bit louder this time, and I start rocking back on your hand <rockdyke> hell, i think this may even make you cum <SlaveBitch> Not funny Char.

* SlaveBitch reaches down to start rubbing my own clit with my palm * rockdyke undoes her trousers and slides both them and her pants to the floor <rockdyke> make yourself useful * SlaveBitch rubs my clit in circles as I grind back on your hand * SlaveBitch reaches back just a bit further and begins lightly jerking yor clit * rockdyke sighs loudly <SlaveBitch> your* <rockdyke> do it fucking properly you lazy whore * SlaveBitch rubs it back and forth, and gets my fingers wet with your juices.

I tease your slit with my index finger * SlaveBitch finally slides the lubed up finger into your cunt and hooks it, finding your rough, dry G-spot * rockdyke starts shoving her thumb further into your ass * SlaveBitch rocks back hard on your thumb, my body begging for more.

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I slide the middle finger in and hook that as well * SlaveBitch begins pumping in and out slowly, phitting your G-spot over and over <SlaveBitch> hitting* <rockdyke> youve done that before aintcha.! <SlaveBitch> Uh.mhm. <rockdyke> i fucking knew it <rockdyke> lets see how good you are at this then * rockdyke quickly stands up right and pulls all her fingers out of you * SlaveBitch rocks back a few more times and holds myself tight against your hand, my muscles clenching around your fingers <rockdyke> lie on your back * SlaveBitch is just barely denied my orgasm and does as I'm told * rockdyke gets up on the bed and start to get into 69 position * SlaveBitch leans up and licks up and down your slit slowly at first, and nibbles on your clit lightly.

* rockdyke eyes roll back in her head with surprised pleasure as her weight drops onto you * SlaveBitch licks down your slit and your taint, and works back up to your cunt and slides my tongue in * rockdyke starts to sluch hard on your clit, flicking it with her tongue <rockdyke> *suck * SlaveBitch moans into your cunt, sending light vibrations through it. My tongue licks in slow circles in your cunt. Exploring every crease and fold. * SlaveBitch begins darting my tongue in and out, stabbing your cunt with it * rockdyke keeps flicking your clit and occasionally runninge her tongue along your soaking wet pussy and over ur still slightly gaping ass * SlaveBitch begins to tense up again, and holds my tongue deep inside your pussy.

My hands reach up and grab hold of your asscheeks * SlaveBitch screams into your cunt as an orgasm cascades through me <rockdyke> can feel you start to cum, and just as your orasm begins and your mouth covers my pussy, i grin as i start releasing the contents of my bladder into your mouth * SlaveBitch gulps it all down, simply being lost in the moment. My body rocks several times as I continue to gulp down your piss.

<rockdyke> squeezes the last into your mouth before i start rubbing my piss covered pussy all over your face <rockdyke> using it like toilet roll * SlaveBitch just moans and begins coming down from my orgasm, but my tongue is still hard at work in your cunt, taking the occascional break to nipple and suck hard on your clit <rockdyke> starts to shudder a bit <rockdyke> lick my ass baby sis * SlaveBitch nods and slides my tongue from your slit, to your taint, and around your asshole.

The, in one swift motion, I worm it in. <SlaveBitch> Then* * SlaveBitch uses a hand to rub your cunt lips slowly * rockdyke moans deeply as she grinds hard on your face * SlaveBitch licks in circles inside your ass, actually loving the taste * rockdyke s orgasm starts to build rapidly * SlaveBitch slides two fingers into your cunt again and hooks them. I shove them in deep and continuously rub your G-spot * rockdyke starts to shudder all over as her legs tens up and her pussy explodes on your fingers * SlaveBitch moans and feels some of the juices run onto my face as well.

I continue to pulse my fingers within you and lick your ass for a bit longer.

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Then I move forward and lap up every stray drop of cum * rockdyke collapses on top of you * SlaveBitch shakes my head and falls asleep in the lewd position <SlaveBitch> -------END-------