Asian babes lusty cock sampling japanese hardcore

Asian babes lusty cock sampling japanese hardcore
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Please rate and comment (Blonde teen Hanna has run away with her much older male friend Jim. Her mother Carol tried to stop them. Carol was subjected to severe abuse at her house and she is now forced to travel with them, held against her will in the back of their commercial van .) The cool foggy air mixed with the diesel fumes of idling trucks hung heavy in the air. The old white van made its way through the maze of parked 18 wheelers. The glaring yard lights mixed with the heavy air made an surreal scene.

Lights would flick on and a truck would pull out. Drivers stood by their trucks drinking coffee and exchanging notes on their routes. The van wove slowly to the back of the lot. The pavement became very rough, almost non-existant. The Van had entered a no-man's land, the backwater of the trucking world. This was an area, out of sight, out of mind of most people and even other truckers.

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The Van parked in an open area under a glaring flood light. Hannah got out the Van walking around the back. The blonde teen with blue jean shorts and a tight top immediately drew attentions of nearby truckers.

Directly facing her was big red rig with flat steel plates on the trailer. The Battle Flag of the Confederacy stood out boldly on the front of the truck. A burly man got out of the rig. Tall and rough looking with a beard and a pony tail, he walked slowly over to the van. "Well sweetie, I'm Bo, you looking for a little action." He smiled, asking Hannah.

"Hey, Hannah here." "Sorry, not me but we got something in the Van for you, a little older but some meat on the bones." countered Hannah running her hand over his shoulder. "Something a big man like you will like." Hannah opened the van doors so he could see Carol.

"Get you ass up her Mom. Man wants to take look." Carol was naked and bruised from the abuse she had suffered from Hannah and Jim. She cowered in a corner away from the back door. "Come on Momma, I wanna see what I am paying for." Yelled Bo. Scared but afraid not to obey, Carol crawled to the back door of the Van. "Kneel and put you hands behind your neck." "Hannah, don't make me do this." Bo slapped Carol.


"Listen to your girl." "You heard the man, bitch." "Kneel and put your hands behind your neck." Shaking with fear, Carol knelt, hands behind her back so Bo could inspect her. Bo ran his hands over her breasts. He pinched her nipples. He slapped her breasts.

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He breasts were raw and tender from being rope tied and Carol cried out. "Don't do this. Please, I can't take more." "She looks a little beat up, who did that?"" Me and my man Jim." The driver laughed. "You did a number one her." "What are these other bruises, like on the shoulder." "That's when Jimmy and I pushed her tied up down the stairs." "HEAAAAW." Laughed Bo. She might look a little worse when I am done with her.

" We don't give fuck, as long as you pay." Laughed Jim, who had joined Hannah. "So you are the lucky man with hot Hannah here." Asked Bo. Jimmy gave Hannan a little slap on the butt. "Yea she is my little sweetie." Carol was crying, stunned by her daughter. "Hanna, don't make me do this, no, please NO." Hannah and the trucker haggled price.

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"I think we got a deal." Smiled the driver. "Gotta pay first said Hannah." AS Bo paid, Carol crawled away and cowered in fear in a corner of the van. "Get your fucking cunt over here or it will be a lot worse for you if I gotta drag your ass out here." "You daughter says you are a good fuck." The trucker pulled down his pants.

Get ready for some Southern cock. "No please leave me alone." "No No." Carol was crying but crawled to the back of the van afraid not to listen. She kneeled in a low crouch at the back of the van while Bo stood in front of her.

Bo looked down at her. "You know what you are." "You are mine now, I paid for you." "You are nothing but a worthless piece of fuck meat. All you are good for is to use your holes for my cock." Bo wrapped his large rough hands around her neck. "I could break you stupid neck in a second." "Do you understand, I am your BOSS." Carol was crying, sobbing.


Bo tightened his grip. "Do you understand." "Yes, Yes, Please stop choking me!" "Yes, BOSS." "Say it Bitch." "Yes Boss." Bo released his grip. "You know what you have to do whore." By this time there was a group of truckers gathered around the back of the Van.

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"Come on, suck on it. Blow Job. Come on trash, get going." Carol took his cock in her mouth. She was sobbingcrying so hard as she tried to suck his dick. "Git me a rope, this Bitch ain't much of a cock sucker for a whore." "No wait, I can do better." It was too late, Bo wrapped the yellow nylon rope around the bitch's neck with a slip knot. He tied the rope in his fist and pulled. Carol started to choke as the rope pulled tight.

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"Now I'll give you one more chance." Carol took him in her mouth desperate to stop the choking. Hannah passed the hat for donations for the truckers watching. Carol had Bo's cock in her mouth, licking his head, up and down the shaft. Her tits hung down and her ass was up in the air as she bent over suck, licking. He took his dick and pushed the head in her eye.

I could put your fucking eye out with this cock. Suck on my balls. Fully engorged his size was scary to Carol. "Shove it down her throat." "Gag her on it." "Fuck that mouth." The truckers were shouting, screaming, wanting a throat fuck. Hannah jumped up on the back of the van and grabbed her Mom's hair pushing her head deep onto Bo's cock. Carol started to choke, saliva came up first and then vomit.

Her puke covered his dick. Bo looked down at his vomit covered cock. "Time for some pussy fucking!" Yelled Hannah.

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Bo looked and laughed. "My kinda girl." Hannah slopped up some vomit from the van floor and smeared over her mom's pussy. Bo jumped on the van kneeling between Carol's legs.

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Carol could feel his throbbing cock pushing on her even as she was still puking from the face fuck. Bo stuffed his vomit coated dick into her pussy. He grabbed Carol's hips and pushed his mess covered cock deep inside her.

Fucking her hard he pulled back on the rope around her neck until her face became red. Spit rained down on Carol's face and head from the truckers watching. "HEEAAAW." Yelled Bo, gonna fuck you like a fucking dog.

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To Be Continued.