Lucky neighbor some with milf nina lexi

Lucky neighbor some with milf nina lexi
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Being single and horny, I went to a bar in St: Kilda one night late after work and began drinking.


I had been sneaking looks at this brunette for about an hour, before I drank enough to build my courage up to talk to her. I bought her a drink and I began to chat to her, as she didn't tell me to fuck off; I sat down next to her.

We had nothing in common, but I so wanted to fuck her.

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Her name was Daniela, as I found out after we exchanged names. She kissed me on the neck then on my lips, after I bought her another drink.


"Do you want to come over to my place for a drink?" She asked, as the bar was about to close. I was thinking with my cock and not my head, and agreed.

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We caught a taxi to her apartment building, and all I could think of was how hot she was. I wasn't thinking with my head; as it would tell me to be cautious. She was out of my league, but wanted me. We hugged and kissed as we entered the stairway. I noticed her body was tight and toned, but perfect in my eyes. Once inside her unit, she offered me a drink and I drank it. We made out some more and before I knew it, her top was off and she was down on her knees eagerly releasing my cock from my pants; and now in the position of her hands.

I noticed that she had fake tits but were firm and perfectly sized. Daniela put my cock in her warm mouth, as I ran my hands through her soft long brown hair; while she bobbed up and down my cock.

Before long I was moaning, and when she squeezed my balls; I blew my load in her throat. She gagged for a brief second before swallowing all she could. She got up and hugged me and we kissed some more; I could taste my own cum and didn't mind. Daniela then eventually stood up and led me to her bedroom.

"If you want you can stay the night." At this stage, I could think of any reason why not. We kissed and made out on her bed, while put a condom on my hardening cock and smeared some kind of lubricant over it.

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I was coming back to life again. She made me lie on my back as she rolled a condom on my hard cock, before rubbing lube over it as well. Daniela dimmed the lights and threw her shirt on my head and got on top off me. She positioned my cock between her ass crack and backed herself onto it; with a little struggle slid it inside her asshole. As my cock slid into her ass, I didn't say or think much of this; as I love giving girls anal.

As she bounced slowly on my cock, all I could see of her was her long locks over her face and tits; she was either fingering herself inside her skirt or something. I was steadying her by bracing her with my hands in between her ribcage and hip. Oh god it was so tight, I was beginning to cum. "I'm cumming." I said. "So am I." She said. I couldn't see what she was doing, until after I had cum inside her asshole. I lay on my back staring at the sealing afterwards, when I looked at what she was doing.

Still grinding her hips around my cock gently, but she was jerking herself off. I was shocked as she sprayed cum on my chest and cum was trickling down her hand as she clinched a fist around her cock. "What the fuck!" I said, in horror. She pulled off the condom from my cock and drank cum from inside it. I was repulsed, horny, shocked, intrigued all in one action. "Let me clean you cock and you can leave if you like." Daniela said.

I obliged. I still like her but as a girl not a, I don't know what. Sucking my cock clean made it hard again. I thought about leaving there and then, but instead made myself a Bourbon and coke; and against my better judgement I reached for the lube. I smirked and rolled another condom on my hardening cock and smeared lube on it. I forced her on her back and on her bed; I then position her legs onto my shoulders and slid my cock back inside her now compliant asshole.

She grimaced and groaned, as I leaned right into her and fucked her ass; hard.

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"Go on, give it to me." She growled. I did, and just before I was about to cum; grabbed her cock and began jerking it until; we both cum. Sometime afterwards, after I got dressed and poured another drink.

"If you're still attracted to me, ring me 24/7; I'm DTF anytime." Daniela said, and handed me a card with her phone number on it.

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"DTF?" I asked. "Down to fuck." She replied. I then hugged her and walked home. Walking home I was confused, I enjoyed it but it's not like I can tell any of my friends; that "I fucked a chick with a dick!" A month passed and having lucked out at bars and nightclubs recently, I was home alone and horny as hell; I rang her. Fast forward this story to six months later and we were a couple now, and by now I was fucking her bareback and I was now content with my sexuality as bisexual.

Deep down I was beginning to be curious, but continued playing the dominant figure.

I would kiss her in public, and fuck her anally and she would blow me; in toilets of shopping malls and other public discrete places. I had moved into her apartment, while still working as a clerk. At home, I slowly began to change; I liked wearing some make-up and would wear skirts around the unit. Also, I had lost some weight; I was now at 70kgs and my hair was longer.

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One night after a line or two of coke, I asked what it felt like to suck a cock; maybe I was high and talking out loud. We were both naked and she asked me if I wanted to try one; one day. I nodded and tried to suck her cock, it was a nervous attempt; and unsuccessful one at that.

"In time I will teach you the art of cocksucking, don't threat about it now; time is on your side." Daniela said, comforted me. She knew I beat myself down upon failure. "You'll get enough time to practice soon, I promise." She said.

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more to come.