Freaky Gloryhole Slut Gets Sucks amp_ Get Fucked

Freaky Gloryhole Slut Gets Sucks amp_ Get Fucked
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Mom was a 40 year old mother of two but she still had it going on. Mom was your typical MILF, big tits, nice ass, and gorgeous hair and eyes. She was about 5'5" and weighed around 125.

She had bleach blonde hair that flowed to her shoulders and beautiful blue eyes that glistened in the light. She wore a 36DD bra that she claimed barely held her in. Now for me. My birthday is tomorrow which I will turn 15.

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I am an even 6' tall and have a muscular build from working out. I have dirty blonde hair that is medium length and curly. I also have blue eyes that girls say make their hearts melt. My cock when hard is an amazing 8 inches long which also makes girls go wild. Since it was my birthday tomorrow, Mom and Dad decided to take me out to eat.


I picked my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden and we loaded into the car. On the way to the restaurant, I noticed that Mom was looking back at me and staring into my eyes. Eventually she did it again because she couldn't resist only this time I was looking at her. Our eyes met each other and we both turned bright red. This didn't keep her from continuing to stare at me. Finally she turned around as we approached the restaurant. We went inside, were seated, and placed our orders.

Mom, Dad and I talked about what the responsibilities of growing up were until the food came. We all ate and went home. We arrived home at around 6:30. Dad told me and Mom to get out of the car while he ran up to pick up my younger sister from her friends house and afterwards he was going to run some errands that my mom had given him. Me and Mom both got out and went inside. We didn't talk much on the way in because we were both embarrassed at the staring match we had in the car.

Eventually the tension left and it was just normal me and mom until she did something I would have never expected. I was sitting on the couch watching the Cleveland Indians game when she walked in with two beers in her hands. I was a little confused so I said, "A little thirsty there Mom?" We both chuckled which had me thinking that they really were both for her.

However, I was wrong. Mom came over to me and handed me a beer.

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I was speechless. I sat there staring at mom until she finally broke the silence. "Go ahead, drink it I won't tell anyone." I opened the beer and the top snapped and hissed.

I took one sip and was immediately hooked. Mom and I drank a total of three beers a piece until we were both drunk, laughing in each others arms.

We were both laying there laughing when our eyes met again. This time however, it wasn't as innocent. We both had lust in our eyes. I saw Mom's attention start to move towards my lips as she moved for a kiss. I followed her actions and met her lips. Immediately we were swapping spit. Mom was great at kissing and I knew that it would only get better as the night went on.

As we were passionately kissing the phone rang and we had to stop our love affair.


My mom left to answer and came back and told me she had good news. I asked her what it was and she told me that my Dad and Sister had gone to visit my grandparents and decided to stay the night. I was excited because now I had my horny, drunk mother all to myself for the entire night.

Mom immediately came over to me and told me to stand up. I did with out an refusal and she unfastened my jeans which fell to the floor in a heap. I stepped out of my jeans and was now standing in just my boxers and a t-shirt. Mom then told me to remove my shirt and she would take care of the boxers. I a matter of seconds I was undressed and my cock was sticking straight out like a flag pole. Mom was shocked at how big it was.

She got down on her knees and sucked it into her mouth. The feeling was unbelievable. Her warm tongue explored every inch of my rock hard member which sent pleasure up my spine.

I grabbed Mom by the back of her hair and began to pull her onto my cock causing her to take the whole thing down her throat which made her gag. This was way to much and I was already ready to cum.

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I told mom that I was going to cum but she made no attempt to pull off of my now pulsing cock. Before I knew it, I was blowing load after sticky load into Mom's willing mouth.

She pulled off and I saw some cum still on her lips which she licked off. She then told me it was my turn. Mom stood up and began to remove her skirt. After she had it down only a few inches I saw that she had no panties on which caused me to wonder if she had been planning this.

Her skirt fell to the floor revealing the most beautiful pussy that I had ever seen. Her mound was freshly shaven and her pussy lips glistened with her juices.

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She laid down on the couch and told me to get between her legs. I willingly did so and, having already known what to do, I lowered my head between her legs and began to lick at her open slit. This caused mom to moan which only turned me on even more. I continued working at her pussy searching for her clit. In no time at all I had found her clit and she let out a horrifying moan of pleasure. Mom told me that she loved me and that she wanted me to fuck her but I continued to pleasure her.

Mom told me that she was about to cum and I could tell because her body was beginning to tense up. She let out a moan and I could feel the juices rush over my tongue. I let her come down from her high before I begged her to let me see her wonderful tits. She stood up and removed her top which once again had no lingerie under in.

This revealed the most wonderful pair of tits that a man could imagine.

Her nipple were just the perfect size to suck on and her cleavage was perfect for titty fucking. Mom once again hopped onto the couch and told me to take her. I stood up from were I was sitting, stood in front of her and slipped my cock into her warm pussy hole.

It felt even better than dome. He twat was the perfect tightness and sent me into ecstacy. I fucked her hole with an intensity that I would have never expected. After about five minutes of pure pleasure I felt her pussy tighten up and her juices began to flow as she had her second orgasm of the night.

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I also was nearing cumming when suddenly we heard the garage door open. I will post the second part to this story if I get good reviews on this part.