Yuki girl seduces guy and enjoys hard asssex

Yuki girl seduces guy and enjoys hard asssex
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Previously. I thought about the last couple of days, how my life has been changed How filthy I felt inside, ruined almost, eating away at me like a cancer. I thought about, Mike, how I betrayed him, Lizzy and Josh, how this might changed their lives, because my feelings towards Alexis is growing by the minute. I knew to prevent anyone from getting hurt, I would probably have to take some drastic action, like quit my job or get a transfer.

My gut feel, told me that Alexis has feelings for me too. The last two days she acted differently towards me. I don't know if I should just straight up ask her about it. I remembered some of my discussions with Mike, the psychology of relationships. Love has so many different faces. The love you feel for your child, your dog, your spouse, your family, your friends, they are all different, have different emotions attached to them. You act differently towards different people in your life and their reactions have different affects on you as a person.

You cannot love two people intimately at the same time, one is going to lose. You can lust after many people, screw them, like I did with the two masseurs. What myself and Alexis have, feels different, I have feelings for her, deeper than it should be, one that clouds my own judgement.

A feeling that I never even had with Mike. We met when I was young, grew into each other gradually, got married on 24, had Josh on 26. Mike is almost six years older than me, during those first few years of dating it was all studies, getting 2 degrees, even after marriage, getting his Master degrees in both, Psychology and Psychiatry, myself getting a Paralegal degree.


"Penny for your thoughts," she said. "I was just thinking about the past couple of days," I said. "What I did, what we did, how is that going to change my life, my marriage," I continued.

"I am going to be honest with you, I think I am in love with you," I admitted. She did not say anything at first, then asked me if what I feel was maybe because of what happened sexually between us. Maybe it was, I lied to her. "I don't want to come between you and Mike," she said. "Let's cool it down for a while and see what happens," she suggested. I felt sad hearing those words, but it is probably for the best. I looked at her and she looked sad as well. We drove back to the hotel and just mellowed out on the sofa, watching TV and drinking wine.

We ordered room service and had dinner in the hotel. Went to our separate beds and I fell asleep with her on my mind, tears in my eyes. Chapter 8.

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I woke up around 4:00AM on Wednesday morning, had a few fitful hours of sleep, haunted by Alexis. Today was crucial, as the Real Estate developer wanted to meet with us at 10:00AM this morning, they have made there decision.

This was a multi million dollar deal for our client, which meant a substantial lawyer fee for us, but even more it will boost our Law firm's image. I got up and went to the kitchen and made some coffee, Alexis was still asleep, her bedroom door slightly open. I pushed the door a little more open, peaked inside.

She was lying on her stomach, her left leg drawn upwards, completely exposed. God, she was sexy, how am I ever going to just forget about her, I really am in love with her. I thought about just getting in bed with her, hold her tight. I turned around and walked away. Later that morning, our meeting with the Real Estate developer went more than just fine. They signed the agreement and the deal was closed. Which meant our work was done, we were only due back in New York on Friday.

During the meeting I noticed Frank, looking at me, on a couple of occasions, smiling at me. I just ignored it at first, but later I smiled back and he winked at me. The African American lawyer for the Real Estate company, Frank, invited us for dinner that night and Alexis accepted.


I still had visions of Mr.Big's huge cock fucking me and wondered what Frank's manhood looked like. He is also tall, really handsome, had a much lighter skin complexion than Mr.Big.

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He reminded me of Charles back home, our hired help on the estate, same complexion. He has been with us since he was a young boy, now probably in his early thirties, doing all the work around the house, but most important, looking after my horses. On our drive back to the hotel, I asked her if I should change our flight back to New York for Thursday, since we closed the deal a day earlier than anticipated.

She said that she is going to phone Dave, our boss, to bring him up to speed with the great news, then we can decide. We were both excited about what we accomplished, it was such a relief, knowing that the two of us, were successful with the first case we worked together. She thanked me for my thoroughness, how well I prepared the files and notes, all the possible scenarios that might have arose, with possible answers and solutions, it was priceless.

I was driving, she put her left hand on my upper thigh, giving it a gentle squeeze. I felt my pussy almost responding instantaneously, feeling the moistness already. She kept her hand there. 'What is she up to, I thought to myself, that is really not cooling it down, thinking of what we decided last night'?

"So, I saw Frank eyeing you during the meeting" Alexis jokingly teased me. "La la la la laa la .Frank likes Rachel .la la la la laa la," singing it to me. I just laughed, her hand still lingering on my right upper thigh, the throbbing intensified with every second. "Well, you have to admit, he is quite good looking, don't you think," I said. "I won't mind him jumping my bones," she surprised me with her answer, wow. I was wearing a flowery, patterned, knee high, sun skirt, which rode up about 2 inches up my thigh, the way I was sitting behind the wheel.

Alexis's hand still on my thigh, moving up, resting between my upper most thigh and the crease of my groin, my pussy making gaping convulsions like Lizzy's little gold fish.

"Bet you're all wet down there," pointing with her eyes. I decided to play along, knowing exactly where this was heading. To hell with the cooling down, the guilt, I decided. "Well, you will have to find that out for yourself," I challenged her. She moved her hand back down my upper thigh, stopping on the bare part, above my knee.

The coldness of her hand startled me. She came back up this time dragging my skirt along, revealing my leg in all its glory, my cum drenched panties clearly visible between my thighs. It was hard concentrating on the road, keeping my right foot on the gas pedal and dealing with Alexis's hands warming my whole body with her touch.

It felt really good, I was horny as hell.

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She slipped her hand between my legs, finding my juicy cum soaked panties. I could feel it squirming round inside, as she fondled my pussy from the outside.

I tried spreading my unused left leg more open, with not a lot of room to maneuver, while driving. She managed to find the top edge of my panties and slipped her right hand inside. "My oh my, what have we here," she said. I felt her hand brushing my hood's pubic hair, her middle finger finding my wet slit, with an almost, scratching motion running it up and down as far as she can reach.

Gosh, it felt awesomely good .I led out a soft moan. My body stiffen as she rubbed me, she used her wedding and index fingers, butterflying my pussy petals, using her middle finger, grinding away at my pucker.

I felt my orgasm building, pushing back against the driver seat, raising my groin slightly, my left foot firmly pressed in the corner of the floor board. I glanced at her, she had her right hand between her own legs, rubbing herself. "We are going to have to stop or else I'm going to kill us," I said. Whimpering sounds escaped me as I gasped for air, my cunt weeping slimy juices into her hand.

She kept going, I tried hard to concentrate and kept driving, but also attempting to give her more room. She switched hands, leaning down in my lap, using her right hand, fingering me using two fingers. My moans turned into little screams, as I came, my tremulous right leg on the gas pedal made the car stutter momentarily. She let go and when she removed her hand, strings of my slimy juices dragged like chewing gum from her left hand.

She sucked it off, cleaning her own hand. At the hotel, I couldn't park the car quicker than I did, when I got out, I could feel the juices seeping through my panties, weeping down my inner thighs. Inside the suite, we almost fell into each others arms, we kissed, I could taste my own cum in her mouth from when she licked her own hand earlier.

I darted my tongue inside her mouth, twirling my tongue around hers. I pushed her back onto the sofa, spreading her legs, as I knelt between her legs. She wore a black lace panties, I could see the moistness glimmering, seeping through. Her sweet scent wafted through the air.

I started pressing my mouth against her pussy, sucking her juices through the cloth of her panties, the luscious taste filled my mouth as she arched upward pressuring her groin against my mouth, grabbing my ears pulling me closer. She used one hand pulling her panties sideways, exposing her wet slit. I grabbed her inner lips in my mouth, pulling it towards me, stretching it, letting go, grabbing it again.

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I had her pussy cupped in my mouth, filling it with her soft flesh as I devoured it, she whimpered with each of my swallows, feeling her pushing slimy juices inside my mouth, which I gulped down like sweet nectar. She came, guttural sounds that ripped through flesh and bone, squirting her juices in my face as I pulled away. She grabbed me pulling me onto the sofa, stretching me out the full length of the sofa. She was on top of me, squeezed her self in between my legs, spreading my legs with her lower body.


Our mouths met again, kissing with much more passion than ever before, exploring, entangling our tongues together. I felt her right hand under my shirt, finding my left breast, fondling it with a rolling motion.

God, it felt amazing, each roll stirring the butterflies inside my stomach. She pushed my bra upwards, both my tits fell free, lifting my shirt, revealing my tits with taut nipples. She gently twirled her tongue around my left nipple, sucking it slightly, biting it, then the right one, alternating between them. The sucking got more intense, using a swallowing motion, taking my right breast as far inside her mouth as she could.

Jeez, she was excellent at sucking tit, I felt her bringing me to an orgasm. She let go of my breast moving her kisses down my belly, twirling her tongue. With her right hand she undid my skirt, lowered it with my panties to my feet, I used my right foot removing them completely.

My wet cunt, pulsating as she run her middle finger through my slit. She spread my pussy lips apart. I felt her open mouth taking in my soft flesh, gently sucking it, her tongue twirling around my vagina hole, occasionally darting into my hole, slurping my juices.

She found my clit, sucking it pressing hard on my groin while doing it. While sucking my sweet spot, she sunk two fingers in my cunt, fingering me, twirling her thumb around my anus. It felt awesome, the sucking, fingering and playing with my asshole. She stopped turned me around, on all fours, sucked me from behind, sucked my pussy, rubbing my perineum with her chin, while licking my asshole.

She took her right hands four fingers, pushing it into my slimy cunt, her thumb disappearing in my asshole. Her fingers worked the ridge sponge inside of my hole, building an explosion.

Her thumb fingering my asshole, stirring feelings I have never felt before, an unbelievable sensation. She kept doing this, until the sensation became to much, I fell forward. I turned on my back again. She sunk her whole right hand into my hole, slowly pumping me with her hand wiggling it inside, found a steady rhythm, going faster with each stroke. She was ramming me now, juices squeezing, escaping through the edges. My pussy sucked on her arm, with contracting convulsions, more than half of her forearm disappeared with the deepest stroke.

It felt incredible, having her inside me. I propped myself on both elbows, watching her arm working my hole, her eyes full of admiration. I could probably take a horse's dick right now. My labia stretched around the thickness of her cum glistened arm, as she rammed deep inside with every stroke.

I led out a load growling scream as I came, my whole body trembling as I squirted, spraying my juices past her drilling arm. It just flowed like a burst pipe, cumming with every stroke, almost passing out. "Fuckin' unbelievable," is all she said, shaking her head, cupping her mouth with her left hand. She laid herself half on top of me. We spent the next five minutes, slowly, gently, with soft little kisses, smooching each other.

While I showered, Alexis had a phone meeting with Dave, who was totally ecstatic about the deal. She said he is planning a big celebration party when we get back to New York. He also said it's was really up to us, if we want to spent Thursday on the island, he only expect us to be back in the office on Monday.

So we decided to indulged ourselves in the island's hospitality. Chapter 9. We were on the front porch of Frank's beach front home. Magnificent peace of real estate. He invited us inside where we met three of his friends, Vincent, another tall African American, Frank's assistant Brianna, which I recognized from the meetings, she was young, mid twenties, slender body, with the same lighter brown skin complexion, as Frank.

Rhonda, also African American, much shorter and bustier of posture. He led us into the living room area, the oval shaped back wall fitted with massive floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the ocean, wooden floors with 4 white leather sofas, forming a square in the middle of the room.

A huge granite bar in the one corner, next to an open fireplace, creates a cozy feeling. A big double door, led out the a wooden deck surrounding the outside of the whole room. I stepped outside, taking deep breaths of fresh air, filling my nostrils with the distinct smell of the ocean, it was already dark, the ocean, no less than 50 yards away, I could see small whites waves chopping on the surface, finding their way to shore.

Frank joined me outside. "Beautiful isn't it," he said. "Oh yes, I just love the ocean," I said. "Back home, my favorite thing to do on weekends, taking my black stallion galloping on Sandy Hook beach, New Jersey," I said. Alexis joined us standing on my other side, listening to my conversation.

"Jahmal (Arabic for handsome), just love to stretch his legs, running through the swallow waves," magnificent thoroughbred racing horse," I continued. "We have to go ride when we get back to New York," Alexis reminded me. I told them how Jahmal, would wait for me at the entrance to our estate most days, racing me up the driveway to the main house on his side of the fence.

He has such a playful mannerism. "Well, ladies what can I get you to drink?" Frank asked. We both asked for red wine. When her returned, Frank said we would be having a barbecue on the beach later. He excused himself, got Vincent and they went down to build the fire for the barbecue. Brianna and Rhonda joined us on the deck while the two men built the fire. We chit chatted about everything and I noticed how Brianna looked at Alexis, scanning her from head to toe. Twenty minutes later the two men were back and said we could go down to the beach.

The wooden steps were quite steep and Frank offered me his hand, Alexis using my shoulder as support, walking down the steps. Down below was a gazebo type looking structure, completely with a built-in barbecue and big fire pit, already engulfed with flames from the bomb-fire they built.

There was a small kitchen area, wooden bar and even a toilet and washing basin. Man, he had it organized I thought to myself. We had more wine, I'm already feeling tipsy, from the first glass. We were going to have ribs and steak, Brianna made a delicious Mediterranean salad, garlic bread sticks and two local side dishes.

We had dinner and were sitting next to the big bomb-fire, Frank kept feeding it big chunks of wood, drinking wine. Later, Vincent and Rhonda excused themselves and Frank left to go see them off. I got up, kicked off my sandals, walked onto the beach, feeling the gentle, cool breeze blowing through my hair. I hoped Alexis would follow but she stayed behind. I walked a few hundred yards along the sandy beach, close enough to let the waves wash around my feet.

The moon shone dimly tonight, had an eery mistiness around it. I was almost startled by a sudden movement behind me. "Alexis, is that you?" I asked. "No, it's me, Frank," came the reply. I could barely make out his face, but he was standing next to me, gazing at me. I wore a light yellow sun-skirt, with a violet cotton stretch blouse, complimenting my full wellformed breasts.

I caught him on two or more occasions earlier, staring at my breasts during the evening. "Judging by the ring on your finger, I know you are married, but I am going to say it anyway, I find you really attractive," he said. "Thank you, but there is someone more beautiful and available back there," I said, meaning Alexis and even Brianna for that matter. "Woman, just don't get it, it's more than just looks," he tried explained. "You project an enormous voluptuousness, almost dripping out of you'" he continued.

I started walking back in the direction of the house. He grabbed my arm as I walked past him, swung me around in his arms, I gazed up in his shadowed eyes. "We better get back, they might come looking for us," I said. He had me tight in his grip, I could hardly see his face, he leaned down and kissed me. I was completely caught of guard by this, but his warm mouth, wet lips, tongue found mine in a split second. I thought about screaming for Alexis, but his kiss numbed my legs and whole body.

At first he did the kissing but soon enough, I was exploring his warm mouth, with great intensity. We kept at it for a while, he swung me around again, his hands around my waist, the back of my body pressed against his. I felt the bulge of his rock hard cock against my lower back. He kissed my neck, his hands found my boobs fondling them, rolling, squeezing them, running his tongue up and down my neck.

He moved his left hand down my waist, finding his way up the inside of my blouse pulling it completely up, exposing my bra for a moment, then with both hands shifting my bra upwards. Both my breasts sprung free, the cool sea breeze brushing them, my nipples hardened instantaneously. His hands found my naked breasts again, squashing, rolling them, twitching my nipples with his fingers. I grabbed the back of his neck pulling myself up against his body, his hand working my tits beyond ecstasy, I felt my juices flowing already, cooled down by the soft wind caressing my half naked body.

He bent me over slightly, lifting my skirt over my back, I felt his hand pulling my panties sideways, my tits dangling freely in the cool breeze. Suddenly I felt his rock hard penis, between my butt cheeks, seeking the entrance to my glory hole. I led out a soft moan as his huge cock sunk down the depths of my vagina. He grabbed both my arms pulling back on them. With slow strokes he start ramming me, using my arms as leverage to rock me back and forth, slapping our bodies together.

His big veiny dick, filled my hole, it felt amazing, the slushing slippery sound as he fucked me, his balls slapping my pussy with each pump. I felt the sensation building up as he rocked me up and down his stiff shaft. I came the first time, squeezing my juices, spraying it backwards, he kept going, my legs trembling as I came a second time.

I felt his own body tensed and broke free from his grip. I turned around dropped to my knees, taking his cock in my hand, licking the underside of his penis, up and then down, taking his testis in my mouth, rolling them around. With gentle strokes, wanking his shaft to and enormous explosion of creamy cum flying in all directions. I took his dick down my throat sucking, swallowing the last of his load. I cleaned his penis, by sucking it clean, twirling my tongue around his helm, licking the cum from his shaft, sucking his balls, tasting my own juices when I sprayed him like a skunk.

I adjusted my clothing, using sea water to wash my hands. We walked back to the house in silence. Alexis and Brianna were not at the gazebo, interesting, I thought. What if they were on the beach, in the dark shadows, did they see what just happened? I cleaned myself in the little bathroom, getting rid of most of the evidence. Frank poured me another glass of wine and we just sat in silence. I watched the crackling fire dancing, flickering, red, orange, blue and yellow colors mixing together as they turned the wood into ashes, engulfing everything, occasionally shooting sparks into the darkness.

The irony in it, left an incredible sadness inside me, thinking how my own life was on fire, been burned into ashes. Frank talked about the deal being closed and how the island is going to benefit financially. He is an easy talker, typical lawyer, smooth and slick. He was born American, raised in New Jersey of all places. We talked about college, football and baseball and he was pleasantly surprised at my knowledge about sport.

Alexis appeared on the wooden steps leading from the house, the misty moonlight, kissing her face, a gust of wind, rushed through her silky hair, which made Frank stopped and stare. She moved towards us, seated herself next to me on the wooden bench, half a foot separated us, she just stared into the dancing flames, which reflects crystal sparkles in her eyes.

God, the purity of her beauty amazes me, makes one wonder, God must have sculpted her after a lot of thought, a rose among flowers. Frank excused himself and went up to house. Silence, an unspoken conversation going on in our minds, what happened between Alexis and Brianna, I wondered, she probably the same about me and Frank.

"We should probably go, it's getting late," I said. For the first time she looked me in the eyes, tears welled in hers. "What happened?" I asked. "I will tell you later, let's go," she said. She did not ask anything about me and Frank, but she had me worried. Back in the house, we found Frank and Brianna in an argument, but they immediately stopped when they saw us.

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We thanked them for their hospitality and left, I did not even looked Frank in the eye when I said goodbye. I didn't want to acknowledge what happened on the beach. On her way back to the hotel she told me that when I left for my walk on the beach, Frank came down from the house and realized I was gone. Alexis told him I was somewhere on the beach.

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He followed me. She and Brianna went up to the house to get some more wine from the cellar, where apparently, Brianna grabbed Alexis between the legs and said she knows Alexis wanted it. Alexis stopped her and pushed her back.

Brianna yelled at Alexis, saying that Frank is probably fucking me, Rachel, as we speak, so why couldn't they also have some fun. She told Alexis how Frank fucked anything wearing a skirt, which was true, because he just fucked me.

Brianna said, she saw me flirting with Frank earlier in the kitchen and called me a white whore. That is when Alexis slapped her in the face. With eyes wide, listening to her story, I didn't know how to respond.

Before this conversation, I decided not to say anything, Frank promised me he would not mention what happened to anyone. But after what I just heard and the argument Frank and Brianna had, just before we left, made me think to come clean. I will have to tell Alexis what happened on the beach. I thought about the tears in her eyes, they way she looked at me and decided not to for right now. I would tell her if asked. Back in the hotel suite, I made us some hot chocolate. We turned in for the night, I took a quick shower, washed and scrubbed myself clean, feeling filthy again.

I recalled the statement Brianna made to Alexis and I agreed, in less than one week, I became the biggest slut on two feet. Thursday morning, we had breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

We drove along the coast, stopping at curio shops, buying gifts and mementos to take back home. The morning past quickly and we were back in the hotel suite around mid afternoon. Alexis seemed distant all day long, not her chirpy self. I guess it had to do with last night. I sat on the porch reading a magazine, taking in the last few rays of sunshine. We had an early flight back to New York in the morning. I decided to take a last walk on the beach, the sun had just set, painted the horizon with a beautiful crimson color, reflecting a shimmering display of sparkles on the ocean surface.

I was just about to head back when I saw Alexis in a distance, coming towards me. She looked sad. She stepped, almost ran into my outstretched arms, rapped hers around my neck. I held her tight, feeling her soft silky body pressing against mine, her chin resting on my shoulder, felt her warm breath in my neck. I gently kissed her exposed color bone, moving up the side of her neck, she arched her head back, I switched to the front of her lower neck running my tongue up to her chin.

My mouth found hers, gently biting her lower lip, using the tip of my tongue, teasing hers, tasting her sweetness. Our tongues started twirling and twisting, gently exploring each other. For the longest of time we kissed, rapped in each others arms. We broke the kiss, I felt that burning feeling in my stomach, the lump in my throat, an incredible loving feeling.

"I love you," I said. I felt her body shaking, as she cried in my arms, her tears running down my shoulder and back. She said nothing, she just cried. What was holding her back, I was certain she felt something for me, I thought to myself. We walked back to the suite in the darkness, the dim moonlight playing on her pale face, the wind flapping her silky black hair in the night air.

It felt like hours before I finally fell asleep, my world turned upside down. I pondered over the thought of her holding back, something must have happened in her past. Was she scared of loving someone or scared to be loved by somebody. I just couldn't tell. Friday, morning we were up at the crack of dawn, packing our bags, I was ready and told Alexis, I would go check us out.

I had a message, left by Frank, at the front desk .God I was glad Alexis wasn't with me.

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She still didn't ask if anything happened between us on the beach that night, which I found to be kind off odd. I decided now, that if she did, nothing did happen, Mike kept his promise and I don not want to loose her.

All the note said was, 'Sorry, you had to see that, the other night, our secret is still safe, will be in touch.' This is the last thing I needed right now, but decided to deal with it, when it comes. Friday afternoon, around 2:30PM, the plane touched down at New Ark airport in New York. We collected our bags and walked in silence towards the long term parking garage. We reached our parting point, I gazed in her beautiful blue Spanish eyes, holding it, mine begging hers for an answer.

"Thank you, Rachel, for everything," she said. "Are you OK," I asked. "I will just have to be," she replied and walked away. The emptiest feeling filled my body. Tears running down my cheeks as I drove towards home. To be continued.