Italian flaccid cock and balls

Italian flaccid cock and balls
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I was away at a conference and after dinner I went to my room to have a bit of private time alone I had taken my vibrator with me and I really needed relief. I was horny and there was nobody I knew that I could crack onto the conference was mainly women and the few men were not attractive to me. They were either old too old for me or the full of themselves types and I didn't want to hear how good they were at everything mostly they are hopeless in bed and cum in a few minutes and leave you wanting badly and after you get rid of them give yourself a good personal workout.

I was having a nice slow relaxing time working myself up slowly and there was a knock at the door. "Shit" I had to get my gown on and go see who it was and what they wanted.

I opened the door on the chain and it was one of the girls from the conference I had noticed her earlier and our eyes had met a couple of times. "Can I come in for a minute please". I had not considered a visitor and she took me by surprise and I said "Ok what can I do for you" and I let her in. She looked about and could see I had been on the bed and I looked over at the bedside table and there was my vibe still glistening with my wetness from inside me.

I hoped she had not noticed it and I went over and slipped it into the drawer hoping she had not noticed it. "Been having some fun" she said.

Shit she had seen it "I was thinking bout it" I replied. "So was I that's why I came down are you interested in picking up any of the guys down stairs." "Not really there is nothing around that does anything for me they are either too old or two minute wonders". I hadn't noticed but my gown had slipped open and when I bent down my breasts were quite visible. I went to cover them and she said "I don't know about you but women can do as much or more than men can for me they look very nice".

"Am I to assume that you find other women's breasts attractive". "I find other women attractive I had the feeling so do you I could see you looking at me a couple of times and the look in your eyes told me you were liking what you were seeing and may even be interested in getting to know me better". "Well then it seems we have similar ideas yes I did see you and thought it might be nice to get to know you better but I didn't want to appear too pushy".

"I am here and you are obviously wanting company and like me there are no men that seem to do anything for us so why don't we get to know each other a little better perhaps more intimately'. " I must say you don't waste time did you really want me to go down stairs and pick up a couple of guys." "That was my intention then but I think we have found a better solution".

"Can I have a shower and maybe we can get to know each other better I havnt cleaned up since this morning and I don't think I would be as attractive now as I would after a shower". 'Be my guest' With that she undressed and as she did I watched and she looked stunning naked and walked to the bathroom. She like me had trimmed and shaped her pubic hair and it looked wonderful, her breasts are firm and uplifted with her nipples perched on the tip of her each breast - perfect.


I let my gown slip off and hung it up and looked in the mirror I was sure she would enjoy what I have to offer as well. I was as naked as she was and she showered quickly and came out with the towel in her hand and said "would you mind towelling me off". I took the towel and I knew exactly what was required as I too often had my lovers towel me off and they pay particular attention to a number of my erogenous zones as I did to her.

"Say you have done that before". "Both from your perspective and mine as well. I love it when I am rubbed up with a rough towel". "Obviously as you do it extremely well" as she took the towel from me threw it onto a chair and drew me too her and kissed me "you don't mind me being so forward do you".

"It saves time I recognise all the signs this is not the first time with another woman" "No way I prefer women to men unless he is good at what he does and lets me decide rather than him tell me how I must love what he is doing to me". "My sentiments exactly and the guys I have seen here seem to me to be just that type Full of their own ability and fit that mould exactly although I havnt given any an opportunity yet. I was about to engage in a bit of self satisfaction when you arrived".

We were kissing and rubbing our bodies together and even before she arrived I was about 50% ready to enjoy the climax of sexual satisfaction even of it was self produced. She didn't take herself long to reach the same state and we both quickly lifted the bar to about 90%. I gradually manoeuvred her toward the bed and pushed her back and she lay there looking up at me and said " This is more like it".

I got onto the bed and we ly together kissing and touching each others breast and fingering each others slits. She was obviously experienced as she had no inhibitions about touching and being touched by another woman. I slid down and kissed her nipples, I then licked her belly button and she responded with the response I was hoping to achieve. Her hands acme down and held my head gently and I knew she was enjoying the attention I was giving her.

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Then I headed slowly south and as I get down to where the sexual arousal is really generated she opened her legs and gave me full access to the entrance of her body that I wanted to really explore. I used to fingers to spread her small labia lips perfect in my eyes not to far extended from her body, they were firm and now showing the signs of arousal being fully engorged.

I knew immediately she was going to enjoy what we were about to achieve. I slipped my tongue long her slit and licked the juices she had made for me she had that very slight hint of that wonderful musky scent only a woman has. After I had licked her dry and found the hood of her clit, I slipped my finger into her and began to massage her internally as I licked and sucked on her vagina, she responded as I expected and was loving every moment of my sexual arousal of her.

"That's not the first time you have done that" she said. "Nor the last " I replied " you are beautiful and your taste exquisite". "I am now I was a bit strong before the shower I am glad you appreciate it". "If I may say you taste even better than a good man". I then proceeded to work on her and bring her up to approaching an orgasm I believed she would come off magnificently. I stroked her vagina with my fingers and licked and sucked on her for ages, gently and being a woman I know where we like it done to us best.

She obviously had similar tastes to myself as she didn't make a lot of noise but let me know when she was really enjoying the sexual arousal I was hoping to engender for her. I do know she was getting quite wet and making some great vagina juice for me to taste.

I myself was getting wet and could feel my cunt getting wetter and wetter. Gradually I built her up with my attention and stimulation and she began to move in the way I recognised as the way I do when I begin to approach orgasm. I looked up at her and she had her eyes closed and as I did she opened them and we looked into each other eyes and immediately she began to murmur and her legs began to twitch with the onset of the pre orgasmic sensation and as I began to stroke her vagina harder with my finger and lick her clit strongly and when I knew she was about to hit her high I slipped my finger into her ass a short way and she exploded.

She lifted her bum up off the bed to meet my thrusts with both my fingers inside her, and sucked her clit which I had between my lips sucking and rubbing it as my finger in her bum slipped in and out with the same motion of my fingers in her vagina.

She began with a deep guttural groaning sound in her throat and gradually this increased into a gasping groan and grunt as the spasms of her orgasm hit her time and time again, I could se her fingering her nipples at the same time this girl knew how to enjoy a good orgasm and I was going to make sure she had a excellent beginning to our relationship.

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She was pushing her cunt up and getting my fingers as deeply into her as she could and I was pushing them in as her bum rose to meet my thrusts. My finger was still rubbing the rim of her ass as well. She was obviously enjoying herself and I continued to give her full physical attention and her body shivered, shook and bucked liked a bronco, she virtually screamed out in delight or ecstasy of her orgasm.

Ohhh FUCK she said FUCK,, FUCK…&hellip. OHHH GOD …&hellip.Then she let out this deep GRUNTING sound in her throat and said "Ohhhhh STOP, YOU HAVE TO STOP, P L E A S E S T O P". I knew exactly what she was feeling and what had happened I had set out to achieve a multiple orgasm for her I could tell from the way she was responding to my attention to her and they way she was cumming she could handle it if she hadn't had one before she would know what happening and would want to make it last as long as she could.

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If she hadn't then she would know now what one was. She handled the physical sensation on her clit wonderfully my guess was she had done it before. After I ended my attention to her and withdrew my fingers and licked them clean, she tasted great, I lay beside her as her body shook and her breasts raised and lowered as she took deep breaths to fill her lungs again. When she had almost recovered I rolled over to her and we kissed the kiss of lovers for ages soft full French style, my tongue searching for hers and engaging in the physical pleasure of kissing as we were.

My fingers sought and found her nipples and firm breasts which I gently massaged she began to purr like a kitten. After a few minutes she broke the embrace and spoke for the first time in ages "I have never ever been made love to like that before by either a man or woman that was amazing.


I just hope I can do as much for you as you did for me oh god that orgasm was out of this world only once had a girl done that to me and like this time the sensation nearly killed me.

It is so intense. And when you fingered my ass that did what no body has done for me before it was amazing". "I said you havnt has anal sex yet". "I have tried and it hurt so much I wouldn't let him go in any further" "I know exactly and whilst he got it in I had to get him to get it out of me - I could not bear the pain and his cock wasn't big".

"I am so glad Most of the women I have been with say they have and some actually enjoy it there is no way I would call that enjoyment".


By now she was recovered and I was getting wetter and wetter and she immediately said "Oh you poor darling you must be begging for it''. Then she got up on top of me and she virtually followed the same procedure as I had done to her. We kissed and she rubbed my nipples between her fingers hen gradually moved her mouth down over my breast sucking and kissing them and licking and sucking my nipples. Then she ran her finger around my belly button.

It gave me the same sensation as I had given her and my vagina began to weep with the sensation. Then she went down and licked me in the same way as I had licked her and removed all the juices I had been making for ages.

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My vagina is not unlike hers and she gave me a good work out with her lips and tongue and then slipped her fingers into me. She looked up and said " I have never done the bum thing before tell me how and how deep". I gave her directions and within a moment or two I had her finger into my ass to the first knuckle and she practiced a bit which made me feel great.

" I said that's perfect it amazing how we both don't like anal but like the finger I don't like it much in further though". She then began to massage my vagina, clit and asshole, I lay back and let her have her way with me I wanted it to last I had started before and was interrupted by her but now I was getting better than I could have imagined she was experienced and good at what she did I am glad it was another woman I had working sexually upon me. Gradually she worked me back up and then a bit further and I was in sex heaven she was good at what she did and I was enjoying it.

She worked on me and in about 10 minutes I was ready and I said "go for it I am on the way do what you like".

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She virtually did what I did to her and the sensation was fantastic, I guess I hit the peak of my orgasm a minute or two later and I had mine almost as strongly as hers although I knew what to expect I don't think she realised how experienced I was. I don't think there is anything I have tried or done sexually except get pregnant. After my orgasm the same thing happened we kissed and fondled each other. We lay there for ages and I said "do we sleep in your bed or mine'.

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Oh God would you lets stay here I can dash up in the morning and get changed and ready for the days work can we do this again tomorrow please say yes……&hellip.I will wonder all day if you would or not if I don't ask now. I then rolled toward her and we kissed again and after we were both ready for more of the wonderful sex we could provide for each other I began to kiss down her body again and then turned my body around and we didn't need to be told 69 was our next item on the agenda.

For the next 20 minutes we played around and finally bought each other off orally at the same time and we nearly killed each other with the sucking licking and biting we managed to achieve on each other before our orgasms exploded and exhausted us completely.

We lay there end for end with our faces buried between each other legs kissing each others vaginas for ages until we recovered enough to both find our way to the shower and we washed kissed and rubbed each other until we looked like prunes. We left the shower soaking wet and got onto he bed and held each other tightly and finally dropped off to sleep., During the night I felt her hand seeking my breast, pubic hair and vagina gently just to make sure they were still there ready for a morning glory when we awoke.

The remainder of the week was spent in my room the conference or the dining room although we ate off each other more than we ate in the restaurant. She slept with me every night.

The maid soon became aware I was sharing my bed and it wouldn't have taken a moment to realise it was another woman and she prepared the room accordingly two towels and chocolates on the bed each evening. It didn't take much to work out a new way of devouring them either as we both managed to extract them from the wonderful woman cave they were hidden in before we went to sleep. My vibrator remained in my drawer with now further need for it till I packed it to go home.

We also hired a Sybian sex machine for a couple of days too just to add variety to our sex games it was my first time on one but not hers I am going to but one they are amazing.

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After five days of wonderful sex with another woman I know now why I 'prefer' women to men but not exclusively. Before we left we have agreed to meet again and enjoy a threesome with one of my friends with benefits who knows and understands my needs I have had them before but she is going to be a new FWB and I am sure she will be as happy as he will be when all three of us share the same bed at a weekend retreat I use with him occasionally completely naked indoors and out and two sometimes three days of wonderful, wonderful sex.