Natural tits babes showing off their downblouse beauty

Natural tits babes showing off their downblouse beauty
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The two woke up from their nap, and heard the door open. SHIT! they threw on some clothes, and ran down to greet their mother.

"What are you doing home early?" Jane asked. "Your father is on this business trip, and I didn't want to go for the whole thing." "Alright" she said smiling. A few hours passed. Mom was in her room, and locked the door.

She got out her strap on for some play time, but it felt wet. Weird. She went into Baileys room with a hunch, and was correct. Her room stank of sex! And she liked it. She closed the door, and sat on Bailey's bed. She saw a pair of jade's green panties, (the ones she was wearing when she came into Bailey's room) and they were wet with her daughters juice.

She knew the girls were watching a movie, and so she knew she had some time. She stripped down.


Mom's name is Emily. Shoulder length black hair in a pony tail, D cup breasts, a fat ass, the whole package.

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She laid back down on the bed, and held jade's panties to her face and took in the sweet scent of her daughters sexual excitement. She grew hot and horny, and began rubbing herself. Meanwhile, the girls were making out in the living room.

Jade said "sis I'm horny let's go have a quick fuck" Bailey grinned and the two walked to her room. They opened the door to see Emily finger fucking herself with Jade's panties in her mouth, drooling.

mom sat up, shocked. Bailey calmed her down. "Mom it's ok, we think it would be fun if you joined us, now that you know what we're doing. The sisters pushed their mother back onto the bed, and set to work suckling each breast.

Emily moaned, and grabbed their asses, groping them. When they were all hot and wet, the two sisters presented themselves before their mother, and at the same time said "Fuck me mommy". she used two fingers on each hand and plunged them into her daughters. Jade, the horniest of the two, rocked back and forth humping her mother's fingers, while Bailey moaned, letting her mother fuck her like a bitch.

Jade was the first to cum, and Bailey and her mother lapped it up, and kissed hard. Her mother ate her out until she cummed as well, and Jade and Emily did the same with Bailey's sweet nectar. The two girls locked legs and grinded, scissoring and putting on a show for their mother. Emily sat back and fingered herself, enjoying it. She came, and her daughters lapped it up like dogs. The girls decided their mom deserved a little more, so Bailey sat on her, and pulled her ponytail back, pinning her while she suckled her breasts.

Jade proceed to slip four fingers into her mother.

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Her mother was quite loose from years of sex, and Jade managed to get an entire fist in. Jade pumped back and forth, fisting emily. When she could feel her getting close, she nodded to Bailey who yanked on her mother's nipples causing her to squirt all over her daughters fist.

She pulled out, and Bailey cleaned her sis's hand with her mouth. They all calmed down, and went to sleep in her mother's bed, as it was larger. As Emily drifted off to sleep she could hear her daughters next to her moaning as they made out, Jade grabbing her mother's ass.

"I love my family" was Emily's final thought as she slept. The three women woke up bright and early, and mom had to go to work. The girls had the house to themselves. Jade and Bailey were talking, and Jade asked "sis, I enjoy being with you, but what are boys like?" Bailey blushed and said "I'll let you find out on your own" Jade was confused, but shrugged it off.

Later that day, Bailey was texting Drake, her beloved boyfriend.

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She messaged him and said "come over, now, coast is clear" Drake knew what this meant, as they had been doing this since they were 14. He sped down to her house, and knocked on the door.

Bailey let him in, surprised by her answering the door naked. She and her sister didn't even bother with clothes anymore around the house. They went to her room. He was just getting hard when she said "I have something special for you today. SIS! COULD YOU COME HERE FOR A MINUTE!" She called.

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She heard her sister come up the stairs and opened the door. Her face reddened and her mouth opened as she saw 16 year old Drake, with toned abs, and short cut brown hair standing in the middle of the room with a 6 and a half inch hard on.

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Drake checked Jade out, and smiled. "Damn, I see what's going on here, Bailey you and your sister are quite kinky." "you don't know the half of it" Bailey said. "Cmer Jade, and kneel down, like in the shower. This is going to be sort of like that" she did as her sister said. Drake walked over, and slid half of his cock into her mouth to get her started.

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She loved the taste of the stuff coming out of the tip. Precum. Bailey had told her about it.


She had watched porn before, and copied what they did. She bobbed her head up and down, already quite horny, taking his entire cock down her throat. "Jesus sis you're a natural!" Bailey exclaimed. This went on for a while but Jade was so horny she couldn't stand it. She got down on all fours. Drake looked at Bailey for approval, and Bailey nodded.

Drake grabbed Jade's braid, and slowly slid in as she was still technically a virgin. This was her first real time. Jade surprised him by slamming her ass back, taking his cock into her. Drake took this as a yes please, and pulled her hair back as he began to slam into her. Bailey watched her sister being taken and began to rub herself off. When he couldn't take it anymore, he pulled out and shot 6 streams of hot cum onto her beautiful ass.

Bailey came over and licked it off. She moved her tongue down and finished her sister off. Just before she came, she pulled her boyfriend down and placed his face into her sister. "Taste" she said as Jade exploded with a blood curdling shriek into his mouth. God she was sweet.


Jade passed out, to tired to go on, and Drake carried her to her room and laid her down on the bed. He went back to Baileys room, and realized she hadn't finished. He grabbed her waist, pulled her in, and worked his fingers and tongue in harmony as she cummed. Not as hard as her little sister, but enough to know he had done his job.

He cleaned her up, gave her a few kisses, and left. Bailey went into Jade's room later and Jade smiled. All she could say was "so that's what it's like.

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Thank you sis" she gave Bailey a soft kiss on the lips before going back to bed, and Bailey grabbed her ass one last time before heading off to her own bed.