Cam show daddy cums on my bush pt ii

Cam show daddy cums on my bush pt ii
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Harry woke with a start as Ron shook his shoulder, he flinched and brought his fist up before becoming aware of his surroundings and lowering it, Ron was half-dressed and looking groggy. "Jeez mate, come on we have to leave in half an hour and there's going to be a queue for the bathroom" Ron explained as he hopped into his jeans, Harry rose with a groan, feeling the familiar hardness between his legs.

He muttered darkly and rose to put on his own clothes. "Bloody hell" Ron said startled, Harry turned to see Ron looking anywhere but at him "Put that thing away Harry before you poke someone's eye out" Harry looked down and saw that he was sporting a tent.

He grumbled still not with it and pulled on his own clothes, his hardness not abating in the slightest. Ron was right, there was a queue outside the bathroom, Harry held his bag before him to cover his bulge, Hermione lined up behind them, she avoided looking at Harry, a faint blush on her face. After 10 minutes Harry and Ron got to the bathroom. "Err Harry, do you mind if I go first errr" Ron looked at Hermione then back at him "I think I'll be quicker" Harry nodded and was left alone with Hermione, she looked at him and her eyes flicked down to his bag she looked back at him and raised an eyebrow in question.

Harry nodded and moved the bag slightly so she could see his hardness pressing against the fabric of his jeans. He heard her breath catch and she darted her hand out to squeeze it before snatching it back as the door opened.

Harry moved the bag back into place as Ron exited eyes still half closed. Ron stretched "I'm going to head downstairs to grab some toast, I'll save you some" Harry nodded his thanks and Ron climbed down the stairs and out of sight suddenly Hermione pushed Harry into the bathroom and closed the door behind them, Harry was about to say something but Hermione cut him off by fumbling with his belt buckle and yanking down his Jeans.

Harry watched in shocked amazement as she pulled down his boxers and freed his throbbing cock from its confinement, she wrapped her hand around it and began stroking it hard and fast. "We need to be quick, Ron isn't going to wait that long" she said as her hand stroked his hardness with a fervour. "What are you doing?" Harry responded, the change in her demeanour was staggering. "Isn't it obvious?" She said smiling at him, her hand worked his shaft as he leant back against the door, his body awash with pleasure "but I can do this myself" he pointed out not wanting her to stop however.

"Well… I kinda really like touching you" She admitted, looking away shyly "it just really turns me on" Harry stared at her in shock, where was the shy bookworm he knew?

"At least let me do you too" He said but Hermione shook her head.


"There isn't any time, plus it's not like I need to do it, unlike you" she pointed out, her hand yanking on him harder. Harry closed his eyes her hand moving to touch his heavy balls. "H-How are you so good at this?" He breathed his heart racing, Hermione smiled secretively and increased her pace and the pressure.

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"I have the internet at home Harry" she said, reaching up to kiss him trapping his throbbing erection between them for a few seconds "I do what I do best… researched a lot&hellip. At night…naked" Harry moaned at the thought of her lying in bed with her fingers between her legs, watching a video as she came hard around her fingers, how he wished he could have been there to see her writhing in her sheets, her back arching breasts thrust into the air.

"I'm gonna ." Harry didn't get to finish his sentence before a thick strand of cum erupted from his cock, Hermione didn't get out of the way in time as his cum splattered over her pyjama top, soaking in to the thin fabric. Harry panted and leant against the door as Hermione held her soaked shirt away from her, Harry winced as he saw how much he had gotten on it and he raised his eyes to meet hers, she lifted it over her head and he eyed her breasts.

"Well… it was getting too small for me…" She scrunched it into a ball and put it in her bag, pulling out her clothes for the day. Harry wrapped his arms around her and kissed her feeling her melt against him. "You really didn't need to do that" He said, kissing her nose lightly "but thank you", Hermione blushed and kissed him back smiling demurely, she slipped her shorts off her legs and slipped of her shorts giving him a glimpse of her mound before she pulled on a fresh pair of cotton underwear and then turning round bent over to take a pair of jeans from her bag, Harry stared at her ass as she bent, he noticed that she was looking over her shoulder at him smirking.

She straightened and smiling put on her jeans and a fresh shirt before turning to the sink to brush her teeth, Harry shook himself fighting back another erection before getting changed himself, feeling Hermione's eyes on him the whole time. "I didn't realise you were so muscly" She commented as he put on his shirt, pulling the hem over his abs.

Harry blushed slightly and shrugged. "Quidditch mainly but I think this curse thing has added some more tone to it" He explained feeling rather self-conscious.

"Ron thinks I'm over-reacting, that I should be happy to be cursed like this" "Well, I can see both your points" she explained as Harry got out his own toothbrush and began to clean his teeth "Think of it from his point of view, you always get the attention and he gets pushed to the side, the most fame he ever got was when Sirius tried to get Pettigrew and everyone thought he was trying to kill you and missed" Harry looked at her in the mirror and she continued "Now you get more powers and a bigger…err penis" Harry was surprised how she just seconds before she had been so confident but was now blushing furiously talking about his manhood.

"And the fact that I have to cum at least seven times a day for the rest of my life?" Harry pointed out, "Hermione, with lessons, Quidditch practice and living in a dorm with four other guys where am I going to find the time to do that?" "We'll figure it out don't worry, just relax for today ok" she said, putting her hand on his shoulder "I'm sure I can give you a hand" she smiled.

"Hermione, you really don't have to do that" Harry protested "It feels wrong, like I'm using you to get off" "Oh Harry… for such a smart wizard you can be really dense sometimes" she sighed, Harry raised an eyebrow "You know, if I didn't want to do it I wouldn't, I did it because I like to, it .it's hard to explain, I just feel more confident when I know I can make you . do that" she said searching for the right words. "I know but I feel like we started this relationship in a weird way" Harry hugged her "I just don't want you to think that's all I want from you, first Hogsmeade visit I'm taking you to a date" Hermione beamed "I Look forward to it" she said, she packed away her toothbrush and clothes "Now let's get back downstairs before Ron eats all the toast".

Harry walked downstairs and sat with Ron, who true to his word had saved some toast and porridge for him, he greeted Harry in a tired stupor and Harry started to eat, Hermione waited for a minute before coming down the stairs, Harry met her eye and looked away quickly feeling himself blush. Ron noticed and around a mouthful of bread said "Did she wonder why you took so long?" and nudged him with his elbow, Harry glared at him and moved over slightly so Hermione could sit next to him.

Mr Weasley was sitting at one end of the table in a golfing jumper and an old pair of jeans, he was placing the tickets for the world cup into his pocket when he looked up at Harry. "Morning Harry, what do you think?" he asked holding his arms out "Do I look like a muggle?" "Errr, yeah" Harry said noting the thick women's belt around his waist "I think that's enough" "Where's Bill, Charlie and P-P-Percy" Fred yawned at his father "Why aren't they up yet?" Mrs Weasley walked in, picking up their empty plates with a spell and sending them whizzing to the sink.

"They are Apparating to the world cup, you lot have a bit of walking to do" She said and with a last flick of her wand cleared the table. "Wish we could Apparate" George groused, "Those gits get a lay in" "We're walking to the world cup?" Ginny asked rubbing her eyes, Mr Weasley stood stretched.

"No, only to the nearest portkey, otherwise the muggles would get suspicious if a hundred thousand wizards walked to one place" He stated popping his back "Our portkey is on Stoatshead hill come on we better make a move " he was cut off suddenly as Mrs Weasley gave a shout. "George!" Everyone looked around to see Fred and George trying and failing to look innocent "What is that in your pocket" Mrs Weasley scowled at the twins.

"Err…Nothing?" George protested. "Don't lie to me!" She shouted and pointed her wand at the twins " Accio!" Several small brightly coloured objects flew from the twins, Mrs Weasley caught them and scowled at the Twins. "We told you to destroy these!" She shouted and pointed her wand at the twins again "Accio! Accio! Accio!" More of the brightly coloured objects flew through air and Harry realised they were sweets Mrs Weasley caught the sweets with a furious look on her face.

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"We spent six months making those!" George shouted angrily, as more of the sweets flew from his pockets, socks and various other hiding places. "A FINE WAY TO SPEND SIX MONTHS!" Mrs Weasley screeched "No wonder you didn't get more O.W.Ls, it was with a heavy atmosphere that Mrs Weasley saw of the group, she kissed Mr Weasley goodbye and the twins walked past her ignoring her completely.

Once they had gotten on their way, trudging through the early morning light Harry turned to Ron "What was that about?" "Oh, Mums been angry at the twins for a while, they didn't get as many O.W.Ls as she would have hoped, plus they want to open a joke shop rather than go into the ministry like dad they spend all their time inventing new jokes or products to sell" Harry digested this information as they walked along, aware of Hermione beside him after a while they came to a hill and began to climb, Hermione was ahead of Harry and as they hiked up the steep slope he watched her as in her jeans, he could gladly admit it was among his favourite of her features.

She turned her head and smiled at him knowingly, he blushed slightly and averted his eyes embarrassed. They got to the crest of the hill and Mr Weasley stopped wiping his brow with a handkerchief, Harry looked around and saw that everyone was panting, Hermione was even clutching a stich in her side.

It had been a large hill but Harry hadn't felt much of a burn climbing it, he supposed it must be down to his curse, Lupin had said that he would have increased stamina. "Phew" Mr Weasley panted, "we made good time, come on we need to find the portkey it leaves in ten minutes". "It's over here Arthur" came a voice and a man and a boy strolled over to them, Harry recognised the boy as Cedric Diggory, A fellow Hogwarts student. As everyone looked towards the voice Hermione slid her hand over Harrys denim covered crotch, he looked at her shocked and she smiled at him, He hadn't expected Hermione to be such a tease, his dick had already started to harden as he started to get turned on.

He fought it back with an effort of will and glared at her, she only smiled wider. Cedric introduced his father and Harry dealt with the inevitable eyes moving up to stare at his scar, Fred and George stayed quiet having not quite forgiven Cedric for beating their team last year. Amos Diggory struck Harry as been slightly vain and overly praising of his son, he noted that Cedric practically squirmed whenever this happened, Amos looked at his watch and told everyone that they better hold onto the portkey which happened to be an old boot.

He was about to ask what was going to happen when they was a sudden tugging at his navel and he was pulled forwards in a whirl of sound and colour, it all came to a stop abruptly and everyone stumbled, Harry kept his balance but Ron fell face first into the mud, Hermione would have followed him but Harry caught her, wrapping his arms around her waist he pulled her upright and she pressed her ass against his crotch, Harry thought it must have been accidental but when she pressed harder and arched her back he knew she had taken advantage of the situation to tease him some more.

Ron stood up wiped mud from his face scowling "Couldn't have caught me too could you" it had obviously rained recently as Ron was covered head to foot in mud his clothes were caked in it.

After a visit to the campsite manager whom Harry was surprised to see was a muggle they made their way to their allotted space, with Hermione's help they managed to erect a pair of shabby two man tents.

Harry looked at Hermione and she gave him a quizzical look glancing at the tents, but when they entered the tents Harry felt his mouth drop open at the size of them on the inside. There was three bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom, Ron entered grumpily Harry noticed he was limping slightly, Mr Weasley entered next, he looked around the place and smiled and then picking up a kettle asked the three of them to go and get some water.

Ron declined, saying he was going to change and rest his ankle which had started to swell a bit, with that Harry and Hermione left the tent with an empty canteen, they looked at the map which the muggle campsite manager had given them and looked at it.

The tap was on the other side of the field next to the showers. It took some time for the pair to get to the taps as they kept bumping in to fellow students from Hogwarts, such as Seamus Finnegan, Oliver Wood, Ernie MacMillan and Cho Chang who waved shyly at Harry who waved back smiling slightly. "Isn't she the Raven claw seeker?" Hermione asked noting the slight blush that had coloured his face "she's quite pretty isn't she" "Yeah" Harry agreed before hurriedly adding "to the seeker bit I mean I suppose she is quite pretty but I hadn't really noticed" He avoided Hermione's eyes thinking he was going to be in trouble.

"Harry you can find other girls attractive" She sighed "I was just saying I thought she was pretty" Harry looked sideways at her, something in her tone piquing his interest. "Oh really?" He grinned at her nudging her slightly "Pretty in the way I find her pretty?" Hermione was silent for a moment, "Maybe…" she admitted "oh look there's the tap" She pointed towards a long line of people "look at the size of the queue!" "We could always find somewhere to sit whilst the queue goes down" Harry pointed out.

"Well. I would like to have a shower… Care to join me?" She asked, stepping closer to him and looking him in the eyes, He noted the sudden heat in them and thought of this morning.

His cock hardened in his jeans as he thought of the two of them naked under the streams of water. "hmmm… Gladly" he admitted, leaning down slightly to kiss her softly "but this time I'm making you cum as well" Hermione shivered slightly and led Harry over to the small building, it was largely ignored by the wizards and witches milling about them, likely because they had bigger bathrooms in their tents.

They stepped inside and Hermione ducked into the women's section, she came out a second later and pulled harry inside, on the left there was a row of lockers with keys sticking out and on the right, was the stalls.

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They placed their bags and the canteen inside the lockers and stripped quickly just in case anyone came in, they quickly shoved their clothes into the locker and locked it then Hermione pushed Harry into a stall and pulled the latch across. Harry took the time to look at her properly for the first time, their encounter in the bathroom had been lust filled and quick but now he could take in the sight of her breasts, they were reasonably large, a bit over a handful, her stomach was toned and flat probably kept in that shape from all the books she lugged around.

Her legs were long and smooth and the hair between them was thin, only a few days' growth, he realised. He looked up at her face to she was blushing slightly under his scrutiny, he smiled and moved forward to wrap his arms around her, feeling her breasts against his chest and his cock press against her stomach stiff and aching. "You are stunning Hermione" He complimented kissing her, the kiss was full of passion, their tongues pressing at each other's lips and their hands running up and down each other's backs.

Harry reached down to cup Hermione's ass relishing the feel of the soft flesh in his hands. He leaned down and kissed her on her neck, sucking and nibbling at her soft skin, he put his hands on her hips and bent down to kiss the top of her chest moving down between the valley of her breasts. Hermione stood still as Harry kissed his way down to her stomach, he leaned upwards again and kissed a nipple, licking it softly before sucking gently on the nub, Hermione gasped in pleasure and Harry slid his left hand up to caress her other nipple.

With his free hand Harry felt his way down the outside of Hermione's leg before moving to the inside and raising his hand, when his fingers touched the hot wetness of Hermione's pussy she moaned and arched her back. "Ha.Harry" she breathed as he rubbed the side of his hand across the wetness of her pussy, he sucked harder on her nipple before switching to the other one lowering his left hand to hook the back of her leg, she wrapped her arms around his neck as he lifted her left leg up, she moaned louder as his hand rubbed against her lips in a different way.

Her hands reached up and gripped the top of the stall as Harry released her nipple from his mouth, kissing his way back to the valley and descending, she giggled softly as he kissed over her stomach and belly button but stilled when he reached her sex. He dropped her leg back down and kissed her gently at the top of her mound just above the sparse hairs before kissing again in small increments lower and lower until he reached her clit, she jerked as if Harry had electrocuted her, her hips gyrating on their own accord.

"Harry" She wined softly "I'm so close" Harry looked up at her face as she stared down at him, her eyes blazing with desire, Harry placed a finger in his mouth, without losing eye contact and sucked it, then he took it out and pushed it into her molten pussy not once taking his eyes from hers.

"I-I-I'm cumming" She panted and her whole body shook, her hands gripped the top of the stall in a vice grip as her whole body spasmed in pleasure, Harry held on to her legs with one arm and kept his finger inside her.

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After her orgasm, had subsided and Hermione got her breath back she smiled "It's your turn now" she said but Harry shook her head. "Not yet" with that his leaned forward and licked her clit, at the same time curling his finger. Hermione bucked as a wave of pleasure ran through her body he moved his free hand onto her ass holding her steady as he ran his tongue over her clit again.

"Harry…" She moaned as he slid his finger in and out of her gently, tongue lapping at her clit as she writhed "Harry… yes…deeper" Harry obliged and pushed his finger further inside her, she moaned in approval as he fucked her with his finger, he wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked making her clench her stomach in bliss.

"Keep going…" she breathed as he felt her walls squeeze around his finger, he removed his finger and Hermione practically mewled with disappointment before humming with pleasure as he replaced it with his tongue, holding her ass with both hands now he buried as much of his tongue into her before withdrawing it and licking up and down her slit in broad heavy strokes.

Hermione began to convulse again her orgasm drawing closer one hand reached down to tangle in Harry's messy hair, she pulled him against her and he pulled harder on her ass, his hands spreading her wide. "C…Cum…Cumming" Hermione breathed as she shuddered pulling Harry's face tight against her dripping core, Harry continued to lick her as hard and fast as he could until her body relaxed.

He pulled away from her smiling, his glasses askew Hermione looked down upon him, He stood and kissed her, she tasted herself on him and found that it wasn't too bad.

She kissed him back and pushed him against the wall. "Now it's my turn" she said falling to her knees and taking his hardness into her soft hands, she stroked his shaft looking thoughtful as if remembering something, she lifted his tip and licked from the base of his balls up the shaft and circling the tip. Harry almost came right there but restrained himself, she did it again and begun to jerk his cock. "H-Hermione" he stammered awash with pleasure "Keep going" he looked down to see her looking at him the same way he had looked at her before, she wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft and keeping contact with his eyes she took his tip into her mouth.

"Fuck" Harry swore desire burning inside him, he dropped his hands to her bushy hair and held them there, she bobbed her head clumsily before settling into a slow rhythm, she slowly took a few inches into her mouth, her tongue bathing the underside of his shaft before withdrawing quickly and repeating.

Harry had been hard as a rock whilst he went down on his girlfriend and now was no exception, he looked deep into her brown eyes as she jerked the base of his cock with her hand.

She sped up slightly taking more into her mouth before withdrawing and taking him further, she managed to take about four inches before she gagged and withdrew slightly, now she knew her limit she sped up further, using her hand to jerk the other five inches. Her free hand came up and cupped his balls, gently kneading and squeezing them as she sucked on his considerable length.

Harry knew he wouldn't last long, he weaved his hands into her hair and found himself thrusting slightly into her mouth. Hermione didn't seem to mind however and carried on her ministrations. "Hermione I-I'm getting close" He moaned and Hermione took this as her cue and speed up again, she took him deep into her mouth and sucked as she withdrew her hand jerked his cock in short movements as if trying to milk him her other hand squeezed slightly harder on his balls.

It was too much, with a groan he felt himself reaching the edge "Hermione I'm going to cum" he warned and Hermione withdrew so only the tip of his cock remained in her mouth. "Hermione!" he moaned as he came, shooting thick spurts of his cum into her mouth his hips bucking wildly, Hermione held on to his legs but was dislodged making the last few spurts of his cum splash across her face and breasts.

Harry panted and leant back against the wall, feeling the hunger fading along with his hardness, he looked at Hermione who had a strand of cum across her cheek, she opened her mouth to show him the cum that was coating her tongue before swallowing. "fuck" Harry breathed as she smiled and stood up, she pulled him close and kissed his cheek before turning to the shower.

"Now I think we should have that shower, don't you?" she smiled before turning the knob and drenching them both in cold water. Harry gasped and Hermione shrieked at the cold, they stepped out of the icy spray until it started to heat up. They looked at each other and laughed before stepping under the hot water.

They spent some time cleaning each other, Harry particularly paid attention to Hermione's breasts and ass, Hermione on the other hand ran her hands down Harry's toned abs to wash between his legs.

Harry's turned Hermione around and she pressed into him, her reached around her and ran his hands all over her dripping body, she moaned as he pressed a finger into her again, cupping and pinching a nipple in his free hand, she reached behind and grabbed his stiffening member, jerking it as her rubbed his fingertip around her clit and back down to her soaking entrance. Harry thrust his hips as Hermione jerked him and his cock slipped free from her wet hand, it slipped between her legs and was trapped between her thighs, Hermione pressed her legs closed and Harry groaned.

"I want you so bad Hermione" He whispered in her ear she moaned and gyrated her hips so his length slid along her soaking lips. "Not yet" She whispered "not like this" Harry moaned his agreement and thrust his hips again, the feeling of her slick thighs wrapped around his cock driving him wild, he wrapped an arm around her waist and the other squeezed and massaged a breast.

Hermione timed her movements with his and held her arms out either side of her body to push against the sides of the stall, bending over slightly as pleasure spiked through her with each stroke of his cock.

She felt her pleasure spike when Harry lowered his hand from her waist to rub her clit as he thrust his cock against her pussy, Harry suddenly bent down and bit the back of Hermione's neck and she came undone, her legs squeezed tight around his cock which set him off and she shook under the intensity of her orgasm, Harry grunted and held her close, pushing his cock as far as he could between her legs, his load splattered against the tiled wall.

They stood there under the hot stream of water for a few minutes, gathering themselves, Harry turned Hermione around and kissed her tenderly.

She smiled and kissed him back holding him tight. Hermione left the stall to see if the coast was clear and a few minutes later they left, the line had gone down considerably and there were only a few people in the line, one man appeared to be wearing a dress and when a ministry wizard approached him and begged him to put on a pair of pinstripe trousers the old man retorted with. "I am not putting them on!" he said indignantly "I like a healthy breeze around my privates, thanks" Hermione hearing this burst into silent giggles and hid her face behind Harry's shoulder, eventually however they collected the water and made their way back to the tent, as they passed Cho Chang's tent however they saw her stand up and stretch, the fabric of her shirt stretching over her sizable bust.

Harry was sure he heard a slight hum of approval from Hermione but decided he must be hearing things, as Cho turned away however she looked at Harry and winked, he smiled goofily before remembering that his girlfriend was next to him. He risked a glance at her but saw she was blushing as well, Harry and Hermione carried the canteen full of water back to the tent to find that the fire hadn't even been started yet, Mr Weasley was having too much fun with the matches. Hermione took over and soon had a blazing fire going, after the fire had heated up Mr Weasley cooked breakfast for everyone at which point Ron emerged from his tent having cleaned up, Harry suspected he had also decided to take a nap.

"You guys were gone for ages!" Ron complained as he sat down and took a plate of bacon and sausages. "The queue for the tap was huge" Harry explained, eating his breakfast with gusto he was extremely hungry after his morning with Hermione. "Why do both of you have wet hair?" Ron asked curiously chomping down on a sausage "It hasn't rained, has it?" Harry and Hermione glanced at each other.

"No, we decided to wait for the queue to die down so we had a shower" Hermione explained. Ron frowned but then a dawning realisation came into his eyes he looked at Harry and winked. "Bet that was Harry's idea" Ron laughed, Harry shook his head internally sometimes Ron could be so obvious. The rest of the day past without much incident, Mr Weasley introduced them to Barty Crouch and Ludo Bagman, the twin bet all their savings on Ireland to win but Krum to catch the Snitch and the others arrived after Apparating from the burrow.

After lunch he began to feel a stirring beneath his trousers again, he changed position so his bulge would be less noticeable Hermione noticed his movement and looked at him in an understanding. "Mr Weasley when will the match start" Hermione asked yawning, Mr Weasley looked up from his discussion with the twins about being responsible. "In about four hours dear" he answered looking at his watch, Hermione nodded. "Ok, I'm going to have an hour's nap, it took a while to get to sleep last night" She smiled at Harry and when no one was looking whispered in his ear, get your cloak and meet me in the girl's tent, my room is the one on the right" Harry nodded his understanding and after a few minutes when Hermione had entered the tent, leaving the flap slightly open for a welcome breeze or visitor stood up himself and announced that he would have a nap too.

Ron glanced up at him and smiled again guessing Harry was going to sort himself out at the same time and Harry nodded, hopefully that would mean that he wouldn't come barging into the room and find the bed empty. He got into his room and pulled his backpack out from under the single bed, in it his father's invisibility cloak was folded neatly, he pulled it out and covered himself with it, vanishing from sight. He exited the tent and entered the girls tent without incident, their tent was like theirs but it only had two bedrooms and no kitchen, Harry opened the door and entered spotting Hermione in a bed with the covers pulled up to her chin.

She looked over when the door opened then closed and then smiled when Harry took off the cloak. He walked over to her and bent down to kiss her she giggled and kissed him back.

"Harry?" she asked her voice somewhat tentative "can we try something?" she blushed slightly and Harry tilted his head. "What?" "Well, you said you had powers of control, but only if that person is open to it?" she asked, Harry nodded not quite sure where this was going "Could you try ordering me around?" "What do you mean?" Harry asked confused.

"Well tell me to do stuff, I want to see how far you can go and if I can refuse" her voice had a curious tone to it and Harry knew she wanted to gather information on his curse. "well… If you want but if at any point you feel uncomfortable tell me to stop ok?" She nodded and his kissed her forehead. "Take of the blanket" Without hesitation Hermione pulled the blanket down to reveal that she was only wearing a white bra and cotton panties. Harry groaned at the sight and felt himself harden fully.

He had a sudden idea. "Tell me your name?" he ordered feeling the familiar sensation of night quite hearing his words. "Hermione Jane Granger" she answered then shivered "it's like I can't stop myself" "Do a backflip" Harry ordered. "What no!" She said then smiled "I can refuse!" "You can always say no to me" Harry said cautiously, he didn't want her to feel like she had to do anything for him "you know, that, right?" he didn't intend for the question to be an order but it came through as one.

"yes sir" Hermione answered then covered her mouth flushing scarlet. "Sir?" Harry asked smiling "is that one of your fantasies?" "Yes sir" Hermione answered her breathing becoming deeper as she grew aroused. "hmmm… tell me more" Harry commanded. "well… I find the idea of being ordered around turns me on, with me being submissive and you being dominant" Hermione explained blushing. "How dominant?" Harry asked. "complete control" Hermione admitted. "Touch yourself… and don't stop until you cum" Harry instructed "Is it only Sir you want to call me?" Harry asked.

Hermione instantly slipped her hand into her panties and began to rub her clit in slow circles. "Well, I like Master as well" "take of your bra and play with your breasts" Hermione complied instantly and unhooked her bra, she lowered one hand back beneath her panties and the other began kneading her breast.

"when I give you an order you shall answer it with 'Yes Sir' is that understood?" Harry asked. "Yes Sir" Hermione moaned, her breath catching as she slipped a finger into her soaking folds. "Good Girl" Harry said off handidly, he raised an eyebrow when Hermione moaned and rolled her hips slightly. "You like that?" Harry asked. "Yes Sir" Hermione admitted her face flushing again. "hmmm… how are you so good at hand jobs?" Harry asked curiously, he had expected his first time with a girl to be clumsy but the opposite had held true.

"I watch a lot of porn at home sir" Hermione said blushing crimson "I even read some instructional texts as well" Harry raised his eyebrows surprised "Did you touch yourself whilst you did your 'research'?" Harry inquired his cock achingly hard. "Yes Sir…" Hermione said her breaths coming in short gasps. Harry thought back to this morning when Hermione had taken it upon herself to make him cum, even though he could have done it himself.

"Do you like making me cum?" Harry asked. "Yes Sir" Hermione started shaking. "Why?" "I-I-Don't know if I can explain it" Hermione began "It just feels right and turns me on so much Sir" "Are you close?" Harry asked even though he knew the answer. "Yes Sir" Hermione answered her hand working furiously beneath her panties. "When you cum you will take off your panties and put them in my pocket, then you will get onto your knees on the bed and wait for my next command" Harry ordered feeling a thrill as she quivered and nodded unable to speak as she started to orgasm.

"y-y-y-YES!.Sir!" She gasped out as she came her legs lifting in the air from the intensity of her release, after a few seconds she pulled off her panties which were soaked with her juices, she sat on the side of the bed and obediently pushed them into Harry's pocket.

She then got to her knees on the bed and waited smiling. "Enjoying yourself?" Harry asked as he took off his clothes freeing his dick from its confinement, Hermione eyed it hungrily before looking up to answer Harry. "Yes Sir" she said as Harry knelt on the bed having removed all his clothes, He kissed her hard, their tongues dancing in their mouths. "Now it's time for one of my fantasies" he said and Hermione's eyes sparkled "I want you to suck me as I lick you" "A Sixty-Nine?" Hermione asked before pausing" Sir" "If that's what it's called" Harry said as he laid down, looking up at Hermione's wet pussy, Hermione wasted no time as she bent down quickly and grabbed his shaft, licking him from base to tip before taking him into her mouth, she moved her legs wider apart and Harry grabbed her ass pulling her close.

Her warm body pressed against his as he started to lick her in short strokes focusing on her clit, Hermione moaned her approval through his cock and rolled her hips in encouragement. Harry slid his tongue up over her clit and dipped it into her dripping opening, Hermione bucked and Harry relished the taste. There was something about it that seemed to turn him on even further.

Hermione not wanting to be out down pulled his cock out of her mouth and kissed the tip, making small kisses down his shaft to his balls, she jerked his shaft in one hand as she licked around his balls stopping occasionally to suck gently on them.

Harry groaned and pulled her ass closer to him, slipping his tongue deeper inside her as her grip on his cock tightened, his readjusted his grip placing an arm on her lower back so he could have some more leverage.

Hermione kissed her way back up to his tip and took him back into her mouth, one hand fondling his balls as the other jerked his cock, she sucked the tip of his cock her tongue flicking over it in small circles. Harry groaned and arched his back, bringing Hermione closer to him as he mashed his tongue against her clit.

Harry squeezed Hermione's ass, groping her soft flesh, he twisted his arm and sucked on her clit as her slipped a finger into her soaked pussy, Hermione bucked pressing herself harder on his face as she sucked hard on his cock. Harry couldn't get much deeper with his finger from the angle he was in, Hermione didn't seem to mind though as she began to buck with each stroke of his tongue, Harry gave a long lick at the same time he pulled his finger out, intending to slip it back in but Hermione bucked hard and his finger pressed against her asshole.

Hermione writhed suddenly her licks and sucks becoming much more rapid and out of sync, Harry paused his ministrations. "Do you like that?" He asked curiously, his finger still poised at her puckered opening. "…yes Sir" Hermione answered his cock popping out of her mouth. "Would you like me to go further?" He asked, emphasising his question by pressing his finger slightly harder against her rosebud.

"M-Maybe" She admitted her hand holding tightly onto Harrys length "Sir" she added automatically. "Ask me" Harry commanded his cock almost painfully hard, there was something about Hermione confessing to her kinks that drove him wild, having her ask him to do it just made it that much hotter.

"Please Sir" Hermione whispered her voice heavy with arousal "put your finger in my ass" Hermione took Harry back into her mouth then moaned loudly as he obliged sinking his finger into the first joint, Hermione bucked again her movements starting to become erratic as her orgasm quickly approached Harry slipped his finger in deeper then pulled it out slightly. Hermione sucked his cock hard and moved her hand up and down his length faster, she took her mouth from his dick and panted "I'm coming Sir!" she pressed herself harder against his face, forgetting about his cock as she placed both hands on the bed to support herself, Harry sank his finger in all the way and continued to lick and suck at her clit, holding her tightly as she spasmed with pleasure.


"Harry!" she choked out her hips gyrating as she came, her hands clenched at the sheets scrunching them up as she rode out her orgasm.

A minute later she came down enough to dismount Harry's face, Harry panted slightly having been unable to breath properly as she ground herself on his mouth and nose. "Sorry" Hermione blushed as she took in his red face "I got a bit carried away" "No Kidding" Harry smiled "want to climb back on?" he asked winking.

"I don't think so, I'm getting a bit sore" Hermione admitted before crawling around so they were face to face, she kissed him tasting herself on his lips. Her moved slowly down, kissing his neck, down to his chest, suckling a nipple softly before making her way to his abs and finally to his pulsing cock. Hermione kissed it once on the tip then moved past it, kissing his thigh she crossed to the other one and then moved up kissing each of his balls before dragging her tongue up from base to tip.

She brushed her hair back behind an ear and then wrapped a hand around the base of his cock, she started to bob her head up and down sucking the entire time, her hand followed at the same speed as her head.

Harry watched her go about her task with fervour a thin sheen of sweat covering her naked body, her breasts heaving as she breathed through her nose, her legs together as she knelt between his legs. He placed his hand on her head as she bobbed, she looked up to him meeting his eyes as she sucked his tip, he put some pressure on the back of her head, not enough that she couldn't resist him but enough to show his desire. She slowly slid her mouth down his cock, taking the first two inches with no problem third inch took slightly longer, she held her hand still as she took the fourth and air of concentration about her, as she got to the fifth she gagged slightly and withdrew before attempting it again, she managed it but barely, her hand wrapped around the remaining inches as she sucked hard.

Harry groaned, the sensation almost too much for him, she slowly withdrew her head keeping the suction up the whole time, Harry watched her as she reached the tip of his cock it popped out of her mouth with a wet sound. "One day I will get it all in" She muttered looking rather put out that she hadn't been able to take it all "I guess I just have to practice" she smiled at him and took him back into her mouth.

"I don't have a problem with that" Harry moaned his hand in her hair setting the pace, he could feel his orgasm impending "I'm getting close Hermione" Hermione sped up her movements, jerking his cock with her hand and taking as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, her free hand came up to play with his balls and she sucked as hard as she could. Harry let out a groan as he came his voice failing him as several shots of cum shot straight down Hermione's throat, she withdrew slightly in shock but kept sucking swallowing his cum as fast as she could, some dribbled out of her mouth from the sheer volume, even after cumming three times that day Harry was sure this was his biggest load yet.

Hermione kept swallowing until Harry had no more to give, she let go of his deflating cock, licking the tip before looking at Harry and showing him her empty mouth. Harry groaned at the sight. "How can you be so sexy?" He asked feeling the command in his question, He needed to work on that.

"I like being sexy for you" Hermione admitted "I saw it in a video once and it made me so wet Sir" Harry absorbed that bit of information as Hermione climbed off him, Harry stood and took her into his arms "You are so gorgeous" He said kissing her lightly on the lips and wrapping his arms around her in a hug. She hugged him back "You aren't so bad yourself" she said reaching down to pinch his butt "You should get back into your tent before anyone notices you're not in it" she pointed out kissing him again before grabbing her clothes.

Harry dressed himself and with a final kiss from Hermione threw the invisibility cloak over himself and left her room, as he was leaving Ginny came in, her shirt was covered in what Harry guessed was tea and he heard the twins laughing outside. "Bloody idiots" she muttered as the flap closed, she grabbed them hem of her shirt and took of the soaking fabric, Harry stared at her large chest and white bra stained slightly by the tea.

She noticed this too and reached behind her to unhook her bra, Harry knew he should have been looking away but he couldn't, as her bare breasts came into view Harry could feel himself hardening again. He couldn't believe it not after Hermione's blowjob he thought he would be sated for a while. Ginny stood in the middle of the tent with her bra and shirt in one hand, the other Harry was shocked to see rose to squeeze one of her large breasts, Harry watched as she pinched her nipple between he fingers and breathed out.

She glanced back towards the tent flap then smiled. "Might as well" she said to herself walking to her bedroom.

Harry acted instinctually and followed her in to her room, she pulled the door closed and sprawled onto her bed and unbuttoned her jeans, she kicked them off to reveal a pair of red lacy panties. Harry's cock throbbed. She pulled those off too and lay back in her bed, she had a patch of red hair neatly trimmed above her pussy, she reached an arm down between her legs and ran her fingers lightly over her lips and clit.

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Harry stood in the corner of the room and unbuttoned his jeans, freeing his cock his hand wrapped around it and pumped up and down a few times to relieve some pressure. Ginny closed her eyes and began to pinch and roll her nipples between her fingers, she whispered something but it was too faint to hear. Harry stepped a bit closer moving quietly and slowly, he stood midway up the bed, a few feet away gazing at the redhead in front of him, the bed was along the same wall as the door and Harry noticed it was open slightly.

Ginny let out a moan and murmured something, she spread her legs wide and drew a finger up and down her tight folds, Harry saw that her finger glistened with wetness and he pumped his dick slightly faster. She pressed it inside her and moaned louder. "Harry…" she whispered, Harry felt his cock ache in need, he knew that Ginny was shy around him but he hadn't guessed that he was the object of her fantasies.

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She pushed her finger in and pinched a nipple between her fingers she turned her head to one side, eyes still closed. Harry saw a shadow fall across the door and saw Hermione look in the room. He froze and looked at her guiltily, she wasn't going to be happy, but her eyes didn't see Harry, they did see Ginny though, Harry watched Hermione stare lustily at Ginny her hand on her chest, rubbing her breasts before moving down to dip into her jeans. Harry was stunned, Hermione was touching herself watching Ginny and Ginny was touching herself thinking about him, Ginny let out a moan as she slipped another finger inside herself, her hips gyrating as she slid them in and out of her wet pussy.

"Fuck me Harry" Ginny moaned increasing her speed, Harry saw Hermione buck her hips as she touched herself her hand working furiously beneath her jeans. Ginny pulled at a nipple and hissed in a mixture of pain and pressure. "yes! I'm so close Harry!" She whimpered her hips arching off the bed as she buried her fingers deeper, Hermione started to shake her mouth open as she took in breaths, Harry felt himself getting close, he pulled Hermione's panties out of his pocket and held them in one hand ready to catch his load.

"Cum inside me!" Ginny breathed as her body clenched and she came, she writhed and let out small noises of pleasure as her fingers that had been tugging on her nipple moved down to furiously rub her clit in small circles, her back arched and she didn't stop her ministrations for a full minute and a half, by which time Harry had cum shooting a few strands of cum into Hermione's panties, being so soon after his last orgasm there wasn't much as before.

He spared a glance sideways at the door and saw Hermione gyrating her hips as she came, one hand over her mouth to cover the moan that wanted to escape, Ginny sighed and pulled her fingers out of her pussy, she brought them to her lips and sucked on them her eyes still closed.

Hermione left the doorway and Ginny rested for a few minutes before dressing in fresh clothes, she stood up to leave and Harry took the opportunity whilst her back was turned to pick up the red panties on the floor. He followed her out of the door and returned to his own tent. He waited a minute then exited, sitting next to Ron. "Nice Nap?" He asked watching people go past, he looked at Harry and smiled knowingly.

"It was just what I needed" Harry said, his mind still on Hermione and Ginny, a few moments later Ginny exited and glanced at Harry flushing scarlet, she stumbled slightly as she passed to sit with Fred and George face a deep crimson now. Hermione stepped out a few minutes later, sitting next to Harry, she looked at him smiling.

"That's better, that nap is just what I needed" "That's what Harry said" Ron stated dully not paying attention as a pair of pretty blondes walked past wearing shorts. Mr Weasley stood up and dusted himself off. "Shall we have a walk around, they should be starting to sell things now, we should have a browse before the match starts" He said pulling out a small bag of coins.

They agreed and walked through the campsite, sellers were everywhere and the atmosphere seemed charged with anticipation, Harry, Ron and Hermione walked from one stall to another Hermione seemed very interested in a small polaroid camera which was enchanted to make the pictures come to life as all magical photographs were prone to do.

Harry was pulled away by Ron who showed him the small figurine of Krum, The Bulgarian seeker he had brought. Harry brought them both a pair of Omniocuars, which played back and slowed down the action. Hermione seemed fascinated with the enchantments on it, Ron however seemed put out since he wouldn't have been able to afford it himself.

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Harry ignored the sour look on his face and walked over to Hermione who had brought the camera and was stowing it away in her bag. Then a deep, booming gong sounded somewhere beyond the woods, and, at once, green and red lanterns blazed into life in the trees, lighting a path to the pitch.

"It's time!" said Mr Weasley, looking as excited as any of them. "Come on, let's go!"