Brazilian nurse stretched out his culo with her thermometer

Brazilian nurse stretched out his culo with her thermometer
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"How is your research progressing, Doctor?" Quince asked. Michael rubbed his eyes and looked up. "It's going to take months to work out how Chamberlain did it." "But do you know enough about it to be able to use it?

Can you reverse what was done to your friend?" "I have two different DNA viruses here. I've found a way to remove the DNA signatures from the viruses, but that won't cure him. These blank viruses will pick up any DNA they come into contact with and incorporate it into themselves.

So they'll immediately pick up the DNA from his altered cells, and we're back where we started." "But you can create viruses with anybody's DNA?" Michael looked up and saw the glint in Quince's eyes.

"Theoretically, yes. But I have no idea if, in clearing Paul's DNA from the virus, I've damaged it somehow. It could be fatal." Quince nodded.

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"We'll wait until you're absolutely sure before we go any further. However, I would like you to produce some viruses using DNA from other people." "Sure," agreed Michael. At the back of his mind he wondered what, if anything, Quince had planned for the other viruses. He knew better than to ask. "I still can't discover how to remove or replace a virus once someone has been changed by it.

Paul is convinced Chamberlain knew how, but she designed it. It may take me a while to crack it." "I fully understand," said Quince. "You can't rush these things. Let me know if you make any breakthroughs." He turned and left the lab without waiting for an answer.

He smiled as he walked back to his office. He had never seen Kingston so enthusiastic. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The blonde, buxom girl said hello as she entered the reception of Quince Biochemicals. Jeff smiled and replied, "Morning, Miss Roberts." His smile slowly faded as she walked past. Where did she fit in all this? She seemed to still be in her teens, but she had a maturity way beyond her years. And there was something about the way she walked that didn't seem quite right to him.

Paula Roberts had appeared a week before, in a desperate state demanding to see Dr. Kingston. Eventually, Jeff had had to carry her out of the building to get rid of her. The next day, she had returned with Kingston, and now was the center of some frenetic activity by both the doctor and Quince.

He was still trying to fit all the pieces together when one of the other security guards entered reception. "Hey, Bill. Could you look after reception for a bit?" Jeff asked. "Yeah, okay. Don't be too long, alright?" "No problem.


Just got to answer a call of nature." Jeff made his way back to the rear of the building. He had been itching to have a look all day to see if the information was correct. But only now, towards evening, was the building empty enough for him to risk it. The door was unmarked and locked, but Jeff had the key. It was the almost total access to every room in the building that had led Jeff to apply for the job of security guard, and his references seemed perfect for the position.

He quietly opened the door, and looked in at the darkened storeroom. If his contact was correct, the box he was looking for would have been delivered that morning. A quick search of the room located the large box tucked away in a corner.

Jeff opened the box. It was full near to the brim with little bottles of tablets. He picked up one, and read the serial number.

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It matched! He pocketed the bottle. It wouldn't be missed out out of a full box. Jeff closed the box and switched off the light. He slipped out of the room and locked it again.

Quince was very careful, but at last Jeff had something on him. He returned to the reception, and took over from the bald-headed guard who was almost asleep on his feet.

Inside, Jeff was exultant, but he was careful not to allow any of it to show on his face. At last he was getting somewhere. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "It's not great, but it's home." Mandy shut the front door and showed Paul into the main room.

"You've got a nice place here. Much better than what I could have looked forward to on my own," Paul said.

He had been expecting a small, dingy apartment. And it was small, but Mandy had obviously put a lot of thought into how to decorate the place. Mandy showed Paul around.


There wasn't that much to see: two small bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. Paul dropped the bag carrying the few belongings he had left and joined Mandy in the kitchen. "Can you cook?" she asked. "Very badly, I'm afraid," Paul replied. "Same here. Oh, well. Let's see what we can come up with." Mandy didn't have that much in the way of food, but together, Mandy and Paul managed to make a reasonable dinner.

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Mandy suggested they have a bottle of wine as a way to welcome Paul to the apartment. She was far more open and talkative away from the burger bar and Paul couldn't help smiling along with her.

Mandy had come to the city a few years before after what was left of her family had fallen apart. She was in fact twenty-one, which was about five years older than she looked to Paul. They finished off the wine almost before they realised it.

Paul felt slightly drunk, which was unusual from so little alcohol.

Together they sat on the one couch and watched an action film with Harrison Ford in it. About half an hour into the film, Mandy shifted her head over and rested it on Paul's shoulder. His first reaction was that this was a subtle come-on on Mandy's part. Then he had to remember who he now appeared to be. He still thought of himself as a forty-year-old man instead of the young woman he appeared to be.

As far as Mandy was concerned, it was a purely innocent action so that she could see the television better. Paul looked down at Mandy. She was so close that he could smell her intoxicating female scent. He might look like a woman, but he was still male where it counted.

In his silken panties, he could feel his cock stiffening. Perhaps it was a mixture of the wine and the odd situation, but Paul felt a strong sensation of lust run through him. Even his nipples were reacting to his thoughts. He could imagine lowering Mandy to the floor and opening her blouse to expose her perfectly formed breasts, kissing one, and drawing the excited spike of her nipple into his mouth.

Then he'd slowly enter her tight, wet pussy and bring her to several climaxes before powerfully pumping his cum into her. Paul looked down past his aroused breasts to see his erection. It wasn't blatantly obvious in the baggy pants he was wearing, but he had better do something about it before Mandy noticed. "Excuse me. Have to go to the bathroom." Mandy lifted her head off his shoulder, and Paul stumbled out into the hall and across into the bathroom.


Thankfully, there was a lock on the door. He virtually ripped his blouse and pants off. His panties were at bursting point, and he gladly slipped them off to expose his raging hard-on. He grasped its hot length in his hand and slowly started to masturbate. His cock, like the rest of him, had been altered by the DNA viruses. It was no longer than his original penis, but it was definitely thicker.

All that mattered to him now was relieving himself of the sexual tension that had built up in him. Paul concentrated on an image of Mandy lying naked on a bed, waiting for him to come and fuck her brains out. He imagined her eagerly taking his cock deep into her throat. By now he was pumping hard on his straining cock with one hand while the other had slipped into his bra. As he caressed his own breasts he imagined they belonged to Mandy, despite the fact that they were much bigger than hers.

The luxurious sensation from his breasts combined with the pressure in his balls sent him over the edge, and he had an explosive orgasm. White cum splattered across the wall and on the floor. He managed to stop himself from crying out as he came. The intensity of the orgasm left him a little shaky and drained.

Slowly, he came back to himself as he stood there, still absentmindedly rubbing his super-sensitive nipples. He quickly wiped himself down with a towel and cleaned the semen off the floor and walls with toilet paper. Paul opened the window to clear the smell from the small room. He quickly dressed and went back to join Mandy. "You took your time. Did you fall in?" she asked as Paul returned. "No, I just don't rush," Paul said a little defensively. "My Dad was like that.

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Used to take the paper in with him and we never saw him until he had finished it. Are you alright? You look a little flushed." "That's. just the wine. It affects me like that sometimes." Paul was glad to see Mandy accepted his explanation.

"Come on.

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The film's just getting to a good bit. Harrison Ford is really sexy, isn't he." Paul sat back down on the couch. "He's okay, I suppose. If you like that sort of thing." "Oh, come on! Don't tell me you prefer big, muscle-bound Neanderthals.

He's far better than Schwartzenegger and those other morons. Say, that wine really does affect you. Your face is bright red, Paula."