Hot gay sex Sucking and ass licking is just the start for these boys

Hot gay sex Sucking and ass licking is just the start for these boys
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In April of 1959; I was a high school senior less than 2 months from graduation. I had a job on the second shift at the local textile mill and had just recently purchased a newer car to replace my old clunker. My new one was a red '55 Chevy in excellent condition. Head turned when I drove down the street. The car is how I wound up dating Deborah Ann Page (our minister's daughter).

She was attracted to the car a lot more than she was to me. But I didn't mind too much. Deborah really loved that car and since I was on the approved list of people she could date; I was able to take her out. She really liked the captain of the football team, I knew, but her parents didn't allow her to date jocks. Deborah was also a senior who had planned to go to a large university several hundred miles away in the fall.

I pretty much knew that would spell the end of our relationship but I savored it while it lasted. Deborah was a tall girl with legs up to you know where with long blonde hair that had a little curl on the end. Holding hands, kisses on the lips and hugging her had been the extent of my physical contact with her up to now.

But I could fantasize of a whole lot more than that. I had seen Deborah before lunch at school on this Friday and saw that she looked real pale. She had a congenital heart defect, I knew, and took medication associated with her condition. I talked with her a few minutes before the bell rang for our next class. We talked about where we would go on our Saturday night date.

My eyes watched as she strolled to class. She was wearing a pink short sleeved sweater, gray pleated skirt and black medium height heels.

Ah; such a picture of loveliness. But about 2:30PM I heard the sound of the ambulance approaching the school. At that point I didn't know who it was coming for. Only after school was out at 3:00PM did I hear that Deborah had collapsed and was taken to the hospital.

I rushed over to the hospital and went to the emergency waiting room. Deborah's father, mother and grandmother were there waiting. I called my boss at the mill to tell him I wouldn't be there today. At about 4PM the doctor came out and told the Pages that Deborah's condition wasn't improving; her heart was just giving out.

The staff was doing everything they could. Everyone sat there praying for Deborah. I sat there with Deborah's family thinking why her and why now! At about 8PM the doctor came out again. He sat us all down to tell us that Deborah had died a few minutes before; her heart had just quit beating. Everyone began crying and sobbing and I heard the doctor ask Rev Page which Funeral Home would be handling the arrangements.

He replied that Thompson's would be the one. The doctor then left the room. After speaking to the Page's again; I started home but I continued to think about Deborah. Gee; I would like to have made out with her and felt of all her luscious body.

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I would never get the chance now. My lust and passion for Deborah burned inside me. I can't exactly explain my actions after that. Something led me to drive over to Thompson's. I saw old Mr. Thompson pulling in with the hearse as I drove by. I knew Deborah's corpse was in there and perhaps I might sneak a peek at her yet. It was getting close to 9PM as I parked by car out of sight and snuck to the back of the funeral home.

I caught a glimpse of Mr. Thompson placing Deborah's sheet covered corpse in the mid-right drawer of the cooler as I looked through on the small basement windows behind the shrubbery.

I waited a few minutes and he went up the steps like he was leaving. Keeping undercover, I went around toward the front and watched him come out and go to his house just across the parking lot from the funeral home. Things were working out so far. I went around to the basement door and turned the knob. The door wasn't even locked. I guess Mr. Thompson wasn't too concerned about anyone breaking into a funeral home.

I looked around to get oriented and went over to the door on the cooler section where I had seen him place Deborah's sheet-covered corpse. After opening the door; I tentatively pulled the drawer out and slowly lifted the sheet.

In the dim light; I saw Deborah's pale face with her eyes closed. She looked like she was sleeping.

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My hands pulled the sheet slowly all the way off her and I gazed at her naked loveliness. Her long blonde hair was arranged so that it covered her breasts on each side. Her hands were crossed across her stomach. My eyes continued until they were staring at the light brown thin bush of pubic hair covering her pussy. Her legs looked even longer now that she was nude. I could feel the organ in my pants start to stiffen as I moved the hair off her breasts and gently touched them.

They felt cold but good to the touch. My hands continued down until I was touching her bush. My dick felt like it was going to explode as I patted and rubbed the soft entrance to her womanhood. Now I rubbed each cold dead shapely thigh. It was at this point I decided that I had to have one more date with Deborah. I had to have her. I wasn't going to let the fact that she was dead get in the way. I had to know what it was light to fuck her luscious body. I looked around and found the bag with the clothes that Deborah had been wearing when she collapsed.

Dumping the contents of the bag out on the counter, I saw her white panties in the pile. I put the crotch of them to my nose and inhaled the aroma. It was sort of a sweet slightly fishy smell which was very erotic to me. The panties went in my pocket. Next I picked up her bra; looked it over and put it back in the bag. Wasn't going to deal with putting it on her.

I rolled Deborah's body over on the tray and hooked the white garter belt around her and then rolled her sheer nylons up her long luscious legs and hooked them front and back into the garters. Next I sat her up and placed the sweater over her head and arms and pulled it down. I pulled the gray skirt over her feet and legs and then lifted her shapely hips to get it into place and button and zip it.

Last but not least I placed the black heels on her lovely feet. Deborah was properly dressed for our last date.


I picked Deborah's sweet lovely body up gently and headed to the door and opened it and peered out. The coast was clear so I head for my car. When I got to the car; I lay Deborah's corpse on the hood until got the door open.

Nice hood ornament, I thought! Picking up her body; I placed it in the middle of the front seat and arranged her long legs in front of her. I got in and cranked up the car.

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I arranged her head across my right shoulder and off we went. The Midway Drive-in was where we would spend our last date. The radio was tuned to mine and Deborah's favorite rock and roll station and the DJ was spinning some good stuff by Elvis, Ricky Nelson, The Platters, The Drifters, and many others too numerous to remember as I drove to the drive-in.

My lips began to nibble on Deborah's left ear, then kiss her cheek as my right hand caressed her right breast through the sweater. Once I arrived at the drive-in, I pulled up in front of the narrow booth and stopped so that Deborah's face was blocked from view. I payed our way and slowly drove to the far corner of the Drive-in and backed up into a spot as far away from everyone else as possible. I rolled the window down to place the speaker on it and rolled it back.

Wouldn't you know that the second showing of an Elvis Movie was getting ready to start. He was Deborah's favorite singer. A fitting last date for her. I tilted her head so I could kiss her cold slightly parted lips. After a few minutes of kissing; I began to massage her breasts through her sweater and slowly pulled it up to reveal them.

My hands caressed her cold dead tits and I kissed and sucked on the nipples. My dick was getting uncomfortable in my pants so I let it out and clamped Deborah's stiffening fingers around my erect rod. Time to move on to other things. Reaching the seat releases; I unlatched them and lowered the front seat tops against the bottom of the big back seat of the Chevy.

I crawled in back and pulled Deborah's corpse into the back seat. After arranging her lovely body so that she was halfway sitting up in the corner; I slowly slid her long skirt up to her waist revealing more of her shapely stocking clad legs as I went. Her virginal young pussy was now in view. I spread her legs wide apart and positioned my face to have a close look at it. My lips began to kiss the soft hair covering it and I then worked my tongue into the opening and began to lick the inside of her pussy lips.

Delicious! It smelled sweet and pissy at the same time but turned me on. My hard tongue licked and probed with a fervor. I now had Deborah's pussy spread as wide apart as it would go and my tongue was as deep as I could get it.

My rod was fully erect and pre-cum was leaking from it. I had to bury my rod in her dead cunt. I got up between her legs and positioned my dick at the entrance to her love hole. I made a couple of thrusts that missed but on the third the head went inside her tight hole and stopped.

Her virginal cunt was so tight it was hurting me but I continued to slowly inch my way in until I was against her hymen. It took several hard thrusts to eliminate that obstacle and now I was hitting bottom.

Now I could get down to some serious fucking. I couldn't believe I was having sex with Deborah.

Something that would have probably never ever happened was she not dead. I began to slowly stroke all the way and then almost all the way out and fell into a rhythm.

Gosh, her pussy was good and something of mine was feeling better all the time. I glanced at Deborah's face as I pumped her. She was so beautiful; such flawless skin. I now began to realize that I couldn't hold back much longer. Deborah's corpse was going to get a full load of my cum.

As I felt my orgasm coming; I rammed my dick as hard and deep into Deborah as I could. I could feel wave after wave of pleasure as my dick continued to shoot her pussy full of my hot sticky cum. Finally spent; I collapsed on top of her and lovingly kissed her lips and rubbed her cool nipples with my fingers.


But all good things must come to an end. I had to get Deborah's corpse back to the Funeral Home before Mr. Thompson discovered it missing. I rolled off and pulled my pants back in place and zipped my jeans.

I now concentrated on Deborah. I took my handkerchief out of my pocket and wiped off the cum that was leaking out of her dead pussy. I wadded the handkerchief up and inserted it as far inside as I could to keep any more from leaking out. Before pulling her sweater into place; I passionately kissed her nipples. Now I pulled her skirt back in place. I had to get her back into the front seat! It wasn't too easy but I managed to get her leggy corpse back up front so the backs of the front seats could be latched be back into the up position.

Once they were latched; I climbed over the top and sat Deborah up in the middle of the seat beside me. I rolled down the window and replaced the speaker and rolled up the window. I held Deborah close as I started the engine and moved toward the exit. Easing the Chevy out onto the road; I headed back to Thompson's funeral home as close to the speed limit as I could. Wouldn't be too easy to explain this situation if I was stopped by a cop for speeding.

When I reached the Funeral Home; I pulled in where I had parked earlier and went around and got Deborah out and carried her to the basement entrance. I didn't see anyone so I opened the door and carried her in and placed her on a steel table. Pulling on the handle; I opened the drawer I had took her from.

Now to get her undressed. First the shoes were removed and placed in the bag where I had left her bra. Now I lifted Deborah's head and removed her sweater. I caressed her firm breasts before I moved on to her skirt. After unbuttoning and unzipping it; I pulled it down over her shapely hips and off over her long stocking clad legs and feet and placed it in the bag.

My hands unsnapped the stockings from garters and removed the garter belt and placed it in the bag. Her thighs felt good to my touch as I rolled the sheer stockings down her legs and off her pretty feet.

Deborah was naked again. I picked her up and placed her back in the drawer tray. I pulled my cum soaked handkerchief from her pussy and put it in my pocket. Before covering Deborah up; I gave her pale lips a last passionate kiss.

I would always remember our last date. Once she was covered; I closed the cooler drawer.

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I remembered that I still had her panties in my pocket and returned them to the bag. Suddenly I heard a noise upstairs and I quickly ran to the rear door, opened it and ran to where I had hidden my car.

My heart was pounding when I reached it and I sat for a minute before starting it. When I got home my parents were waiting and wondering where in the h_ _ _ I had been all night. Sure they knew Deborah had died but where had I been? I apologized and made up a story about how distraught I had been last evening. I told them I had gone to the lake to think.

That appeared to get me off the hook at least for now. I ate a little breakfast and took a nap. When I got up my mother told me that Deborah's receiving of friends would be that night from7 until 9.

I was dreading going for several reasons but there was no way out of it. Along with my parents; I made my way to the Funeral Home a little before 7. Mr. Thompson greeted us and gave me a somewhat strange look.

He knew what I had done?? I walked up to Deborah's casket and looked at her. The usual thin mesh netting was draped from the casket lid to keep the flies away. She was clothed in her favorite medium blue Sunday dress and had never looked lovelier. Her long blonde hair was arranged over each breast. Such a lovely body lying in eternal repose. After a long look; I consoled the Page's and sat down on a couch. I thought about our "date" last night and I wondered if Mr.

Thompson had reported me to the police. He just had to know it was me. After the evening ended; I lay in my bed wondering when they would come and get me. I was still wondering that the next day at the funeral. Such a lovely service, I shed a few tears there and at the graveside service as Deborah's coffin was lowered into the ground and covered by the dirt.

Now it's been over forty years and I still remember my last date with Deborah. The police never did come to get me.

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What reason did Mr. Thompson have for not reporting me???