Young leona is a total pissing slut masturbation and squirting

Young leona is a total pissing slut masturbation and squirting
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The next morning, i awoke before Dylan, his parents had went to work up at the nursery. I wondered down stairs to look for something to eat, i couldn't stop thinking about what happened, i was left confused, i fancied girls, heck i even fancied his sister, but i couldn't deny i enjoyed what happened.


As i walked into the kitchen Dylan's sister was there getting a glass of orange juice, she was tall for a girl, a few years older than me and Dylan, blonde hair, normally tied up in a bun, she was one of them arty people who wore a choker and a nose ring. She was standing there fresh out of bed herself with a t-shirt on, she didn't have a bra on as i could see her nippls poking out, i didn't think there was anyone in so i was there in my boxers, i had to rush out, back to the bedroom as she was giving me a boner.

I decided just to snooze till later on.


It must have been about half 11 or so when me and Dylan awoke properly, the house was empty, his sister and mam had went to the village and his dad was a workaholic, so we weren't going to be disturbed.

I was expecting Dylan to say something about what happened last night, but nothing was mentioned, he acted as if it had never happened. He even picked up the boxers i had accidentaly put on before the events without batting an eye. I felt quite awkward as we went out to play in the fields, i was on edge, expecting something at least, but no nothing.

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When the garden nursery closed and everyone was back in the house we would go up and mess about round the greenhouses, playing hide and seek and other childish games we were to old for. After dinner, we went up as usual and as we walked into the greenhouses, Dylan walked towards the pet section, he started spreading the dog beds out around the area.

I asked him what he was doing, he replied "what did i tell you last night?" I started to panic on the inside, asking myself is this what i wanted, i stood there like a statue.

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Dylan started to strip off and asked if i was ok because i wasn't responding, before i could reply he was kissing me with is half naked body wrapped around me, i instantly grew hard and all doubt left my head, i couldn't get my clothes off fast enough!

When we were both fully nude Dylan pushed me over onto the dog beds, he lay atop of me kissing me, our soft bodies wrapped around eachother, Dylan moved up a little and said "its now my turn" with a grin on his face, and before i understood what he ment, it was in front of my face, Dylan's rock hard, pulsating 3" uncut cock.


I was going to move up to put it in my mouth but Dylan just placed it in before i could do anything. It was a strange feeling, i tried to make out the shape of his cock with my tounge, this made Dylan moan and grab my hair, face fucking me harder. After a couple of minutes he took out his cock, covered with my spit and rubbed it against my solid cock, the two cock rubbing together made my cock want to grow more, even though it was starting to hut for being so erect. Dylan then went down and sucked on my balls, making them all wet and warm, he sold me to roll over and get on my hands and knees.

He spred my cheeks apart and started to kiss my bum, he then spat into the middle, which i thought strange till i realised he was putting his dick inside me. I let out little moans as he pushed his cock in further and further, it didn't take him long till he was balls deep inside me.

He started to thrust in and out slowly, moving his hands from my ass to my hips. He kept going faster and faster and all i could do was moan and grasp the dog beds with my hands.

He just kept on fucking me, and i was waiting for my turn to try him, as i was thinking this he started to go even faster, and i thought to myself 'he is going to finish inside me!' I tried to pull away but he just kept pulling me back, he was starting to moan and sigh, he stopped and his cock slid straight out.

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I could feel his cum dripping out my ass, and Dylan just fell back onto the beds and just lay there, out of breath, panting. As he lay there i decided i wanted this, and i went over and sucked the cum off his cock, he grabed my hair and pulled me up to his face and started tounging me, i instantly stuck my toung in his mouth too, it was strange feeling the inside of someone elses mouth.

I started to dry hump him, i could feel his cock getting hard again, so i rubbed it with my hand, his cock still wet and dripping. Dylan whisperd for me to lie on my back, when i was getting comfortable, he started to give me the most wet and sloppy blow job i have ever had, even to this day! When my cock was all wet and dripping, Dylan got up and turned around on his hands and knees, he told me to get his ass all wet so it wouldn't hurt. So i spread his cheeks and spat a couple times, then rubbed my cock in it and slowly pushed my big pink bell end into his ass, when my tip went in dylan let out a massive moan.

When i pushed it all the way in, it was too much for him and he asked me to take it out, but this time it was me who was all horny, i wanted it my way, so i just kept going in and out slowly. He could have pushed me off if he wanted to but he had a couple weak attempts to push me off, but then he just relaxed and let it happen, i kept going slowly and teasing him.

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I started to get towards orgasming, so i pushed his head to the floor and started to plough him hard and fast, my balls started to slap of his ass and the sound turned me on even more. I shot a massive load into dylans ass, my cock was coverd in my cum, dripping onto my balls, and running down from his ass onto his balls.

We both just lay there, with cum up our asses.

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It was getting late so Dylan suggested going to the toilets to wipe eachother down. Walking back to the house, me and Dylan couldn't stop giggling, but i was a bit depressed as i was going home tomorrow, and even though we would see each other at school, we wouldn't do anything like that.