Fällige alte Frau 19

Fällige alte Frau 19
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I have a surprise for you my love. It will be waiting for you tonight at 5:30. Go to room 208 at the Holiday Inn. Wear your black panties, no bra and black dress that I love so much. Knock on the door 3 times, then turn around so that your back is to the door and wait. Be a good girl. Make me proud. I will be watching. I could hardly contain my excitement after reading this email from my lover. He has been out of town working for so long. Over 7 weeks. I was ready to see my lover, feel his hands on my body, taste his kiss, find the release I craved in his embrace.

I was nervous because I knew that whatever my lover had planned for my surprise, that he would not be in that hotel room tonight. How exciting. Who could it be? What did he have planned? Would he be watching me on the webcam?

We have talked about this many times. As my anticipation built, my body started to quiver. I left work early to go home and prepare just as my lover instructed. After a shower I carefully put on my make-up, my black panties and black dress.

As I put on my black heels I realized the only thing between me and completed nakedness was two flimsy pieces of clothing. Knowing this made my pussy throb and my juices began to flow. As I got into my car I called my lover. "Are you on your way to get your surprise?" he asks me. "Yes Sir" I answer. "Good girl, I know you have been so lonely and needy with me being away. This night was carefully planned just for you, so listen carefully, you do everything you are told to do just as if your instructions come directly from me.

Do not fight, for if you do, when I come home I will punish you for your disobedience. Remember I will be watching you. I want to watch as your pussy gets abused and you scream out in pleasure.

This will bring me the pleasure I crave too. Make me proud." "Yes Sir, I will make your proud. I love you." "I know." My lover says, "Enjoy your night." I pull up to the hotel so excited I fear everyone will see the moist juices already starting to roll down the insides of my legs.

I get on the elevator with two elderly men and one middle aged woman who all stare at me with knowing eyes. It is very clear that I am in this hotel to be a very naughty girl. I walk down the hall to room 208, knock three times then turn around as I was instructed to do.


I wait for what seems like hours, although it was barely 30 seconds. I hear the door open and a man's voice say, "good evening beautiful. I am going to blind fold you now, but do not fear, I know what you like and promise this evening will bring you immeasurable amounts of pleasure." I feel warm hands on the nape of my neck, kissing me, then I feel the cool material wrap around my eyes and being tied behind my head.

Then this mysterious man, who has such a deep sexy voice, grabs my waist and gently pulls me into the room. His hands are rubbing all over me as he pulls me further and further into this black abyss.

I am standing in the middle of this hotel room, so vulnerable yet so completely turned on. I can feel his breath on me as he walks around me, twice, as if inspecting me. He runs his fingers over my nipples. "Good girl, no bra," he says with a laugh. His breath is on my neck as he whispers in my ear, "I am going to abuse your pussy all night, marking my territory." The he steps back and lift my dress.

"Sexy panties my pet. Take them off, hand them to me." I bend down to pull my panties off as I am told. He begins to kiss my neck, pulls my dress over my head so that I am left totally naked and blindfolded in a room with a total stranger. I am now completely exposed and helpless. I feel his breath on me. He takes my nipple in his mouth as his hands caress my body.

He gently nipples on one nipple, then the other as his hand reach for my pussy. He glides his fingers into the already wet cavern and laughs.

"Someone is ready to be used like the whore she is." Then he pushes me back onto the bed and climbs on top of me. I can feel the rough material of his jeans against my naked pussy and legs, but the soft feeling of his muscular check against my hard nipples. He kisses my mouth for the first time, with a force to rival my lovers. He takes my breath as he kisses me.

I am so consumed in his passionate kiss that I almost didn't notice his fingers have found their way into my aching pussy. My lover has been away for so long and I need to feel a release from the sexual tension building up in me. My lover knows this, which is why he planned this special night just for me.


This man, suddenly I realize I do not even know his name, begins to finger fuck me hard and fast, just like my lover does, and my body begins to respond to his every touch. He lifts the weight of his body from mine and begins to lick my needy pussy as he rams his fingers, first one, then two, in and out of my pussy over and over again.

I can feel the tension inside me building for what is to be the first of many powerful orgasms I am to have this glorious night. As my climax builds I feel his hot breath on my clit, he starts to lick and bite on my clit and my pussy is started to contract. "Do not cum yet bitch. You have not asked for permission. You do not cum until I give my permission, understand." I can barely comprehend what he is saying.

Don't cum, how can I stop this? Try as I might, I can not stop this rapture. "Please sir, can I cum now. I need this release. Please." I am to the point of no return. I couldn't stop this first orgasm if I tried, but I feared what my punishment would be for not obeying.

"Yes baby, cum for me. Tonight, I am your master, and you will please me. Cum in my mouth as I lick up your juices." That is all I needed to hear before my climax rendered me powerless. I could feel him licking my pussy with a new fervor as if not wanting to miss a drop of my nectar.

When the convulsions in my body subsided, so did he. Then he brought his mouth back to mine for a deep long hard kiss. I could taste and smell my own pussy on him and I was so turned on.

When he released my mouth I whispered, "what is your name?" With a chuckle he said "Jim, that is what you will call me." Now I lay here, with a stranger who will not tell me his name, completely naked, blindfolded and vulnerable. I suddenly hear the sound of my lovers voice, over what appears to be speakers, saying, "hello my love, you are so beautiful. Did you enjoy feeling your new daddies tongue lick your sweet pussy?" My lovers voice excites me, he continues to talk to me as Jim's hands roam all over my body and he bites my nipples.

My lover continues, "you are doing so good my love. Remember I am watching so you need to do everything you are told." "Yes Sir" I whisper.

Jim's body is no longer on mine. He has risen from the bed. I lay there anxiously waiting for what is to come next. I can hear him taking off his jeans and moving around the room, then he says, "sit up baby.

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I want to feel my cock in your mouth." I sit up on the bed as instructed, the he says, "get on the floor on your knees." I do as I am instructed, and he comes to stand in front of me and rams his hard cock into my mouth, he begins to fuck my face, deep, hard, fast, over and over again.

I can hear him moan with pleasure as he tells me what a good cocksucker I am. He pumps, faster as his moans grown louder and I can feel his legs begin to tremble. "I am going to fill your mouth with my first load of hot cum. Are you ready?" I nod my head and he continues to pump his cock in my mouth faster and harder and deeper until his entire body is trembling and I feel the hot salty thick juices hit the back of my throat.

I swallow all his hot cum and wait patiently until he removed his cock from my mouth. As he backs away from me, he gently lifts me to my feet to kiss me.

Again I can hear my lover's voice saying "good girl my love, I love to watch you suck cock." Jim takes me back to the bed and lays me face down. I am clueless as to what is to come next.

Suddenly I feel a whip brushes across my back, then I know exactly what is to come next. Jim gently runs the whip up and down my back, ass and legs several times, then he pulls it back in the air and back down to make contact with my body. The whip stings my ass the first time, the he gently rubs in up and down my body again. Then another hit, and another, first on my back then on my legs. After each swift lash he gently strokes my body as if to ease the pain.

Over and over again, just a little harder each time. In the background I can hear my lover's voice saying encouraging words to me. "You are beautiful." "I love your ass baby." "You are mine." "I love you." "You make me proud." On and on I hear my lovers voice.

After a through spanking that intensified over time Jim suddenly stops.

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He climbs on the bed and takes my hand. He says, "See what you have done to me slut?" as he wraps my hand around his hard throbbing cock.

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"I am going to ram this fat cock in your pussy until your scream." Still blindfolded and face down on the bed, I feel him climb on top of me from behind. He pushes his hard cock deep in my waiting cunt.

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It is so large that it fills me. As he takes me from behind at a maddening pace he whispers in my ear, "I love your tight cunt, it feels so good around my dick.

I bet your other Jim fucks you like this too. I am going to dump my second load of cum in your pussy, my third in your ass and my final one all over your face. You are my whore tonight." He pumps faster and I am getting more and more excited. I love this nasty talk. I want to feel more, more pain, more pleasure, more, more, more!!!

My climax is starting to build and my pussy is getting tight around this fat cock in me. "Can I cum Jim? I want to cum on your cock." He laughs, "yes slut, you can cum." My body starts to jump and shake and I can feel moisture running out my pussy as Jim continues to pump in and out.

He leans down to kiss my neck, then takes a huge bit out of my right shoulder, as if marking his territory. He lifts himself off me and demands that I roll over. Then he enters me again, this time from the front with my legs high in the air. I feel his cock fill me, and it feels bigger from this position. He is again fucking me as fast and hard as any man could. Having my pussy full of such a huge hard cock feels like heaven on earth.

His hands are caressing my tits and nipples. From the background I can hear my lovers voice telling Jim to "put your hands around her throat and choke her. Tight. Don't stop until you feel her pussy contract and her body shake." The sound of my lovers voice increases my pleasure, feeling Jim's hands wrap around my throat is amazing but it was the squeeze that sent me into orbit. He is squeezing harder and harder and my body is responding with tingles and numbness.

My pussy begins to contract, my body shakes, my finger tips are numb but my orgasm sends me into another realm of bliss. As my body is completely numb I can feel Jim biting my nipples hard and it feels so good. I feel Jim's body begin to shake again, and I know that this power must have sent him over the edge as well.

He is still choking me as he succumbs to his second orgasm and fills my gaping pussy with his seed, again. Winded, he lays next to me for a moment. I hear my lover telling me how proud he is that I am being used like a whore.

My lover says he is going to get me a special reward for being such a good slut. Jim rolls next to me and starts to play with my sore pussy again. As my lover continues to talk, Jim takes a glass dildo and puts in deep in swollen pussy. He begins to fuck me with the dildo and my lover is telling him what to do. I am laying on the bed, helpless listening to my lover tell this stranger how to pleasure my body, and I am so horny I feel like I will never be sated.

My lover says to Jim, "fuck her pussy hard, ram that hard dildo in her slut pussy. Abuse it, she likes that." Jim continues to slam into my cunt hard. My lover continues to say to me, "come on baby, let me see you squirt. If you don't do what your told I am going to tie your ass to a table and let every guy in this hotel come stick his cock in your pussy.

Do you want a gang bang baby? Squirt for me, NOW!! I want to see my slut being used for my pleasure." I can't hold the pinnacle any longer, I begin to squirt juices out of my pussy over and over again.

Jim continues to fuck me with the glass dildo as I wet the bed with my cum. Over and over again, my body shakes and wet juices spew out my pussy that is now sloppy and wet.

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When I am done my lover tells Jim to take the glass dildo and put it to my mouth so that I can clean it. Jim puts the warm glass cock to my lips and I open my mouth wide so he can push it down my throat and let me lap up my pussy juices. "Good girl" says my lover.

"Good girl" says Jim At this point I want more. My body is screaming to be used more. Instinctually Jim must have known this. He rolls me back onto my stomach and climbs on me from behind again, but this time he enters my tight ass. His thick cock does not go in easily, it is a very tight fit.

At first it was really painful, but Jim didn't care. He told me he was going to fuck my ass, no matter what. He pumps his cock in and out and it brings tears to my eyes. Jim pops me in the face and tells me to quit crying. I am his whore tonight and he always fucks his whores in the ass. My lover is in the background telling me that he will punish me if I don't do as Jim tells me. So instead of crying, I lift my ass up to give Jim easier access to my tight asshole. He fucks my asshole faster and faster, harder than he fucked my pussy.

After several strokes my ass started to stretch and it started to feel really good. As Jim was fucking my ass he was also smacking me on my legs, on my ass cheeks, in my face, grabbing my hair and calling me his whore or slut. This rough abuse sends me over the edge, and Jim too. It doesn't take long before we are both shaking and ready to take our release. Jim pushes his cock deep in my ass as he pulls my hair to keep me from moving away.

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I feel his hot fluid shoot deep in my asshole as he moans louder than before. My lover is also moaning in the background. I wonder if he is stroking his cock, or if he has his own whore with him doing it for him.

Jim and I both collapse on the bed together. After a minute or two he finally removes his cock from my asshole and rolls off of me. I am still blindfolded. Jim slowly moves over me and takes the blindfold off my eyes.

"The next time you make me cum I want it to be on your beautiful face, and perky tits." Then he leans in to kiss me. For the first time I get a glimsp of this man who has been fucking me for hours. He is tall, with salt and pepper hair, in his mid 50's. Very handsome. I do not know where my lover found him, but he did well picking a stranger that I would find both attractive and pleasurable.

Jim leans down to kiss me. "You are a lucky woman." He says. "If you were mine I do not know that I could share you as easily as your lover has." He takes another passionate kiss.

He then looks into my eyes and says, "the best is yet to come." Standing up he walks to the ajoining door to the hotel room and opens it. Out of the other room comes my lover!!! I was elated. My lover who is supposed to be across the country working is here, next door to the room that I have been in for hours. So close to me. Together my lover and Jim walk to the bed. Both naked, both physically powerful and handsome men. My lover leans down to kiss me like only he can.

"I have missed you baby," he whispers, "I had to come home, I needed you." I am so happy, mostly to see my lover, but also because I know what is about to come next. My lover pulls me up to my knees and Jim enters my pussy doggy style, and my lover gets infront of me and puts his cock in my mouth.

I love his cock, I love his cock in my mouth. Its been so long since I tasted him. I eagerly suck on his hard cock as Jim is fucking my pussy from behind. This is feeling so good, but I still want more. I look up into my lovers eyes and ask, "baby, I want to feel you in my ass while Jim fucks my pussy." My lover and I both know that I have never done this before.

Jim lays down so that I can ride his cock, leaving my ass exposed for my lover to fuck. I am fearful this may hurt, but excited at the same time. Feeling two big, fat hard cocks in my body at the same time was paradise. Both fucking me, in the same rhythm, it didn't take long for I succumbed to the first of many orgasms, each one more powerful than the last. My body shook, my body trembled; my body was weak with pleasure.

"Baby, I am going to cum in your ass. Are you ready for me?" "Yes Sir" I say. I feel Jim's body begin to shake again. I asked, "Do you still want to cum on my face and tits? Or in my pussy again?" Jim snickers, "you are insatiable" he says. "I would lock you up in the basement if you were mine." When my lover is finished he moves back and lays me down. Jim then gets up and tell me to pump his cock until he cums, but I am to eat his cum.

All I can think of is how well used I am. How lucky I am to have Jim's loads pumped in my mouth, pussy and ass, and now in my face and mouth again. I may be insatiable, but Jim will go home a very happy man. I begin to pump his hard cock over and over as my lover whispers in my ear. Jim's body begins to shake again and his moans are loud. His dick starts pumping his hot seed all over my face. I catch as much as I can with my mouth and then lick the rest from the head of his cock. I then turn to my lover and ask him if he would like to share Jim's cum with me.

My lover smiles and leans in to kiss me and take some of Jim's cum in his mouth as well. Then I look at Jim and ask him to share the remaining cum with me, so he smiles and leans in to kiss me as well.

The three of us lay on the bed for a long time in silence, sweat, cum and true bliss. Jim gets up first, goes to the shower and comes out completely dressed. He and my lover shake hands, he kisses me, thanks us both and leaves. My lover and I continue to lay in each others arms. "Thank you my love" I say to my lover. "This was a wonderful night, thank you so much for my surprise." He smiles at me and kisses me again, "No baby, thank you.

You were wonderful." My lover climbs back on top of my bruised body to enter me again. This time he takes my dirty panties and crams them in my mouth. They smell so good, like raw sex, and this excited us both. He begins to fuck me hard like only he can, and he puts his hands around my neck to choke me. I have missed my lover and his brutal way of bringing me pleasure. With total trust I submit to his will as he chokes the breath out of my body.

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As I start to drift off to my happy place, he slaps my face over and over again and my orgasm explodes in my body, lifting me off the bed and back down again. My entire body is numb and I feel like I am floating on air. I love this feeling, I love that my lover can give me this feeling and I love that my lover is the man he is.

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We have never seen Jim again, and that's ok, that one night was one of the most incredible nights of my life and I have my lover to thank for every bit of it.