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Blonde and asian girl banged by a big cock
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The Rakshasa's Heart Chapter Two: Knife Play By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Princess Malakisha Ankush, The Queendom of Naith The chain hurtled at me, a gray-black blur. My rakshasa's instincts snarled through me. My body sprang to the right. I hit the rough stone bricks of my dungeon's floor, rolled hard.

Metal struck rock with a mighty clang behind me. He could cave my skull in with his strength. "My heart!" Lucy screamed in terror as I came up in a crouch, the fur bristling across my face and head, my whiskers twitching as I faced the enraged Bakiir.

Such strength. He pulled free the bolts from the masonry. What a daughter he would breed in me. Despite the danger, or maybe because of it, my pussy was so wet as I stared at the enraged gladiator.


That mighty pillar of ebony flesh before me. If I could tame him. "Mistress!" Issanik growled. My brawny Naithian slave surged forward to grapple Bakiir. The chain cracked to the right. It slammed into Issanik's side. The man grunted.

He stumbled and crashed into a shelf holding my flails. Wood groaned as he seized it to hold his balance. But the shelf toppled. A rain of whips and scourges fell with Issanik as he hit the ground moments before the shelf slammed down on top of him. Lucy stood frozen before Bakiir, her body trembling.

Her eyes were wide with fear as she stared up at the gladiator. Then they flashed to me, soft brown and full of desperate hope. She needed me to save her from the brute. "You have to—" she began screaming but Bakiir kicked her. Not hard, but enough to throw her back and send her tumbling into the collapsed shelf. She coughed, clutching her stomach, pain crossing her face. I snarled in anger.

Thushin surged in as Bakiir reached up to his left hand, still manacled to the ceiling, and pulled out the bolt free holding the band closed. The restraint popped open, freeing him. He flicked the chain in the same motion, striking Thushin's upraised arms. Metal cracked on bone. Thushin grunted, but kept charging in, eager to protect me. He slammed into Bakiir's body, the men grappling, stumbling back. Lucy coughed again, her face twisted with fear.

She glanced at me, shaking her head. "It'll be fine, my heart," I told her, rising. My hands flexed as Thushin grunted, thrown to the ground by Bakiir. The magnificent Halanian raised the chain to beat him.

He cracked it down, bringing a grunt from Thushin. Bone snapped, my slave's arm breaking as Bakiir raised the chain again. He better not kill him. I strode from the room, my breasts jiggling. Fire pumped through my veins and juices ran down my thighs. This was so exhilarating.

What a man Bakiir was. I marched out of my dungeon and into my kennels, striding past the cages where others of my slaves peered out, the men grasping the bars. "Set us free, Mistress," they growled, eager to fight for me. "We'll protect you." Their kennel whores, the female slaves I bought to please them, cowered in the back, scared, shaking. I ignored them all. I reached my armory and wrenched it open, revealing the racks of swords and axes and maces and daggers, stacks of armor of all shapes, the gear to outfit my slaves.

I grabbed a long-bladed dagger. It was triangular, starting as wide as three of my fingers at the hilt and narrowing all the way to a needle-like point. Valyan steel, finest quality, or so the merchant who sold it to me boasted. I wheeled around and strode back to the dungeon, licking my furry chops. It was chaos when I returned. Lucy screamed in the corner, cowering as Bakiir whipped his chain around, slamming it into Issanik and Thushin.

My brawny slaves still fought, Thushin cradling his broken arm. They struggled to close in and seize him. Then Thushin leaped on Bakiir's back, his good arm going around the ebony-skinned man's throat, squeezing hard.

I gripped the dagger, poised, watching the men fight. Issanik rushed in from the front, the muscles rippling in his flanks. The chain cracked him across the face.

He snapped back and hit the ground insensate, blood spurting from his nose. I breathed it in, the crimson scent electrifying my body. I tasted the coppery delight in the air upon my tongue, shuddered. With a grunt, Bakiir threw himself forward and heaved against Thushin's arm. My Naithan slave flew over Bakiir's shoulder and crashed down on Issanik, screaming in pain as he landed on his broken arm. Bakiir stumbled, ending up on his hands and knees.

I moved. Before he could rise, I crossed the distance, springing with the speed of a rakshasa. We were predators, unlike humans.

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We didn't have to be trained to be killers, we simply were. A single leap carried me behind him. I landed, the dagger moving fast as he twisted, throwing a look over his shoulder. And then he froze as he felt the sharp edge pressing in his throat.

Blood flowed. His smelled delicious. "Do you feel death, warrior?" I asked, my left hand running across his bald head, loving how smooth it was, how shiny in the torch light.

"Can you feel it quivering against your throat?" His face hardened. "Yes, you can," I purred.

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"You've faced her a thousand times, haven't you? That bitch wanting to steal away your life. You've fought so hard, and then she comes at you from behind." I pressed the knife harder against his flesh. I could feel his pulse throbbing up the blade and into my hand, the frantic beat of his life.

"So you have a choice. Let her kill you, or surrender to me." His jaw set. I moved around him, keeping the dagger placed against his throat. I let it slide, cutting into flesh above his trachea. The outer layer of his skin parted, blood flowing. I let him feel the promise of death as I moved before him. He was ready to die. He was prepared for it. I knelt, facing him eye to eye. Crimson spilled over the blade, more ran dark down his chest. His arm cocked, ready to strike.

I could see the calculation. Could he swing his chain fast enough to kill me before I killed him. He tensed. My hand shot out and grasped his cock. He had softened during the fight, but now he felt that feminine touch, and hardened. I purred, the pleasure rumbling up through my throat as I stroked him, feeling his life pulse in another way as he swelled.

I rubbed the spongy tip, his dick throbbing. "You can die," I growled, pressing the dagger just a tiny bit harder, forcing him to move his head back. "Or you can surrender to the pleasure I can provide." He didn't say a word.

Stoic pride faced me. That monolithic resistance that had kept him fighting even when his body was scourged, even as blood ran down his body from the kiss of my whip. And yet his cock was sending him that pleasure, that delight, that aching need to erupt. A need he'd only get satiated if he surrendered. All week he had fought against it. I hadn't allowed him to cum. I had Lucy bring him to the brink over and over while he felt pain. I kept him bound other times, unable to touch himself while listening to my other slaves rut around him with their kennel whores.

His will was iron. But even iron bent. Especially when heated. "Just surrender into ecstasy and let death spare you another day," I purred, pushing back with the knife.

He retreated from its edge. Death was no longer something he was prepared for. Not with his cock throbbing in my hand. He stretched out onto his back as I kept pushing with the dagger, his legs sliding out beneath me. I straddled him, my pussy on fire. I brought my cunt to his hard cock, rubbing my twat up and down his length.

My clit throbbed against his hardness, my pussy lips begging to engulf every inch of his girth. He was so big, so thick. All my slaves were hung, but him. He made them seem small. I ran my left hand up his whipped chest, crossing the small wounds, the blood sticky as it dried. I felt his muscles quivering. I kept the knife pressed to his throat, sliding my pussy up and down his cock, staring into his eyes. "Death or ecstasy?" I asked him, leaning over him, my breasts swaying.

I ground my clit harder into his dick, the pleasure rippling through me, my purr rising in my throat. My whiskers twitched. I hungered to tear out his throat while fucking him to death.

But that would be such a waste. "What will it be, Bakiir?" My clit reached the crown of his dick. I massaged the spongy head.

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He let out a groan, his face twisting against the pleasure. "Feel how wet I am. You can be in me. You can love your Mistress. I'll even let your seed spill into me.

You can be the father of my daughter. All you have to do is love me. Worship me. Then you'll experienced rapture. You'll be pampered. I'll give you women. I'll lift you up. "Just worship me." I circled my hips, rubbing my clit across his cock's crown, feeling it throb and twitch. "Or you can die. I'll slit your throat and eat your heart and that will be it. No more pleasure for you. No more chance to fight. No more proving your might.

"No more life." I leaned closer and licked his lips with my thick tongue, the pleasure rippling through me. My juices dripped hot from my cunt, making his dick more and more slippery as I ground on him.

He groaned again. "Choose. Ecstasy or death." He closed his eyes. "Ecstasy." I purred louder. "Then say it." "Mistress," he said, his voice tight as it burst out of his throat. "You are my.Mistress." "Mean it," I groaned, my clit throbbing on his dick. I rubbed harder. "Prove you love me and worship me." "I'm your.slave." A shudder went through him. Something changed in his eyes. They widened for a moment, showing all of his whites. "I am your slave, Mistress.

I submit to you. Surrender to your pleasure." I licked his mouth again, my tongue pushing past his lips into his mouth, tasting him as I purred louder.

I shuddered, pressing my breasts to his whipped chest, his sticky blood coating them as I slid my hips higher, the tip of his cock nudging at my pussy lips.

Then I pressed backward. He shuddered beneath me while I yowled into our licking kiss. My eyes widened, my tiger-ears twitching. His cock was so huge. My labia stretched and stretched and stretched to take him, to swallow his girth. I trembled atop him, shivering and rubbing my breasts into his torso. My nipples throbbed against his whipped flesh. I took more and more of his girth. I kept the dagger pressed to his throat as my purrs grew louder, rumbling through my body.

It was amazing. My pussy burst with pleasure as I sank all the way down his cock, impaled on my slave's dick. My dick. I broke our kiss, staring into his eyes. "Do you feel the reward for your service?" I asked, my pussy clenching on his dick.

"Do you understand what submission gives you?" "Yes," he groaned, face twisting with pleasure. I felt his heart thundering in his chest as I undulated my hips. His hands grabbed my ass, squeezing. I rose, my brown breasts streaked with his blood. His chest was coated in it. I loved the thick, wet feel on my tits. My pussy shifted on his dick as I slid into position, arm outstretched, knife at his bloody throat.

And rode my slave. I groaned and gasped. I didn't fuck him hard or fast. I savored his surrender. Finally, he was mine. And I would enjoy every heartbeat of his girth buried in my pussy that I could.

I slid up him, squeezing hard with my pussy, drinking in the friction. I groaned, fighting the burn in my thighs, the ache in my muscles demanding I just impale myself as I slid slowly back down.

He groaned, breathing heavily, his pulse thudding against the edge of the knife. His hands squeezed my ass then roamed my body. I savored his strong, calloused touch. His hands found my breasts, squeezing them as my hips moved, swirling and stirring his cock through me as I rode him. "The queen's sagging tits," I groaned in pure delight. "Oh, gods, this cock, my heart.

This cock is amazing." "Yes, my heart," Lucy said, still in the corner, her eyes wide, stunned by the savagery that happened. She hugged herself, tears running down her eyes. "Amazing cock." Poor thing. She wasn't a predator, but prey. I loved her anyways. But now wasn't the time to comfort my Lucy.

Now was the time to enjoy my victory. I shuddered, working my pussy up and down his cock faster and faster. I loved this dick in me. The girth was so thick, stretching my snatch open so wide. My cunt clenched on it while my pleasure rose hot and fast. It wanted to burst out of me. To drown me in rapture. My breasts jiggled in his strong hands. He squeezed them. His thumbs rubbed across my nipples, sending delight shooting down to my pussy.

He played with my nipple ring, twisting my right nub, making me groan louder and louder. I yowled and purred as I drank in the rapture. I slid up and down his cock, impaling my cunt over and over on his dick. He stabbed so deep into me. So wonderfully deep. My pussy ached every time I took him. "Oh, yes, Bakiir," I growled. "Oh, you are such a warrior. Such a brawny man. You are so impressive. Never have I seen a man as impressive as you." His hands tightened on my cheek.

"Nor a woman," he growled, "as strong." I licked my chops, my pussy clenching harder and harder. I rode him faster and faster. I plunged my pussy up and down his girth, my clit striking his pubic bone. Wild abandon filled me now, my orgasm building so fast, begging to explode through me.

So I didn't restrain myself. My head arched back, my whiskers twitching as I rode him so fast and hard, my hips twisting and swiveling, enjoying every ounce of pleasure this cock had to offer.

I pulled the knife from his throat, surrendering to the possibility he would kill me. I had to know. Was he sincere in his submission? "My Mistress," he groaned, squeezing my tits so hard as his hips bucked up. He bounced me on his cock. "Seljan's beard, you're so tight." "So hot and wet," I groaned. "I bet you just want to spill your seed in me." "Yes!" he growled.

"It's a privilege I've granted to no other man. None have cum in my pussy. But you. You have earned it.

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Take your reward." I slammed down his cock, my clit striking his pubic bone. Sparks flared through me, landing on the tinder of my orgasm. Fires flared to life.

They burned hot through me. I gasped, the rapturous smoke rising to my mind, smothering me in ecstasy. My pussy went wild about his dick, spasming hard as I bucked and snarled out my euphoria.

He grunted, hips driving upward, our flesh smacking together again, more sparks exploding from my clit. His hands squeezed my tits so hard. Pain flared from them, spicing the rapture surging through my body. "My Mistress!" he growled and came. A man's cum flooded my pussy for the first time. I had felt it in my ass and mouth, but never my pussy. None of my slaves had earned the right to breed me. But Bakiir. My daughter would be so powerful.

She would be devious, cunning. It would take all my strength and wits not to be murdered by her. What a queen she would make. "Yes, yes, yes," I howled. "By the gods, breed your Mistress!" My pussy writhed, milking his spurting cock. I drank in the hot seed, my orgasm growing so hot. Ecstasy whipped through me. I heaved atop him, my snarls echoing through the dungeon. I drank in the rapture.

And loved it. "My Mistress," he groaned as the final blast of his seed shot into me. "My slave," I groaned, bringing the dagger to my mouth. I licked at the cold metal, tasting the crimson of his blood. A final shudder ran through my body. "Oh, yes, you are mine." I could see it in his eyes.

He had surrendered. He had realized my strength and submitted. I owned him. It was so intoxicating. I groaned as I rose off his dick.

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His hot cum dribbled down my thighs as I stood over him. "Help them to their kennels," I told Bakiir. "Then step into yours. The cell doors are enchanted.

They will lock. Prove you are loyal. And you shall be rewarded." "Mistress," he groaned, rising, his chest heaving as he stood. He went to the two men, Thushin cradling his broken arm, Issanik unconscious, maybe dead. I moved to Lucy. I knelt down beside her, setting the dagger on the stone. My back was to Bakiir. A wild thrill shot through me. What if it was an act? He could try to kill me right now. We would have to struggle again. Men grunted in pain. "Got to teach me that trick you used throwing me over your shoulder," Thushin groaned.

"Useful." Bakiir grunted. "It's okay, my heart," I told Lucy, caressing her tear stained cheek. "I'm alive. You don't have to be afraid." "I thought he would kill you," Lucy said, staring at me with her raw, brown eyes.

"I." "But he didn't." I nuzzled against her cheek, lapping up her salty tears then rubbing my fur into the silk of her skin. "Risks have to be taken to seize great rewards.

You cannot be afraid. You have to seize your opportunity and act." Lucy's forehead furrowed. Her eyes widened. She shivered and then she nodded, comprehension dawning.

" heart." "Good," I purred, nuzzling her again. "Mmm, did he hurt you when he kicked you?" "Not badly." She rubbed her belly, her small breasts jiggling. I purred out my pleasure and rose, Bakiir's cum dripping down my thighs. I grabbed my heart's brown hair, pulling her face to my pussy. "It was so hot finally enjoying him. You have to taste him mixed with me." Lucy didn't fight. She loved me too much to ever resist me.

Her face nuzzled into my pussy. Her brown eyes stared up at me. I shivered at the passion in them as her tongue licked through my cum-filled folds, gathering Bakiir's jizz out of me. It was so exciting to share this with her, the passion of a man finally worthy to breed me. My heart raced as I undulated my hips, grinding my pussy on her hot lips.

Her tongue licked again, exploring into my folds, searching out for all Bakiir's jizz in me and eating it. "How does he taste?" I asked, my voice so throaty. Her nose nuzzled my clit as she moaned, "Wonderful. So salty but mixed with your spice. Mmm, and you know I love your spice, my heart." It was wonderful to hear the throaty passion return, to feel the tension melt out of her a she licked again.

"Yes, I do know how much you love it." Her tongue licked again, flicking out and sliding through my pussy. She brushed my clit, making me tremble. A new pleasure built in me, something gentler than the raging passion Bakiir's cock had churned through my cunt. This was loving. Caring. This was the depths of emotion my Lucy gave me. She didn't just worship my pussy, she loved it. Loved me. It sent such a warm tingle racing through my body, rising from my pussy, making my toes curl, my nipples ache, and my heart beat.

"Oh, gods, yes, love me, Lucy," I purred, her tongue probing deep into my pussy. "Always love me." "Always," she murmured, her tongue darting back into my depths.

She couldn't reach anywhere near as deep, but she still could stir up my pussy. She could still make me shiver and groan, my flesh clenching on her tongue as the pressure swelled and swelled. Her gentle organ lapped through my depths, her lips nuzzling into my labia. My clit ached as she swirled her tongue around it, caressing it.

Her lips latched on, sucking hard. My entire body convulsed, my brown tits heaving. I howled, licking my chops as I savored her tongue stirring the pleasure through my body. "Oh, my heart, you subdued him," she moaned between flicks of my clit. "You dominated him." "I did," I groaned. "You took that cock!" A shudder ran through him.

"Oh, that must have been amazing." "Would you like to fuck him?" A purring rough rumbled out of my throat. "Of course you do. Mmm, you will." She licked harder, her tongue swirling, circling. I groaned and gasped, spasming as she licked and nibbled and sucked. Her hands grasped my ass, pulling my snatch against her mouth as she feasted with such passion, making me tremble and groan.

She nibbled on my clit. She fucked her tongue into my pussy's depths. She sucked on my labia. She drove me wild. I gasped, my hands holding tight to her silky, brown hair. I ground on my Secaran slave's lips, on my love's licking tongue.

And came. Rapture flooded through my body. I drank it in. I loved every moment of it. It swayed through me. I groaned and gasped, my ass clenching beneath her fingers as my juices flooded her loving mouth.

She drank them down as the heat from my orgasm made me feel so light. "Oh, my heart, yes," I groaned. "Oh, gods, thank you for sending her to me." Her fingers dug into my ass, her lips sucking so hard at my convulsing pussy.

"Thank you!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The next day, I sat beneath the silk pavilion in the training courtyard of the Ziggurat.

The great, crimson tiers of the palace rising like massive steps behind me. Before me were the training sands, pristine white to show off any blood spilled. It was hot, but two of my kennel whores stood on either side of me, their naked bodies oiled as they wafted great fans of peacock feathers, providing me a cool delight.

Lucy knelt before me, rubbing her cheek against my thigh as I lapped at my chilled wine, holding the wide saucer in my left hand. I wore my sari, my right breast on display, showing off my gold nipple ring and status as a rakshasa princess. Who else would sit here with slaves in attendance watching the sparring? Bakiir was training my slaves, Issanik and Thushin in the lead. I had sent for priests of Gewin to heal my slaves after Lucy cleaned my pussy last night.

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Issanik was close to death. The priest said he would have died from swelling in the brain. Which only made me wetter for Bakiir.

It was such a treat to watch his oiled, naked body beneath the harsh noon sun as he led my other slaves through their sword forms. It made me so wet to see them all, but he was the jewel among them. That ebony skin. My clit throbbed. I contemplated having Lucy lick my pussy when my ears twitched. The sound of armored men approached. I sniffed the air, smelling sweat and leather and iron.

Along with the scent of a rakshasa. Kushini. My cousin strode past me in leather pants, wearing her sword. The degenerate strutted with a martial swagger. Her mother should have drowned her as an infant instead of nursing her. So direct. So forceful. She didn't understand how to use proxies.

She liked cunning. "I see you house-trained your purchase," Kushini purred, taking her seat on the other side of the small table, her slaves spreading around her. She didn't bring any fans but sat like the day's heat didn't bother her. "Only took a week." I didn't rise to the barb. "You cannot rush a master when forging a sword, neither can you rush a mistress when breaking a slave." "Break," she said, licking her chops.

"Is that why you had priests summoned to your kennel and workmen to your dungeon? Because something broke?" I turned my head, a smile growing on my muzzle. Not enough to bare my fangs. Oh, no, I wouldn't give her that satisfaction. "You've never broken anything when being fucked by a man, Kushini?

You poor thing. Your pussy must just be dying for a real cum." "My pussy is fed often enough," she hissed back. Her hand falling down to her sword. Disgraceful. "Is it?" I asked. "You do know the man's supposed to do the stabbing, not the woman. And with their cocks." Her hand pulled back from her sword. "My men know how to wield their cocks." She reached beneath the loincloth of one of her slaves, an impressive Thlinian with red skin wearing a breastplate and greaves.


She stroked his dick beneath it, the man's cheek twitching, his armor creaking. "Don't you?" "Yes, Mistress," the slave groaned, his cock tenting his loincloth. "Are you going to fuck him right here to prove a point?" I asked my cousin, arching an eyebrow. "Oh, Malakisha, you have that little whore lick your pussy before me all the time," Kushini said. "Because you don't want to get into this contest, cousin." I licked my chops. "Look at the specimen my Bakiir possesses." Kushini gazed out at the slave grounds.

Her whiskers twitched. "Oh, my. I had heard about Halanian men, but." "Trust me, dear cousin, you would lose that contest." "Yes," she said, such envy. "How much to rent him for the night?" I gave her a sharp look. "Rent? Why cousin, what are you saying?" Kushini just licked her chops. "That we are the only two princesses in the palace with any real taste. None of the other whores saw the value in Bakiir. But we did." I gave her a studious look.

Was she broaching an alliance? Interesting. "Unlike your mother?" I said casually. Rushina, Kushini's mother, was heir. If aged Queen Adroyna died today, Rushina would sit upon the throne and Kushini would be one step closer to the prize we all lusted for.

"Unlike my mother," agreed Kushini. "Why don't you spar with Bakiir," I told her. "Practice your sword. See his skill.

Then we can.negotiate the satisfaction of your little pussy." "While I'm all hot and bothered?" She laughed. "You are cruel, cousin." I took another lap of my chilled wine as she stood, my mind considering the possibilities of an alliance. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "How was Kushini?" I asked Bakiir that evening when we entered my quarters, my retinue following. The fan girls moved with submission to the kennel, knowing their place. My male slaves stood in the room, waiting for commands.

"She was.agile," Bakiir admitted. Kushini had screamed her head off when Bakiir fucked my cousin. I could hear her through the walls as I lapped my wine on the training grounds. "Good. And the entire palace heard her." Which was wonderful.

That would be useful. "Issanik stay, the rest, to the kennel. You did good today. Fuck your whores hard." My brawny slaves grinned at me, murmuring, "Yes, Mistress." They were all so happy, like little boys eager to please their mothers. Or so I was told. Rakshasa's only had daughters. It would probably be so much easier if we had sons as well. Daughters were.capricious. "Bakiir, Lucy has been staring at your cock with such lust," I purred, licking my chops. Lucy shuddered, her fingers playing with her gold clit ring.

She nodded her head, her eyes locked on the cock, still wet with my cousin's juices. Oh, yes, Kushini would be so useful. Ideas bubbled in my mind. "Fuck her!" "Yes, Mistress," Bakiir grinned, staring at the nubile, pale form of Lucy. "She's teased me enough." "Oh, I did," Lucy groaned, stretching out on my bed, spreading her thighs and showing off that shaved pussy, her slit still virgin tight. "I need that big, black dick in me, Bakiir.

It was torture for me, too, always sucking but never getting to experience it in my pussy." "And me, Mistress?" Issanik asked. My brawny, brown-skinned slave knelt before me, his muscular body still gleaming. "Lick my ass and finger my cunt while I watch," I purred. "Yes, Mistress," he groaned. I turned away from him, staring at the bed as Bakiir grabbed Lucy's thighs. He shoved her legs farther apart, almost making her do the splits. But she was a limber girl. She just moaned with a lust I knew all too well.

That cock was amazing. Her pale hands grasped his thick, ebony girth, bringing it to her pussy. With a grunt, Bakiir rammed his cock into her body. Her ivory form shuddered, her pussy lips stretching so obscenely wide to take that girth. Her moans of pleasure made my heart beat so fast. It was so wonderful to give my love this pleasure. "Oh, yes," she snarled, her thighs locked about his dark waist. "Oh, fuck me, Bakiir. I've never had such a huge cock in me!" "Seljan's beard!" grunted the Halanian brute, his muscular ass clenching as he drove his cock over and over into my lover's pussy.

"Such a tight cunt. Gods, you are hot and molten." "And you are hung. Pater's cock, yes!" My pussy dripped juices down my thighs as I watched.

I shuddered as Issanik pressed in behind me, his whiskered cheeks rubbing into my butt-crack. I groaned as he licked at my asshole, his tongue swirling around while his strong hands slid around my waist, reaching for my pussy. Rough fingers found my snatch. He rubbed up and down them, caressing my folds, making me shudder in pure delight. Then two thick fingers penetrated my cunt.

He drove them deep, fucking them hard as he rimmed my asshole. Pleasure rippled through me. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck my cunt!" howled Lucy, thrashing beneath Bakiir's mighty form, ramming his cock so deep into her pussy over and over.

"Just plow me." "Enjoy him, my heart," I purred, my hips swiveling, loving Issanik's tongue lapping at my asshole, his organ swirling around my puckered opening. He was such a submissive man. "I am, my heart," Lucy moaned. "Oh, gods, I am. This cock! It's a divine cock! Pater must be his father! Yes, yes, yes!" I shuddered the pleasure shooting through me as I watched my lovely Lucy writhe beneath the dark slave.

Their contrasting bodies heaved together as the pair writhed. Flesh slapped flesh as he rammed into her, fucking her. Making her quiver and shudder. It was so hot to watch. I licked my chops again, trembling and groaning.

My pussy drank in the plunge of Issanik's fingers, my asshole delighting in his tongue. My eyes were so hot as they watched my slave and lover fuck. "Take it, you little whore," Bakiir growled. "Take my cock. Take it in your tight cunt." "Yes, yes, yes," Lucy howled over and over, bucking beneath him. "Flood me. Unleash it all in me." I shuddered then gasped as Issanik's tongue penetrated my asshole.

He jammed it into my bowels and swirled it around. My pussy clenched down so hard on his fingers, the fires burning hotter and hotter.

He stoked them with his tongue, his fingers. Such an obedient slave. Bakiir's heavy balls thwacked over and over into my slave, so full of his cum. I licked my chops again, staring at them. A hot shudder ran through my body. My asshole clenched on Issanik's probing tongue. "Cum in her," I snarled. "Cum in my Lucy's pussy." "Yes, yes, yes!" she howled.

I had no idea if she even heard what I said, so lost to her pleasure. Juices gushed out of her pussy, squirting along his cock. She bucked so violently beneath his mass. She was so tiny, so frail, so innocent beneath the ebony slave. And yet she took his powerful thrusts. She took his cock without breaking. And loved it. "Cum in her!" I snarled. "Yes, Mistress," he growled and buried into her cunt.

He grunted and groaned while she squealed in utter delight. His cum pumped into her. I groaned, remembering his seed firing into my pussy just this morning, that hot delight surging into me, spilling his seed through my womb.

Maybe quickening a daughter in me. I rubbed my belly, my cunt clenching so hard on Issanik's fingers. Juices dribbled out of me. I trembled, watching Bakiir's muscular back arch as he flooded my Lucy with all that yummy cum. A hunger growled through me. "Oh, yes, he flooded me, my heart," mewled a satiated Lucy. "He flooded so much cum in me. Even after fucking your cousin." "She didn't let me cum," growled Bakiir. "No, only I let you cum," I purred.

"The way it should be." "Yes.Mistress," he growled. "You are dismissed, Bakiir. I will make sure you get the choicest cuts of meat for your dinner." He groaned, rolling off my now flushed and panting Lucy. Her legs were still spread wide, her pussy gaping open, the tight seal ruined. Cum dribbled out, thick and salty.

Its scent filled the air, mixed with her sweet musk. "Issanik," I groaned, "for your heroism last night, you may fuck my ass while I lap my slave clean." "Yes, Mistress," he groaned. "And you may cum." He let out such a moan of delight as I pulled away from him.

I felt his worship as I moved to the bed, licking my chops. Through lidded eyes, Lucy watched me, her hands playing with her bellybutton, her small breasts rising and falling, quivering with her excitement. I stretched out on my hands and knees, crawling towards her. The scent of sweet pussy and salty cum filled my keen nose. I leaned down, lapping my rough tongue through her folds. She squealed in delight, her body convulsing as my tongue lapped up the delicious mix.

"Oh, my heart," she mewled, her hands sliding up to her small breasts, cupping them. "You spoil me." "Always," I groaned, wiggling my hips.

Issanik mounted the bed. The eager slave spread apart my butt-cheeks, my asshole polished with his spit, ready for his cock. He placed that thick girth against my asshole. He wasn't as big as Bakiir—what would he feel like in my asshole—but he would still make me squeal as I lapped up all the yummy cum from Lucy's pussy. With a grunt, my slave thrust. I purred into Lucy's pussy as a hard cock rammed hard into my bowels. Balls smacked into my taint while his crotch slapped my ass.

I shuddered, my asshole burning around his cock. Heat surged through me, compelling me to lap harder and harder at Lucy's pussy. "Oh, yes, my heart," groaned Lucy, her hips humping against my furry muzzle. "Oh, I love your tongue in me.

It's the best." "Mmm, and you taste so wonderful seasoned with such salty cream." She gave a wicked giggle. "There's even more deep inside me, my heart." "Let's find out." Lucy gasped, her body bucking as my long, thick tiger-tongue reached so deep into her pussy. When I turned into a full human, something I only did when alone with Lucy, my tongue could reach only half as deep into her sweet depths. It was so wonderful to feel so much of her pussy walls about my tongue, to feel her squirm and gasp and groan, shuddering in delight as I lapped at her.

And there was so much of Bakiir's salty cum buried in her depths. I savored it, gathering out the delicious jizz seasoned with her sweet cream while Issanik plowed my asshole hard, grunting with every wonderful thrust. Heat burned in my bowels as my slave fucked me.

It met the excitement he had built while I watched Lucy and Bakiir writhe. My orgasm swelled so hot and fast through me, my hips wiggling, bucking back into his powerful thrusts as I lapped and licked and cleaned my Lucy of all her cum.

"My heart," she squealed, her pussy contracting as my rough tongue bathed her depths. "Yes, yes, yes! The queen's saggy tits and dried-up cunt, I love you!" I licked harder, my bowels clenching on Issanik's hard cock plunging so deep and hard. "I love you so much!" she howled, grinding against my muzzle, my whiskers rubbing on her hot thighs. Juices dripped down my thighs, my pussy growing hotter and hotter.

The fire raging in my bowels, sparked by my slave's great cock, rushed towards my cunt. An inferno roared, blazing through my nethers and filling my body with rapture. My pussy spasmed.

I yowled and snarled into Lucy's pussy. My orgasm surged rapture through me. My bowels writhed around Issanik's thrusting cock. He grunted, fucking me harder, driving his dick so deep and hard into my asshole. More and more flames burst from my ass, raging through my body. I shuddered, my tongue lapping so fast and deep into Lucy's pussy. She squirmed and groaned.

Her moans sang out through the room. She thrashed on the bed, squirming, groaning, drinking in the rapture. Her moans echoed through the room. Then she convulsed, her snatch going wild about my tongue. "My heart!" she squealed as she came. I lapped up the sweet flood of her pussy cream as my orgasms rippled over and over through my body.

My asshole spasmed about Issanik's thrusting cock. My slave grunting, groaning as he pumped his cock over and over into my depths. "Cum in her asshole!" howled Lucy. "Do it! Flood her ass!" "Yes!" Issanik groaned, ramming his cock into me.

And then I shivered, feeling my slave's jizz pumped into the depths of my bowels. Hot and powerful blasts splashing against my asshole's velvety walls. I groaned, my pussy still spasming, juices flooding down my thighs. "Oh, my heart, you are such a treasure," I groaned, pulling her body down the bed, my muzzle, soaked by her juices, nuzzling into her belly and then her breasts. "So are you," she breathed as I opened my jaw and bit her neck. Not hard. I didn't penetrate her skin, but I could feel her pulse.

She didn't grow scared. She knew I could kill her and she trusted me. Loved me. How could I not love her back? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Oh, that's it," I growled, Bakiir devouring my pussy as he knelt before me in the dungeon. "Eat my pussy. You were such a naughty slave.

Fucking Kushini." Never mind I sent him to her and he brought me back her gold. I still savored punishing him. It was the third time in the last two weeks she'd rented him. Already, rumors buzzed about Kushini's whorish appetites for Bakiir. The other princesses sniggered behind her back. The perfect cover. "So naughty," he groaned, devouring my pussy so hard.

His strong lips digging into my folds, his tongue thrusting into my juicy depths. I cracked the flail across his back.

He grunted, fresh welts puckering across his broad back. His hands gripped my ass, squeezing so hard as he ravished me. I stared down at his ebony face between my brown thighs. He was so strong. He could break me in half with ease. But he was my slave. His lips found my clit. I groaned, drawing back the flail. Lucy burst into the room. "My heart!" "Lucy?" I blinked. "Did Konayveh.?" My words trailed off. She would not be in such a panic if her lover had canceled their assignation.

I encouraged my Lucy to seduce the slaves of others in the royal family to learn secrets and spread my own disinformation. Konayveh was Queen Adroyna's favorite boy toy, the captain of her bodyguard. "What happened?" "Queen Adroyna is dead," Lucy breathed. "She died having sex with one of her slaves. Konayveh said her heart gave out." I smiled at the news of my grandmother's death.

Everything would change. And that meant opportunity. "We need to make plans." I stared down at Bakiir, his lips stained with pussy juices. Heat surged through me. The real fun was about to begin. To be continued.