Pune story xx x sunny leone xx story x story

Pune story xx x sunny leone xx story x story
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Continued from Chapter Fifteen Well you girls ready we got to go it is an hour and a half trip your all welcome to come camping sometime we may thank you.

We hug sue whispers into my ear your my sud I want more you know I will be back you can count on it baby love you. The get in the car and head out all waving good bye Mary left yesterday April's still in school Jan or the bus bring her home. The Neighbors Chapter Sixteen The Final chapter or is it ?

It is time for graduation it is June twelfth it is a Friday I have not been avoiding April have not collected rent. She went to school and I went over to check the broken down ac unit in the window she told me it needed fixing.

I think I will install central ac later on like I have in my house the days are getting hotter I put in a ceiling fan for now. I am up in the attic finishing up I just finished wiring the over head hidden cam in ceiling vent when all of a sudden.

April and a guy comes in the house I hear hear them dam it's hot in here yeah hasn't he fixed the ac yet dam him. I have installed a ceiling fan it is wired and ready to go she has to flip the switch no central yet too expensive. I have a good strong floor that I installed for extra storage space and a drop down latter special for the attic. Hey Please come in here Jake we can fuck in here I don't see tony around any where wonderful maybe a quickie.

One second let me double check Hello tony you around I know better than to answer he did install a ceiling fan. Looks like a vent to too suck out the heat cool much better maybe I will finally get central ac unit gosh I hop so. There's a tiny chip out of the ceiling near the fan so I can see right over her bed I also installed a hidden cam.

In the vent tiny not visible and it is wireless directly to my PC always recording dam this is going to be hot. They both get undressed well tonight we graduate Jake yeah I cant wait sorry your moving I'll miss you April. Yes me too your a good fuck for a jock Jake shall I put a condom on I'm on the pill I have been for a few weeks. I'm going to any way alright well let me suck you off first then you can fuck me in the pussy bent over yeah.

He lays on the bed she takes his rod in her hands strokes him slowly and puts the head in her mouth going down. Slowly stroking and sucking starts sucking him off ooh April your as good now as when you were last year oh god.

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That is it baby yeah suck it oh yeah suck that hard cock of mine then ride me like you use to aah feels good. I finally figured out whom her ex boyfriend was and I was getting a free show I was recording too wow.

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Your nice and hard now here bend over doggie alright stick your cock in my hot pussy do it now fuck me hard. Yes baby I feel it going in me Jake aah fuck me ooh Gawd ooh aah fuck me with your hard cock.

Dam she screams as loud as she does when shes with me aah Gawd Jake fuck me harder oh baby yes ooh yes yes.

Yes that's it aah fuck me that's the spot you got it now aah hit it baby Yes baby ooh yes fuck me ooh . me !


Yeah. Fuck my pussy aah! Yes your hard cock feels so good aah yes Fuck Me Hard Baby ! Made Me Cum please. That's feels so good, Ooh oh yes go deeper yeah baby deeper aah bay I'm cumming aah fuck I'm cumming.

That's it yes Oh God baby, yes cum are you gonna cum now Oh My God! Yes harder Deeper, Harder!. I 'm Cumming, Don't Stop Please, I Feel So Good fuck me baby aah yes ooh Gawd. Yes baby I'm going to cum inside you again"Oh!! OHH!! Ooh fuck! I'm cumming inside you again April I know I feel it I think the condom broke ooh fuck Unghh!! ! I'm cumming again!! Oh, baby!!

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Yes!! YES. "Yeah, that's it. There you go Pull out so he does dam it is break shit hope I do not get my pregnant now. You better go before I kill you oh shit I see you tomorrow at graduation dam you by April and thanks alright. That asshole Jake he knocked up sue and now me maybe what am I going to tell tony fuck! well I better shower. She goes to the shower I figured it's best if I wait until she leaves the house then I can get done and go next door.

I hear the water turn off I see her come back in her room she just tosses on her sun dress nothing else dam it's hot. Then the door opens and closes I hear her go into my house through the roof vents I get down in a hurry. I go next door to my garage I enter by the side stairs for the spare apartment Is pretend to be taking a nap.

Tony you in here Yes up here can I come up please sure Just napping come on up hey there wanna fuck ? Maybe later I hurt my groin I was lifting I should not have been oh baby I'm so sorry what was hurt my pride. I seen you installed ceiling fan and a vent that was awesome hank you tony baby Thank you she hops up.

She begins grinding her self on me I reach down lift off her sun dress ooh your naked honey yes and horny too. I guess you want o make love yes but do me doggie alright hell cum in me if you want to I want to feel it deep.

Don't bother licking my pussy just stick your cock in well I'm hard now I know lets fuck now here enter me. She takes my cock in her hand and I enter her knowing another guy was already in her I hoped to catch her. How you readers may ask Maybe she will moan out Jake the guy whom I saw her fucking about an hour ago. Yes it's in do it fuck me ooh yeah baby fuck my horny pussy ooh Gawd do it fuck me deep aah yeah that's it. Yes baby aah yeah!

fuck my tight pussy aah yes ooh aah I feel it now that's go it's going deeper yes . Yeah fuck my horny cunt Ooh, yeah, baby, satisfy my pussy she grunted as I fucked her with deep full strokes. "Fuck me, baby. . "Oh, yes, honey! Fuck me! Oh, God, yes. Yes!

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Oh, yeah I'm gonna cum baby aah fuck. Yes aah fuck me.

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Fuck me hard, honey! . grind on it baby"shove it deep in my pussy aah fuck yeah baby. Your going to make me cum soon I feel it "Oh yes, oh yes, fuck me harder! I'm gonna cum Jake What!!. April what the fuck !!


I pulled out with out finishing her Dam You who is Jake!! I'm sorry Tony. I will ask once more " Who's Jake ? " ,"Aright Alright!!! " He's my ex boyfriend! There that's who he is .She runs out naked with dress in hand crying ash she running she says I been fucking him for the past few weeks. You happy There I told you I'll move out and please don't bother to call me either dam shes pissed I better let her cool down.

This is our first fight and were not even married yet I go into my house I forgot I had the hidden cam in her room. I flip on my TV to see what's on I also forgot I hooked the hidden cam to my TV and my laptop The it happened. I see her on open her door she flops down on her bed crying she calls some one I cant see who Jake it's April.

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My husband pissed she put's him on speaker phone good thing the wireless cam has a built in mic for listening. You heard me My husband Hey you wanted to if I get pregnant he's coming after you why me never mind. Shall I come over are you OK I will be just stay away see you tomorrow will he be there ? Yes he will oh shit. Hey April how come you did not have an engagement ring on your finger I don't wear it to school.

I don't want it stolen Oh OK that's a good idea yes she starts to calm down I gotta go Jake bye OK bye April. Dam you girl what Have you done she's talking out loud to her self well I'll have to finish my self off I guess.

I probably ruined my relation ship with tony I better go explain but first I got to orgasm good then I will go over. I need have creative romantic dinner for her better still its about five now I will call for dinner reservations. I call up and were all set great now see what she's up to their she is naked still dress on floor legs spread wide.

Daddy.I want you to fuck me I am gonna cum all over your hard cock baby cum in side me please ooh daddy. I'm cumming!"oh god baby go deep pound my pussy I'm so sorry aah I'm cumming ooh I'd better stop this.

I better go see him now But how do I explain how sorry I really am I messed up big time bring Jake home. Well here goes nothing Ill put on my bra and panties and my same dress I quickly turn off the wireless cam. I sit and watch TV door bell rings be right there Dang it's almost supper time whom could it be now.

Why hello April she looks at me with tears in her eyes frowns and say ooh baby I'm so sorry I have ruined us. Ruined what honey our relationship between us I messed up really bad may I come in please yes honey please. Anthony honey I mean Tony I really messed things up by fucking Jake at home hes leaving to join the army.

Well I thought one last good fuck would not hurt honey I got good news and bad news she starts to tremble. Tears are still streaming down what bad news first you hate me right you never want to see me you want me out. That is not it at all I was trying to say Bad news I don't know your ring size the good news if we hurry down town. We can pick out you and engagement ring then get to dinner by seven Hugh what did you say please repeat that.

Alright April honey I repeat it as simple as possible will you marry me there is that simple enough for you? Hello Honey wake up did you just ask me to marry you baby Yes I did sweetie " Oh My God!!

" I can't believe it. I was thinking a simple yes or no because we have dinner reservations for seven pm Yes of course I will marry you. How about July forth sweetie great it's six pm now lets go a half hour into town get the engagement ring. We go to dinner come home relax she spends the night tomorrows graduation her mom & step dad will be there. If you want me to continue this story just message me I have a few more parts I can ad Thank you