Sex appeal angels are fisting snatch of their legal age teenager girlfriend

Sex appeal angels are fisting snatch of their legal age teenager girlfriend
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Jess felt very guilty. How the hell had she managed to get not only herself but her best friend, Debbie, into something like this? When Sally, Lorraine and Liz had told her that they'd arranged to borrow Ashly's slave Kim for the weekend, she'd literally begged them to let her join them. They'd agreed, on one condition that she told absolutely no-one about their plans, to which she'd agreed.

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They'd warned her that if she did tell anyone she'd be in serious trouble but she didn't truly believe that they'd do anything to her so, in true "best-friend" style, she'd told Debbie, her friend from the stables. Well, her and Debbie had had plans for the weekend and, when Jess cancelled but hadn't given a reason, Debbie just kept on and on until Jess's loyalty to her friend had won over, and Jess had told her. Not only had she told Debbie her plans, but she'd gone one step further and actually invited her along; after all, she was certain that the three older ladies wouldn't really mind.

The two 16-year-olds had been friends for a long time. They'd first met eight years ago when they both turned up for their first riding lesson at the same time, and had been pretty much inseparable ever since. They'd shared all the things young girls growing up and going through puberty experienced together.

They'd seen their bodies gradually change into vessels for their sexuality. Together, they'd used their new found physical attraction to tease boys of their own age, although they had, as yet, never had sex with any of them.

And although they were as close as two friends could be, they'd definitely never had sex with each other. Well, not up until about an hour ago, that is. They'd still not had sex with a man, but they'd done things to each other in the last hour (and had things done to them) that, well, they couldn't have previously believed they'd do even if someone offered them a million pounds. Of course, a monetary offer like that would have given them a choice in the matter but when you have no choice… * Debbie's earlier arrival, and Jess's admission to inviting her, had initially incensed Sally, Lorraine and Liz.

They had, however, quickly realised that the addition of another sweet, tender, innocent sixteen year-old to their party was damn near perfect. During the first couple of hours of their fun with Kim, Jess had upset the three older ladies on a number of occasions by, for want of a better phrase, playing up.

She was there as the "junior partner" in their adventure but she'd proved altogether too pushy for their liking. She was 16 years old and totally inexperienced, yet at times she'd acted as though she was the one running the show, as if what she said went. Sally, in particular, had decided that she needed to be brought down a peg or two and when Debbie had turned up un-announced and Jess had come clean about inviting her, Sally had decided instantly that enough was enough and that the pushy teenager and her friend would suffer the consequences.

And if Jess had thought she'd suffered enough in the last hour, she was seriously mistaken. When Debbie had arrived, she'd been told that she was to strip to her bra and panties (something which Debbie hadn't questioned considering that she had been led to believe by Jess that she would be having sex) and had been made to wear a blindfold (the reason for which was to increase her surprise when she saw what had already been done to Kim) before being introduced to Jess's older friends and their pet.

Then, to her initial horror and disgust, she'd been made to kneel on the floor and lick Sally's arsehole, by way of saying a special hello. By the time Sally had moved aside and Lorraine had taken her place, bent forward at the waist with the cheeks of her arse spread wide to allow Debbie's tongue easier access to her anus, the 16-year-old had, to her surprise, quite literally got a taste for it.

And when Liz offered her own sweet puckered arsehole to Debbie's hungry mouth, you'd have thought that someone really had offered her a million pounds to do these things on the condition that she appeared to be enjoying it. Finally, although she didn't know it as the blindfold was still in place, Debbie's tongue had explored and licked and probed her best friend's arsehole, and with Sally rubbing her clit and Liz furiously finger-fucking her pussy, Jess's young body soon exploded in a powerful orgasm, soaking Debbie's chin in girlfriend-cum.

As Jess rolled her orgasm-weakened body off Debbie's face, Sally had asked them both if their exertions had made them thirsty, to which the two 16-year-olds had replied with a relieved "yes". "Well then," Sally continued, "we have a ready-made special brew for you, don't we?" In her excitement, Jess had forgotten about Kim and his arsehole-full of their piss and his own pee and cum, but Sally's question immediately brought it back to mind.


"I thought we were going to make him drink that?" she asked. "We were, but it would be so much nicer if you were to share it with your friend, don't you think?" Sally had replied. "After all, you say you're the very best of friends… and best friends should share everything." With one end still pushed firmly into Kim's speculum-widened arsehole, Sally handed the other end to Jess.

"Now, here's what you're going to do," Sally instructed. "Suck up one mouthful, but don't swallow it, then let it slowly dribble from your mouth into young Debbie's mouth. Then, when she's swallowed that, do the same again… and again… until every last drop is gone." "But…", Jess began, only to be interrupted by Sally.

"No 'buts', young lady. You brought this on yourself when you invited Debbie along without our permission and, well, from now on, the pair of you do as you're told." Resigned to her fate, Jess placed the free end of the plastic tubing into her mouth… and gently sucked.

She watched with a mix of disgust and excitement as the golden yellow liquid slowly filled the tube as it made its way from Kim's bowels to her lips, and when it finally exited the tube and settled in her mouth, it was all she could do to stop herself from gagging.

As her mouth filled up with the now-cold urine, she was just thankful that she wasn't the one who actually had to swallow the stuff.

She'd been excited (actually she'd been physically aroused) at the prospect of seeing Kim drinking the stuff, but the thought of having to drink it herself… well, that simply grossed her out. As she'd slowly sucked up the first mouthful, she hadn't been able to look at her friend. Sure, she felt bad that Debbie, who in effect was the genuinely innocent party in all of this, would have to swallow mouthful after mouthful of everyone's piss all mixed in together with a generous amount of Kim's cum (and god know what else had found its way into the brew after being in Kim's bowels for so long), but it could be worse… she could have been the one to do the swallowing.

Still, she felt bad for Debbie but, as she took the tube out of her mouth and turned and faced her friend, she shouldn't have worried. Debbie still knelt on the floor but now she'd tilted her head back so that her face was pointing to the ceiling… and her mouth was wide open in readiness. Jess couldn't believe her eyes. Was Debbie actually looking forward to this? Was she already enjoying this so much?

Jess was sure that if it were not for the blindfold, she'd see a look of eager anticipation in her friend's eyes. Debbie had only been there for about fifteen minutes and already she'd been made to French kiss everyone's arseholes, and now she was going to drink cold, stale piss… and she was actually eagerly looking forward to it? Jess's eyes happened to glance down to between Debbie's legs and the ever-growing damp patch that was steadily soaking her friend's knickers proved beyond all doubt that this was a huge turn-on for her.

She was actually getting off on this! Jess knelt beside her friend and, as instructed, slowly allowed the mouthful of pee to dribble into her friend's open mouth. As she did so, Lorraine and Liz moved behind her and spread the cheeks of her arse wide apart, and Sally inserted one finger fully into her exposed anus. Jess felt her anal muscles instinctively grip Sally's finger and she hoped that at least she'd get an arse finger-fucking to take her mind off having to transfer all the piss in Kim's bowels into Debbie's mouth.

Her hopes were soon turned into disappointment though when Sally removed her finger, and her disappointment quickly turned into disgust when Sally pushed the finger into Jess's mouth and told her to suck it, which she did with some reluctance. Over the next few minutes, mouthful-by-mouthful, Jess transferred the liquid contents of Kim's arsehole into Debbie's mouth.


Each time she emptied a mouthful of pee-mixture into her friend's thirsty mouth, the older ladies took turns to slide a finger into their own arses and rub the contents into the inside of Jess's mouth on her tongue, her teeth, her gums. The taste was utterly disgusting, and Jess was now seriously wondering who'd got the better deal here her having to take mouthfuls of piss and get shit-stained fingers stuck in her mouth, or Debbie who simply had to swallow some cold urine.

When eventually it became harder to easily suck the liquid from Kim's arse and she seemed to be coming to the last few drops, Jess had presumed that it was simply because the supply was drying up.

The reality was somewhat different because she noticed that the liquid in the plastic tubing was no longer golden yellow, but had started to become a little darker in colour, and there were small pieces of solid brown material mixed in with it. "OK," she said, removing the tube from her mouth. "Enough is enough! No way! I am NOT doing that!" "Oh yes? And who says so?" asked Liz.

"I fucking say so," Jess replied. "Well, you're not really in a position to say what you do or not," Lorraine reminded her. "There's three of us, and only one of you.

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Do you really think you have a say? If we decide you're going to suck the crap out of Kim's arse, then that's exactly what you'll do, even if we have to hold you down and tape the tube into your mouth and hold your nose closed." "You know," said Sally.

"I think that's a wonderful idea, but I think we should cut her some slack for now.

She's been pretty obedient so far, and, well, we've got the rest of the weekend in front of us. I think by the time we've finished with her that she'll be begging us to let her do something as easy as that. At least it isn't painful," she added. "Tell you what," Sally continued.

"Me and Liz and Lorraine are going to pop out for a little while here and we're going to have a good chat about you. When we get back, we'll let you know what we've decided." "Now, here's the deal. When we're gone, you and Debbie and Kim are going to get yourselves ready for what I have planned for you next." Reaching into Ashly's bag, Sally handed Jess and Debbie each a speculum, just like the one that was holding Kim's arse wide-open.

Lorraine had already placed three spreader-bars on the sofa, and Liz handed each of the 16-year-olds a pair of sheer black stockings and a suspender belt. She also placed another pair of stockings and suspender belt on the floor near Kim. "Ok, instructions for you while we're away. I think it's not too difficult to guess what you do with the lingerie, and just in case you were wondering why there are three sets, the third set is for Kim.

Please dress him in it, Jess. "The spreader-bars shouldn't be too tricky to work out either. One for each of you. And the speculums… well, it's not fair that Kim should be the only one to have the pleasure of one, so when we get back we want to see you and Debbie with yours secured firmly in your sweet little teenage arses.

And we want to see those holes stretched really wide. If I can't fit two of my fingers up you without touching the sides… well, let's just say that you'll have wished I could have.

Got that?" Jess just nodded dumbly. She had no doubts at all that if she didn't do as requested, the older ladies would simply think of something worse for her to do.

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Sally told Jess that she was in charge while her and Lorraine and Liz were gone and, so that the other couldn't hear, added quietly, "We'll be about half an hour, I reckon. Make sure you're all ready, there's a good little whore." * The two sixteen-year-olds were standing up, although the truth was they didn't really have much choice.

Their legs were spread wide and held in place by the leather ankle-restraints attached to either end of the three-foot-long spreader bars they had attached earlier. Their legs were spread so far apart, if it wasn't for the chains attached to the D-rings on either side of the leather collars they were wearing and stretched up to hooks screwed into the ceiling above them, they would surely have lost their balance and fallen flat on their pretty faces or sweet, speculum-widened arses.

Their wrists were similarly manacled to identical spreader bars but so far they'd been allowed to hold their outstretched arms down by their waists. Their mouths were held open by steel cage-gags. In their black stockings and black lace suspender belts, they looked absolutely stunning - although, as they were about four feet apart and facing away from each other, neither had the pleasure of enjoying the other's beautiful vulnerability.

Between them, suspended upside-down, hung Kim. The spreader bar, which forced his legs apart, was a foot longer than the girls' and was attached to the ceiling, not the floor. He was similarly dressed in black stockings and a lace suspender belt and the speculum in his arse was open just as far as those in Jess and Debbie's anuses. His arms had been tied together behind his back. He also wore a full black leather bondage hood, with separate cutouts for his eyes, nose and mouth.

The height at which Kim had been suspended meant that his face was level with the girls' backsides and, at the moment, he faced Debbie's. Despite everything, he had to admit the view was very nice, but he wished he could see the two side by side! There would be plenty of chance for him to have the pleasure of close-up views of both of their sweet, tender, tasty arseholes later. After the physical effort of positioning Kim and the girls, the three older ladies relaxed on the sofa and admired their what was the right word for it?

sculpture! They had to admit that they were quite proud with their handiwork, and they were most definitely excited and aroused at the thought of playing with their trio of slaves. "Don't they look so fucking helpless," Liz said. "We're going to have so much fun with them." "Yeah," agreed Lorraine. "I'm so glad that little bitch Jess disobeyed us and invited her friend Debbie over now. I mean, just look at her! I know she's got smaller tits than Jess, but those nipples!

Fucking hell, I'm going to have so much fun with those." "Damn right," Sally said. "They're as hard as diamonds already. And her pussy is so swollen and wet. You know, ladies," she continued, "I really think she's looking forward to this!" Grabbing one of the riding crops and walking over to the helpless girl, Sally started to gently tap each of Debbie's nipples in turn.

Although Sally was being gentle, each time the little hand-shaped paddle on the end of the crop struck the flesh of Debbie's erect and sensitive nipples, the 16-year-old made a small groaning sound in the back of her throat, and although she strained against her restraints it was more in pleasure than in an effort to move away from the painful (but exquisite) contact. "Oh, the little slut is definitely enjoying this," Sally told Lorraine and Liz.

"I'm not sure I like the idea of her enjoying it but I guess there's no accounting for taste!" Leaning close-in to Debbie's face, Sally whispered "enjoy it while you can, little girl, because pretty soon you'll be begging for it to stop. You'll be pleading with me, because your nipples will hurt so much that you'll think you won't be able to take one more hit.

"I know you're enjoying it now, and I can tell you that I'm enjoying it too, but believe me when I tell you that I will be enjoying it long after it's stopped being enjoyment for you." "Hey, Sal," Lorraine said, "Jess looks a little left out there, don't you think? I think her nipples could do with a little leather-on-skin experience too. We could make it a little competition for them, see which one begs us to stop first." "Or better still," Sally said, "let's test their friendship, shall we?

I'll just keep on hitting these beautiful nipples of Debbie's until she can't stand it any more, but when she asks me to stop I'll just start on Jess. Let's see how much she's prepared to put up with to spare her friend." "Oh that's beautiful," Liz said. "I want to see the look on the little bitch's face when she's nearly at her limit but struggling with the choice to take some more or let Jess have some.

Wait a minute while I get the video camera set up, will you? We don't want to miss getting this on film." While Liz set the video camera up, Sally gave Jess a few taps on her own nipples as a taster of what was to come, saying, "let's see if your friend is willing to take your pain for you shall we?

I think she should seeing as you were nice enough to invite her along this afternoon." When the camera was ready, Sally started to gently tap Debbie's already-sore, reddened, sensitive nipples again first the left, then the right, then the left again with the riding crop.

Each successive blow stung just that little bit more, and once again Debbie strained against her bonds, but this time in an effort to avoid the SLAP! of the little leather hand against her skin. Pretty soon, the stinging became pain and Debbie grimaced in anticipation each time Sally swung the crop. Although Sally had only been using the crop for about a minute, to Debbie it seemed like a hundred times as long.

Both her nipples were now extremely red and sore no, both her nipples HURT A LOT but the thought of her best friend going through the same torment as she was made more determined to last as long as possible. Maybe Sally would get tired of this game and stop. Yeah, and maybe pigs might fly, Debbie thought to herself. It wasn't as if Sally was hitting her that hard. Sally kept the rhythmic tap-tap-tap of the riding crop against her nipples at a constant speed - one hit every second and she didn't increase the force of the blows, but the cumulative effect of slap after slap of the leather on her nipples was beginning to take it's toll on Debbie.

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Each time the crop made contact with her flesh, Debbie flinched involuntarily. Her hands were balled tightly into fists and her teeth were clenched tightly together and instead of little groans of pleasure in the back of her throat she now let out cries of pain-induced anguish.

On and on the relentless punishment went and with each strike Debbie was convinced that she'd have to plead for Sally to stop before the next hit. Her eyes were screwed tightly shut but that didn't stop the tears from leaking down her cheeks.

Debbie's nipples felt as if they were on fire oh man, they were in so much pain and all she could think of was whether she'd be able to endure even one more hit. But she thought of her best friend behind her, tied identically, unable to do anything except listen to her cries of pain and wait for her own turn and promised herself that she would last as long as she could before giving in.

She was going crazy with the pain in her nipples but something that made her even crazier was the fact that the only way for it to stop was to condemn her friend to an equally painful and degrading experience. How could she possibly do that? Behind her, Jess hung in her bonds, wishing desperately for her friend's torment to end yet dreading the very same, for the moment it did end her own would begin.

That Debbie was in a lot of pain was obvious. She was openly crying now and Jess had never felt worse in her life. After all, it was her fault Debbie was even here. Jess could feel the tears start to trickle down her own cheeks. Without realising she'd done it, Jess shouted, "Stop!

Please stop! Don't hurt my friend any more. Please! You can hit me… please hit me instead… but please stop hurting Debbie!" To her amazement, Sally stopped. Although some part of her believed that Sally might listen to her plea, she was still shocked when it happened.

"Well, well," said Sally, walking around to face Jess. "That's very considerate of you, honey. Do you really want me to stop, even knowing that means it would be your turn?

Even knowing that if I do stop, it would only mean the beginning for you?" "I don't want you to hurt me, but I don't want you to carry on hurting Debbie's nipples, either," Jess managed through her tears.

The second that Sally smiled at her, Jess knew she'd made a big mistake. SLAP!! Sally's open palm crashed against the side of Jess's face. "You stupid little fucking bitch," she sneered. "Did you really think I'd listen to you? Have you forgotten who is in control here? Who gives the orders and who asks for things to be done? Well, just in case you have, let me remind you. It's me and Lorraine and Liz, not you. You got that?" When Jess didn't answer, Sally slapped her hard on the face again.

"How dare you not answer me! I fucking said have you fucking got that?" The pain in her cheek was overwhelming and Jess could think of nothing else, but not wanting to be slapped again she managed to blurt out "Yes!" "Good," Sally said through gritted teeth, "but I'm prepared to do as you wish this time. I won't hurt you, and I won't carry on punishing Debbie's nipples either.

I do have some heart and I can see that they have taken just about all they are able to take. That's what you want, isn't it?" "Yes," was all that Jess was able to say for the second time in a minute. "Of course, her nipples aren't the only really sensitive part of her body. If I can't carry on with them, we'll just have to see if she can take as much pain in her clit.

And this time, because you fucked up by asking me to stop, I'm gonna carry on for as long as I want. I don't care how much you or she begs me, by the time I've finished you're gonna feel so guilty, because just remember Debbie's pain is your fault. "Now, how are we going to keep those sweet little pussy lips of her apart so that I can make sure every single hit with this crop finds its mark?" "How about some of the clothes pegs?" asked Lorraine.

"I saw some pictures on-line once where a woman was tied and had her pussy lips spread wide open with some pegs with string attached." Lorraine handed Sally eight of the pegs and, using her thumb and forefinger to ease Debbie's outer labia apart, Sally pinched as much flesh as she could manage and, one by one, fastened four clothes pegs to each of the 16-year-old's pussy lips.

"Make sure they're nice and tight," Liz said. "It would be such a shame if they came off when we put the string through them and tie them to her thighs." When the pegs were all in place, Sally fed some string through the gaps in each peg and wrapped the ends of the string around Debbie's thighs, so that the pegs pulled the 16-yo-old's pussy lips wide apart.

The pegs rested tightly against Debbie's inner thighs and already she could feel the tips of them biting tightly into the flesh of her labia. Her pussy felt so exposed (which it was) and, despite the pain that Sally had caused her by using the cop on her nipples, it was soaking wet. With tears still streaming down her face, Debbie writhed against the pegs' assault on her labia but she quickly realised that this only served to pull the pegs and her pussy lips even tighter.

Relaxing, she simply hung there, waiting for the pain, knowing that there was not a single thing she could do about it. She was completely at the mercy of Sally and her two friends and she was scared. It was safe to say that this was not at all what she expected when she'd insisted on Jess telling her about the plans for Kim. One part of her blamed herself, but another part put the blame firmly with Jess.

Whoever was to blame (and she decided that, in fairness, they were both equally to blame), she could not think of that now. She could think only of how much her nipples hurt and how much her clit was going to hurt. Her thoughts were rudely interrupted when she felt an agonising pain in her left nipple, which was still erect after the battering it had taken not long before.

Managing to open her eyes just enough to look down, she saw that Lorraine had taken a single clothes peg and clamped it firmly over the red, swollen, sensitive tip of her breast When Lorraine did the same to her right nipple, she cried out in agony, for which her only reward was a hard slap across her face. "I don't remember giving you permission to make any sound, you little whore," Sally hissed in her face.

"But I'm glad you did because you've just reminded me that I haven't told you the rules for when I start using the riding crop on your clit yet." "Firstly, you are not to make a sound. The first time you do, I will stop spanking your clit and put a clothes peg on it for ten minutes instead. Then, I'll take the peg off and start with the crop again. "The second time you do, I'll stop again, but this time before you get your clit pegged, I'll stick a hat-in through it, and then put the peg on.

"And the third time, the same thing will happen to your nipples.

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I'll take those pegs off and put some pins through them before putting the pegs back on. "Secondly, you are not allowed to ask me to stop this time, and for that you can thank your friend behind you. If you do, you'll get all of the above and I won't bother taking them off before me, Lorraine and Liz use a crop on each of your nipples and your clit. "Now, are we all nice and comfy because I'm looking forward to this a lot," Sally added.

Debbie shut her eyes tight and waited for the crop to make its first contact with her exposed clit… * Yes, Jess felt very guilty indeed. How the hell had she managed to get not only herself but her best friend, Debbie, into something like this? To be continued…