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Teen beauty takes a thick dick up her virgin asshole
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fluky dogs| Part 02: Escape Form The Sewers| by Mogrim [Chapter 1] As the footstep grew louder, the three friends panicked. If he is a cop, who surely he is, he'd have a gun, and all they have is a replica gun. If they try to use it, the cop will fire at them.

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And if they don't use it, they will be arrested. It doesn't matter how many cops are coming, they're busted already. They have to come out with something, and they'd better come out with something very quick. "Hey Kenny, think something!" said Bill, the need of haste showing in his face.

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"How about we hide the money somewhere and then surrender?" said Kenny, doubtful about his own plan. "We'll try to get the money later." "Yeah… ten year later!" Bill didn't like the idea. "And where would we hide it in here?" "Listen," Haas talked, "I think I got a plan. We might get outta here if there's only one cop.

Bill, you'll take cover in front of that pillar. When the cop spots us, he'll hold the flashlight and walk straight towards us. There's a chance he might not see you.


You have to act quick, walk right behind him and stick your gun at his back. Don't let him call for backup. We'll come forth and disarm him. Than we'll see what happens… is that good?

What do you guys say?" "That'd do, I'll go hide now." Bill moved towards the pillar. [Chapter 2] Haas and Kenny were left to wait for the cop. "So how was that ho? I didn't get to taste her, thanks to that pig Baxter." Haas asked Kenny with regret.

"Don't call her that…" Kenny said, a little loud. "Who's there? Hands up… don't move a muscle!" a female voice came, as her flashlight spotted them. Uuu… a lady cop, thought Bill, as she passed him and moved to Haas and Kenny.

He quickly sneaked behind her and stuck his gun barrel on her back. "Don't make a sound missy, or you'll die." Bill felt her muscles getting stiff as he hugged her slender waist with his left hand and pulled her soft body on him.

Kenny came forward and took her gun from her hand. Then took her two-way radio from her belt and dropped it in the dirty sewer water. "Sending a lady cop alone in the sewers is such a bad idea." Right than a loud male voice came form the tunnel opening, "What's it Tanya? You need me?" "Tell him it's only a rat." Kenny stuck her gun at her own belly.

"No thanks, it's only some rats." She said carefully. "Ok, they've got away I think, we're going back. You should too…" they heard his voice fading away. "How many cops came in the sewers… Tanya?" Haas asked her as he gently cuffed her hands in front of her with her own handcuffs.

Three, came the answer. "Ok, let's move, the tunnels are empty now. We'll take the second one left now." Haas told his friends. Than he looked at Tanya's tall and slim body… cleared his throat and said, "We're sorry miss, but we'll have to take you with us. Believe us, we're gentlemen. We won't hurt you until you do something very stupid." [Chapter 3] The three friends backtracked to the tunnel opening and took the other left one. Bill going first with the flashlight, then Tanya followed by Kenny with her pistol and finally Haas with the rucksack full of money.

They passed the first exit and moved further forward to the next exit. They found those sewer worker's outfit and helmets behind the ladder that they've left here 03:00 AM in the morning. They quickly put them on. It was 11:00 PM; streets of the suburb would probably be empty this time. "Mr. Pink and I will go up. I will back up the truck. Mr. Pink will open the passenger door and provide cover. You'll send her up, Mr.

Pink will hold her you'll quickly climb up and close the manhole. Then we'll get in the truck and off we go.

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Ok?" Bill said to Haas and went up with Kenny. After a few seconds they heard the engine start and then Kenny called them. "Go on," Haas told Tanya, "careful." Haas followed her, got out of the manhole, replaced the hatch and he hold Tanya as Kenny hopped into the truck. Then he sent her in and finally he himself got in. And then the old pickup truck sped away on the empty suburban streets of LA, with not very cozy four passengers.

[Chapter 4] Two hours later, they were in an abandoned warehouse far away from the place of their mischief.

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Bill, Haas and Kenny just finished counting all the money. "Ok, it isn't as much as we hoped for, but $19620 isn't that bad for a two hour job." Said Bill, "Infect none of us have ever seen this much cash together before.

We split it 3 ways… Mr.


Pink… your share $6540, Mr. White… your $6540 and… another $6540 for me." "What do we do with her?" Haas pointed towards captured beauty Tanya. She is blindfolded and tied to a high-backed chair now. "…she is so beautiful…" "Yeah… you go ahead and do her Mr.

White. Capturing her was you idea." said Kenny.

"Yeah, go ahead." said Bill. Bill and Kenny went out to give them some privacy. Haas moved towards Tanya. He removed her blindfold, untied her and helped her to her feet. "Don't try to runaway; it's not a friendly neighborhood." Her blonde hair was tied up on a bun; he released her long flowing hair. It was long, just finished above her waist. Haas sat on the chair and said, "Strip." She reluctantly began to remove her clothes one bye one.

First she removed her shirt. She had a tight white T-shirt on. Then came off her belt… pants… T-shirt… shoes… socks… and bra. Now she was standing only in her white cotton panties. She was hesitant to remove her panties.

"I want you to know one thing. We are not killers, no matter what you do, we will not kill you." Haas said as he stood up, undid his belt, pushed his pants and boxer shorts down to his ankle and sat down on the chair again.

"But you'll have to spend the night here with us. So pissing me off could make your stay here very uncomfortable." So finally she stepped out of her panties. And there she stands, in all her glory.

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She looked like a million dollar worth modern artwork. Haas eyed her head to toe. She was the sexiest thing he ever laid his eyes on. She was 22-24 years old. She's 5'8" tall, slim. She has long shapely legs, beautifully rounded hips, and nice round and firm buttocks.

She has a bombshell figure of 34c-24-36.

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Her skin was perfectly suntanned and there were no tan-lines. Even her nipples, areola and her pussy lips have the same light-brown color like other places of her skin.

She had her bellybutton pierced and wore a beautiful stud there. Her pussy-lips were shaved and only had a narrow triangle of hair above her slit. Her face is pretty and very sexy. And those lovely hazel eyes… Haas felt his penis began to swell. I'd love to kiss those puffy lips of hers, I'd love to suck on her erect nipples, he thought. But alas! He couldn't remove his mask. "Come… sit on it." His cock has now swollen to its full extent, 6 inch long and 2 inch thick.

Tanya reluctantly moved aloft his lap, facing him on the arm-less chair. She took his cock in her right hand, placed it to her slit and slowly sat on it with a little difficulty. "Ohh… you're tight!" said Haas, who was feeling the heaven.

She grabbed his shoulders with her hands and began to ride him slowly. Haas takes her firm boobs in his hands and starts molesting them. He pinched her nipples, squeezed them very hard. Tanya moaned in pain (or pleasure?). Thwack! He smacked her ass hard with his right hand, "Faster!" Thwack! He smacked her ass again, this time harder.

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"Ouch!" she let out a moan of pain as she increased her tempo. This went on for several minutes as Haas continued slapping her ass time to time, but not that hard this time.

Suddenly he pinched her nipples very hard and twisted them in unison. She yelped in agony, and then Haas felt his lap and abdomen getting all wet on her creamy pussy juices.

She had a massive orgasm. She stopped riding him and started to breathe very hard and fast. Haas hugged her tightly and gave 3/4 minutes to calm down, his cock still deep in her pussy, then said, "Now that you've made my cock all wet and lubed up, will you let me in your ass?" "No… please, you're too thick…" she panicked. "I won't force you… but would you at least try?

I'll let you control the penetration." Haas was desperate. He has began to like this woman already and didn't want to force her anymore. "Ok" she sighed. Haas made her pull up and face away this time. He held her hip with his left hand and placed the tip of his circumcised penis on her anus. Push, he said. Tanya slowly pushed her ass on his cock, but nothing happened. She pushed harder, but still her puckered brown asshole wouldn't give way.

"Spread you cheeks." Said Haas. So she spreads her ass-cheeks as wide as she could and pushed her asshole on his cock very hard and suddenly her anal sphincter gave in. with a very sharp pain his cock-head entered the tightest hole of the three fuck-holes of her body. "Aawww…" she shrieked in agony and tried to pull up, but Haas held her tightly on his part entered cock. "Relax baby… try to take the whole thing in… sit on it and relax." He said, trying to give her some comfort.

He can feel her sphincter squeezing his cock very hard. Tanya very slowly and carefully took his whole cock in and sat on it. She leaned back of his chest, dropped her head on his shoulder and began to breathe deeply. This is the tightest and warmest passage his cock has ever been in; Haas can bet his dick on it.

Haas played with her tits and pussy, as he gave her enough time to get used to his thickness. He brought her to a medium orgasm by rubbing her clitoris. After a few minutes Haas said, "Baby… could you please finish me off now?" Tanya leaned forward, rested her palms on his knees for support, and began to bounce her ass up and down on his cock.

She'd thrust her ass on his cock six to eight times, then squeeze his dick with her sphincter very tightly near the hilt and pull up almost all the way up to the head, then repeat the process again.

This didn't need great speed, because she was so warm and tight. In 4/5 minutes he was ready to blow his wad. He grabbed her hips tightly and pulled her ass on his lap. He plunged his throbbing cock deep in her ass and blew his load. Tanya leaned back on his chest as he poured gallons of cum inside her ass. They rested like this for a while, than Haas slapped her ass playfully and told her to get up. Tanya squeezed her sphincter around his penis and raised her ass. His cock came free with a pop.

It was slimy with his cum and her anal juices, but there wasn't any trace of shit in it. "Do I have to…? You know… lick it clean?" Tanya pointed at his cock. Haas can tell she wasn't willing to do it. It'd be very nice for me, but equally disgusting for her, he thought.

"No you don't," he said as he got up, "Get dressed." He put his pants back on. "You look very young. How long have you been in force?" he asked her as she was putting her clothes back on.

"It's my first week with force." She was almost done. "It's an awful way to start your new career than?" He felt somewhat sorry for her. She just shrugged in answer.

Her clothing was finished. "I'm gonna tie you up now, for our safety. Ok?" Haas only cuffed her left hand with the chair and went out to speak to Bill and Kenny. [Chapter 5] "Oh sure you took your time." said Bill as he saw Haas coming out.

"Yeah… she was a dream, but what do we do with her now?" Haas said.

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"There's no time left for us to bang her, thanks to you. I say we take the money and go home." said Kenny. It was almost 04:00 AM. "My mom will kill me if she finds out I'm not home." "We can't leave her here in this neighborhood. God knows what will happen to her." Bill continued, "Hey Haas you've had all the fun with her, I say you take the rental truck and drop her off some place safe." "Ok, I'll take the truck, drop her off, dump the truck and go home. Here hold my money for the night." Haas handed Bill his share of loot and went in to get Tanya.

Haas un-cuffed her hand and told her to stand up. Then he took out her pistol. "You said you won't kill me!" she almost cried in fear and betrayal.

She was planning to jump on him, when she saw him remove the bullet holding clip. He held the gun to her and said, "I'm not going to kill you! Here, take your gun. And don't try anything foolish. I'm gonna drive you home now." She took her gun and put it back in her holster. Haas blindfolded her again and led her out to the rental pickup. Bill and Kenny were already gone in Bill's old red Ford pickup truck.

Haas helped Tanya into the truck, got in himself, started the engine and drove away. After 20 minutes Haas told her to remove her blindfold, if she wanted, and asked her address. She was a little reluctant to give away her address, but gave it anyway. Haas drove her home. She lived in a five storey apartment house. Haas parked in front of the house and looked at Tanya. She looked back and said, "Can I see your face?" He said, "No, can't do.

Sorry." "And your name is Mr. White?" "Yeah." He answered. She hopped out of the pickup truck, closed the door and went inside the apartment house. Haas waited outside for a while, looking at the windows. And after a minute he saw a window in the 2nd floor lit up. He smiled as he sped off with the truck. Haas dumped the rental truck few blocks away, removed his stocking mask and gloves, threw them inside the truck thru the window and walked away from the spot.

He hid inside a dark alley when he saw police cars rushing away somewhere, probably to Tanya's apartment. She didn't waste any time calling them. He walked farther away, than found a taxi and hopped in.

He went to a rail station, changed the taxi and then went home. He went in thru his bedroom window quietly, not waking his parents up, and slept like a dead man till 12 o'clock midday. -oOo- [Few Words] Some people might find my stories stupid… not very well written, or my use of words, grammar and spelling not very precise. But this is not a place for showing off our knowledge in language and grammar, isn't it?

So please make judicious comments. Let me know if you like/hate my characters, which one is best/worst. And please, rate my stories. -Mogrim