Gay teen close up anal bondage porn Fuck Slave Ian Gets It Good

Gay teen close up anal bondage porn Fuck Slave Ian Gets It Good
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I wrote the first part of this several years ago. I have kind of abandoned XNXX, but I was just laying about the house this afternoon surfing the net, and I came across the original story. It deserved an ending, so here's the rest. This is a true story, with as much detail as my poor memory can bring to light: Barbara, Girl of the Streets Part 2 I really enjoyed that first meeting with Barbara very much, but those girls came and went quickly - they always do - and I didn't expect to ever see her again.

Hookers find a boyfriend, get arrested, find more honest work, move on to another city for whatever reason, and sometimes get invited by the authorities to rapidly relocate.

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Finding the same girl even weeks later is a slim proposition. I forgot about her and went on with life. There were other girls around, and I spread my business around.

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A lot were less than satisfying. I don't know how to explain it, but I need some sort of connection to enjoy sex, even with a prostitute. Some just lay there, pretending you don't exist.

The ones I really hate, though, are the ones who make it an acting job, falsely moaning, telling you you've got the biggest dick ever, and they just can't stand the pleasure.

All good stuff, but I've never seen a hooker with the talent to carry it off without sounding phony as hell. Anyway, in the course of events, I found myself looking one night, and happened across Barbara again. I was cruising the stroll and saw her walking. As I passed, we recognized each other immediately, This time, knowing I was harmless, she took me to her apartment.

Nothing to write home about, it was a tiny one-bedroom in an old building. Most of the hallway lights were broken, and apartment numbers were painted on the doors with a spray can. It was a rough place. We went inside, got naked, and lay in her bed. Seeing her things around me, smelling her in the sheets, was exciting. Once again she kissed and caressed me, while I played with her lovely tits and fingered her tight cunt.

She sucked my cock until I was hard.


I was afraid I was going to cum before I got into her, and asked her to stop. She asked how I wanted to do it, and I told her to start out on top - I wanted to enjoy her with my hands.


She slid a condom on me, then straddled me and sank down onto my cock. I played with her tits, cupping them, pinching her nipples, then cupped her ass as she rode me. She was enjoying the fuck, and her moans were soft and definitely not faked.

After a while we rolled over, and she tucked her legs up against her chest. I slammed my cock deep into her again and again until I came. Again, I can't explain it, but we connected somehow, and the sex was great. Afterwards we lay there for about 15 minutes talking.

She told me she came from a very small town in a remote area, and had come to town looking for work.

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Lacking education and skills, she'd wound up on her back. She was accepting of the situation, and was making the best of it. I told her I didn't come looking very often, but hoped I'd see her again. We dressed, and I gave her a ride back to the stroll. Before she got out, she gave me a smile and kissed me. I saw her once every month or two over the next few years. We'd go to her apartment and fuck in her bed. After a while I'd call in the afternoon if I wanted to go out that night, and then just drive to her apartment.

In those days I was a lot quicker on the trigger than I am today, so we'd start with naked foreplay, my hands on her ass, her tits, and her luscious cunt.

She always got wet enough that no artificial lube was necessary.

She'd kiss my face and neck while she played with my rod and caressed my balls. Then we'd progress to her sucking me. Finally we'd get down to the act, and I'd usually I'd slowly fuck her doggy style or get her on top for a while before getting down to hard, fast, orgasm-inducing missionary position. I asked once if I could fuck her in the ass, but she would have none of it. A couple of episodes from those years stand out: She found a boyfriend, just some black street character, and they were still living in that shitty little apartment.


I was out looking one night, and found her on the street by chance. She was glad to see me, and wanted to take me to her apartment, but she explained that I'd have to be patient, there was a problem there. By this time I trusted her enough to go along, and we headed to her place.

When we got there, the boyfriend was in bed, his abdomen heavily bandaged. She whispered to him, and he got up, dressed only in underwear, pain evident on his face, and went into the living room/kitchenette, closing the door behind him. She explained he'd gotten into a fight on the street and had been stabbed. He was recovering, and they needed money.

She wasn't asking for anything, just regular payment for her work. For some reason this was incredibly exciting, fucking this woman while her convalescent boyfriend sat in the next room.

Once I got her naked I almost attacked her, fucking her so hard I was afraid I was going to hurt her. It was over quickly, her wonderfully tight pussy sucking the cum from my body. Once I was finished I didn't want to keep the poor guy out of his sick bed any longer than necessary, so I dressed, added a healthy tip to her standard fee, and went on my way.

The boyfriend seemed to come and go over the next couple of years. I saw her every now and then, maybe four or five times a year. There was a long time when she wasn't around, and I learned later she had had a baby with the boyfriend, and thus was out of action for an extended time.

Sometimes when we were together neither of us had a condom, and we'd do it bareback (this is pre-AIDS, too.) We trusted each other this much, and I enjoyed the feel of her cunt around my bare rod. We would talk before and after the act, and got along well.

I really began to have some affection for her, and one night, perhaps foolishly, I gave her my phone number (I drank a lot in those days, and common sense was not my forte.) I told her if she ever really needed help she could call me. I cursed myself for a fool the next day, but there was never a problem.

Barbara only called me a few times, and was very discreet on the phone. She'd only call when finances were tight, asking if I might like to come see her. She never took offense if I wasn't available, or didn't really feel like meeting.

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The last time I saw Barbara was one night when I had been out partying and felt like a little fun late in the evening. I went down to the stroll, cruising as usual, and there she was.

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She was happy to see me, and gave me a hug and a kiss when she got in the car. By this time the boyfriend was out again, and she had a nicer apartment - she was sharing a 2-bedroom in a much nicer building with another working girl.

We drove to the apartment and went inside. There was a teenage girl babysitting for her little boy, and she told her to take a break for a while. (I was pervert enough to think about asking her to join us, but she was awfully young.) The girl went to her own apartment, and Barbara checked on the baby. He was asleep in the bedroom, so we got down to cases on the living room couch.

We got naked, and I had her lie back while I explored her pussy with my fingers. I fingered her, caressed her clit, stroked across her perineum and virgin asshole.

She got very wet and seemed to enjoy herself. This was one time neither of us had a condom, and we went bareback. She rode me for a while I sucked on her nipples.


She moved well, wriggling her cunt around on my nail-hard cock. Finally I got behind her doggy-style and fucked her deep, alternating long strokes with short hard ones. I moved my hips side-to-side, probing all parts of her wonderful cunt. I held her hips while driving into her, and finally came with our pubic hair pressed together and my cock spasming in orgasm deep inside her.

We talked for a little while. She seemed to be doing well. After a while we got dressed, and she called the babysitter to come back.

I drove Barbara back to the stroll. She gave me a hug and a kiss, and stepped out to go back to work. A few months later I moved to another state.

I never went back to that east coast town, and never saw Barbara again. It's been 30 years now, and I still remember her fondly.

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I hope she found some measure of happiness, I hope she's somewhere today alive and content enjoying her grandchildren. She deserves it, if only for services well-rendered.