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Verde y rico para ti
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SOUTH OF HEAVEN The familiar (dis) chords screamed out the cargo van's stereo system with twin guitars growling against the dusk of a cool fall evening. The words " On and on, south of heaven" sung repeatedly by Tom Araya fueled the driver with even more adrenaline. His rough hands gripped the wheel tightly as he licked his thin lips, wetting them with his tongue. When he stopped the van before hanging a left turn he allowed himself a quick glance at the precious cargo sitting in the bay.

Seeing the covered dog carrier crate brought a smile to his face. He turned back to the road and turned down a street filled with machine shops, storage yards and auto body shops for the most part. Many of the businesses had fences topped with razor wire and more than one had mean junkyard dogs patrolling their domain.

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The street was unevenly illuminated by infrequent street lights, aided by wall mounted lights that shone on individual lots. Trash and debris lay by the street curb and large potholes made the road seem more like the third world than part of a great American city in the death throes of the twentieth century. The man's fingers tapped at the wheel attempting to keep time with the rapid fire beat of the drumming but falling far short.


He had a familiar feeling in the pit of his stomach that he got every time he went on one of his expeditions. The feeling became stronger as he approached his destination.

He made another turn, this time a right and slowly drove down a short dead end street that ended at a padlocked chain link gate. He threw the vehicle into park and alighted from the van.

He removed a key from his Carhartt jacket and unlocked the gate and swung it open. He clambered back in and pulled forward just enough so that he could lock the gate back up. After he finished he drove around to the back of the one story cinder block building. He pushed a remote control button that was clipped to his sun visor as he approached a large overhead gate. It sprang to life with the sound of screeching metal, dragging itself up it's rails to reveal a Stygian gloom beyond.

The van turned into the gate's maw with the headlight beams casting a white glow inside. He pulled inside and hit the remote again, reversing the process. The man then killed the engine but left the headlights on to provide a source of light. He sat there for a minute breathing in and out in a controlled manner to help maintain control of his emotions. Satisfied with his efforts he climbed down and headed for a steel door in the far wall. He opened it and stepped through the threshold. His hand found the light switch and threw it causing the cold glow of fluorescent lights to flood the room.

The light revealed machines for cutting and shaping steel, tin and aluminum as well as shelves filled with fabricated ductwork and tools. The man ignored all this and walked to another door. Removing his keyring he then unlocked two different deadbolt locks and opened the door to show a stone staircase leading down into darkness. He flicked the switch at the top of the stairs before turning and returning to the van.

He shut off the headlights before proceeding to the back doors of the van. He opened them and slid the cage to the lip of the van.


With a grunt he lifted the crate and carried it to the top of the stairway where he placed it down. The man retraced his steps and closed the van doors before returning to the stairway.

He again lifted his burden and carefully made his way down the stairs to the depths below. He had reached the bottom and stood in a short hallway with a door at the end.

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There were two light fixtures mounted on the wall with bare bulbs casting their yellow glow. He approached the door and pushed against it, causing the door to silently swing inward.

The man proceeded inside where he placed his load onto a raised platform. Unable to wait longer the man removed the blanket covering the cage to reveal his prize. The crate was around three feet long and two feet wide and two feet high. It was made of steel bar sections.

One side was a door with a clasp that was padlocked. Inside the crate was a captive girl.

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She was curled up on the rubber mat on the bottom of the crate. He couldn't see her face due to her long brown hair covering it but he observed a generous portion of white leg showing between her plaid school skirt and her gray knee high socks. She had on black old school sneakers and a light black jacket with her white blouse collar peeking above it. The man felt his heart began to race and his groin start to swell. He fumbled at the lock in his haste, but soon opened it.

He grasped her narrow shoulders and worked her free of the crate. He dragged her to one end of the platform that had a number of pipes and steel rings attached to the platform frame.

The platform was made of plywood on top of a steel tubing frame. It was larger than a king size bed and its height was around thirty inches above the concrete floor. The side to which he brought her had a couple of small thin mattresses that were stained and looked like they were originally from a cot. The man reached under the platform and brought up a chain with an D clamp on one end and a leather strap with buckles on the other. He connected the D clamp to one of the steel rings and pulled the girls arms over her head where he wrapped the leather strap around her wrists and buckled it tight.

A grim smile played on his face as he reached down and gently brushed the hair away from her face. The girl was pale with a few freckles around her pert nose. Her lips were thin and very red and it looked like she had lipstick on. Around her eyes black eyeliner was applied in the way that a young girl would try to make herself appear older, though to the man she looked like a painted trollop.

He considered removing it so she would look more innocent when without warning the girls eyes suddenly opened. The man found himself lost in their gray depths. His mind went back to last week when he first saw her.

He had been in the same section of town and had finished a meeting with one of his suppliers. It was early evening and the sun had already set. He had been sitting in his van smoking a cigarette parked in front of the supplier when he saw the girl flit into view. She had been dressed the same way, a school girl outfit with her own personal touches like the sneakers and makeup.

Her body was very tiny and pixie like. She was well under five feet tall and had no feminine curves to speak of. Immediately he had sat up straight and studied her intently. She seemed to not have a care in the world as she crossed the street and headed in his direction. The man felt his cock twitch in his pants as she glided past the van.

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He was rubbing himself while watching her in his side view mirror when she turned at the next corner and disappeared from view. That night he jerked off to her memory twice, coming violently both times. The next evening with nothing else to do he was waiting parked on the street she had disappeared onto. The man was rewarded by seeing her around the same time. He waited until she was almost out of view before starting the engine and following. The street ran straight and by this time was lightly traveled.

Like a ghost she flitted in and out of the shadows as she proceeded to her unknown destination. He crept along and once had to pull to the curb to keep a safe distance. Finally she reached the end of the street and turned right. He waited a minute before following and by the time he turned she had disappeared from sight. The section of the city he was now in was a narrow hardscrabble residential area that was squeezed between the industrial zone to one side and the interstate highway on the other.

He guessed the girl lived here and was coming from school or some other place and would cut through the area on her way home. Smiling to himself, he was already planning what to do.

It was one of his standard plans but it had worked to perfection. He had printed up some fliers and had loaded the dog carrier with some other supplies into the van. He had checked a few other nights and as sure as clockwork the young girl passed through the area within a fifteen minute interval each time.

He chose Friday so that if things went well he would have all weekend with her. That evening he parked at a deserted corner along her route, unlocked the back doors and placed a bottle of chloroform and a rag in his pocket.

He hung one of the fliers on a light pole while holding some more and simply waited. He was standing by the side of his van as she approached. "Excuse me miss, maybe you can help me. My puppy escaped from my van the other day around here and I was wondering if you've seen him" he said. The girl stopped and looked up at him with no expression. "You lost your puppy mister, that's too bad. I don't think I've seen him though." "Well maybe you can take a flier in case you see him. Then you could give me a call.

The puppy's name is Spot and his poor mother is very sad about this." "I guess I can take a flier.


His mother misses him you say, that's sad" the girl said and now she looked a little sad herself as she took a flier. "Yeah I even brought her with me, she's in the van and they really look alike. Maybe if you saw her that would help if you saw him. Wanna look?" he said with a crocodile smile. The girl smiled shyly back at him.

"Can I see her mister? I would love to see a nice dog." "Sure" he said while surveying the area and seeing that no one was around. He had scoped out the location well, making sure there were no surveillance cameras on this stretch of street. Putting his hand into his pocket he unscrewed the top of the bottle while walking to the back doors.

"Wait while I check for traffic" he said stepping into the street. He removed the bottle and rag and applied a generous amount of chloroform to the rag before closing the lid. He then put the bottle back and opened the van doors.

"Ok you can come here now. By the way what's your name?" he said taking a step back, giving her a small space between himself and the van to stand. "My name's Lilith" the girl said while squeezing in the small area and peering into the back "hey where's the dog?" That was all she could get out before he grabbed her across the chest with one arm while the other brought the rag to her face covering her nose and mouth.

She struggled feebly for a minute before going limp. The man quickly lifted her into the van and he was surprised at how light she felt, but since he liked to treat little girls like rag dolls anyway it was a pleasant surprise. Within three minutes he had put her in the crate and locked and covered it as well as locking the doors, removing the flier he had hung and getting behind the wheel of the van. He recalled all this while staring into her eyes.

It almost felt like he was drowning in them but with an effort he tore his gaze away. The girl had said nothing to him and that seemed strange but he didn't really care. His need had grown since he first saw her and it must be addressed. The man undid the button on his pants and unzipped his fly.

He was going commando in anticipation and his rapidly hardening member forced itself through the opening. He gave it a quick stroke before climbing onto the platform with the girl.

He straddled the girl's legs and reached his calloused hand to her skirt and raised it revealing a pair of nondescript white panties. He grabbed the waistband and ripped hard removing the underwear. The man licked his lips at the sight of her bald little mound. He took a tube of lubricant from his pocket and applied it to his large cock all over, coating it well. He then reached his hand down and squirted some onto her little pussy and roughly forced a finger inside her.

Surprisingly he could push it all the way into her. She definitely didn't have a hymen but whether someone had beaten him there or it happened in another way he had no way of knowing. The man then worked a second finger into her and roughly finger fucked her for a minute helping spread the lubricant deep. Not being able to wait any longer he removed his fingers and spread her tiny legs wide.

He then gripped his thick cock a few inches below the head. He positioned it at her entrance and in one movement forced the head and the shaft up to his hand into her canal. The girl Lilith didn't make a sound which disappointed him on one level. He figured someone else had used the girl already but what could he do. His need was still great so he drove as deep into her as she could take.

He gripped each of her legs with a hand and rapidly pounded her small body as hard as he could. She might not be a virgin but he was certainly going to stretch her out. Back in the school locker room one of the kids had said he was horse hung and nothing had changed. The man was bigger than most porn stars, not only in length but also in girth. There weren't many full grown woman who could easily handle him and Lilith certainly wasn't that. He looked at Lilith's face but she just blankly returned his gaze.

Getting no satisfaction from that he resolved to make her scream later, but for now decided to take care of his more pressing need. The man continued fucking her tiny body hard and watched his thick weapon violate her, sliding in and out of her tiny hole. He felt his nuts tighten and he let out a moan as he began to flood her with his seed. The man remained inside until all his cum was out, then pulled his slimy cock free and smacked it against her hairless body.

He felt more drained then he usually did from an orgasm although he reasoned that was because he had been waiting for this encounter for over a week. The man crawled to the edge of the platform and stepped down. He walked to a wall of the chamber and adjusted a thermostat and heard the heating fan turn on. He then sat in the one chair in the room and removed all his clothing except for his socks.

The chamber was made of concrete and was roughly 20' x 15'. The only things in the chamber besides the chair and platform were a small toilet, a wall mounted sink and a free standing shower stall with no curtain.

He carefully folded his clothes and placed them on the chair when he stood. Standing naked he was a formidable sight. A hair over six feet, the man easily weighed over two hundred pounds and his arms, legs and torso were covered in black hair.

His cock had only partially lost it's erection and jutted out menacingly. His plain face was covered under a couple of days of whiskers and his graying hair was slicked back on his head. He walked back to the platform and grabbed Lilith's face with a large hand and turned her to him.

"You were obviously fucked before tonight. Does your daddy or your momma's boyfriend have fun with you little Lilith?" he asked her. She didn't answer him but just stared at him as if she was trying to burn holes through him.

He couldn't explain why but the man felt a chill run up his spine and he was almost scared of this mere slip of a girl. Forcing the feeling to the back of his mind he compensated with false bravado. The man released her face and roughly dragged her onto one of the thin mattresses and rolled her onto her stomach. Seeing her small buttocks caused his erection to grow to full staff and he again clambered on the platform. He grabbed a cheek with each hand and pried them apart revealing her tiny rosebud.

The man spit onto her sphincter then leaned down and licked it. She seemed to be cold to him but he figured once the heat kicked in her body temperature would rise. He applied some lubricant to her tiny hole and forced his finger into her backdoor. It was a struggle to work it in and he was pleased about that.

He applied plenty of lube to his cock, especially to the head. The man then pushed the head right to the entrance and gripped her small hips as he began forcing it into her. Again she didn't make a sound but from his struggle he didn't think she had been fucked in the ass before.

Using his weight to help him the man kept forcing himself deeper until eventually he was all inside her. The man placed a knee on either side of her body with her legs pressed together. He felt like his cock was in a vice from the extreme tightness of her hole.

He then leaned down and supported his torso with his elbows. Once he was in position he pulled his cock halfway out and slammed it all the way in making her little body jump.

Letting out a groan that was half pleasure and half pain he began fucking her ass as hard as he could. Lilith was silent through this which enraged him. He moved an elbow onto her shoulder blade putting the weight of his body on her small frame. He continued fucking her with all his force until he couldn't take any more.

"I'm the first in your ass, slut, and I'm gonna cum in there now" he gasped. A few seconds later he felt the pressure build then release as his balls emptied for a second time into Lilith.

The man practically collapsed onto her he was so winded. After resting for a minute he managed to roll them onto their sides. He removed himself as her ass was so tight on him it was almost painful. He would have liked to see the gape but he was too tired at the moment. The man rolled onto his back and rested. Looking up at the fluorescent lights he realized for some reason he had forgotten to turn on his state of the art digital recording system.

Once he caught his breath he would remedy that, but it was a shame that some good action wasn't filmed. He closed his eyes just for a moment. The next thing he knew he felt a tongue running along his cock. The man's eyes opened to reveal Lilith kneeling between his legs. He reached out a hand and pushed her hair away so that he could see what she was doing.

Her tongue was tracing a pattern up his shaft. Lilith brought her bound hands and took his shaft between them. The man noticed her fingernails were painted blood red but stopped paying attention to anything else when she lifted up his cock and swallowed it. He gasped from pleasure as Lilith slid her mouth down his shaft taking it deep in her throat without pausing until it was all the way in. The man couldn't remember any of the street whores he frequented when he was unable to obtain his true desire being able to deep throat him like this.

He thought to himself that this girl was a total freak. With his hand on her head Lilith continued working her mouth up and down his full length never stopping her movements even to catch a breath. Though the man had already experienced two orgasms in quick succession he felt another one approaching. When Lilith cradled his balls in her tiny cool hands while swallowing him deep he felt his balls shoot what little they had remaining down her throat. Totally exhausted the man drifted off to sleep with Lilith sitting cross legged watching him the last thing that he saw.

He awakened from the feeling of nails being scraped along the flesh of his thighs. He forced his eyes open and saw Lilith, naked now and unrestrained hovering over him while digging her nails into him.

The man also realized that his hands were now restrained above his head securely. He tried to move his arms but was unable to. "Let me loose girl if you know what's good for you and I won't punish you too badly" he said. Lilith laughed and smiled diabolically at him, her gray eyes tinted with a reddish tinge. She took his flaccid cock in one hand and squeezed harder than her size should let her.

The man then noticed the girl's incisors had impossibly grown longer and pointier. Suddenly she leaned down and sank her fangs into his cock. "Oh God no" the man screamed in anguish. Lilith paused long enough to say " I don't think God will be answering your prayers tonight or at any time really" before resuming her feeding. Mercifully for the man he soon drifted into unconsciousness. The feeling of cold water cascading onto his face revived him.

Lilith was standing above him fully dressed with his keyring in one hand and a water bottle in the other. "What are you?" he managed to gasp out his parched throat. "Your worst nightmare" she said smiling sweetly "but if you literally mean what am II'll tell you. I was born a girl like any other. My father served in the army during WW I and stayed in Europe after the war for a while where he met my mother. She was from a village that had been ruled by the Hapsburgs. When they met it was love at first sight, at least that's what they said.

They moved back to the states after they married and I was born a few months later. My brother came along in five years and we were a very happy family." A look came over her face that was almost wistful before quickly fleeing like a cloud before a strong wind. "We received word that my grandmother, my mother's mother, was getting very sick and wasn't expected to survive long. My father had done well in business and therefore we could afford to travel back to my mother's home village where I met that side of my family for the first time.

Then one evening I had wandered a little outside the village on my own. And I was taken and turned." She said the last sentence with such vehemence that the man took notice.

Lilith then continued her story. "He said I reminded him of his daughter. He taught me much and to his mind he took care of me but I always hated him with all my being for what he did to me. It took me a long time to get my revenge as he was too strong for me to confront directly and I had to grow into and develop my powers.

But many years later when I felt I was ready I wrote some letters and left some clues for others to find and destroy the monster that had preyed on the area for years. I of course was not there at the time but I made sure the task was completed." "Then I arranged to come back to the country of my birth, though not to where I was born as I didn't ever wish to be near my family after what I've become.

And I've been surviving ever since, preying for the most part on evil men like you. I'm small so I don't need to feed as much as some might and no one ever expects a girl to be so deadly. Why am I telling you all this? Not having anyone to really talk to for over fifty years can get very lonely but I will never create another like me. Besides in a few days you'll be dead anyway. I'll return the next two nights to finish the job. Well let me leave you for now as I know you want to rest and after I feed is the only time I feel almost alive" Lilith said with a bitter laugh.

The girl put the water bottle down by the man's head and skipped out the door with his keys in her hand. He heard the door at the top of the stairs close and lock in a minute and then the lights went out.

Excerpt from newspaper story. The man identified as John Lewis was found dead - bound, gagged and mutilated by an employee of his company Monday morning. A police spokesperson confirmed that his genitalia had been seemingly "ripped off" and that police had found evidence that Mr.

Lewis had sexually abused a large number of children and had recorded his shocking crimes. Police suspect a victim's relative may have killed the homicide victim. "Even though Mr. Lewis was a bad person we will not allow vigilante justice in our city and we will do our best to apprehend the guilty party" said Walter Wimmers police spokesperson. Nightmare, the persecution A child's dream of death.

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Torment, ill forgotten A soul that will never rest. From Silent Scream by Slayer