Sexy model hard anal sex

Sexy model hard anal sex
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Sissy's P.O.V. ---------------- "How did I finally get into this?" I ask myself with a smile. I finish brushing my raven black shoulder-length hair, and put it into childish pigtails. I apply my cover-up, making my skin look flawless, and apply mascara to make my eyelashes big and luscious. I put on pink lip plumper, and put the long ribbon around my neck, taking the pacifier at the end and putting it in my mouth.

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Then I stand back and look at myself in the mirror. I'm wearing knee-high pink socks, and white cotton panties with a little pink bow. Over all of that, I'm wearing a cute princess nightgown that would look innocent on a real little girl, but very naughty on me. I finish getting ready, then slide my hand into my panties. "Perfectly smooth," I whisper, then skip over to my bed, with pink sheets and a blanket with piggies and bunnies on it.

I lay down, yawning, and go to bed, sucking my pacifier and cuddling with my stuffed bear. An hour or two later, I wake up a little when I feel someone sitting next to me. "Babygirl, are you asleep?" I hear my boyfriend ask. Only, it's not my boyfriend tonight. He's my daddy, just like he said he'd be.

I moan softly and snuggle into my bed, as if I'm still asleep. "Awww, so cute when she's little princess," he mutters, moving my blankets. I feel myself getting a little wet, and hear little camera sounds. He's taking pictures, good! I feel him pull the blankets and sheet off me and feel him touch my firm butt. "Daddy's wanted this for so long," he moans, moving closer to me and rolling me onto my pack.

I mewl softly, still tired, and don't 'wake up' yet. I feel him move his hand up my nightgown, rubbing my tits softly, and I moan a little. "Daddy? What're you doing?" I ask, the innocence in my voice perfectly pitched.

He quickly pulls his hand out of my nightgown and kisses me on the cheek. "Daddy was just checking on you princess, that's all," he says, getting up as if to leave. "Nuh-uh, Daddy! You were doing something else. felt good!" I say, sitting up on my legs, "and it made my kitty all wet. That's what it's called, right?" "No baby, people call it a pussy. But you can call it whatever you want," Daddy says, laughing to himself.

"Why is it wet?" I ask, putting my hand in my panties, and pulling it out to show him. He moves back to my bed and sits down, taking my wet fingers and licking them before wiping them off on his sweatpants. "Well, when a girl gets excited, or aroused, her kitty gets all wet so she's ready for a man to make her feel even better," Daddy explains, and I can see him struggle as he says it.

I get up and sit on his lap.

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"What about when your thingy gets all long? I can feel it on my butt!" I exclaim, bouncing on it. I look at Daddy's face, and he looks unsure, letting out a soft groan. He grinds up, pushing his bulge against my ass. "That's what happens when a man is excited or aroused and it gets him ready to make a girl feel better, like I mentioned earlier.

Would you like to know how?" he asks, and I nod eagerly, smiling wide. "Well, the guy sticks his big cock, that's what it's called, into the girl's kitty.

And they both feel good." I stare at him, a look of confusion crossing my face. "Can I play with your.cock? I wanna see it and touch it!" Daddy looks unsure again, so I get off his lap and pull his pants and boxers down. His cock pops out, and I grab it, petting it like a dog. "! No, that's bad!

You can't touch that!" Daddy yells, and I flinch, tears springing forth. I whimper and move away, but he pulls me back and kisses me softly on the forehead. ------------------------- Daddy's P.O.V. ------------------------- "You just dont grab it that rough and hard baby, you gotta be tender at first, like this" I directed her, smiling. I took her hand and softly wrapped her little fingers around my throbbing shaft, and I showed her how to stroke it, she picked it up quickly. "You build up the intensity" I said with a smile.

"Can I suck?" Sissy asked innocently. "Why of course baby!" I answered happily. She slowly wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and gentley sucked while stroking my hard manhood.

She did such a good job! Soon she bobbed her little head back and forth, up and down on my cock. She went so fast! My balls began to tighten and before I knew it, I blasted a hot load of cream into her mouth, and then, out another ribbon of hot cum spurted into her throat.

She squeaked excitedly at each pump of cum. She knew to swallow it like a good girl. She swallowed all of it, even the little drop that came out of the side of her mouth. ------------------- Sissy's P.O.V. ------------------- I lick my lips, my eyes full of excitement. I run my fingers through my hair, which has slipped out of it's ponytails. "Wow Daddy! How can something be so delicious?" I ask excitedly, curling up in Daddy's lap.

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Daddy breathes out slowly, and I can see his.cock re-hardening. "It's getting all big again Daddy!" I say excitedly, a bright smile on my face. He nods and brushes my face with his hand, then looks at me strangely.

"Ya wanna make Daddy feel really REALLY good?" he asks, and I nod, perking up. "Get off my lap first," he instructs. I do as he says, and he strips the rest of his clothes off before laying down on his back. "Take off your clothes baby," he says, and I pull my nightgown over my head, neatly folding it and putting it on my dresser. Then I slide my panties off, placin them on my nightgown.

"Come sit on Daddy's tummy," Daddy tells me, and I do, straddling it. "Now Princess, this is gonna hurt you a little bit, but it'll feel SO good for Daddy. And you want Daddy to feel good, right?" he asks, and I nod, my eyes filling up with tears of fear, I don't want to disappoint.

"Sit up, over Daddy's cock," he says, and I do, his cock pointing upwards towards my kitty. He puts his hands on my waist, helping me stay up. "Deep breaths, baby," Daddy whispers, and slowly pushes the head of his throbbing manhood into my little virgin hole.


"Ow! Daddy!" I cry out, a couple of my tears spilling over my cheeks. Daddy looks disappointed. "We can stop if you want to," he says sadly, looking at me. I shake my head and take a deep breath, then proceed to drop all the way down on Daddy's big hard tool, crying out through clenched teeth. I stay that way for a while, adjusting to the pain.

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"Wow Princess, that was very good. Now I want you to bounce up and down. It'll feel good soon, I promise," he says, and with that he starts thrusting upward as I bounce, my whimpers of pain turning into moans and cries of pleasure. "Oh gosh! Daddy! That feels so good!" I mewl, my breasts bouncing in time with his thrusts. I start to spasm with an amazing pleasure I've never felt before.

I sorta felt it once when I was riding my bike on a bumpy road, but I don't get why. "Daddy! I feel weird! Oh gosh! Daddy! DADDY! DAAAAAADDDDDDDYYYYY!!!" I scream, and I feel my kitty muscles tighten around my Daddy's big cock.

Tears spring forth as I spasm and moan, my body going limp. Daddy holds me close, his hard tool plopping out of me, and I spasm a little every couple minutes. "Daddy.was that bad? I didn't mean to." I trail off, still crying a little from the intense pleasure.

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I yawn big, tired from trying to make Daddy feel good. "No!


That was very good. That was called an orgasm, or climax, and I'm so proud that my little girl had one. Are you tired?" he asks, and I nod, yawning again. "Lets get you tucked in, you can sleep nakey tonight," he says, and gets out of my bed, pulling the covers down so I can get under them. He tucks me in and kisses me goodnight.

"Sweet dreams, little princess, I love you," he whispers as I fall asleep. "I wuv you too," I mutter, closing my eyes and falling into a deep and wonderful slumber. ------------------------ This was a collab. between me and someone I inspired to write. He didn't contribute as much as I had hoped, but this is just the beginning. Message me if you'd be interested in writing a story together, I'd love to(: