Hot Shemale Transsexual Gets Fucked After Swapping Some Hot Deep Throat Action Amateur Cam

Hot Shemale Transsexual Gets Fucked After Swapping Some Hot Deep Throat Action Amateur Cam
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Chapter 8 - Coping It had been 3 weeks since my older sister Jackie had moved in unexpectedly. There was lots of crying and she was very clingy and looking for constant attention and affirmation. I knew that she was dealing with a major life crisis, her husband had cheated on her, asked for a divorce, and kicked her out, and she found all of that out in one day.

All of that news hit her like a ton of bricks, and she just got in her car, with a suitcase and drove for hours to get to my house.

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She didn't know what to do, didn't think to call, she just ran away in a zombie-like state Needless to say, the sexual tension had really built up in my house, and it wasn' that I didn't care about my sister, or that I didn't want to support her any way possible, but after the build up and the teasing I had expected to come home and… .And what?

Fuck my daughter and the babysitter? That sounded absurd. What the fuck had happened to me? Was it that I hadn't gotten action in years, was too afraid to do so after my wife leaving me? Was the sudden burst of sexual activity making me want to fuck anything I could get my hands on? I did a lot of thinking those three weeks. That first day that Jackie had moved in I told Julia that whatever was happening needed to stop, or at least be put on pause.

I didn't want Aunt Jackie even suspecting anything, let alone hearing or catching us doing something. I told her, "We have to go back to how it was before. No inappropriate texts, pictures, or videos, no inappropriate touching, etc.

That is the rule until you Aunt leaves. She's got money and she can't be here for long. She'll just be here for a short time until she feels ready to get her own place." I have to admit that when I said that I thought that Jackie would be gone much quicker.

But I was beginning to be glad that she had hung around. I finally felt like I was regaining my senses. I felt the immense weight of guilt about what I had been doing, and I didn't know how to take it back, or how to return to a normal life after my sister moved out.

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By this point I was secretly hoping that she wouldn't move out until I had figured out what to do. But Julia was a typical defiant teenager. At first she really didn't think I was serious. Or maybe she didn't want to believe I was.

She would always flirt with me, sometimes subtly in front of her Auntie, and other times very aggressively in brief moments when we were alone. She kept trying, I think she thought that she could break me. She definitely had a power over me, and there was a passion between the two of us that I couldn't deny.


But the last thing in the world that I needed was for my older sister to discover that my teen daughter and I had developed a sexual relationship.

There was one time, on Day 8, when I was in the kitchen making everyone dinner, General's Chicken and stir fry rice. Julia was in her room, being pouty as usual these days -- I think she was just really upset at how her Auntie was cock-blocking her, so to speak -- and Jackie announced that she was going to take a shower.

The downstairs bathroom didn't have a shower, so we typically asked anyone if they needed the bathroom before we took a long shower. I told her I was good and kept right on chopping vegetables. Sure enough, as soon as I heard the water turn on there was foot steps behind me.

I didn't turn around, I was hoping to avoid eye contact. Julia had a way with her eyes, she made the best fuck-me eyes. I had seen them a LOT lately. I grabbed a head of broccoli and started chopping. Chop. Chop. Chop. Ch- Suddenly my daughter's small hands were on my crotch, grabbing my junk.


She pressed her tits against my back and whispered in my ear, "Auntie's in the shower. We have time. Fuck me right here on the kitchen table. You know you want to." I said nothing. She began to squeeze and release, massaging my cock and balls. I grabbed the counter and closed my eyes. Her body, pressed against mine, was just radiating heat. I was still wearing my dress slacks from work, so the material was thinner than jeans but thicker than sweats, so while it wasn't hard for her to massage the entire area, it was difficult for her to isolate my shaft.

I gulped and gripped the counter even harder. Her other hand reached around and started to unbuckle my belt. I snapped around. "No." I pleaded more than commanded. We met eyes, I could see how much she just wanted to devour me.

Her eyes were just on fire with lust. Behind my back she grabbed the knife I had been using. I felt her reach behind me and wondered what she was doing. When she pulled the knife around to my front I for a second wondered if my daughter was actually insane, and if I didn't fuck her she was going to kill me.

She brought the knife to my belly, point first. She pushed it against me, gently at first and then more and more, until I was starting to feel the sharpness of it on my skin. I looked down and then back at her. She bit her lip and just stared back at me. I have to admit I was afraid. I was frozen, I felt like if I spoke now it might make things worse. She kept pushing more and more. I had never been stabbed before, but it felt like any second she was about to draw blood.

Then suddenly she flicked her wrist and cut off two of the buttons on my dress shirt. I exhaled, in a panic of relief, which I think she found hot from the smile that crept across her face, and then she cut the other buttons off of my shirt, one at at time. Using one hand and the knife she opened up my shirt exposing my bare chest.

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Even at my age I wasn't very hairy, but there was a patch of hair at the top and some fuzz going down my midsection.She ran the knife up the fuzz and then over to my left nipple. She ran the razor sharp edge along my nipple. I watched my little girl dominate me, putting the knife to the other nipple and flicking it lightly. With her knee she was now pressing up against my crotch and pushing lightly back and forth. Another flick of the tip of the knife across my nipple and I felt a slight pinch.

I looked down and there was a tiny little droplet of blood. I looked back at Julia with a look of apprehension. Her deep brown eyes didn't blink; I just saw my own reflection. She took the tip of the knife and scooped up the blood and raised the knife. I leaned back. She raised it closer to my face. I leaned back further. She brought it right to my mouth and said, "Lick." My body felt numb and claylike.

I didn't know what to do other than stick my tongue to the blade. As soon as I did she brought her mouth to mine and put her tongue to mine, licking the blood off of my tongue. My head began to spin. I wondered how things had gotten to this point. Would things have just been better off if I had just fucked her? That's when the house phone rang and I nearly jumped to the ceiling. Julia's face was instantly washed over with disappointment and anger or bitterness, and I pushed my way through her to get to the phone.

"Hello…" I said quickly walking off and going up to my room and locking the door behind me. I didn't come out until my sister was out of the shower. I never had such a long conversation with a telemarketer in my life!

The rest of the night went smoothly, until Jackie decided to run out for ice cream. We were out, she must have eaten two pints worth per day. i know some people eat when they are depressed, but damn. Julia was up in her room, I thought it was suspicious then she didn't immediately come down stairs, so I went up to her. I had decided I was going to give her a talking to for what she did earlier.

Not only did she break my rules about inappropriate touching, but she ruined a good shirt! Her bedroom door was open and she was just laying on her stomach reading a book. She was wearing short pink cotton shorts, so short that the very bottom of her cheeks were sticking out, and a plain white t-shirt, obviously no bra underneath. She casually turned her head when I walked in.

I stood about a foot from her bed and said in my best adult voice, "Listen young lady." Did I just say 'young lady'? God, I was such an old timer… "That little stunt you pulled earlier is totally unacceptable. You know the rules and you broke them." As I was speaking she began to make a pouty face and by the time I was interjected, "You are so right daddy.

I am so so sorry." "You better be. Now, no more of this. What if your Aunt Jackie found out?" "I know. I'm really sorry. Really really sorry." "Sorry doesn't cut it.

Things need to change." "You're right. I've been bad and I should be punished." She began to slowly wiggle her little butt cheeks. "I should be spanked" she said so matter of factly. My brow wrinkled and I clenched my jaw. This little bitch had no fuckign respect for my authority, and didn't give a fuck if we got caught. She didn't care what would happen to me if anyone found out… I stepped forward and raised my voice, "I'm serious.

This stops now." Then she reached out to grab my crotch, like earlier. I caught her wrist inches away from me and held it tight. "Owww… Daddy." "Are you listening to me?" The rage in my voice was rising. "Stop that hurts!" "Huh?

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Are you listening?" "Let go!" "Tell me right now that you will stop this." "Daddy you're hurting me." She began to writhe around and pull her arm. She just wasn't going to listen. She wasn't going to say it. I couldn't fucking believe it.

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A tug of war ensued, but I was clearly stronger. Twist and pull all she might, she wasn't going anywhere. That is until she swung her foot around and kicked me in the balls. I instantly let go and keeled over, falling onto the bed, holding myself. She was at first stunned for a second, I don't think she intended to hurt me, and then she turned to get off the bed.

The pain was throbbing throughout my entire body but I wasn't going to let the little bitch get away with this. As she was almost off the bed I reached out, flailing for her. I managed to grab the elastic band of her shorts and pulled her toward me. She squirmed and the shorts ended up getting pulled down below her ass.

Only her red lace panties covered her soft flesh now.

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With her shorts pulled down it tripped her up, and I tugged as hard as I could and she fell onto the bed. We grappled for a minute but still she was no match for me. I ended up swinging her around and bringing her over my knee.

"You want to be spanked?" I yelled. She just squirmed, "No, no, no no no! Not like this!" "Too bad." "No, no, no please daddy!" Her hands quickly covered her bum.

Her wrists were so small though that I grabbed them both with my left hand and pulled them off, holding her down. She began to whimper, "I'm so-so-sorry. Pleeeaseee dadddyyy!" "Too late." My face was hot and I had to admit I was incredibly turned on.

With that I raised my hand and brought it down on her ass. A crack went through the empty house and she squeaked out. Again. Again. Her whimpering was turning into a sob. My dick got harder. It was crying as well, crying for attention.

A fourth time. Again. By now I was totally engorged and over taken with an adrenaline filled lust. Again. She was now crying and pleading.

I could see her bum matched her small red lace panties. I smacked her ass once more as hard as I could and let her go. She was half on the bed half off.

She was just crying and trying to catch her breath. I unzipped my pants and took my dick out. She didn't notice or didn't care, because she didn't move. It only took a few quick pumps before I spilled my seed all over her blazing red ass.

"Clean up, your Auntie will be home soon." I said and walked out of her room. Since then Julia has been much more well behaved and while the sexual tension is still there she hasn't done anything stupid.