This is one wild family porn ride with a hot babe like Serena and her stepdad

This is one wild family porn ride with a hot babe like Serena and her stepdad
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Falling for His Lordship's Daughter In the 1980s I lived in a tiny cottage on Lord B's estate near Cheltenham, England while I studied estate management at The Royal Agricultural College Cirencester. The cottage was originally built for a Shepherd. It sat at the roadside a mile or so from the lord's imposing neo classical mansion house and it looked out over the fertile valley to the south.

Lord B had several children. Two older girls, Katherine and Clara, and three younger ones. Judith, Anne and Simon. His heir.

Katherine was away at Durham University so our paths seldom crossed. Occasionally I saw her at weekends with her rather arrogant boyfriends in their expensive suits and their Daddy's expensive cars. She always looked like a film star, perfect hair, perfect teeth, designer clothes.

It was if she lived in a completely different world to me. But our worlds collided one Saturday morning when she woke me around 9 am by banging furiously on my door. I rushed downstairs in my pyjamas to see what the panic was about. Katherine pushed past me as I soon as I unbolted the door. "I need your bathroom!" She shouted as she rushed upstairs, a blur in a quilted jacket and blue jeans. I almost closed the door behind her, then I did a double take.

She had left her little Mini car's engine running with the drivers door open. I went outside in my bare feet. I switched the engine off, locked the door, and brought the car keys inside. "Don't you have any hot water in this dump?" Katherine demanded from the bathroom. "You have to let it run a while," I explained, "Is the heater on?" "How should I know!" she replied.

"Let me in and I'll check," I offered. She slid the bolt back. I stepped into the bathroom. It used to be the second bedroom so it was surprisingly spacious, for a bathroom in a small cottage. A full size bath, with a shower over it. A washbasin. A plastic chair.

A shelf for my walkman, and of course a wall mounted electric water heater about five times the size I needed but it was cheap! I flipped the switch. "It's on now." I said as I turned towards her. She was wet from the shower. She had a towel tied round her waist. She was a mess. Her auburn hair usually so carefully styled was all matted. She shivered with cold. Her nipples were hard. Her breasts were divine. She saw I was staring and tried to cover her breasts but the towel slipped and she was naked.

"Are you just going to stand there perving all day?" she demanded as she picked up the towel again.

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I saw her sex as she bent down. Puffy and raw. Her pubes were shaved, but crudely. She had a couple of nicks where the razor caught her.

I realised my penis was sticking almost straight out through the gap in my flies. "Geoffrey!" she gasped. "For heavens sake put it away!" "Sorry," I apologised as I tried to stuff it back inside my pyjama trousers. "Oh my god you're goofing off now!" she protested. "No, really." I said. "What happened to you?" "I fell over Ok?" she snapped. "If you say so," I agreed. "How did you get glue in your hair?" "It's spunk you moron!" she replied.

I gasped. "Close your mouth you look like a beached Pilchard," she added unnecessarily. "Katherine, if you have been raped you should speak to the Police before you get cleaned up," I suggested. "Oh just butt out can't you."she snapped.

"Ok," I agreed as she brushed past me. I felt her warm flesh against me. "I'm sorry, I'll leave you to it." I tried to get past her towards the door. "Show me how to use the shower first," she asked. "Uh, tap for pressure. Left for cold.

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Right for hot," I explained in embarrassment. "Get my bag from the boot of the car, it should have some conditioner in it," she ordered.


It was a relief to get away from her. I opened her car again. I found her bag. Her party dress was beside it all torn and smeared with glue. Or something. Her silver party shoes had one heel torn off. There was a tiny pair of ruined black panties. And a silver foil wrap. I took the bag in, "Give me a hand the shower head keeps slipping," she ordered.

I stepped in and obediently held the shower head as she lathered herself seductively. I think she enjoyed the attention. "You are a big boy aren't you?" she laughed. My penis was sticking out of my pyjamas again. I tried to stuff it back in but it was hopeless. She grinned as she worked some conditioner into her hair. She tugged her hairbrush through it.

She looked guiltily at the stray hairs she pulled loose. "Are you absolutely sure you are all right?" I asked. "You could dry my back," she said with a smile. I took a towel and started to dry her back, "Ummmm." she said as she coyly looked over her shoulder at me.

My penis had stiffened again. I looked down. She was tickling my balls. "How big does it get?" she asked. "Do you know I keep forgetting to measure it," I explained. I had to find another towel. My hair dryer lead wouldn't reach the bathroom so she sat on my bed. I dried her feet. She liked that. Then she started fingering herself. "I have an itch," she explained. "Oh," I said. "Where? She sighed. "Where do you think when I've just been fucked by a dozen doped up Aggies." "You really should report it," I insisted.

"What do you mean Aggies?" "Hooray Henries from that damned college of yours, how else do you think I can afford coke?" she asked. "Close your mouth you look like a stranded." "Pilchard?" I ventured. "Whale," she laughed, "It's not funny!" "No," I agreed, "It looks sore." "Hey!" she snapped. "Stop perving at me." "I have some Lube or Jelly somewhere," I said. "What are you going to do, smear it on your cock and push it up inside me?" she asked rhetorically.

"No, but if it helps?" I replied. "You'll smear Lube on your cock and push it up inside me. How thoughtful.

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How kind." she sneered. She looked me right in the eye and said. "Actually this itch is driving me mad, go for it." "I don't have any condoms," I apologised. "Oh it gets better," she said, "A soothing burst of creamy spunk!" she eye-balled me.

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"In my bag ok?" "Ok," I agreed. I went and found her condoms, pulled one on, smeared Vaseline Jelly over it and went back to find her. She was waiting. Lying in the middle of my bed. Legs spread wide. Her sex held open. Waiting, "Hurry up!" she urged.

I joined her on the bed, slipped my pyjama cord and kicked the trousers off. I threw my pyjama jacket in a corner, and then oh so carefully so as not to pick up any fluff I eased my cock inside her. "Oh that feels so good," she sighed.

"Ohhhhh that feels good," she sighed. "Gently, be gentle, just press it right up." I bent and kissed her neck. "No, mustn't kiss, that's for boyfriends," she pleaded. "Well I'm not sure I agree," I replied and kissed the other side of her neck. "Geoffrey, you're not supposed to be making love to me," she pointed out.

"You're just supposed to be soothing me." "Then I do apologise," I joked. "That's really nice," she said. "Not like last night. They had me two at a time. One in my back bottom and one in front. They tore my nice party dress. Someone spunked in my hair." "All for a fix?" I queried. "I never even got a fix," she complained, "Just non stop action from when I arrived around ten until four thirty or so when I crashed out." "You poor thing," I sympathised sarcastically.

"It's not funny," she insisted, "Haven't you cum yet?" "Hardly," I said. "Stop you're chafing, the condom is twisted or something." she ordered.

I stopped. I pulled out. The condom looked fine. She grabbed my tool. Peeled the condom off and guided me back inside her. "Now you can play boyfriends," she said, "Mmmmm much nicer." "Katherine!" I protested. "I'm still sore right up inside, maybe you could spurt some soothing spunk up there?" she suggested.

"What happened to those kisses?" "Oh, right," I agreed and I kissed her again. "My boobies are all neglected," she sighed as she fondled her own nipples. I kissed her mouth. My brain shut down. There was just her and me.


Her mouth on mine. My cock inside her and we were galloping towards a climax. Galloping faster and faster towards the precipice. Nothing else mattered. Not even the Landrover outside. The knock on the door. "Use the spare key man!" I came with a shuddering explosion of cum that made her cry out. The bedroom door flew open. I looked over my shoulder as my cock shrank. Lord B and Barclay his head gamekeeper were staring at us.

"Good lord you really have reached rock bottom this time," he sighed. "I told you my lord," Barclay agreed, "He been having all sorts here, tarts and that, never seen this tart before though." he admitted. "Good god man it's Katherine, my daughter!" Lord B replied. "I meant Katherine has reached rock bottom." "Hello Daddy.

W£hat are you doing here?" Katherine asked innocently as I pulled my shrinking cock out of her. This left her naked and exposed to the gamekeepers gaze. I tried to grab my pyjama trousers. "Good grief they've been fucking bareback!" Lord H sighed, "For heaven's sake Moore don't you have any sense at all?" "Carried away sir, passion you understand." I suggested. "He is very passionate daddy," Katherine explained.

"Well don't come running to me if you get caught." Lord B insisted. "Barclay, I want a word with you!" he snapped and they disappeared downstairs. "We'll see ourselves out." "That was really nice Geoffrey," Katherine admitted. "Shall we do it again?" "I need a few minutes," I explained.

"No, next week or something?" she suggested. "No, its ok, I'm getting hard again." I confirmed. "No I didn't mean!" Katherine replied but she was still on the bed, legs still wide and it was the work of a moment to claim her again.

The front door opened, someone climbed the stairs. "The Tax has run out on the Mini," Lord B informed us as he put his head around the door, and he added "Oh for heaven's sake!" as he saw us together again. Katherine left around 2 that afternoon and I didn't see her for the next two hours.

She came back later with her mother in tow. "Hi," she said and she whispered, "Just go along with what I say I'm in so much trouble!". "Hi, come in." I welcomed her mother. "This is not a social call," Lady B explained. "No?" I asked. "No," She agreed, "My husband trusted you Moore, and you betrayed that trust and seduced Kate." "It was not entirely one sided," I protested and Katherine kicked me hard on the shin." "We love each other Mummy!" she said.

"And this has been going on for weeks?" her mother queried. "Weeks," I agreed. "Well I am very disappointed," her mother explained.

"You could do so much better, what about Archie and Claude?" "Geoffrey understands me mummy," Katherine explained. I smiled.


I put my hand protectively on her shoulder. She looked daggers at me. "So you were here all night?" her mother asked. "Oh yes," Katherine insisted. "Why we spend every spare moment together mummy!" "Working our way through 'the Karma Sutra" I added. She kicked my shin again. "So you were nowhere near Marlborough last evening?" her mother demanded. "Absolutely not Mummy!" she insisted. "No, we were together all night!" I added and I kissed her, "Why?" I asked.

Her mother glowered at me. "It seems the there was a drug fuelled orgy at Malborough last evening and it has been alleged that Katherine was there." "Absolutely not!" we said as one. "Well Barclay says the Mini was nowhere to be seen at eight o'clock but it was outside by mid morning," her mother insisted. "Er it was round the back but she left the lights on and we had to move it so we could connect the battery charger," I lied. "Oh?" her mother queried, "I suppose that explains it." "Can I get you a coffee or anything?" I asked.

"Oh no, I ought to be going," Lady B suggested. "Come for dinner Geoffrey, I expect you two love birds would like some time alone." "Yes, we could try and find that Meadow Warbler," I explained, "The yellow breasted one." "Yes!" Katherine agreed with considerable resignation. "Seven thirty for eight," Lady B insisted and she walked out with a knowing smirk. "Oh great," Katherine sighed, "What the hell am I going to do for the next two hours?" I just grinned.

"We are not having sex," she insisted. "Ok," I agreed. "Oh, so what are we going to do?" she asked. "There's racing on the box," I explained. "I really don't believe this," she snapped, "I offer myself on a plate and you turn me down!" "Oh all right, I'll have sex." I agreed.

"Geoffrey!" she complained, "For heaven's sake you're obsessed." I looked at her. She was already undoing her jeans. "I'm still a bit sore, can we do it bareback with loads of lube again?" she asked. "I think we'll have to I don't have any condoms," I agreed. She kicked her jeans off and slipped her top over her head.

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I undid my belt and she slipped my trousers down and reached down my shorts. "Ummmm," she cooed, "Nice and hard," and she slipped my member out of my shorts. I threw off my shirt. I eased her panties aside.

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I pressed her back into the leather couch. She spread her legs and guided me into her once more. "Geoffrey!" she gasped, "Make love to me." I kissed her shoulder.I held her tenderly. I crushed her breasts against my chest. I luxuriated in her warm wet vagina. It felt good. It felt right. "Do you like that?" I asked.

"Do you love me?" she asked. "I love fucking you, is that enough?" I asked. "No," she insisted. "You have to say you love me." "You love me!" I said. "Geoffrey be serious!" she said and she thumped me in the ribs. I thrust into her especially hard, "Oh yes, do that, carry on, Geoffrey!" I realised there was no other way to shut her up, so I sought her lips and kissed her. Dinner at the mansion was a disappointment. The food was rubbery and cold.

The conversation stilted and cold and Katherine was in provocative mood. It wasn't until the younger children left us that the real conversation started. "So Geoffrey what do you do?" Lady B asked. "Estate Management, Second year." I replied. "Estate Management eh, Old Darlington retires next year." Lord B suggested, "What do you see in Katherine?" "Fucks like a dream sir." I admitted. "Geoffrey!" Katherine squealed and she blushed crimson. "Like her mother," he admitted, "The only time she stops complaining is when she's cumming, and then she screams the house down." "Daddy!" Katherine squealed.

"Look I'm not stupid, I know damned well what you've been doing Katherine," Lord B admitted, "She's been unpaid whore to the Balcarras club for the past month." "Daddy!" Katherine squealed. "Don't deny it," he insisted, "No half decent chap will touch you with a barge pole so it's down to Moore here." "Sir?" I asked.

He thought a moment. "Offer to marry her or I'll blow your bollocks off with my shotgun." "Can I think about it?" I asked. "Take your time, I'll get the gun," he suggested as he lounged in his chair. "Ok, you win," I agreed. "Have an announcement put in Gloucestershire life dear," Lord B ordered, "Now what do you know about beef cattle? I went home around ten o'clock.

I showered and lay in my lonely bed. There was a frenzied knocking on he door. I went downstairs. Katherine was standing there in her nightdress and wellington boots.

"I was lonely and now I'm bloody freezing, warm me up please!" she pleaded. "Why didn't you ring?" I asked.

"I don't know your number," she sighed, "Let me in!" I let her in and she shot upstairs. I followed. She dived in the bed. She reeked of Chanel "I waxed for you," she said, as she raised her nightdress and eased her panties down. "No need," I explained and I snapped the light out.

I held her for a long moment and woke several hours later. She was gone. She had left me a note. Her phone number. "See you Friday." and "Love you."