Step mom and dad punish patron bosss daughter outdoor first time fresh teen fuckbox

Step mom and dad punish patron bosss daughter outdoor first time fresh teen fuckbox
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Day two started off with Gary finally able to get some proper rest. He woke up with a cheer in his step and a smile on his face instead of the usual frowns and misgivings, actually happy to be alive for once. Last nights escapade had given him new energy, new confidence and a way to live out dreams that no one could ever made reality. That night he had his first taste of revenge against his oppressive fellow employees, in such a pleasurable way that he got hard just thinking back at it.

He felt like he could take on the world, like one of those megalomaniac masterminds in the movies! Immediately after having breakfast and changing clothes, he went about practicing his craft, choosing random people off the street to test his powers on, with him standing by the window of his apartment.

He tested range and extent, looking for limitations, only finding few. For one, he could not let his subjects go on with whatever he wanted them to do, or they simply will not stop or just stare into space blankly. He can mentally communicate his commands without saying a word up to at least a few blocks. He cannot command anyone who he cannot see. He can command several people at once. They will follow his will and thoughts to the best of their abilities, but they will never endanger their own life or the life of others.

He could also command them to perform tasks in the spirit of doing it, along with indirect suggestions that somehow run automatically, like programming a computer.

Pretty simple and logical, if not powerful. Kudos to the ones who made that European mind control charm. Come to think of it, he could not seem to find the thing anywhere, but did not think much of it since he had his powers even if it was not around.

He had a lot of fun for a few hours, just staring out his window, laughing, commenting and simply enjoying the things he made people do. He made a high school girl stop in her tracks, walk deep into the alleyway across the street, pull down her panties and secretly masturbate until she orgasmed. He did the same to a random guy about the same place where she was and made the school girl give him a quick blowjob instead of letting him finish off.

After the guy had climaxed, he sent the two on their merry way as if nothing had happened. After a while, he stopped a man in a suit and randomly made him dance to a tune. People around him thought he was part of some wierd ass advertisement or some publicity stunt. He let him go after he was at the end of the street. A particularly attractive woman living in the other apartment block across his own, hanging out laundry. He made her pull up her tanktop and flash her D cupped breasts at him, bouncing them around and suckling on them for a while before he let her go back inside.

Something in him wanted her to come over here for a 'friendly chat' but he had bigger fish to fry, or more like 'enjoy'. The infinite possibilities! He could make them throw money at him if he wanted to! Retreating from the window, he got ready to go to work after some washing up and tv. He took his car and went up to the spot where he usually parked his car.


Bringing himself pass the guard at the entrance, the daily grind went on into the night, and the time came when office hours were well over. Making his rounds with an innocent whistle, he made sure that no one was around and headed for the second floor.

The moment he entered the particularly spacious grey marble walled women's bathroom, he spotted April leaning over the counter looking into the mirror.

Tonight, she was dressed in red brown, blazer, blouse, pencil skirt, shoes. This time she had a pair of black stockings on, which was a real turn on. She turned to look at him just as he closed and locked the door with his keys. Normally, she would be screaming, as the look in her eyes looked like she was just about it, until Gary stopped her like a Jedi master. Within a split second, she was under his spell again, ready for round two of his revenge.

He looked her over. Apparently, she looked gussied up, the gloss of her lips sending elecric signals down his spine. To think that his cock had been in there, spewing his load into her just the other night, that mouth sucking out every last strap of it to swallow, that tongue lapping around the head, that hole that had felt so good to slam his rod into, that sound it maked when she gulped down every last drop without hesitation.

He felt like lunging on her again, but he kept his cool for his justice had to be carried out with her doing some very naughty things that she would never do. He felt like having bit of fun, so he relayed a suggestion. "I've been a bitch to you, Gary, ever since you started working here." April's face took on a bit more emotion, one of deep apology, "'Let me make it up to you, get us on a fresh start?" "Really?

What do you plan to do?" He said with a smile, playing along with his suggestion to build the fantasy. He knew where it was going, but he wanted to hear it from her. "Anything you want. I'll do anything you want." She responded. Gary crossed his arms, "Apologies wont come cheap, April. You did some very bad things." She looked sad, her eyes drooping, "Please?

Anything you want?" "Price is high." He eyed her up and down, "I want your body." "Ok. I'll let you fuck me then." She responded without hesitation and without shame, starting to strip. "Takes more, honey." Gary grinned.

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"I'll make it up to you by letting you cum your load as many times as you want in my pussy. Sounds fair?" "Good enough then. Listen to you. Wont that make you a slut?" "I am a slut, Gary." She went on to smile, "I always fantasize about being fucked in the bathroom every day. Did I tell you I masturbate here at least twice a day, thinking only of cock and semen in my holes?" Her blazer and top came off first, her huge Ds bouncing around each time she moved.

Then she dropped her pencil skirt and her panties with a single pull, and her sweet, juicy pussy was revealed for him to see. She kept her stockings and shoes on, and it was a sight that instantly made Gary's cock extremely hard.

The first time he would ever see her fully naked, with all her flesh exposed to him. All he wanted now was to stick it deep into that delicious cunt and blast away. Looking at her naked in a place that would normally be embarassing for her to be with male company, a justice that he was happy to dispense. With a rather less than complex command, he relayed the next move.

He backed up against a nearby metal bench and sat down with legs apart. She followed him, her expression once again falling into a daze.

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Dropping herself down onto her knees, she undid his pants and underwear and pulled them off his legs. His cock soared and throbbed with excitement. "Your cock looks so tasty I could suck on it all night long." He made her say. She immediately took the whole thing into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down and moaning lightly.

She spent a full minute suckling at his cock before popping it out. This was not the main event for the night, so he had kept this brief as part of the show. He would have gladly repeated the experiance last night if it were not for his desire to get her to do something new and decadent. She stood up and came forward, the manager's fresh cunt just inches away from his face.

Getting up onto the bench, she positioned herself in a straddle above him with her legs on the outer side of his thighs. Her big breasts bounced and pressed onto his head, nipples erect and hardened.

Using a hand, she grabbed his cock and guided it towards her pussy, which was becoming exceedingly wet. With a loud open mouthed sigh, she allowed herself to sit on his lap, forcing his member into her depths.

Gary let loose a moan as the tight wet warmth of her pussy enveloped him.


It was rough and deep, tight to every inch of his rod. He felt like he could cum at any second just by inserting it in, his cock melting into her warmth. April placed her hands on his shoulders and stared at him with eyes of lust from the suggestion he had given her.

She started a slow ride, rising up and down at a controlled pace. With each bounce, she huffed and sighed erotically, never letting go and never stopping even for a moment. Her clenched privates pleasured him without so much as a twinge of hesitation, letting the cock slide in and out of her roughly. Her tits bounced and at his suggestion, she made sure they were in full view of his eyes so that he could watch. "Oh geez." Gary whispered as he leaned slightly backwards to watch her ride, waves of pleasure pulsating through him with each slap of her ass on his thighs.

"Is my pussy tight enough for you, Gary?" She purred between sighs. "Oh yeah, baby. Keep riding my cock." "You can cum any time you want, Gary. Cum into my pussy." As soon as she was done speaking, Gary could not take it any more. The feeling of her cunt sliding around his cock was too much, and he let out a cry. His cock exploded, spurting his seed into April's pussy.

The sensation was like filling a hole with with your finger in it, coupled with an intense pleasurable feeling as that tight hole started to feel warm with the sticky liquid. Her eyes closed and her sighs grew stronger as he continued to shoot inside her. She kept going at the same pace and squeezing his cock, milking out every last drop. Even as Gary's orgasm subsided, she kept riding him, pleasuring his still hard member, his hot spunk dribbling off the sides of her cunt and onto the floor.

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He could have sworn he could feel her shudder and quake, as if she herself reached orgasm. "Your cum feels so nice and warm inside me, Gary." She huffed, looking at him with blue eyes so lost. "Cum some more if you like. Keep cumming until your balls are empty." Gary said nothing but only gave her a command to go faster.

She sped up, tits bouncing even more and her breaths sharpening. Her pussy pounded against his crotch, slapping audibly throughtout the room along with the loud moans and groans of them both. She took a short moment to prop her legs into a squat and rammed her pussy into his cock hard, rising and falling faster and harder. The moisture was becoming intense, running down like water down their legs.


"I'm such a cum slut! I love riding your big hard cock, Gary! I should have just let you fill me the day I met you!" She breathed. "Ripped off my clothes and let you fuck me with that wonderful rod!" "You're my cum slut now, April!" He almost shouted. "Yes!" She seemed to smile wildly, "My mouth and pussy are yours to fuck! I love swallowing your cum and taking your load deep in my pussy!

Fuck me anywhere and any time you want! Fill me with all of your hot sticky sperm!" With a grab to her waist and a violent pull down onto his cock, Gary came again deep and hard, not holding back.

April, this time, resisted and tried to keep riding him but with the force of his hands, she could only pump his spunk spewing cock. With each burst, he let out howl after howl, adding more and more to the previous deposit of cum still inside her. When he had shot his last drop of sperm, he almost fell backwards across the bench.

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April seemed to continued to ride him lightly, her face blissful and dazed. When she pulled herself out, several long streams of his sperm trailed out of her well used pussy, splashing onto the drenched sex soaked floor.

Her hole had been completely filled. She looked down at her handiwork in awe and used a finger to scoop up a string and shoveled it into her mouth. "So much delicious cum inside me." She sighed as she dismounted, falling to her knees to suck out the last straps of his cum, busily slurping and lapping noisily.

Gary looked at her with a grin.

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The stuff worked a lot better than he had expected. Now as just one of many times that he would be using it. After thinking about it, he was satisfied with what he had made the slut do, riding his cock, craving for his cum and taking two loads into her pussy.

For now, he could just savor the moment, letting her suck him off as his thoughts and dreams went wild. She looked up at him after a while, popping her mouth out of his spent member, still stroking it, "How was that? Good enough?" "For now." He replied, resting his hands behind his head, relaying commands.

"You only came twice.

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You sure you dont want any more?" He grinned, "Any time I need you I'll call you." "Great." He commanded her some happiness, and some eagerness too, "Anytime you need to drain your balls, do it in my pussy or my mouth. No need for you to masterbate any more. I'm your cum slave, after all, yeah?" Soon afterwards, Gary got a hold on April's home address and the rest of her schedule.

Wherever she would be, whenever he needed a release, she would just be a stones throw away. It seemed like good times were ahead, his revenge on his greatest target virtually complete but even then, it wasn't over.