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Both my parents died when I was 13 in a car accident. With no family and no where to go, I became a ward of the state, and once I turned 18, I was turned lose, with little to no prospects and only a college scholarship and the money that was placed in trust when I became and orphan.

Life had not been that great. I had learned to be alone, to not trust people, and was extremely awkward socially. The other guys at the home told stories about the girls they had fucked or messed around with, but somehow, even though I deeply wanted to get with girls, I never knew what to say.

All that changed when I started college. I didn't tell people about my past. I was a decent looking guy, skinny, but compared to the other guys around I would say I was above average.

My estimation had to have been somewhat correct, because on the first night in the dorms, I met Angela. We hit it off right away, kind of.

We started talking because during one of the "reveals" she told the group that she was an orphan. I didn't share my past with the group, but after it broke up, I went up to her, the first time I had ever done that, and started talking to her. She seemed to be slightly annoyed, but when I broke down and told her about my past, she asked if we could go get coffee. She went to her room and then met me downstairs.

We made small talk about how hot it was, and then laughed at ourselves for going to get coffee. Once in Starbucks, we ordered our drinks, and talked about our majors, basic stuff, and then she finally asked me if I was really an orphan. "Yeah. Parents died when I was 13, and I lived at ___________________ since then. I got out two months ago and came here because I had no where else to go." She started telling about her mother, about how she barely remembered her, and how all she had ever known was the orphanage.

Like my parents, her mother had died in a car accident when she was 5, and without any other family, the state took over.

She started talking about the people she met there, the friends she had not made, etc., but all I could do was look at her. She was beautiful. She wasn't the typical skinny little thing. She had curves, but she was clearly not the kind of girl that is slutting it around town. She dressed nice, but not whorish, but even so, you could tell she had one hot body. She had shoulder length brown hair, green eyes, and a chest that was very hard not to stare at.

They made her body look bigger than it was, but it only took a few seconds to see her waist and know that it was all boobs. Her legs were extremely toned, although I couldn't see them sitting there. After a while I picked up on the conversation again, just in time to hear her question. "So do you have anyone?" "Nope. Just met my roommate today. That's it." "Yeah same here. I didn't even say a word to mine.

Saw her for like two minutes." "So we are basically the same. Even look a little alike. Although I'd say you are much better looking than me." We laughed at that, but it was hard not to notice the similarities. We both had brown hair and green eyes. We were about the same height, I was average for a guy, she was a little above average.


We made more small talk about what we wanted out of school, what we might want to do in the future, and when the coffee ran out, she looked at me and smiled. "Hey I don't want to go back to my room.

Its depressing, too much like the past 13 years, do you want to drive around? I have a car." "Sure." We made our way to the bus stop without talking, and then after a short ride to the freshman lot, we found her beat up truck and she opened the door. I got in and we drove around the town for a bit. We stopped at a light, and she looked at me. "Hey. Have you ever gotten drunk?" "No.

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Never had a drink. You?" "No, but this is college. A place for firsts." We devised a plan for her to try to by some beer, and after two failed attempts, she got lucky and walked out with a twelve pack of Bud Light. We found a parking place near the back of an abandoned parking lot and started drinking. We both commented on how the beer tasted (both thought it wasn't that good), but after the first beer, we didn't mind the taste.

We talked, more and more about nothing, but we both seemed to be having a great time. Eventually the beer got the best of us, and as we both leaned in to get another beer, our faces came too close and I kissed her. She didn't resist. In fact, she kissed back. Her hand came down on my thigh and without thinking, I reached up with my right hand and grabbed her chest. She recoiled instantly. I knew I had screwed it up. She sat back against the seat and didn't say anything. I was horrified. I closed my eyes, and just wanted to fade away into nothing, but my thoughts were broken by her hand back on my thigh.

She looked at me and gave me a half smile. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. I've just never even kissed a guy until tonight." "Neither have I. I mean kissing a girl." She smiled at my nervousness, and without warning, she crossed her arms at the base of her shirt, grabbed the bottom and brought her shirt over her head. Before me was a beautiful woman sitting in her truck in her bra. It was a basic white bra, but her cleavage was amazing. Then she leaned in and kissed me. We kissed for a while, me not daring to raise my hand to her chest, but I didn't have to.

After a few minutes, she grabbed my hand and put it on her chest, pushed my fingers so I would grab it, and as soon as she forced me to squeeze her, she took her hand back. My hand took over and as I kissed her, I felt her breath quicken, and she began rubbing my jeans. I knew she was searching for my cock. I had never been more scared then I was at that moment. We remained that way for a while.

I had managed to get under her bra to pull out her hefty tits and she had managed to rub me to a full on hard on barely contained in my pants. With no warning, she pulled away from me and threw her back against the seat, her tits giggling with the force, panting heavy, and saying "god" over and over. She looked at me and smiled. "I'm sorry for starting all that. I really shouldn't have." "Why are you sorry.

God that was amazing." "Well I don't want to give you the wrong idea, and I'm really no tease. Really." "its fine really. Do you want to drink some more or do you want to head back." "I don't think I can drink anymore.

I'm drunk, but I cant drive. Do you mind driving?" Now I had never driven before in my life and had no idea where I was going.

We got out and switched positions, and I watched as she barely made it around the back of the truck. When she got in, she looked at me and laughed. "I'm so sorry I teased you. I left you in such a bad state." "Its ok. Ill take care of it when I get back." "Really? You really need to that bad? I'm so sorry I gave you blue balls." "Its fine really." It was like she wasn't listening to me. "Do you want me to help you out?" "What do you mean?" I was shocked.

I didn't know what she was asking, but she didn't respond. I was pissed that I clearly lost my chance, but now that it was done, I had to concentrate on driving. She clearly wasn't going to be a big help. Her head had found the window and it looked as if her eyes were closed. It took me a few minutes to get use to driving.

I used way too much gas at one point and we shot forward. I over compensated and slammed on the breaks trying to stop, but I got use to it.

I circled around the same block a few times trying to get use to the driving, and suddenly, as I came to a stop sign for the third time, she woke from her semi-sleep. Without warning, she undid her seat belt and put her head in my lap. She unzipped and unbuttoned me and reached in and grabbed my no only semi hard cock.

She put the head of my dick in her mouth and then pulled it out. "Slide the bench back and drive." Nothing else. No more words. She just leaned back down and put my dick back in her mouth. I listened and didn't hesitate. I hit the gas and took off, forcing my dick deep into her mouth to the point where she gagged a little. As I drove she started to get her rhythm. I drove as slow as I could without attracting attention, trying to steal a look at her as she sucked me as much as possible.

I was rock hard. She could no longer take all of me, but it didn't bother me, and it clearly didn't bother her. I drove with one hand and rubber her left tit with the other.

It was the greatest night of my life, and that's when it happened. I felt the tightness all of a sudden, and knew I couldn't control it. I didn't have time to warn her before it happened. I exploded into her mouth. I had jacked off in the bathroom many times, and each time I had to push my dick down so the shots would not go over the toilet, and that is what I thought about as I shot stream after stream into her mouth. I imagined the volume of cum in her mouth and wondered how in the world she was able to still move up and down on my cock.

I started to soften, but it didn't stop her movement. Even though my cum had stopped I still felt the wonderful sensation of her mouth on my cock. She seemed to want to stay down there all night, but I couldn't take it anymore. I had to have her stop or I would wreck the truck. I pulled at her hair to lift up, and she got the hint. She panted as she lifted off of me and leaned hard against the window and seemed to close her eyes right away. Her breath was still heavy, and as I concentrated on putting my wet dick back in my pants, I heard the impact.

Then nothing. I opened my eyes and didn't know where I was. I couldn't see well, and when I tried to rub my eyes, I noticed my hands where bound to the bed I was on.

I struggled and heard an alarm go off. It made me even more panicked. I noticed for the first time that I must be in a hospital. I saw the IVs, the television on the wall, but for the life of me I didn't know why I was there. The alarm continued to go off over my head and for the first time I felt the sever pain between my legs.

I was sore and although I could tell I was numb there was the deep sense of pain. All of a sudden nurses came rushing into the room, and behind them two men in suites. A tall blond nurse rubbed my head and told me to relax. "Your awake. You've had a hard night and day. Be still. We will give you something to relax you." I saw one of the nurses take the IV and inject something in it.

It almost no time, my body felt completely relaxed. She told me that I might feel a little sick and tired, but it would help. "Where am I?" I felt the grogginess. "Your in the hospital. You were in a very bad car accident last night. Is there someone we can call?" "No one." "You need to tell someone. Maybe call your parents. You don't have to worry about getting in trouble. They will understand." "No I don't have anyone. No parents." The drug was taking its toll.

Things blurred and then I fell off to sleep. When I woke again, I didn't struggle, and in the room was the same nurse that had been there before. "Give me a second. I will get the doctor." She came back in the a man in a suite. "Mr. Williams. I am Doctor Spencer. Do you know where you are?" "A hospital right?" "Yes." "And do you know why you're here?" "Car accident." "Good." The pain was less but still there.

"What happened to me? Am I ok?" "You did not suffer many injuries in the car accident. The impact was on the passenger side and as far as we can tell you merely suffered a concussion and a few cuts and bruises." "Why do I hurt so bad? Why are my arms bound?" "Mr. Williams. I don't really know how to tell you this. Are you sure there is no one you can call?" "I don't have any family." "Close friend? Do you have an attorney?" "Why would I need a lawyer?" "Well do you mind if the hospital attorney comes in?" "Tell me what is going on?

Where is Angela?" "You are referring to the young lady you were with?" "Yes. Where is she? Is she suing me or something?" "Mr.

Williams, Miss Tyler passed away about an hour ago." I felt a wave or terror wash over me, and as I sat there two more suits walked into the room and one put a digital recorder on the bedside table.

"Mr. Williams, I will get right to it." It was one of the suits talking. The Doctor had stood and was facing the wall. "Last night when you were taken in, the hospital was crowded and you were placed in the only place we had a bed. This morning, you underwent three separate procedures that was intended for another patient.

The mistake was only discovered when the patient that was intended for the surgeries was discovered and by that time it was too late." "What did you fuckers do to me?" They looked at each other and remained silent. Then the doctor finally turned around. "You had a sexual reassignment procedure as well as two other minor plastic surgeries." "I had what? In English please. I was crying at this point." "You want the full story? Do you want to know all the details or do you want to rest?" "Fucking tell me, and get these damn restraints off me." "Ok Mr.

Williams. You deserve the whole story. The sexual reassignment surgery removes the penis and makes a vagina out of the scrotum and skin from the shaft of the penis.

Although we are able now to do the procedure without severing many of the nerves in the penis, thus allowing us to make a functional clitoris, we are unable to reverse this procedure and give you a functional penis again without the use of a pump. In addition facial surgeries were done to give you the shape of your desired model. Your cheek bones, chin, Adam's apple, and other minor facial feature were slightly altered." "Wait, Wait. This has to be some kind of mistake. I didn't pick a model.

This is some kind of joke isn't it?" "You didn't select a model, but because no one knew who either of you were, a picture was taken of my Tyler and placed on your chart so we would know who you came in with." There was silence. Five minutes passed, and I was completely lost in the moment. "So what do you do now You have to fix this." "Well Mr.

Williams. We don't have too many options. We can try to reverse the procedure, but again, it is not successful in providing an operating penis. Facial surgeries can be performed, but it will be hard to give you exactly what you had." "And another option?" "Well, this is a bit strange, but you can undergo complete sexual reassignment, at the expense of the hospital of course." "So you want me to become a woman.

Holy shit. You can't be serious. Even if that was a fucking option, people would know." "Do you two mind stepping out of the room and sending Mr. Robinson in." The two lawyers left the room and took their recording devise with them.

The new suit came in and sat down but didn't say a word. "There is a way that no one would know. We know that neither you nor Miss Tyler has any family. We are pretty sure that she has no ties at all, and you seem to be about the same, am I correct." "Yes." "Well what Mr.

Robinson have talked about, and this is completely off the record and we will both deny it if it ever came up, is that we switch your identity with hers. There seems to be only a paper trail of both of you. Finger prints turned up nothing, and the only way we found out who you were was by the registration in her truck. The police told us that we basically had two paper John Does." "So you would just make me her?

How crazy is that? She is in there dead? What are you going to do with her?" "The state allows her to be cremated after ten days, and as her doctor, your doctor, I will sign the papers to have her, I mean you, cremated." "Go on." "We would do all procedures under the table so no one would ever know unless you went to a doctor. It would also allow us to use non-approved procedures that we feel would provide better results." "So I would be your guinepig?" "Not at all.

These procedures are being performed elsewhere in the world, and we have a perfectly good doner right here." "You mean Angela." "Mr. Williams." It was Mr. Robinson. "I am the president of this hospital and was the former Dean of your University's Medical School. I can ensure you that this is the best sexual reassignment surgin in the world. I do not want to lose his services because he loses his license, and honestly, this is publicity we just don't need." "We have Miss Tyler on life support right now, so why don't you think about the idea.

We can stand to wait an hour or two." "An hour or two? Dear god. You want me to make that decision this fast? Get the fuck out of my room." The stood up and left, closed the door, and I could hear them talking behind the door.

I couldn't make out their words, but soon their presence was replaced by the overwhelming panic that shook my body.

I thought long and hard about my options. It didn't seem like I had many. I closed my eyes and tried to wake up. This was a nightmare that I didn't think could be possible. Time passed, and I spent the minutes starring at the wall. Eventually I started screaming and in seconds, they returned to the room. When I saw them standing over me, I knew they had me trapped. "I died in that truck, and you killed me.

Know that and I hope you both die and rot in hell. No one can know. No one can ever be able to tell." "That is the easy part." "Easy? Are you fucking kidding me?" "Yes. It will be a long time to get there, but in six months, everything will be as if you were born Miss Tyler.

" "I want money." They looked at each other and then at me. "I'm afraid I don't do well with blackmale." "Well fucking call it what you want, but if not the deal is off and I go straight to the media." "Well what are we talking about?" "Million bucks." "I can't authorize that. Even as the president, people would notice that." "Well then give me the phone." "Wait. Here is what I can do. I will put you on the payroll and you will get a check every month.

We will pay you the rate of a plastic surgen." "You'll fucking leave and the new guy will figure it out." "I'm not going anywhere, but we will write up a twenty year contract at the rate of 250,000 a year with a 3% raise every year. That's way more than your million you talked about. You would never have to work in your life." "Ok.

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Get this over with. Give me drugs so I don't feel anything and wake me up when you fuckers are done with me." They nodded and took out several pieces of paper. They hand wrote in some details, and then told me I had to sign them.

"Remember, your Angela Tyler. Do you need to practice?" "Fuck you." I was drugged and they took me to a secluded room. I noticed the curtains and a couch, and that was about it until total darkness overtook me. Over the next few days, I woke only to be immediately sedated.

After some time, I woke with such pain over my body as I have never experienced. My arms were free, but I had patches on my eyes. I heard a voice in the room tell me to relax. "Mrs. Tyler, you have been through a lot. Do you want me to remove your cathader so you can get up and move around?" "Please." I heard the words but did not recognize the voice.

She removed the cathadar and helped me get out of bed. I was so weak I fell on the ground. She helped me up, and took my arm. I felt small, so weak my body didn't feel like my own.

I couldn't see because of the patches, and after a short walk around the room, I had to lay back down. There was a huge weight on my chest and my walk was different. I drifted off to sleep. Weeks past and I refused to look in the mirror. I could tell there were changes in my body. I felt them, and no matter what I did, I got flashes of my new chest once the bandages were removed.

Then the day came that I had to face the reality I had chosen for me.

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I walked in the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Starring back at me was Angela. I could tell small differences, but for the most part, I was her. I starred at the chest in the mirror. Wrapped in a robe, I could only get a hint at their size, but I definitely felt their weight. I grabbed the belt on the robe and untied it. I pulled it open and looked at myself in the mirror. My tits were huge, and were my penis use to be was a clearly defined pussy. I had no hair anywhere, no doubt because of drugs or something.

That's when I heard the door open. The doctor came in and looked at me looking at myself in the mirror. "So what do you think?" "This is amazing. How in the world did you do this?" "Well the plastic surgery was easy. The difficult part were your breasts. We tried a complete breast transplant. We also removed two rips, altered your vocal cords, had complete hair removal all over your body, and you have been undergoing a regiment of hormones, drugs to make sure your body doesn't fight the forgein tissue, and physical theropy so you didn't lose all muscle." "So my breasts are real?" "Yes.

Feel them." I did. They felt real (not that I had ever felt fake ones). I literally had Angela's boobs. "And what about down there." "You mean your vagina? You are completely functional." "So I can have sex." "Sure." "But with men. Im not into guys." "Well you don't have to, and you might be more than you think. Once hormones begin your body chemistry will change." "I don't know about that. So really, how did you get my chest like this?

I can't feel any implants." "Actually, we have been working on a procedure to transplant the fatty breast tissue of one person to another after a series of drugs that help expand certain mammory pathways in the existing breast tissue. There are issues of rejection of the tissue, but we were more than lucky in that you were a donar match for Angela. We used your existing skin, so they will be tights for a while, especially due to the size of the transplant material, but over time your skin will adapt and loosen.

We'll talk more about it later, but now its time to get you to your new place and let you start settling in to your new life. You have size months until school starts back up, so that will give you plenty of time to adapt and get use to your new life.

Again, I am sorry this all happened, but I hope everything starts to work out for you." I wanted to be mad at him, but he seemed genuine, and I knew it wasn't intentional, and looking at myself in the mirror, it was hard to be anything but happy.

I had long since gotten over the fact that I was now a woman, now it was time to get use to the life that I was to lead.

"Im sorry we don't have anything better to send you off in than this, but I personally got Angela's clothes laundered, so until you can purchase your own, you can wear hers to leave the hospital." I slid on her panties first and then put on her skirt. It fit perfectly. It was strange looking at myself in the mirror, and after a few seconds I picked up the bra from the pile of clothes.

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I had no clue how to put the thing on. I studied it for a while, and then clasped it in the front and rotated it around, found the holes for my arms and pulled it up around my breasts. After some adjustment of my tits in the cups, I felt the immediate reduction of the weight on my back and saw the cleavage that it gave me. Then I put the shirt on. The only problem was the shoes. "Here. I bought you a gift." He handed me a box, and I opened it.

Inside was a pair of black sandels. "I figured you would need some shoes." I thanked him and then followed him through a series of hallways until we came out into a room filled with doctors. He had told me that only he and Mr. Robinson knew my situation, so I knew they were not starring because they knew I had been a man. I felt them starring, looking me up and down.

Most of them were men, but even some of the women were studying me as I walked. We made our way to his car and without questioning where we going, I got in and we left the hospital. I wasn't ready to feel what I felt. I felt free, finally released from a prison. For the entire drive, I didn't even think about my new life. I was just glad to be out of the hospital. "Where are we going?" I finally asked. "I got you a place. Its not the greatest, but its safe, close to school for you, and its free.

I own the place and rent it to college kids, but I figured it's the least I can do for you. Also, people know who I am, and they won't think anything about me coming over. More importantly, as my tenet, my wife won't think anything about it." "What, you going to be a regular visitor?" "Well you don't have anyone, and I deal with this all the time.

You'll go through a lot getting adjusted. You'll have my cell, so if you need to talk, let me know. The hospital will pay for any counciling you might want, but I'm not sure you're the kinda person that will do that. So I'm here." We pulled into the apartment complex, only about twenty units, obviously an old hotel that was fixed up and converted into small apartments. I was on the ground floor, end unit, and when we walked in, I noticed that he had gone to some lengths to get it ready for me.

"I have to leave and go back to the hospital, but get settled in. There is some food in the fridge, and pantry if you want to veg out for the next few days and get use to life on the outside. I'll check in with you. The unit next to you and over you is empty, so you shouldn't have any noise issues. If you need me at all, call me." I shook his hand, and then looked at him.

He was crying. He could only manage "I am so sorry about what happened," and then he broke the handshake and hugged me. It was strange at first, but then it became comforting. I had not felt this close to someone in a long time, and it could be said that at that moment I felt like I had a father for the first time in a long time.

When he left, I felt utterly alone. I walked around the apartment.

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There was a small den, and kitchen and even smaller bedroom. A queen bed took up most of the room. When I made my way back to the kitchen, I saw an envelop on the counter. I opened it and there was a key and a small note telling me that my new car was outside.

I looked at the key, a small black key with a BMW emblem on it. I opened the door and walked into the parking lot. I kept hitting the open button until I saw the lights of a small 328 come on.

It was black, smooth looking car with new tags. I smiled. I peaked in the windows, and content, I turned around to go back inside. It was cold outside, late February, and although it wasn't snowing, the air was cold. I made my way back across the lot, and when I was about to open the door, a guy opened his door and came out. I looked at him, and then was suddenly scared shitless. "Hey. Names Mike. Saw the Doc check you in.

You the new girl, huh?" "The new girl? What does that mean?" "I mean you gotta be new here. You are clearly not from around here and your ride is new." "Oh. I thought you meant I was with him." "No. I didn't mean that. So where ya from?" I paused, panicked. I didn't have a story down. "Hey, I don't mean to be rude, but I'm freezing. Can we talk another time?" When I said it, I smiled, not intentionally, and noticed that I was looking him up and down. Never before had I checked out a guy, and now that I was conscious of it, I pulled back and stopped.

"No prob. I'll come over later and we can have a beer and talk about you. I'll show you around town." Before I could say anything, he turned and left, and I was left stressing about when he might decide to invite himself over.

I went inside and realized just how cold I was. I was freezing, and once in the heat, I noticed how absolutely cold I was and how I couldn't get warm. I had to get new clothes. I stayed in long enough to get warm, and then grabbed my purse (my purse… fuck), and got in my car.

After some adjustment, I got use to driving again, and a wave of panick came over me. It was the first time I had driven since the accident and the second time in my life. I pulled over and cried. I had never been this emotional in my life. When I had pulled myself together, I walked into the gas station and asked the attendant where the mall was. He gave me directions after he starred at my chest the entire time, and I left as soon as I could.

I finally found the mall and realized that I didn't have any money that I knew of. I had been worried about everything else that I hadn't thought about that. I found a debit card in my name in my wallet, and went through a drive through ATM. I put the card in, typed the number that was on a sticky note, and withdrew 200.00. The money came right out and then the receipt. My mouth fell open when I saw the balance on the account&hellip. 49,800.00. I slipped the receipt in my wallet and returned it to my purse, parked the car, and made my way into the mall.

I had never enjoyed shopping, not that I had been much, but with money and a new body, it began to be fun. Also, given the fact that I got to roam around the women's sections and stores, it was a huge turn on. I bought so much that I had to return to my car three times.

I spent hours in dressing rooms, studying what looked good on me, what didn't (which wasn't much), and what made me feel more like a woman.

I had saved underwear for last, still a bit scared and embarrassed for going into Victoria Secret. I didn't know what size I was, or what would work, and I knew that's what they would ask. I finally went in, and with luck, they asked me if I wanted to be sized. It was awkward to say the least. Luckily she was an older woman, but it was still strange having someone else touch my chest.

She was not attractive at all, but the brush against my chest after I had removed my bra, sent a quiver up my spine. She brought in some to try on, and after some time, I put 5 different ones aside and then walked through the store and got panties to match.

I seriously thought about trying on lingerie, but I didn't know what the point would be other than to see myself in them. I paid and left, and after some stress at not remembering how to get back home, I found my way. I made the required trips in from the car to carry all my bags, and collapsed on the couch.

I had spent five hours at the mall and well over eight thousand dollars. I found something to eat, and decide that I would lay down. I took off Angela's clothes off and noticed for the first time what a relief it was to get out of my bra. I put on a tee shirt I bought, and a new pair of panties and laid down on the couch.

The next thing I knew it was dark outside and there was a knock on the door. Still half asleep I walked to the door and opened it without thinking. It was the guy from earlier. "Hey. I brought beer… oh, wow, did I interrupt?" I noticed his face and then realized that I didn't have anything on but panties. "Oh shit. I'm sorry you woke me. Give me a second." "Sure." I ran into the bedroom and threw on a pair of shorts and then ran back to the door.

I'm not sure why I ran back to let him in, but the whole event overwhelmed me. When I opened the door, I saw how cold he was. He walked in without an invite and sat down on the couch, grabbed a beer and opened it, took a swig, and then grabbed another. He twisted that one off and handed it to me. I took it without resisting. I stood on the opposite side of the coffee table from him and realized just how hard my nipples were. They hurt they were so hard, and it was clear from his eyes, that he hadn't only noticed, but he was trying to stare his way through the cotton.

I drank without thinking and remember just how much I didn't much like the taste of it. He started talking, with reckless abandon, about anything and everything on his mind. He told me about him, about his studies, and finally stopped. "So you going to stand there all night or sit down?" There was not another seat in the small room, so without thinking, I went and sat on the opposite side of the couch. With nothing else better to do, I drank the rest of the beer.

He gave me another, and it was only after the second that I felt comfortable. I answered his direct questions with yes or no answers until finally he looked at me. "Don't talk much huh?" "Sorry. I'm shy and not good around new people." "Well I'm not new people." "No your not." And that's how the witty semi sexual banter started. I noticed that I enjoyed the conversation, enjoyed how he looked at me, and started enjoying looking at him.

After my third beer, I was clearly drunk, and when I left to go pee, I stumbled more than once. When I got to the bathroom, I noticed that I was turned on. When I returned, he had the television on, making himself at home.

"Welcome back." "Thanks." "Well listen, I'm too drunk to drive home, so I'll have to camp out on the couch tonight." He laughed. I laughed with him, and sat down on the couch, closer than I had before.

I somewhat ignored him and watched the television as he turned the channels, and before I knew it, his hand was on my thigh. I ignored it at first, and then the reality hit me. I looked at it, and he looked at his hand and then in my eyes. "Is that ok?" I didn't know what to say. "Sure." He smiled. That was as far as it went for a few minutes, and then he started to rub my leg, and once it started, I felt that same wave come over me.

He started rubbing further and further up, and when his hand moved to my inner thigh, I looked at his hand and wondered what to do. How do I stop him? Before I knew it, he had leaned in and kissed me. It happened so fast I didn't know what to do. I forgot the fact that I was a woman and he was a guy and gave in. I concentrated on how turned on I was, but it didn't work for long. When his hand reached my right boob a wave of fire when from my chest to my crotch, and the fact that I was Angela came surging back to me.

The feeling was unbelievable. He pulled his hand away, and my body cried for it to return. He pulled it down, and then pulled it back up, this time under my shirt. When he reached my chest, my head was forced back by the pleasure and my eyes instinctively closed. My nipples were hard as a rock, and when his fingers found my right nipple, the feeling was even more intense. It made me want him more than anything I have ever wanted in my life. At no time did I think about him being a man. All I could think about was what he made me feel.

Our kiss grew more intense, and as it did, his hand squeezed tighter. He found my nipple and squeezed. Every movement drove me crazy.

When he withdrew his hand from my chest, all I wanted to do was get naked. His hand went down my stomach and as it did I pulled my shirt over my head. By the time I had my shirt off my head, his hand had settled between my legs. His left hand began to rub my pussy from outside my panties about the time his mouth found my left nipple.

I draped my arm over his back and closed my eyes. Never in my life had I felt such pleasure. He rubbed hard against my panties and felt some slight penetration with his fingers though the fabric.

It was too much. I pulled him away as the fear of his figuring something out came shooting into my head, but as he retracted, and the look of fear came over his face, I didn't know how to rectify the situation.

I dove at his face and kissed him. It seemed to appease him, and his hand once again found my breasts, working from one to the other. That's when I looked down. I saw his erection through his pants, and I thought how gross it was that he was hard, and then in the same moment, how much I wanted to see it.

I reached out to grab it almost on instinct, and then stopped myself, wondering what in the hell I was doing, but I was a woman right? There was nothing wrong with me wanting to touch it, see what it was like.

When I extended my hand and put it on his swollen crotch, he moved back and kissed me, this time harder than before. The hardness of his dick under his pants was electrifying.

I felt a deep wetness growing between my legs like I hadn't felt before. I felt myself squirm on the couch as I rubbed up and down its length.

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As I moved up, I could clearly feel the head of his cock in his pants. As I tried to grasp it in my hands, his hand moved back to my crotch, and I knew it was more than I could handle, both emotionally and physically.

Given that and the fact that all I could think about was seeing his dick in person, I quickly broke my grasp and my kiss and stood up. He looked at me seated, and when I stood in front of him, he took both my tits in his hands and squeezed them. He moved forward on the couch and put one nipple in his mouth, then the other, moving back and forth, teasing me.

I closed my eyes for a moment, getting lost in his actions, but quickly I came back, and began to lower myself to my knees. As if he knew what I was doing, he released my chest, and his hands fell to his side. When I got to my knees, I was only a foot from his crotch, but his pants were still on. I rubbed his dick two or three times, and then he started to unbutton and unzip. Fear gripped me. What was I doing?

I was actively moving into a position to suck him off. Hell my body was driving me to do it, but when his pants came down, along with his boxers, I wasn't ready for what I saw or how I would react.

When his pants pulled past his dick and it came back slapping his stomach, I didn't think for one second. I reached out and pulled his cock up and before I knew it, it was deep in my mouth. On my knees I felt the submissiveness of it all like I had never felt before, but there was also a large sense of control.

That was, however, all secondary. The feel of his cock in my mouth was what I could only describe as amazing. He wasn't as large as I had been, but in my mouth it felt large. Its hardness was tempered by the softness of the skin, and the feel of the head of his dick, the soft skin along the underside of his mushroom head, was what I can only describe as pure heaven.

I struggled as he got deeper in my mouth, but I soon settled into a comfortable stroke that allowed me to handle his size and get the full affect of his dick in my mouth. I gripped hard on his shaft with my mouth, but I began thinking about his balls. I wanted to see what they were like, so I pulled his cock out of my mouth, and found them and tried to put them in my mouth.

They moved with every attempt, so I settled on licking them with my tongue and then moving back up his shaft. When I reached the head of his cock, I put my lips back around it, just around the base of his head and flicked at his head. I found the opening of his head, and tried to force my tongue deep inside it, but settled on moving it back and forth until I heard him start to moan. When I heard the sound, I realized that all I wanted was to have the full length of his cock back in my mouth, so I dove down on it, and that's all it took for him.

My lips found the base of his cock, and as I retracted to the point where my lips caught on his head, I felt the first wave of cum erupt from his dick. It surged out with great force and I felt it hit the back of my throat and almost immediately tasted it. When I moved back down on him, only a little bit, another shot came, and I started to suck faster, taking only a little of him in my mouth, keeping him inside my mouth, but allowing enough space for his cum to escape his dick.

The feeling and taste of his cum was amazing. I never wanted to let go of his dick. As he stopped cumming, it wasn't long before his dick got softer, but I didn't want to let it out of my mouth.

When I did, I sucked hard, and the "pop" from my mouth made him giggle. I leaned back and looked at him. "That was the greatest blow job I have ever gotten. I'm sorry I came so fast, but with you sucking, I couldn't contain myself." "It was pretty great." "You enjoyed?" "Oh yeah." I don't think it was possible for him to understand how much I loved sucking his dick. I stood up, and wanted him to leave. I cant explain it, but I was done.

I went from on fire, to wanting him to leave. "Do you want me to return the favor." It was clear he was in for the long haul, not trying to say the right thing. "No that's fine." I was already looking for my shirt. I felt my tits swing down toward my face as I leaned forward to pick it up. "I have some things to do." I could tell he got the hint.

He pulled his pants up and stood up. " Well I'm two doors down if you change your mind." "Good to know." I wasn't trying to be a bitch, but I think he got that idea. He went to the door, and felt this wave of something great escaping me, so I went to him, and kissed him.

"Maybe we can have an appropriate first date tomorrow." "Sure. On me. Ill come by tomorrow." That was it. He left. When the door slammed shut, I felt the uncontrollable urge to masterbate, but I had no idea how to do it. I needed a release but didn't think that was possible. I sat on the couch and was more depressed than I had ever been. When I was horny as a guy I would retreat into the bathroom and rub one out, but now, with the taste of cum in my mouth and what could be described as blue balls without the soreness, I was left without the ability to release.

I stripped off my panties and began rubbing my pussy. I was shocked at how good it felt, and within minutes, I felt the pressure rise and the heat grow. I felt the wetness grow, and as the orgasm rushed through my body, a greater feeling than I had ever felt before in my life, the release came. But as soon as I came, the frustration came surging back. I picked up the phone and called the doctor. "Doc. I have a problem." "Whats wrong?" "I don't really know how to say whats wrong." "What is it?

Are you feeling ok? Have you taken your meds today?" "Yeah nothing like that. I shouldn't have even called." "No what is it?" "I think it's a female thing, but I didn't know who to call." "Ok take a deep breath and tell me what happened." I started telling him the story of what happened.

How I didn't expect to feel that way, how I got caught up in the moment, and things happened, but how now, I just can't get the feeling to go away. "Well what do you want me to do?" "I need help. You told me to call you when I needed help.

I need help." "Alright, well give me a few minutes, and I'll be over." I grabbed another beer my happy neighbor left and started drinking. Two beers later, the Doc finally showed up. He knocked, but then opened the door. I was on the couch, almost passed out, my tee shirt over my chest, and my skirt bunched up on the couch, revealing my panties. "Doc. Oh my god. I don't know what to do. This is horrible." "Whats going on?" "I so didn't want what happened to happen. But I was just ovetwhelmed.

I couldn't resist. I mean I was with a guy. I didn't want that." I was crying at this point. "But you're a woman now. Your so full or hormones you are going to have the urges that a woman has, probably more severe since you they are so concentrated and the dose is so high." "But it was like I couldn't control myself, and now I just cant get he release I could as a man." "Well youll have to get use to the urges. Like I said, you'll think, feel, and want like a woman wants." "Do women really want it this bad.

I can't believe it." "How bad is it?" "Its bad. I mean as soon as he made a move it was all I could think about. I didn't have control. It was like he had total control over me." "And he didn't drug you did he?" "No I was fine. Then he made a move and it was all I could do to control myself." "Well I hate to say this, but did you enjoy it?" "It was the most amazing thing in my life, but that's not the point.

I cant get any relief." "Did you have intercourse?" "No." "Well that might be the problem. Your body is craving that." "Well what the hell do I do now?" "You need a vibrator.

I hate to put it like that." "No I mean to now want it." "I don't think there is anything you can do about that. You're a woman. Can I have a beer? I need one after my day." He took the last beer, and I didn't notice or care that he sat beside me and started drinking.

"Well fuck. I can't go to sleep like this." "You and me both." "Whats wrong with you? Your vagina need something too?" "Your funny. At least you have your sense of humor.

I got problems of my own." "What problems you got?" "Blue balls… remember them? Wife won't get near me anymore." We sat in silence and drank our beers. "What she found another guy?" "No she says sex with me is no fun.


So I'm left to myself. But you don't need to hear any of this. You're my patient." "Not anymore. I'm a tenet." "Well still not appropriate." "So what are you bad in bed?" "No too big. Hurt her." "Bull shit." "No its true. Huge problem. Always had this problem with women." "Well I wasn't a guy long enough to experience that." "Well your lucky then.

Small guys think its bad for them. Imagine what its like to have a dick and not be able to actually do anything with it." "So how big are ya?" "You really want to have this conversation in your state?" "Sure." When he said he was ten inches long, I felt the heat surge through my body.

I wanted to see it, but I didn't. He went on to say how his wife would lay there and take half of him, never suck him, and allow him to cum in her in hope to get pregnant, but that was long ago. Now he was lucky to get laid when she was drunk every few months. All I could think about was a huge cock in my mouth, something cumming in me. "You want more beer?" "Sure. I'm pretty drunk though." He left without hesitation, and before long he was back.

When he came back in he grabbed a beer out of the six pack and handed one to me. "So how is your chest? Did you have much feeling?" "So much is was hard to deal with." "Have they loosened at all?" "They are still pretty tight, but they move." "Let me see.

Stand up and let me make sure everything is ok." I stood up, wavered a bit, and he got behind me.

He reached around me and took both my breasts in his hands. When his hands touched my skin, I couldn't move. Waves of heat went through my body and seemed to connect between my legs. He squeezed my tits together and then began to make swirling motions with his fingers.

He seemed to be searching for something. He used his thumb to keep my breasts where he wanted, finally ending with hard pressure from the palms of his hands forcing my breasts up to my face. He dropped them off of a sudden, and then spun me around.

He pushed his hands around my breasts, lifted them, and then dropped them. My nipples were hard as a rock, and I was having a hard time standing up. With no warning, he took my nipples in his hands and squeezed them, pulled my tits up and then dropped them again. "Your adapting amazingly. They are still a little tight, so you need to keep your massage up and your skin should loosen." "No one ever showed me how to massage." "Really?

The nurse should have gone over all that." I knew what I was doing. The nurse had shown me about a hundred times. "No. They didn't show me." "Well do you need me to show you? I can tell you how to." "Well you do this all the time.

I don't want the whole thing going south because I don't know how to massage." "Well do you have lotion? You need to use lotion to soften the skin and allow for proper movement." "Yeah one second." I almost ran into the bedroom. I stripped completely naked and grabbed the lotion and returned to the living room.

When I walked in, I saw him looking me up and down. I handed him the lotion and turned around in front of him. "Ya know they move just like real tits." "Well I've come to understand what they mean by a blessing and a curse." "Ok give me the lotion." He pressed himself firmly up against my back and reached around and squirted a few streams of lotion onto his hands, and when they came to rest on my tits, the pleasure was indescribable.

He massaged them with his hands, making hard circles with his fingers, going back for lotion every now and then. After a few minutes, I felt him against my ass, his hard cock pressing against me, but I didn't say anything. I didn't want him to stop massaging my tits. The entire time he was describing what he was doing, how I should do it, and the results that would come.

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When he finished I turned to face him. He leaned over and put the lotion on the table, and before I knew it I was on my knees unzipping his pants. Before he had a chance to complain, I had his huge cock in my mouth. When I looked up at him, his cock pressing against the back of my mouth, he didn't say a word. I tried to devour his cock.

I did my best to take the entire thing, but it was no use. I worked on his cock as best I could, concentrating on his head, licking up and down his shaft, and playing with his balls with my free hands. I couldn't get him to cum.

I sucked him hard for ten minutes, and then all of a sudden he pulled me up and threw me onto the couch facing the wall. Just as my knees found the edge of the couch, he pushed the entire length of his dick into my soaked pussy, causing me to let out a scream and fell the waves of pleasure surge through my body.

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He began fucking me hard before I even had a chance to brace myself, and the sound of his body slapping against my ass and the feeling of his entire length filling me was more than I could take. I didn't know what was happening. Frustration seemed to build in my pussy then all of a sudden it let go entirely. I screamed as the electricity took over my entire body. I bucked back and forth, and as I did, his grip on my hips intensified.

He fucked harder and harder, and then as I settled down, he pulled out and sat on the couch. "Ride me." It was a command. I looked down and saw his hard cock moving with the beats of his heart.

I didn't wait. I dove myself down on his cock, and the sensation was even more intense. I pushed myself up and down on him for a while, then noticed if I just moved back and forth, his entire length stayed in me and the feeling was amazing. I came again. He pushed me off, and then ushered another command. "Get on your back." I pulled off him reluctantly and laid down. He got between my legs and pushed all the way inside me once again.

Once inside me, he didn't go slow. He began fucking me so hard my tits wouldn't stay still. I remember fantasizing about tits moving around like mine were and clearly he felt the same way, because whenever he had the chance, he leaned down and grabbed them to keep them still. I orgasmed repeatedly. He kept fucking me until my orgasms seemed to come almost one on top of the other.

I was spent. I laid there and took it. The feeling was amazing, but I didn't have the energy anymore to move. I didn't want him to stop, but I was no longer a participant.

He reached down and used my tits as handles. He started fucking me harder than he had at any point, and I felt his cock get stiffer inside me. Then I felt it. There was a huge surge of heat inside me. Suddenly the friction from his cock was less, and I heard him start to groan with pleasure. He squeezed so hard my tits hurt, but I didn't stop him. I knew he was cumming. He fucked until I could tell he could fuck no more, then pulled out and sat down on the couch.

I looked down and fingered myself as his cum leaked out onto the couch. He was panting. "Looks like we'll have to get you a new couch." "It was worth it. Dear god." I was out of breath as well.

"Damn right it was." "I don't know what came over me. I am so sorry." "No need to be sorry. It was what you were made to do." He looked over and smiled at me. "What do you mean?" "I made you to be a fuck machine. You were hypnotized to want dick whenever you were around it." "You mean you brainwashed me?" "Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it." "Well hell yes. That was fucking amazing." "Well know its not your fault.

You're a woman now. You want dick, more so than any woman." "So you knew what was going to happen when you came over here." "I was hoping it would take. That feeling you had was because you needed cock. Plain and simple." "So you made me this way." "Of course I did.

The perfect woman. Your absolutely beautiful, and you physically cant say no to sex in any way shape or form, and what's ever better is that its totally your idea." "You shit head." It didn't escape me that I was sitting in a pool of his cum and that looking at his soft dick all I could think about was reaching over and putting it in my mouth. "Don't be like that.

Your every man's dream and every woman's secret desire: the woman that loves sex more than men." I tried to get mad.

I tried to call him a fuck head, but the fullness of his dick in my mouth stopped me from complaining anymore.