Matura italiana sucking big cock

Matura italiana sucking big cock
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"Okay now, deep breath." I opened my entire mouth and sucked-in the entire oxygen content of my car as I sat in the faculty parking lot, staring down my own nervousness in the rear view mirror. Just before my lugs cried mercy from holding in more air that god had originally intended I sighed out everything, hopefully including my anxiety about the new job: the position of world history teacher at Turner King Private School for Girls.

My jitters had less to do with the position of teacher, since I had already been doing that for years, and more to do with the transition from public school to private school. Sure, back at my old job I had to contend with the occasional bad seed or, at one point, future arsonist, but the pressure from the higher-ups and parents was not nearly as soul-crushing as it would be here.

Now that these people were paying for their kids' education, I would have to watch my ass every step of the way.

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"Alright, Jacob Cunningham, look me in the eyes." I said to my reflection sternly. "This is a big step-up and a big paycheck, so don't blow it. Remember: these are still kids in need of teaching. The amount of money behind them and the face that they're all girls doesn't change that. Got it? Got it." I was just about to exit my car when the reflection in my side view mirror stopped me a second to say, "Hold on, just gotta check my hair." Leaning over I gave my looks a once-over to make sure I was presentable.

My slightly wavy dirty-blond hair looked good with the haircut I had received the day before. I preferred to keep it long-ish, just around the ears on the side and longer in the back.

My green eyes stared into their reflections and gave them a wink. Between them, my nice jawline, and a good shave, even I would have asked myself out. But no time for that right now.

I grabbed my bag from the seat, closed the car door, and walked toward the school, head full of confidence and bag full of books and worksheets. No one needed to look at the name of the school to figure out that it was a private one. Just the way it looked, modern and clean, told everyone that this place had the funds to pay for maintenance, and then some. There were no errant pencil marks covering the walls and, as I passed the cafeteria, I saw sturdy wooden table set-ups and carpeting and (gasp) potted plants.

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Frankly, I would have been impressed enough to find out if their bathrooms were functioning and not a smelly glorified billboard for casual sex, but this was far fancier than I expected. While I ogled the library that felt like the school had simply bought and moved the Great Library of Alexandria to here, I heard a sweet little voice pass by behind me. "Good morning~" Whipping around, I saw a pair of female students waving back at me as they rounded the hallway of the corner.

I was there early, as every teacher had to be, and I had not expected to see any students just yet. But I guess there were clubs or something these kids were going to. This was the first time I saw the school uniforms this place required.

It seemed like the standard fare: pleated mid-thigh skirt for girls during these warmer months, white long sleeve blouse with collar, and light vest over that. The outfit was more modest than the kind of stuff some of my female students used to wear at my old job sometimes, but it still managed to make them look lovely and accentuate the womanly bodies they were growing into. As I headed to the morning teacher meeting, I had to wonder two things: 1.) Did the designers of the girls' uniform intend them fit them like a glove?

and 2.) Did that girl who just passed me now wink at me? ============ Despite the increased formality of the teacher meeting, it was generally the same kind of thing I had to sit through everyday before now, except everyone had better looking clothes. I guess going out a week ago for better clothes was a good idea.

My slacks, shirt, and vest combo had me looking downright dapper if I do say so myself. I got the idea from that greasy-haired guy from Inception that wasn't Leonardo DiCaprio. Finding my classroom took a bit of help from a fellow teacher, a nice guy who taught math on the same floor as me, and I found that I had to give myself one last quick breather before I entered the classroom. I put on my best smile and opened the door to a classroom with the usual scene of kids milling about and talking, except everyone was in uniform and everyone was a teenage girl.

"Good morning, class. Take your seats, please." The laughing turned into quieted giggling and the talking turned into murmurs and whispers while all the girls took their seats at the desks. It was right then that I fully realized how different this place felt. There was just about two dozen pairs of teenage eyes glued to me and all of them were burning holes in me. Before now I had never felt like this in front of a class. It was not nerves or anxiety from being in front of a class.

It was nerves and anxiety because they weren't just paying attention to me, they were eying me over and smiling all the while. I'm no idiot. Despite my age (38), I was rather young-looking and worked out whenever I could, which was in stark contrast to advanced age of the rest of the faculty. Add that with the raging hormones of the teen years and how fast kids grew up nowadays, there were very few outcomes that did not involve these girls' minds going someplace naughty.

Now what was keeping my mind from doing the same? Not much. But I could try. *ahem* "H-Hello, everyone!" "Hello!" They all chimed back at me, cheery and happy. At the very least, all the girls were worth looking at. All of them were pretty and cute in their own way, and some of them were already knockouts; the rest of the girls were knockout ready to happen. "I'm your new teacher, Mr. Cunningham. You can call me Jacob if you want. I look forward to teaching and getting to know all of you.

To that end, is there any questions any of you would like to ask about me?" Immediately a sea of hands shot up. I pointed to a brunette girl near the front. "Do you have a girlfriend?" She asked excitedly. I was taken a little aback by just how forward she was right off the bat.

Judging by the giggles, murmurs, and inquiring looks that followed, this was a question most of them were planning on asking. "Uh, well, no. I mean, I had a girlfriend or two in high school. But I don't have one now." That was a bit of a lie. When I was in high school. lets just say that I was one of the boys parents warned their daughters about.

I smoke and drank and fucked. That was about it. I didn't so much have "a girlfriend or two" than I "had different girl in bed every other day". I guess I was sowing my wild oats early because I eventually calmed way down some time into college. Since that time I've had a fling here and there but I never settled down into anything serious.

I'm fully aware of how sad that sounds at my age. Not that these girls needed to know any of that, and my answer was satisfying them well enough it seemed. A few of them started whispering to their desk mates while sneaking glances at me. One girl chimed in with, "Can I be your girlfriend?" The volume of the classroom went up as the girls laughed and hooted.

I honestly couldn't tell if she was kidding or not. I was hesitant to answer, but I talked before I thought. "We'll see." Way to go, buddy. The girl actually blushed when I said that and her friend started nudging her in the ribs knowingly. Maybe I would have to start taking up masturbation again.

============ That morning basically set the pace for the rest of the day. While I did eventually start getting down to business in earnest, the looks the girls kept giving to me never let up. More often than not I would catch them getting all dreamy-eyed or simply staring at me with lulled eyes. Eventually it became kind of flattering and I started to let myself look over the girls myself.

I know it was kind of wrong, but I found it difficult not to do it. Working as a high school teacher, I was mostly aware of how kids these days seem to be maturing faster and faster, both mentally and physically.

One of my less savory former co-workers used to describe some girls as "too young for their tits" and, as much as I didn't want to, I'd have to agree with him sometimes. It was still pretty evident here too.

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The figures on some of these girls were obvious even through the uniform. With the skirts it was easy to see that nearly all of these girls had legs to die for. Long, firm, smooth, and leading up to hips that begged to be held. Narrow waists, flat tummies, and breasts of all sizes. What were they feeding these girls?

Unfortunately, I could not give their, most likely toned and round, butts a once-over because they were sitting down. I was personally an ass man. While I managed to get through my lesson plan without too much distraction, there was one very notable exception.

More exceptional than the fact that all the girls were ogling me the entire time. Almost at the end of my period I finally noticed that a girl in the front row was the one who had waved and winked to me earlier that morning. This was the first time I had gotten to really look at her. She was particularly gorgeous. Her hazel eyes were bright with youth yet sparkled with sensuality, and her lips were just the perfect kind of plump and soft-looking. Damn, I bet they would feel nice.

She may have been psychic because, as she twirled her long blond hair in her fingers, she licked her lips at me. I wanted to believe it was just a coincidence, but it was too obvious the way she did. Slow and light as she looked me right in the eye. I kept talking about something or other, but my mind and eyes were focused on her. Her hand came down and, as I followed it down, I noticed that her legs were parted under her table.

From my angle, I could see straight up her skirt to a pair of near-sheer blue panties. My eyes felt like they had widened, and my pants felt like they tightened slightly. I only hoped that no one noticed. "It was just an accident." I told myself in my head. But when her hand came down and slowly started to run a finger up and down her panty-covered slit, I knew it was anything but an accident. Clearing my throat failed to distract neither her nor my mind.

Keeping up the facade of a professional teacher was getting more difficult as a damp dark spot started to form on her panties, and she hooked a finger around her crotch and pulled it aside, revealing her perfectly puffy pussy lips. Even from where I was standing I could see that her clit was engorged and that she was wet and glistening. The sight caused me freeze and stutter for a moment. I stood there dumbfounded and turned-on as she slipped a single finger tip into herself as the bell rung.

I physically shook myself back to reality and dismissed the class. When I glanced back at the girl, she had already covered herself back up and was gathering her belongings along with the rest of the class. "Uh. Um. Oh! Don't forget what we talked about today! I-We're going to have a quiz on. it." I couldn't get the words out of my mouth since my head was filled with the images of that girl revealing herself to me, leaving no room for anything regarding the lessons.

As the girls left into the hallway, talking amongst themselves and waving at me coyly, I started to wonder if anyone else noticed either the girl showing herself to me, or my reactions to it. ============ The other classes thankfully went about normally. Sure, some girls still ogled me but none of the classes had the same tense sexual atmosphere that my first period class possessed.

Don't get me wrong, that was fine with me. It allowed me time to calm down and momentarily forget about it, getting back to my job as a teacher. When lunch came around, I grabbed something from their cafeteria to take back to my classroom.

I was alone in my classroom, eating and going over papers, when I heard a knock at the door. I swallowed my mouthful and looked up to see that some of my first period students standing there, beaming and waving at me.

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I motioned them to come in and join me. Students at my old job used to do this to: eating their lunch in a classroom with a teacher they liked instead of in the cafeteria, it was endearing. But this time it was more than just two or three kids. About six girls came in and made a beeline for my desk, where I was seated, including the one girl who had showed me her pussy before. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. After I swallowed a second time to dislodge the nervous lump in my throat, I perked up and smiled at the group of girls just as the last one was closing the door behind her.

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"Hey there, girls. Did you all already eat lunch or something?" The blond girl from before spoke for the group. After going over my seatin chart earlier, I learned that her name was Cicily.


"Yeah. But we wanted come hang out with our new favorite teacher for the rest of lunch." Her voice was confident and sultry. I could feel that there was something else going on here, but I didn't want to jump the gun and act like I knew.

"New favorite teacher? Wow. That's quite an honor to hear on my first day. I mean, I thought I did an okay job but not enough to be the new favorite." "Yeah. Well. You made a good first impression.

At least in my opinion. But you should know that." While we conversed, I noticed that the rest of the girls had formed something of a semi-circle around me and Cicily. I would have chalked it up to the typical way group congregate except they were tightly packed and blocked my view of the door or, rather, the view from the door.

I'd be backing away if I wasn't in my chair, and Cicily hadn't come right up to me. Despite being a full head shorter than me, her presence loomed over me in this position. Her hungry eyes pushing me into the chair. "Is that so? I don't remember you speaking up." Her reply was to smirk at me smugly and look knowingly over her shoulder at her gang of teen girls.

When she turned back to me, she gingerly held the hem of her skirt in her fingers and lifted it up until those familar sheer blue panties were visible to me once. "You don't remember this, Mr. Cunningham?" My reply was to stare and let my jaw drop at this girl's precociousness.

"I thought so." The girls giggled and were apparently unfazed by Cicily's actions, which were growing more bold by the second.

Her skirts dropped back down as she let go and bent over me, low enough to let her hand reach out and touch the noticeable bulge that had appeared in my pants. I jumped a little at her touch, she kept smiling. "Just like before." She whispered.

"B-Before?" I managed to stutter out. "You didn't think anyone could notice this right here, Mr. Cunningham?" She said as her hand began to stroke me from outside my pants. If I thought I was hard before, I was sadly mistaken. Cicily's movements and words were causing me to grow harder and more sensitive by the moment. I was sure she could feel the heat of my cock through the fabric. "When I showed you my pussy.

You know, you're the best-looking guy to come through this school." All of her friends nodded in agreement as they watched me begin to breathe harder under their leader's touch. "The minute I saw you, I knew that this year was going to be fun. God, after I saw you this morning, I was so turned on that I had to work it off in the bathroom before class.

If I hadn't, I might have fingered myself right there in class. I still would've let you watch though." By now my heart was beating a mile a minute and I'm sure it was causing my cock to twitch in my pants. Every time it did, Cicily squeezed me ever so lightly. My mind was abuzz with thoughts of two very distinct kinds. On one hand, I should stop this. She was my student and a teenager. On the other hand, I was more horny than I had been in a long while and seeing all these girls so obviously enamored with me, or at least what was in my pants, was too enticing to pass up.

However, Cicily was making the decisions for me while I was frozen in place. With a gentle push, she spread my legs apart and lowered herself to her knees in between them. At no point did she break eye contact with me, not that I could if I wanted to. I opened my mouth to protest, but she interrupted me.

"Shhh. You don't want anyone to hear, do you?" Hesitantly, I shook my head.


That must have been the signal she was looking for as she started to undo my belt. All the other girls stayed where they were, blocking the view from the door, and watched the scene before them intently. One of them wasn't doing a thing to hide that she was starting to rub herself through her skirt.

With a quiet zip, Cicily undid my fly and instantly the pressure on my member lessened as my boxers tented out. I had always been proud of my size, long and thick, and the girls were certainly impressed judging their excited looks and smiling gasps, even Cicily cooed in surprise when I popped up.

Now my ego was getting stroked as well as my dick, and I was starting to get into the mood. Cicily licked her lips once more and leaned in very close to the tent in my boxers, taking in a deep breath through her nose with her eyes closed, savoring my male scent. Using both of her hands, she wrapped her fingers around my shaft, massaging and squeezing me with curious hands.

The little wet spot forming on the fabric showed just how much I was enjoying this as my precum began to dribble out of the tip. I don't if she was practiced or not, but she was doing a hell of a job. I thought I was going to blow my load right then and there, but she stopped an slipped her hand into the opening in my boxers and attempted to wrap her fingers around my shaft. Her hands were so soft and warm, and her fingers could just barely wrap around me.

"Now get ready, girls." After the girls leaned in for a better view of my member, Cicily pulled out the entirety of my cock. Nearly eight inches of man meat sprung into view, as hard as steel and smelling strongly of musk. I heard some of the girls whisper "Wow" and "Holy shit" as my cockhead throbbed red and angry.

The air was cool around my exposed flesh, and a droplet of precum as already formed at the tip. "Mmmm.

Magnificent." Her hand began to slowly stroke my cock, taking her time feel out every ridge and vein on it. By now my breath was getting ragged and heavy, and my fingers were gripping the arm rests with white knuckles. Seeing her young, smooth hand on my massive tool as her eyes dared me to do anything about it was probably the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life.

She leaned in once more, this time closer, until her nose was nestled at the base of my cock, just above my balls. A low groan came from her throat and I noticed that her other hand had disappeared up her skirt. Judging by undulating movements of her arm, she was rubbing herself while she got personal with my manhood. A small pink tongue snaked out from between her perfect pouty lips and gently touched my flesh.

I held my breath as more and more of her tongue was pressed against the underside of my cock. With her eyes closed and her other hand busy in her panties, Cicily dragged her succulent tongue up my length painfully slow.

I heard a small mewing sound from our audience of teenage girls. The girls were enraptured, and many were feeling either themselves or a girl next to them as our show built up their sexual frustration. Just before she got to the ridge of my glans, she stopped reversed her direction, back down to my balls. She repeated this agonizingly slow process a few more times, going up the sides and top, making sure that no square inch of my cock was left dry from her saliva.

When the shaft was evenly coated with teen girl spit, Cicily opened her eyes and looked me straight in the eyes as she raised herself a bit and brought her other hand back into view.

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It too was wet, but from her own juices. I could smell it from here. Fragrant, subtle, and clean. While holding me upright with one hand, she cupped the head of my dick with her hand coated in pussy juice and gently rubbed it around, mixing it with my own copious precum.

I couldn't help but moan loudly. "Shh." Now every part of my member was covered in lubrication from this girl. She returned her hand to her panties and, without ever breaking our eye contact, slowly lowered her lips to the tip until she just barely touched it.

God, I needed it now. I needed her to continue. She needed to quit teasing me and get to it, or I would start fucking her face forcibly. Before that happened, I felt her tongue begin to flit around the slit in my cock, and I shivered in ecstasy. Slowly she began to make larger circles with her tongue, orbiting it around until she was swirling her tongue around the head.

I nearly lost control right then and there, and I leaned my head back to try and regain my composure. All I could feel was her silky lips begin to encircle more and more of me until the entire cockhead was in her mouth.

So warm. So moist. It had been so long since I got some head, and it had never been this good. From there she gently began bobbing her head up and down, letting her lips rub over the sensitive ridge of my glans. Continuing with her theme, she gradually took more and more of my length into her velvet mouth. I couldn't help myself, I raised a hand and placed it gently on the back of her hand. She stopped. Startled, I looked back down at her, afraid I did something I shouldn't have.

Instead I found her eyes smiling at me, as if I had done exactly what she wanted. Seemingly invigorated by my hand, she went back to sucking me off, this time faster and twisting her head left and right so that her tongue was working every inch of me. My hand kept her from pulling off, even if she wanted to, and my hips were gaining a mind of their own as they started to jerk up occasionally into her inviting mouth.

I quickly grew aware of all the sounds that were happening around me. I could hear the gentle slurping sounds from Cicily giving me the best blowjob I had received in years, my own groans and guttural grunts, the quieted moans of the other girls as they rubbed themselves to the voyeuristic thrill of watching their friend suck off their teacher, and the subtle noises of Cicily fingering herself.

It was all too much. I felt my balls tighten up and a hot torrent of semen beginning to boil up. "Girls. I'm gonna cum." I gripped Cicily's hair as she took as much of my cock into her mouth as she could, my hips bucked up once, and I gritted my teeth.

I tried holding back as much as I could but it was futile. Soon a torrent of hot spunk was shooting up my shaft and thick ropes of the white stuff was spurting into my teenage student's mouth. I heard her gag slightly but she endured and swallowed the seemingly endless amount of cum that was coming out of me. I heard her moan low in her throat and felt her shiver against my thighs as her own orgasm overtook her. When it finally ended, I was limp in my chair as my cock began to lose rigidity.

Cicily held it in her mouth still, and cleaned every inch of it before finally giving it one last kiss on the tip and wiping a stray drop of cum from the corner of her mouth.

I couldn't move. But she stood up, adjusting her skirt while her friends straightened themselves up and made sure that they didn't look like they had just fingered themselves while still in uniform.

Since Cicily didn't do it, I stuffed myself back into my pants and made sure I didn't look like I just got a world-shattering blow job. I opened my mouth to say something, but Cicily pressed her finger against my lips to quiet me. It smelled strongly of her pussy. "This stays between us, okay?" After a moment, I nodded in agreement. "Good. Keep quiet about this, and let us have our fun, and you get to keep your job.

Who knows? Maybe you'll get to have some fun too if you think you can keep up with us." The bell rang, signaling the end of the lunch period, and Cicily leaned in over me and gave me a peck on the lips before she and her gang filed out the door without a word.

I just sat there, completely dumbfounded from what just happened. As my next class began to come in, there was only one thing I could think about: Just what more did those girls have in mind for me?