Nasty lesbos fill up their big arses with milk and splash it out

Nasty lesbos fill up their big arses with milk and splash it out
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This is part two of Amy's passion It was 3:30am, Amy had been sleeping peacefully after she had used her sister, unwillingly, as a tool of pleasure, when she awoke having to go pee. After using the bathroom Amy walked back into her room which she shared with her sister Nicole.

As Amy was about to get up to her bunk she noticed her sisters panties on the floor, she grabbed them and realized that this kent Nicole had never dressed herself after Amy had her fun.

Amy walked over to her sleeping sister and once again removed her blanket, it revealed a completely nude body. Seeing her sisters lovely cuca and little nipples had once again brought the feeling back to her own cuca.

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Amy had begun to rub her wet cuca while staring at he sisters body, oh the things she wanted to do to her. After a couple minutes of rubbing her now soaking wet cuca through her cute white panties Amy felt she had to do something. She got into the bed with her sister again this time Amy decided she wanted to taste her sisters cuca.

Still rubbing her own cuca though her panties Amy spread her sisters legs and slowly started to lick her sisters cuca, nicole moved a bit but was still soundly asleep.

After a bit of licking amy decided to go back to her own bed as to not wake her sister again.

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Nicole awoke naked and dirty, after what her sister had done to her last night she had just cried herself to sleep without putting her panties and skirt back on. "I have to take a shower before mom sees theme like this" Nicole thought to herself. She got out of bed, her sister Amy, who she was quite scared of right now, was apparently all ready up. After cleaning herself in the shower Nicole walked downstairs to have some breakfast. "Hey sis!" said Amy as she saw her sister walk into the kitchen, Amy had gotten up a bit ago and was now eating some frootloops.

"Hey." Nicole said in a little voice. She walked to the counter and noticed a note: Sorry girls, I got called into work today, Amy take good care of Nicole. Their mom was a doctor and this wasn't an uncommon occurrence.

"Nicole, I wanted to say I'm sorry about last night" Lied Amy, in an honest voice. "you should be" retorted Nicole. "Listen I know you probably don't feel like talking to me right now but were gunna be here all day, so I was wondering if you wanted to take a dip in the hot tub?

Mom said it makes lots of bubbles like a bath". Looking at the ground, Nicole said "well. I guess so, I'm going to go put on my swim suit". "okay so will I" said Amy as she got up and went to throw on her swimsuit. Amy had changed and was excitingly waiting in the hot tub for her sister to come to the hot tub, Amy had knew her sister would think she was really sorry for last night, and now with their mon gone for the day she would have the perfect opportunity to have more fun with her sister in the hot tub.

"okay I'm here" said Nicole as she eased into the hit tub. "ahhh this feels nice" said Nicole as the warm waters bubbling around her relaxed her every muscle.

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"so about last night." said Amy. "what?" Nicole said coldly remembering how weird she felt with her sister touching her like that. "I'm really sorry, I don't know what I was doing.come give me a hug" said Amy acting very apologetic.

"okay.but please never do that again" said Nicole as she swam over to her sister to give her a hug. Little did Nicole know under all the bubbles Amy had been rubbing her own cuca becoming very turned on, and that she had plans for her sister.

Nicole and Amy hugged a long forgiving hug after about 10 seconds Nicole let go of Amy but her sister still was wrapped firmly around her body.

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"uhh Amy can you let go?" asked Nicole, now worried. Then worry turned to fear as Amy grabbed Nicole's young firm ass "this is going to be fun sis" Amy said as she slipped her hand into the back of her sisters bikini.


"what are you doing!?" cried Nicole. "Whatever I want moms not home today so you can cry as much as you want". Amy still had a firm hold on Nicole's body as the stood in the hot tub.

Amy had began fingering her sister in the ass. "STOP IT STOP IT THUS HURTS" screamed Nicole tears streaming down her face. But Amy was already having to much fun. Nicole tried to squirm free but her big sister was much stronger then she was.

Amy sat Nicole down on the underwater bench the hot tub offered, still having a firm grip on her with one hand so she doesn't run away, Amy pulled Nicole's bikini top and bottom off and stared at her young cuca once again. "ah your beautiful Nicole" said Amy. "why are you doing this?" Nicole sobbed miserably, to that Amy did not reply. Still holding her now nude sister, Amy put her hand in her bikini and started fingering herself, then she took her hand and began to rub Nicole's soft preteen breasts then ran her fingers down her sisters body until she reached her cuca.

She began to finger her sister which caused Nicole to cry louder. Amy took Nicole's hand and forced it onto her own cuca, "put your fingers in my cuca!" Amy said forcefully at her ever crying younger sister, despite her tears she did as she was told. Amy finally let go of Nicole but said "keep fingering my cuca" Amy said sharply.

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Then Amy leaned on her sister and kissed her, forcefully. Amy began moaning "this feels so good Nicole" "let's go to the couch in the play room".

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Amy still wearing her swimsuit wet with cum and water grabbed her sisters arm and took her out of the hot tub and into the play room and they sat in the couch.

Amy lay down, "put you fingers back inside me" a crying, nude but obedient Nicole once again began to finger her sister. "I have to pee" Nicole said sill crying.

"so pee right there don't stop fingering me" Amy sad still moaning from pleasure. Nicole tried but no longer could hold it, a warm stream of pee came out of her. Nicole felt terribly humiliated, naked being forced to touch her sisters cuca and now peeing in front of her.


Being fingered by her sister and watching her pee put Amy over the edge "uuuuuhhhhh" moaned Amy as warm slimy cum spilled all over her sisters hand and inside her swimsuit. Nicole had taken this opportunity to run away while her sister was doing whatever she had done the night before. Amy didn't care, she had her fill for now.

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