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In the morning when Kaarthen awoke, her bindings were loose. Checking them, she realized they had actually been untied. She grateful stretched and rubbed her joints and limbs feeling for all the world a suddenly old achy Shield Mistress. She looked around for a shapeless black shadow but could not see the 'That Man' anywhere. She didn't know that after untying her and messing with the bands waterskins he had moved to the other side of the ridge to a spot of seclusion where he could watch a trap get sprung.

###### When the morning light hit Caris, she was the second to be awake. Kassin was at the fire pit collecting the cooked meat in a bag Ailli usually carried for the band. Tea was also boiling in the discarded helmet from earlier. Caris stretched and looked at Kassin closer, she and Ailli could get sick pretty bad if even a few bites festered. "Kassin make sure you and Ailli clean the bites those heathen monkeys gave." Caris called reaching for her water bag and taking a mouthful to gargle.

"Okay. I'm making medicine tea, but it tastes good with all the honey they put in it. Would you like some?" Kassin said. "No, the cold water helps me wake up. Later though I'll make sweetened barley tea." She replied.

Caris took a larger drink of water to wake her up and realized it was fuller than she remembered and tasted like shit. She got up, walked over to the fire pit, and grabbed a convenient rib. Caris drank and ate thinking today would be an easy rest day if they didn't eat too much.

########## Vellina was horny and could not figure out why. She had refilled everyone's water for the day at the bottom to the hill. After returning, she had intended to repair her bow but couldn't take her eyes off Kassin and Ailli's bold Sapphic display.

Vellina regularly listened to them at night for her own pleasure. Ailli usually was to shy for this in daytime. The couple was now going with no problems. Kassin was kneeling over Ailli kissing and fingering her while, Ailli pulled on Kassin's long nipples under her mantle. The Sisterhood wouldn't ban Sapphic play but they defined it as exactly that: play, not serious, and not love. It was a policy predicated on the very simple idea that it is not 'necessary' pleasure.

Though it may not be as pleasurable, copulation was necessary. Since the Dark Mothers own magic made women feel the death of their children unborn. Sapphic play was certainly not serious life and death. If copulation were rejected as some shortsighted Sisters wanted, or somehow forgotten, neglected, and their numbers dwindled low enough, the Sisterhood could be challenged. That possibility was enough ensure nothing got in the way.

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Many esteemed Sisters took lovers. Oddly, they were usually the Huntresses who were self-appointed to breed. Nevertheless, almost all senior Sisters of significance had given birth numerous times.

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Vellina was startled from watching the two by Caris, who made her demands for attention the usual way, ramming her pussy into Vellina's face.

"Lick it" Caris demanded. She pulled her skirt up and toyed with her sensitive nipples, her eyes were hooded, misty, and bloodshot. She drooled slightly Vellina saw. "Caris have you drank some potion you delicious silly? Do you have some for me?" Vellina asked not knowing her eyes were just as red, or that she'd been drooling as she watched the lovers. Caris dropped her skirt and pulled her face in, ignoring the question. Caris had never been so hot, her pussy was already cooking, and her nipples were standing tall.

Her moisture was able to easily flow out with a brush of Vellina's nose. Using her head to push up Caris's skirt Vellina quickly got in to the heart of things. Licking from this position when Caris was already halfway gone was just too good. Soon both of Vellina's hands were gripping Caris under her butt, pulling her pussy in.

It seemed to Vellina, she had never enjoyed licking so much as this, despite being roped into it nearly all her life. Caris was certainly surprised, she had used Vellina or others, but she only did it for the pressures that seeked out that touch. She really needed to get off right now and did not care why. Kassin and Ailli were quite comfortable together. They had always used each other since watching priestesses who thought themselves unobserved.

The tea had really relaxed Ailli. She had become hot, as Kassin had massaged her skin with ointment.


Spreading it in she had given Ailli a gentle climax that was a surprise for both. She asked for more tea, her mouth was suddenly dry. Kassin handed her a cup then started sucking her nipples. Kassin was spreading ointment into her pussy with her long strong calloused fingers.

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They did not bother Ailli as they usually did. Her body was much wetter than usual, and now needed that friction. She pulled Kassin's head up for a kiss.

Her mouth was immediately searched for remaining sweetness by Kassin's tongue. She moaned into Kassin's mouth and pulling her over herself and wrapped an arm around her back while sucking on Kassin's large nipples. Despite having small breasts, Kassin's nipples were the long, extremely sensitive, and perpetually hard. Kassin felt Ailli discover her knee and felt her lover grind her wet pussy hard continuously against it until the inevitable occurred and she climaxed again.

Kassin was not that far off and had her own climax from her nipples being sucked. She vaguely thought how rare that was.


She didn't think it happened before. By now, Vellina was on her back, and legs spread while Caris straddled her face rocking her sopping orgasmic pussy into Vellina's nose, lips, teeth, and tongue. The experience was mind blowing for both.

Vellina's tongue and her own fingers buried in her pussy could barely keep up. ########## Kaarthen, sitting in the spot 'That Man' used to sit in, got quite an eyeful.

The distance was deceptive to the eyes, but she was less then a thousand feet from four horny women. They were playing without a care in the world. She knew this was his doing and knew it had something to do with the potion the Huntresses used to harvest men's seed. She didn't understand what if anything she was supposed to do. Therefore, she stayed still so she could watch for anything.

By little past noon, more then four hours later, the effect of potion in the water finally wore off. The water had helped extend the effects since their bodies would have dried up much earlier. Since they were women, they kept at it until the potion passed through their system instead of going limp. Vellina, Kassin, and Allie weren't too worried, just exhausted, and sleepy.

They figured somebody just made a joke. Caris, who until now never did sexual favors without a worthwhile payback was furious. Vellina had always asked for a little return, but she was usually ignored.

Caris strongly suspected her of exploiting her body cruelly with this horrible trick. Nobody realized that they were already under attack. Caris didn't get to finish her tirade and accusations of sexual assault. A man in black stood some forty paces away with his nose and mouth covered. The only men actively searching for Amazons are slavers. She jumped to her feet and yelled an alarm.

The man didn't move allowing the women to quickly arm themselves. Caris and Kassin took lead, Ailli who was weaker stood behind, and Vellina strung her bow and notched an arrow from a few paces back. He noted the plain small unit strategy.

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Marcus saw how the archer wasn't even moving to get a clear shot. "Who are you?" Caris challenged belligerently. "I'm on my way north. I found a girl a day ago who said she came from here. She looked worn out and I thought I would help since it can be dangerous here. But I see now you're all quite healthy." Marcus looked at them, the two dark haired girls were bottomless but only one seemed aware. The short hairy one with huge tits and a giant ass was naked, and the one talking, 'Caris' was fully clothed.

Kassin leaned to her ear. "He's from Menthino, but he's lying about helping us." Kassin said quietly. Caris pondered her words watching him. She got a weird feeling with this guy. "You can keep the girl.

We don't want her if she can't pull her own ass. I think you should leave too. You know who we are right?" Caris sneered.

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"Of course girl. But, since I'm headed for the corridor, let's travel together we could help each other out along the way." Marcos was surprised by the cautious actions taken by this girl. Most Huntresses challenged and, or just attacked anything with a cock. "Leave us alone we don't want company!" Caris shouted, something told her not to attack. Kassin was the one who eventually broke the stalemate. "We should just go and forget about him." She cautioned.

She knew some thing was really really not right about this guy. She saw he had almost no aura, which wasn't true at all. Unconsciously she was extremely aware of it. It was the secondary reason they felt suffocated and heavy. His aura was simply bigger then she could comprehend or consciously believe, like an ant given measurements to a mountain. Standing this close they felt both drawn in and instinctively repulsed.

Caris was forced to think. 'If this one man was too creepy, and too much, then what could they take?' The four had almost been monkey meat yesterday. The emotional swell of victoriously killing the Oofi lizard flooded her mind's eye. Kassin and Marcus were both able to read the emotions flicking across Caris' face. The response then, was the only one the arrogant young woman of twenty summers could think to say when she had an unknown man to the front and three companions at her back.

"Fuck that! You die!" She snarled, dashing forth. Marcus ducked back to get distance. He brought out in his right hand a sling he ironically made out of the Amazon woman's chest wrap. Two quick snaps of the wrist sent a rock a little bigger then a pebble at the archer just as she hastily got her shot off. The rock nearly missed the wide-eyed girl but caught a glancing blow above her right ear bringing her to her hands and knees.

Marco leaned to the side watching the arrow pass. The three sword swingers came in immediately after. Caris swung across for his extended right arm. Marcus stepped forward to his left and leapt forward with lightning speed. Kassin dodged right, unable to bring her sword up fast enough. She watched as he bowled through Ailli shoulder first like she wasn't even there, knocking her through the air three paces and sprawling her out spread eagle. Marcos spun and caught Kassin's side arm slash by her hand, crushing it in an unyielding iron grip, and twisting her arm to the outside until she was off balance.

In the pain of hyper-extended joints her higher reasoning shutdown, and in an unfamiliar panic Kassin frantically started scratching his hand, kicking him, and pleading for her release.

Caris tried circling but he kept dancing Kassin into her way. When she stopped to think, he started kicking rocks at her forcing her to hide behind Kassin.

With quick strike to Kassin's temple and a forceful kick to Kassin's limp body, Caris tumbled to the ground. Before she even landed, he was atop her with her own blade pointed to her throat, and a knee pressed against her crotch. He could see she was at least semi-conscious. "Submit Huntress, you don't have to die today" Marcos growled.

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In spite of himself, he grinned looking down over her. Kneeling over the young woman with her skirt around her waist and was already starting to excite him. "Submit!" He repeated, shaking her "Kill me." She said weakly. Marco snickered, pulled the blade from her hand, and tossed it before she did it herself.

"No, not unless I have to," he said rising to his feet. "Come on, we're going to Astrokos." He said offering a hand. "NNNO!" she shouted sitting up to spit at him like a unruly child.

"Well fine, your not going to like it this way though," and quicker then she could think to say sorry Marcos dropped and hooked her in the jaw. He walked over to the archer who was still on her hands and knees. Her body looked great in that position. "Am I going to have any trouble with you?" He asked. Standing before her, he considered taking off the robe and fucking her. She stayed still as he walked around her.

She was looking at the ground and felt dizzy and nauseous. Marcos settled next to her and dropped a knee. Her hairy ness wasn't completely offensive. It was a body covering soft white hair and didn't seem like any creature he'd ever seen. It was more of a curious oddity then dirty barbarity. He wondered what her mother fucked to create this.

He watched her try to get up. She was sluggish and obviously off balance. He pushed her head down once her hands and knees lifted off the ground. He leaned on her to keep her face on the ground. "Am I going to have trouble with you?" He repeated louder. He stroked her body with his left hand. Kaarthen made her way down to the campsite after the fight.

When she got close, she found Vellina with her face in the ground wriggling as the man held her head down and fingered her pussy. He had his glove in his mouth, and he would spank her with his bare palm when she bucked. He growled insults at her, and told her to get wet for him through his clenched teeth as she watched.

He stopped when she got close and stood. He picked up Vellina by her neck like a child, and shoved her away to get dressed. He watched as the Kassin and Ailli got up and told them to prepare to move. He walked over to Caris who was still asleep and paused thoughtfully. 9***************************************************** When Caris woke up again everything was in motion.

She was surprised to see that Kaarthen was helping Ailli and Vellina pack and tie up extra gear. Kassin was loaded with her gear already. They were nearly ready to move. Caris realized as she tried to ask what people were thinking that she was gagged and bound with cloth of some kind.

She rolled and tried to stand but found she was collared. In a panic, she rolled and wiggled. The man in black was sitting on her pack a half pace behind her. He was looking at the activities as if he paid to watch.

He looked down at her with laughter in his eyes. Caris could only think of things that would leave someone maimed for the rest of their life in a rising haze of red.

A harsh tug on her collar snapped her out of it. "Calm down little one" He said quietly. Caris responded with indignant squeals and again tried to stand.

A one sided game of tug of war started and Caris ended up on her knees before him with his knee digging into her throat choking the resistance out of her. She could only look at him with watery bugged eyes. "Girl will be quiet and obey." He said only slightly louder but infinitely harsher. Caris was kept choking in that humiliating position until her nose started running and dark spots swarmed her vision. Just as quickly, she was released, and left coughing for air.

He only gave her enough slack to back herself off. She didn't think it was enough for a comfortable distance and jerked her head back. Prompted, he jerked her in again. He dropped the subtle tactics, and used the leash to pull her face first into his knee. She looked like a wave crashing into a stout sea wall. Caris slipped out of consciousness with a surprised squeal, like a dog with its tail stepped on. She barely listened to his next words repeated cryptically. "Girl will be quiet and obey." The byplay of the two was closely watched as the others worked.

The situation almost went how every Huntress predicted. Kassin was surprised by how little the man moved. It seemed one hand was all that it took.

Vellina felt that her time of submission would likely be soon. Ailli was deeply concerned for the band's short and long-term prospects of freedom and survivability. Kaarthen was happy she hadn't been collared, and wasn't intending to ever get close enough to him to be, ever again.

########## When Caris woke up again everything was in motion. The sun was going to set soon. She was surprised to see the man was carrying her across his shoulders. Her hands were tied to the front now and were binded twice once above the elbow and again at her wrists. She took time to study the knots. Marcos could feel her moving imperceptibly. He was barely detecting a change in his center of balance.

Marcos stopped and set her down. He had chosen a position in the rear, and told them not to stop until it was too dark to see. Caris was still on a short leash and he looked her over quickly to see how awake she was. "Girl will be quiet and obey," He said using a clear voice. He moved his hand to make sure she was looking at him even though he knew listening. He started back along at a quick pace shepherding the band along.