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Dana dearmond skylar snow in my little slut
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Her head was swimming, a feeling of been under a big blanket; that dark oppressive warmth. Her body was aching and she took a long slow exhale. She remembered the men and the grappling trying to stop the needle going into her arm, the big crate open and waiting for its cargo. The blackness had come quickly and in her last desperate seconds the dirty tiled washroom had warped and paled in colour just the gasps and grunts of her co-captive filling her ears before the long night began.

How many hours, no, more like days had she been unconscious she didn't know. Her white out vision sharpened and the heavenly light turned dark and grey, the air smelled sweet the hums of distant traffic evident like an auditorium whisper. Then she realised she was still in the crate. The air holes allowed beams of stabbing light into her den and the young woman was able to knell up and half stretch her body.

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She was now dressed in a tiny skirt, high-heeled black shoes and schoolgirl white blouse. Her arms were tied behind her back her chest pushing at the fabric her breast standing to attention without aid under her braless blouse.

Her jaw ached and she bit down only for her jaw to remain open around the big neon ball gag. The crate suddenly rocked and tipped sending Debbie against the wooden side the noise of trundling wheels drowning out footsteps and diminishing traffic noise until the outside world had disappeared completely. She could hear voices but didn't understand the language.

As she struggled and kicked the two voices stood close by in conversation. Then the light vanished, Debbie plunged into darkness before a big metallic door slammed shut. She slumped in a steady pant as the humidity increased the box claustrophobic. The drugging was making her still feel limp and tired and she was half awake when the metal door re-opened and still in darkness a hand knocked with commanding power on the crate side.

"I know you're awake in there," the dark voice said in passable English. "I know you must have questions but all you need to know is that you are now a slave and cannot escape.

Now remember to behave and think yourself lucky you were the one bought." Then the light came on the shafts through the air hole illuminating her cage.

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The voice turned to another entering the room. This one spoke in a deep foreign tongue. The dark voice continued in English. "She's top quality, " he said the other voice replying now in her native tongue," I would expect no less." The first voice moved away towards the door," Remember," it said as it pulled the iron door shut," You've paid for just one hour." The metal clanked; the sound of bolts snapping in place, and Debbie looked up with big expressive eyes as the crate lid was quickly snapped open.

The sexy brunette struggled to see the brightness making her blink, a big silhouette of shadow above her. The man was flabby but hairless like an old boar all fatty thighs and belly.

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He wore nothing but a leather jock strap cutting into his big ass and love handle hips. His face was masked, a rubber fetish type his neck bulging around the bottom of the tight chin strap the effort of opening the crate already showing on his sweaty heaving chest. He looked down at Debbie the girl curled with heavenly legs tight in those high heels scraping on the wood her shoulder back the yawning surprised look on her face as she gobbled the neon gag. Her eyes were like saucers in a puppy dog plea.

"I hear you're fresh today," he groaned his hand rubbing his bulging pouch. "Welcome to this most secret club." He reached down Debbie wriggling but it was easy for him to pull her up forcing her to stand. She looked around.

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The windowless room consisted of a fine solid bed with along side it cylinders like you would find in a surgery. There was also a steel table with items on. Debbie shook her head trying to pull away the man gripping her by the bound wrists and making her step out of the crate." Now listen, I only have an hour and it costs a fortune so don't fuck me around." His hands roamed over her body his paws pressing through her blouse onto her globes then running up her thigh groping her shaven bare pussy.

"Tight and firm in all the right places," he grunted apparently pleased with his purchase. "Over to the bed!" He pushed her along Debbie's legs struggling in the high heels after been cramped in the crate so long. He put her onto the bed face down then straddled her, his fat groin pressing into the small of her back. His hands began to unfasten the ball gag and she spluttered as he removed it.

"OH god please I just want to go." The man stroked her hair and she gasped and wriggled pulling her long brunette mane back like the reins on a rearing up stallion.

Her chin rose, her snooty nose pointing to the roof. "You're not going anywhere from now on," he announced giving a crooked smile on his mask. "I.I." She didn't know what was happening. "Let me explain." He laughed. "I paid more so I could explain it to you for the first time." The man gripped her cheek pulling her face back to look over her shoulder at him; enjoying her expression as he gave her understanding.

"You're in the most filthy whore house possible. I couldn't even imagine what you will be experiencing from now on. The clients who come here apart from being very rich are also shall I say very creative in their desires. That why it costs so much." "On Jesus what do you mean," Debbie gasped still wriggling. He rolled her onto her back Debbie breasts pressing at the blouse top wanting escape.

"Please what are they going to do?" She stammered. He ripped open the shirt his hand squeezing her hard fruits the nipples like fat boils. "Anything they can't pay for in the outside world. The world you use to be part of." She yelped and bucked but he pressed down with his bulk his hands still on her tits.

"Lovely, very succulent very maternal." He looked to the cylinders at the side. "You see," he explained his hands examining her breast expertly," I'm a doctor by profession." He ripped open the blouse fully his hand trailing down her washboard stomach. "So fucking slim and nubile," he said choking back his desires.

He nodded to above her head. There were two leather manacles either side of the head board "Your ankles need to go in these," he said moving down her hips his hands reaching back to grip the heeled feet. "No, no, don't!" She screamed as she tried to pull her self up his hand pushed her back onto the bed then he wrestled pushing her body back using his weight to pin as he pushed her right leg up and back. Debbie groaned in effort her eyes blinking as her calf came so close.

Her heeled foot flexed tapping against the headboard as he used the manacles hoping her ankle tightly. She was shaking her head in refusal. " No, no! Please don't put me in this position. It's awful." But he ignored her turning to her other leg pushing it back knee bending trying to resist. But it was useless her thing pins easily bent back her other ankles soon in the roped leather hoop at the opposing edge of the headboard.

"Oh God" Debbie said arms behind her back chest heaving her thigh spread wide both her lovely legs either side of her head; bound to the headboard. The man felt down her thighs the skirt still on but now only no more than a belt her slit and ass winking at him cheeks wide apart her pussy mound bare and raised for his attention.

In this position her excellent breast produced a deep valley cleavage her knees pressing in either side to create two perfect dome hills.

The man stood back his erection now impossible to contain in his pouch. He tugged the fabric to one side his stiff cock springing up his balls hanging low in a stretch dangling sack. He began to adjust the dial on the upright cylinder using his hand to trace a fine clear pipe from the value head down a long coiling snake to the table. He reached the far end of the pipe narrowing to a smaller tube.

Which he then smeared with grease. Final he climbed back on the bed Debbie shaking her head not sure what he intended. "Look I'll be good, just don't…" she stared down at the strange pipe tip.

His finger pressed on her pussy the man's head fixed at a tilt his tongue flicking through his mouth slit as if in concentration. "Be calm," he said his fingers entering inside her pussy; opening her canal. She looked down between her wide thighs seeing his other hand slowly feed the tip then the tube into her. "Nooooooo, you fucking filthy bastard!" She bucked and he shouted in a frustrated voice.

"Be still bitch." His fingers pressed deep but not sexually, more like seeking a spot. She felt the internal examination of an expert the sensation of the pipe deep, very deep, "what was he ugggg!" She shook her head realising he'd gone too far the pipe head through her cervix, "Oh God no, please what are you oooohhhhh!" With one hand on the pipe at the slit the other reached to the cylinder value turning on the compressed air. "Ooooooooooooooooo!" "Now steady!" He snapped, the saliva dripping from his mouth hole.

"Just relax let it in, that's a good little bitch." Debbie felt her womb filling with air. She shook her head again but couldn't move her pelvis the air like a constant inexorable force filling her. "Oh Jesus stop, you're fucking crazy! Nooooo! I can't take it." The man shook his head. "Just keep calm you'll expand." He adjusted the pressure, "there, a little more I think." She arched her back heels tapping on the headboard as her body began to enlarge.

"Oh God I can feel it, I CAN FEEL IT!" "You're so cute," he gasped his thick erection bouncing against his potbelly.


With the value open his hand now moved to her tummy a clear bulge appearing. "And now you're going to have a nice pregnant belly for me to play with." Debbie eyes widened at the sight. She could feel her inside expanding what nature took 9 months he was doing in 9 minutes. But it was the sight of her own flexible soft skin firming and then beginning to dome that made her eyes cross in disbelief "Oh no it's can't be happening?

No, no, no!" The pervert nodded as his hand caressed her glistening sweaty bulge. "Yes I'm afraid it is my dear, you're looking so beautiful now." He increased the pressure Debbie moaning in discomfort.

Her body was resisting now it needed convincing to expand any more.

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The leggy super bitch groaned as her womb inflated more and more her figure now of a heavily pregnant woman. Satisfied his fingers entered her again unfastening the internal value slowly removing the pipe. "It will take a little time for air to escape my dear. Long enough for my games with a cute big tummy babe." He greased his cock as he sat between her spread thighs. His hands returning to caress her impressive glowing belly.

Debbie's tits were now like two smaller siblings nestling against the larger mother dome. His fingers then ran down to her ass hole his other hand directing his cock. With her legs back either side of her head she presented herself for easy mounting. "Suck me in," he ordered his cock pressing on her exposed anus.

The tip pushed her open Debbie groaning in disgust the man having to lift his belly onto hers so he could ease his pelvis all the way filling her anal chute with his thick cock.

"Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" Debs gritted her teeth, nostrils flaring in an animal pant. She felt him deep up her rear his hands now caressing her tummy his pelvis slowly pumping back and forth fucking her ass the feeling off expanded womb pressing on her rear canal.

His slurping cock increased in speed her legs taut straight trying to accept his thrust keeping her inside as rigid as possible. She was grunting the hard dick pumping her tiny body the man mesmerised by her shocked disbelieving expression." Yes, yes take it you sexy preggie bitch," he gasped." Dirty young tramp needs to be taught a lesson for having such a big bulge." His fucking became more aggressive her ass bucking her shoulders hitting the headboard Debbie gasping and moaning at the same time.

"OH please I need to pee…" Debbie cried her bladder feeling the pressure. The Masked man was delighted pulling his cock from her gleaning anus reaching and unhooking her legs.

Debbie's feet returned to the bed closing her thighs making her tummy seem even more rotund and large. She wriggled from the bed teetering on her heels her bound arms feeling painful behind her back. She looked around but what could she do there was no john. "Where please…?" She stammered about to release.

The man gripped her waist pushing his body behind her as she stood with tightly closed legs. "Do it here bitch," he ordered directing his cock back up her ass crack. "While you're impaled on me." Debbie's mouth opened in a horrid yawn his cock sliding back up her ass the double-sided pressure now too much to bear or resist.

She opened her long legs her body looking stretched in heels her tummy like a big-bronzed dome her melons now squeeze between his dirty fingers. Then in a humiliated groan released her bladder. "Nooooo," she shouted in disgust pissing onto the floor the sensation of relief mixed with her anal assault; slow lifting thrusts of his cock almost pumping her bladder empty.

He was in heaven as he groped her improved body helping release his bitch of her liquid. As she finished he pushed her forward a little his hips slapping hard the sound of wet flesh hitting wet flesh his cock buggering her with new intensity. Phut! Phut! Phut! She could sense her tummy had shrunk a fraction and she gasped with relief his pounding having a positive effect on her insides.

He was groaning gasping near climax his hand on her long hair tugging giving himself leverage to rut hard making her heels rise to tip toe her voice become high pitch indignant yelps. At the last second he pulled out spinning her around his hand wanking his cock against her sweaty domes.


"Urrrgggghhhhh!" He erupted over her belly and globe titties his other hand on her neck holding her close making her watch and he ejaculated long shots of come over her enlarged tummy, filling her belly button some spattering her pink helmet like nipples. **************************** When he was finished he staggered to the door hammering for release.

Debbie dropped to her knees panting heavily the come dripping from her deflating tummy. The man stepped out the door slamming shut. In a few minutes she staggered to her feet pacing the room her breathing getting more and more laboured. Her arms burned behind her and she kicked and screamed at the metal exit. Then finally the lights went out and the door opened. Outside was black too and she sensed a presence.

She could hear a tiny high-pitched whirr and the breathing of someone nearby. "Stand still," the dark voice said in a hiss. The man could see Debbie in brilliant green his night vision goggles working in this almost pitch black world. She screamed as his hand grabbed her wrist binds but he just slowly ease her around and step-by-step she left the room.

She couldn't see anything but her hearing told her walls were near by; the echo of her heels on a hard floor. As she moved groans and moans came into earshot only to pass by then fade. The man moved her along the corridor past the other slave rooms to the shower cubicle. Debbie was silent unsure or unable to say anything she gave a surprised yelp as the shower came on but calmed when she realised his intention was to clean her expensive body.

"You did well, "he said above the spitting of water his hands rubbing her body clean at the same time sampling her full rounded figure. She felt his hands on her tits, pressing down her relaxing tummy then over her ass and inside her thighs. She gave another shocked yelp as he pressed the hose onto her pussy rinsing her shaft.

The water filled her and he whispered," this will help." "Please let me go," she mumbled I don't deserve this." The man stroked her head rinsing her hair. She could just make out the glint of the infrared lenses the electronic whine quite intense close up. The man replied. "I hear you begged to come here, take me, take me!" He said in a high pitch voice mocking her. She remembered back to the tiled room in her hometown. She'd been desperate. She remembered Stacey's face as the noose went around her neck the Boss and Mask about to enter her from both sides for the last time.

"Oh Jesus no, no, noooo!" "Only room for one in the crate," they had said. "I…I…I had no choice!" She stammered the water giving her goose pimples; her nipples rock hard the captor's finger and thumb enjoying this fact. He moved her from the shower still in absolute darkness towelling her body down.

"Now," he said as he helped her along her wet heels slipping a little. "Your next client awaits." The man stood behind her facing the door as he turned off the goggles.

He was instantly in darkness like Debbie.


She felt his hand on her binds holding her in total control, she was starting to realise there really no escape.

The bolt clicked open and the brilliant light flooded the corridor. She tried to turn her head to look at him but his big hand held her chin pointing her forward coaxing her to step into the room.

"P-P-Please, that last man was insane," she stammered as she squinted her captor and owner pushing her gently in to the room. He allowed her to take in the scene before replying dryly.

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"He only paid 10,000 for you. See what you get for 20,000." The room was almost exact as the one before but this time it had a medieval upright stock. The warmth was stifling a roaring hiss filing her ears. She froze her mind in overload as she saw an old skinny man looking about 70 his face in another rubber mask.

All his wealthy clothing was missing hiding his elite status and now he looked pathetic. The old bastard in one hand held a walking stick his knees shaking as he stood. Around his groin was a rampant curved phallus, the belt and harness of leather the massive dildo a dull metal banana. Somewhere inside the thick steel shaft was his decrepit prick insulated from the intense outer surface.

In his other hand he was holding an ignited blowtorch painting his metal shaft up and down with heat. The man looked up from his steaming cock his body filling with energy at the sight of the tall brunette stunner, ruby lips a gasp, tits like headlights, legs like two stretched rubber bands. "Remember as always," the dark voice said pushing her forward reminding her latest client of his rental agreement. " Just one hour."