Tiny blonde got face fucked hard

Tiny blonde got face fucked hard
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Kim walked down the schools main corridor.

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Her small skirt flowing loosely in the breeze as she walked on, her full hips swaying as she moved. My cock stirred as I walked behind her. She was quite short but nicely proportioned to her body, she had full ample breasts, a 34c cup and a nice firm ass to top it off. Her long brown hair wisped past as she walked past the windows of the corridor. We both had the same lesson next but there was only two people in school who where taking the course today, everyone else was out on a trip to ice skate.

This gave me the perfect time to ask Kim the one thing iv been to nervous to ask, will she go out with me.


Slowly I drew level with her until she noticed me and smiled, I politely smiled back, "howz your day been then?" I asked as we existed the corridor. Smiling her dazzling smile she replied her day had been shit, but she could think of a few ways it could get better.

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She was always a tease, even when she was younger and still is to this day. She had the all knowing smile that not many girls had, no matter what you are thinking she somehow knows when its about her.

Finally they reached the wood work department, I quickly stepped ahead of her and opened the door, holding it for her as she walked in. she smiled at me as she walked past.

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Walking beside her we entered the workshop and found a teacher, Mr. Gallo, he was stood talking to the head teacher as we walked upto them and stood quietly, Mr.

Gallo spotted us and told us we were going to be working alone in the workshop today as there was only them and he had work to do else where. Urging myself, me and Kim walked towards the far workshop to grab are work. We had been designing display cases in are lessons and had put them in the back workshop to make sure they didn't get damaged by the other students.

As we walked into the room we heard Mr Gallo and the head leave, nervously I walked up to Kim and asked her if I could talk to her. She smiled her knowing smile and said yes in her sweet seductive voice. I sat opposite her and swallowed deeply, the dry throat nearly stopped me as i tried to say what i wanted to say. "wu&hellip.wu&hellip.would you&hellip.like to…&hellip.ggo out with me??" I breathed as the nerves became overwhelming and looked down at my feet, my face reddening to a beetroot colour.

I waited a while but she never answered, confused I looked up to see her smiling at me. Still confused I looked at her, she stood up and walked towards me and whispered in my ear "that depends on what your like" the hint of seduction was almost to much for me as I looked deep into brown eyes, her soft features gave me a small bit of comfort.

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To my surprise she slipped her hand up my shirt and started rubbing my chest, her cold soft hands making my nipples stand hard and rigid.

Slowly she pulled my shirt over my head, my thick hair messed up, the long curls pointing in every direction. At 15 my chest is quite broad, not muscular but well toned.

Her smooth hands explored my body slowly moving down to my wait until she slipped her hand inside my trousers, I don't wear underwear instead I wear a pair of loose shorts as boxers are very tight and constricting, sliding underneath my shorts she grasped my manhood, squeezing and massaging my rapidly hardening shaft. With drawing her hand she pulled my trousers down along with my shorts as my 8inch cock leapt forward to meet her. She gazed at my cock with pure pleasure, the thick shaft standing proud in front of her as she grasped it yet again, he soft hands sending shockwaves up my iron pole, and slid the purple head into her mouth.

I could not escape a moan as her warm mouth accepted my cock. "ohhhh" was all I could manage as this sexy brunette sucked my cock, expertly caressing the head with her tongue, swirling it round the head teasing me.

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She sucked harder and harder on my shaft as I slowly gripped her head and began thrusting into her mouth, the sensations of Kim's mouth was driving me crazy as a pumped my cock in her mouth her hands came up and started fondling my balls, this was too much for my as I drove my cock as far as I could in down her throat, my cum shooting out in long spurts as she greedily swallowed every drop.

Slowly pulling my softening cock from her mouth she stood up and smiled at me, as she turned to leave a grabbed her arms and pulled her close to me kissing her deeply, my tongue probing every crevice of her mouth she too stuck her warm tongue in my mouth as we kissed, I turned her round to faces me and pushed her softly to the workbench. Lifting up her skirt I slid my fingers up her silky smooth thighs slowly working towards her lips.

The wet fabric of her panties almost see through with her juices slid easily off her as she lifted her butt up to help me. Finally I caught my first sight of her beautiful pussy, the smooth pink lips parted slightly her erect clit just visible in her heavenly folds. I couldn't hold my self back, pushing my head between her legs and inhaled the sweet odour of her scent filled my nostrils.

Extending my tongue I pushed it deep into her velvety depths, causing her to moan loudly as I explored her insides.

Lightly sucking on her clit as she squirmed around writhing in pleasure, her bucking hips thrust out to meet my eager tongue. Her juices flowed freely as I sucked and teased her slit licking the folds and nibbling her clit finally sent her over the edge and she climaxed hard, her scream's filled the room as her body shook uncontrollably.

Her cum gushing into my waiting mouth as I drank her sweet nectar to the last drop. Steadily she came down from her orgasms and her breathing slowed, standing up I kissed her deeply letting her taste herself are tongues fighting each other. My cock was rock hard by now and I lifted up her legs and sat her on the bench, grabbing my pulsing cock I aim the head at her pussy lips, she swung her arms round my neck as I pushed my cock head at her opening, her sopping lips parted easily as my member slid into her folds, stopping so she could get used to me I slid my arm around her waist and lifted her off the bench.

Holding her I turned around to sit on the bench stool and allow her to slid down my steel shaft, "ohhh goddd" she moaned as my length filled her, "your so big". but she took my all the way to my balls, her tight cunt firmly wrapped around my shaft as I took hold of her hips and lifted her up nearly all the way before dropping her back down, impaling her on my rod. Lifting her again I slammed her down she cried out with each thrust "ohhhh…&hellip.ohh…&hellip.ohh yer&hellip.ohhhahhh" her head was bobbing to the side as I let go of her hips she took over, my free hands sliding round to her front slipping my fingers under her shirt to fondle her braless breast, he perfect tits bounced with each thrust.

Picking her up again I set her in a kneeling position on all fours on the bench.

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Stepping behind her I guided my dripping cock into her cunt again, the warm sheath welcoming my iron pole. Grabbing her hips I thrust the last few inches of my cock into causing her to scream out in pleasure. Withdrawing my cock I slammed back to meet her as she thrust her hips in time with my thrusting.


We built up a steady rhythm as I fucked her doggy of the bench her tits swaying with each thrust. I reach forward to grab her soft meaty mounds and pinched her sensitive nipple, the hard little buds swelled even more as my rough fucking continued, the teasing of her breast and the large cock buried in her was to much for Kim as she came around my thick shaft. Her cunt milked my cock as she came her spasms sending shocks up my Pistoning prick until the tingling in my balls signalled the point of no return.

I grabbed her hips again and began wildly thrusting into her as I nearer my own climax, my balls swelled as I thrust into her one last time bottoming out in her cunt as my cum erupted deep inside her, spurt after spurt invaded her as I collapsed on her back both panting as are orgasm subsided, smiling softly to me Kim looked up and said "yes"…………………&hellip.more soon!!