Filipina doll left a little dirtier than she came

Filipina doll left a little dirtier than she came
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Now What #3 To understand what has happened to Sandi and Michell please read the first two parts. This is a six-part event.

Sunday morning Sandi was washing breakfast dishes when she saw the van pulling in to her driveway. Jim had left to play golf with a client and would not be home till very late.

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Andy left at 7 am to work a Sunday shift for double time so the girls were alone all day. Sandi's kids saw the van they ran to tell their mother the repair guys were here. As they entered the house they saw the kids, Matt yelled "Mrs. A were her to plug the holes" Sandi knew what holes they were going to plug she smiled knowing she would be leaking cum in a while.

"Hi guys want coffee" Rob looked at her "sure let's talk about the holes". She poured their coffee then she sat next to Rob. The kids ran into the den, so now they could talk, Matt looked at her "so what's the story with Shell"? Sandi responded quietly "she knew she got a good fucking but doesn't remember any else". Matt nodded Rob spoke up "I've decided you pussy is mine from this point forward, do you understand"? She looked at him "I understand but what exactly does that mean"?

He smiled and started to explain, "well first under your left tit I will have my name tattooed", a look or horror came over her face he continued.

I will be the only one fucking you unless I tell you to fuck Matt or anyone else". "From this point forward, you are my property as you will tell people if they ask my cunt belongs to Rob" .

Sandi looked at Rob, "how can I explain your name under my tit"? Matt shook his head and muttered "dumb cunt". Rob and Matt exchanged glances "Sandi who looks under your tit? It will be small, but it will be there for all my friends to see got it"! Sandi sighed, she was getting use to him fucking her, the regularity was indeed having a positive effect on her personality. With a sigh she agreed "Ok baby its your cunt but please be sure it gets fucked often".

Matt smiled, Rob looked into her eyes "Oh believe me slut it will". Matt chimed in Sandi now let's talk about Shell. Sandi sat back in the chair, "She is one hot and horny momma, I think if she is introduced to Mr. Paddle with a little luck and my coaxing we can both get tattoos at the same time". Matt went to grab a her tit, she pulled away "I'm sorry Matt this is Robs cunt and tits, he did not give me permission". Matt had an astonished look, Rob sat there beaming he turned to Matt "she's right bro a good slut will not let herself be touched without permission".

"Well excuse me, Rob may I rub her tits and nipples"? Rob smiled "sure bro be my guest". They both looked at Sandi she smiled stuck her tits out for Matt to fondle. Sandi's kids were fighting, she got up and headed for the den, she came back with a disappointed look on her face. "Rob honey, Michelle's husband's car just pulled in the driveway".

Both guys muttered shit! Matt spoke to no one "well I guess we can't get to her till Monday". Rob nodded in agreement. "Hey Rob, can I take your slut downstairs, so she can drain my ball sack with her tight warm cunt"?

Rob smiled "sure bro, make sure she gets every drop". Sandi turn to Rob "but honey I" she felt a hard slap across the face, his eyes were glaring "do as you were told bitch".

Without another word she stood up heading for the basement steps. Once in the basement bedroom Matt turned her around, "ok slut strip down, get on your knees suck my cock, balls and asshole. If you do a good job, I'll allow you to slip my cock into your tight warm wet cunt"! Once naked she got on her knees, she began to kiss the head of his cock, then she worked her tongue to his two-large ball and asshole.

She started to bob up and down on his cock head, he grabbed her hair forcing his cock down her throat. She gagged but made no effort to free his cock from her throat until he allowed her too.

She was hopping her blow job skills would cause him to blow in her mouth. Pulling her off his cock by her hair, "ok slut, stand up turn around slip that cheating warm tight cunt over my cock".

She did as he told her as she lowered herself onto him large cock she felt his finger slip into her asshole. She was building a rhythm, a second finger slipped in she could now feel his finger rubbing his cock as the membrane between the to cavities was sensitive the feeling was wild. She had never felt anything like this, she realized she was going to have an orgasm. She really hated both the blackmailing bastards, but her body was betraying her, her husband and all things she had respected.

"Put your cock in deeper your finger too, please I need to, oh my god"!!!!!!! The orgasm was fantastic her screams could be heard upstairs, Rob smiled. Matt pushed his cock as deep as he could ramming both finger in her ass he grunted as his cock spurted a big load of warm sperm deep in her. It took a few minutes to catch their breath, Matt looked at her "Sandi I know why rob claimed you that is one of the best pussies I've ever fucked".

She just looked at him not knowing how to respond, she figured she'd better acknowledge the comment as she was sure he would tell Rob. "Thank you, Matt I do my best".

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Matt was already getting dressed "Matt may I get dressed"? "Yes, let's go". By the time they were on the steps heading up that familiar feeling of cum pooling in her panties was there . In the kitchen Rob looked at Matt, "did she do a good job"? "Bro I know why you took her that is one tight hot warm silky pussy". The conversation now shifted to Michelle, they realized with her husband home they could not get to her until at least Monday.

The guys headed out Rob stayed back for a minute, "Sandi thanks for draining his nut sack, either tomorrow or Tuesday I want to fuck you senseless". She smiled at him, "I'd really like that". Monday at 10:30 she saw the van pull into Michelle driveway, she was surprised as three people got out. She could not recognize the third person only he was quite large, the door opened the three entered.


She sat there wondering NOW WHAT! Approximately 45 minutes later her phone rang, she saw it was Shell, she let it ring a third time then she answered.

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"Hi Shell, what's up"? She heard Shell voice it seemed different like she had been crying. "Sandi can you come over here for a while the guys are here". Sandi responded immediately "I'll be there in five", she hung up.

Sandi had sexed herself up for this hours ago, light green lace bra with lacy green boy shorts a size too small. Short and a sweater she headed over. When she entered she saw Shell in her den with Matt and the new guy sitting next to her, Rob had opened the door for her.

They exchanged knowing glances, she gave him the customary peck on the cheek as he ushered her in to the den. The new guy was introduced as Bo he was very large 6'7'' he had to an easy 300lbs and was black. Rob sat her next to Shell as the blue ray came to life there were the two women on their backs spread eagle fucking like bunnies and apparently loving every minute.

From the audio it was obvious Shell was in the throes of deep lust. She watched for five or six minutes just shaking her head. Matt turned off the machine stood in front of them and spoke. "Ok girls here the deal from this point forward you are our cum sluts! We will come fuck you when ever we want as many time as we want and in as many places as we want.

The word NO does not exist for you when our sexual wants are discussed. You do however have an alternative tell us no we will leave, we have copied the numbers in your cell phones, so this video will be sent to your husbands, every family member and friend you have". Both women looked at each other then back at him. Matt continued "since this video shows the two of you being fucked side by side you both will have to agree, or the video goes to all"!

Her phone rang, it was the school nurse he son had a slight fever, but they wanted her to come get him. Matt looked at them "tell you what girls go get your kid we'll leave for now, if by 3 today I don't get a text inviting us over tomorrow at 9:30 for pussy by 3:15 the video will be sent to all. They stood and left. Shell and Sandi got in her car and headed for the school.

Shell spoke first what do we do"? Sandi answered immediately, "listen girlfriend if my husband sees the video he will divorce me for sure he will take my kids. I will be forced to move very far away my life will be ruined so I say we give in.

Besides I could use a good fucking now and then"! Nodding she told her "that was my conclusion as well, when we get home I'll take care of my son would you invite them? After you send them the text come over we should talk". Sandi got home she called Rob, "ok she's in but who was the black guy"? Rob chuckled "he part of our group we showed him the video and he wanted a piece, so we said ok.

Tomorrow we will have Bo and Jose with us you girls will be filled to the brim. Jose and Bo know I have claimed you, so they will already have permission to fuck you so please no back talk"! "No back-talk baby just a question, will you be fucking me"?

"Sandi, I will be putting the first load in you how do you like that"? She was giggling "I am really looking forward to it"! Tuesday, she was at Michelle's before 9 she had on the green outfit, they discussed if they should only wear underwear when they opened the door as a way of showing they were willing to cooperate, yes that what they decided to do.

They felt since this was going to be a fuck party they might as well enjoy it . At 9:20 the van pulled up the four guys got out the girls were looking out giggling as they headed for the door. Michelle spoke first, "ok babe tits out big smile".


She opened the door as the four guys walked in, she quickly closed the door. Once inside the guys stood there admiring these two very hot women, Rob looked at Sandi "you two look fantastic", they both smiled Michelle spoke lets go into the den and get comfortable". The girls walked in front Michelle heard Bo say both these bitches have great tits".

Jose who had been quiet up till now "yes those are two of the greats asses I've even seen". Rob told Jose "they even look better when there soaked and dripping". Michelle smiled at Rob "well we do look a lot better that way, but we will need your help to get the look you want", she was almost giggling. Sandi jumped in "anyone need a drink"? The girls wiggled over to the bar make drinks, as Michelle wiggled over to serve drink, she handed Bo his drink, he grabbed both her tits she smiled he turned her around with one swift motion her bra was off, it fell to the ground revealing two large tits with rock hard nipples, "Opps well guys it appears you all know I have a good pair, right"?

All eyes went to Sandi, "ok I guess you want to see them"? She unhooked her bra it fell to the floor, "there not as big as Shell but I think there a really good size for a cock to get between and blow a load, right"?

The guys started howling in appreciation . Rob stood up he went over to the bar took Sandi by the hand, "I'm going to fuck this one senseless"! Jose jumped up, "I'm helping with that bro". The three left the room heading for a bedroom. Michelle looked at Matt and Bo they new she was excited as a small wet patch had formed in her crotch. Bo looked at Matt "lets party" leading the way they followed her to her bedroom.

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Sandi was lying on the bed while Rob and Jose sucked her nipples, she was moaning as she had never had two guys working on her tits at the same time.

Rob gently messaged her clit through the fabric of her panties she realized she was very wet. Both guys were naked sporting hard-ons. Rob looked at her, "ok time to get the panties off and spread".

No sooner had she done this then Jose went back to her nipples while Rob the head of his cock up and down he pussy lips slowly her pushed forward, he cock sinking all the way in. She moaned ohhhhh yes ohhhh yes.

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He started a rhythm of slow stead strokes which between the slow deep fucking and her nipples being chewed on caused her to have her first orgasm. A second one followed almost immediately, his pace started to quicken, she was moaning loudly her pussy was milking his cock, she had it in a soft vice like grip. She could no longer contain herself, "fuck me babe fuck me good dump a load for momma her cunt needs your sperm". Another very powerful orgasm overtook her AHHHHH "Oh god fuck me"!

She felt him push deep he stiffened as his balls erupted with a large load for her, "Ohohoh her pussy exploded pouring out juice. They lay there for a few minutes catching their breath, he rolled off on his side, she turned sideway to be facing him. She had the look of a well fucked women, "baby I suppose poor Jose needs his nut sack drained" as a wicked smile crossed her face. Rob looked at her "I'm sure he does make sure that silky cunt milks every drop out of his ball"!

"Honey when this pussy is finished with his cock his eyeballs will be rolling, come her mister". Jose didn't last nearly as long as Rob, but she milked his cock with a vigor he hadn't seen in a woman. She had two orgasms before blew his nut sack pumping cum into her. As he rolled off her he looked at Rob "now I know why she has been claimed she has a fantastic body great tit and a pussy which is out of this world". Rob shot back "that was my feeling the first time I fucked her".

"Hey guys momma could use some more cock"! Michelle was having her pussy eaten by Matt while Bo sucked her nipples raw she had come twice, Matt stopped moved up between her legs she gave him a wide spread. "This cunt need a good pounding honey please be generous with cum she and I want every drop", Bo get up here I want your cock in my mouth".

No sooner had Matts cock sunk deep into her pussy she started thrashing like a wild animal moaning cry. The large cock in her mouth kept her from saying anything, Matt pumped her for six or seven minute she had at least three powerful orgasms. He pushed as deep as he could go her eyes shot open as cum flowed from his cock deep into her cervix, all she could do was moan and sob with pleasure. Matt rolled off she looks at Bo "honey don't waste that load on my mouth get it where I need it more"!

As Bo cock slipped in she realized this was the largest cock she had ever had, the truth was it felt wonderful. Even after just being fucked her cunt was able to tighten up on the new hard cock and milk it for all she was worth. Due to the great sucking she had done on his cock he only lasted a couple of minutes but when he bottomed out she thought a firehose had exploded in her pussy. The sheer force of his cum spraying caused her to orgasm violently, she passed out for a few seconds.

When she opened her eyes still trying to catch her breath he smiled at her "shell you are one hot cunt, that was fantastic". Her breathing was returning to normal, looking into his eyes "I do my best babe" . As she rolled over matt had her get up on all fours, he got behind her taking his already hard cock her rubbed it between her cunt lips which were cum filled.

With one push she felt half is cock slip into her ass "Oh my god Matt I'm not a virgin any more"! Matt pulled almost all the way out the slammed balls deep, she was once again moaning and crying as he continued fucking her ass.

The longer he took the better it started to feel, she was amazed how erotic it was. Another few minutes of deep fucking and he stiffened and unloaded another good load of sperm in her bowels, she shuttered as a small orgasm ripper through threw her.

Sandi was climbing on Rob's cock for the third time she was totally engrossed with sex she was having. She was sitting up on his cock enjoying it being buried deep in her as her pussy muscles work it. Suddenly Jose's cock was at her back door, with an easy push forward he was in her. Her eyes shot open as never in her life had she ever had two cocks in her at the same time.

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She was squirming trying to work it out of her ass, yet the more she wiggled the better the sensation became. She realized she was being DP'D and really enjoying it. Since both guys had done a lot of fucking in a short time there staying power was increased which was fine with Sandi as this was a new and frankly wonderful sensation. There pace speeded up, her breathing did the same all three were very close.

"Guys let's all bust a nut together, oh my gggggggg"! She exploded with a strong violent orgasm that seemed to go on and on, Rob grunted let go of what sperm he had left which caused Jose to follow suit. The three collapsed, she still had the two cocks deep in her.

She was leaking cum like a faucet, "all I can say is that was great guys, thank you". Jose looked over at Rob, "man I could use something cold". They sat up Sandi looked at them, "hey guys any chance of one more"?

Rob squeeze her tit, "babe I think you've gotten every drop of cum we both had. Get those panties on let's get a drink. By the time they had gotten to the den her panties were completely soaked front and back. From the stairs Michelle and her two friends came into the room, "wow Sandi I see someone's cunt had been working overtime". "Yes, Shell I feel great looks like my cunt was the only one on overtime"!

They both laughed. Rob looked at his watch "he guys its 1 these two have kids due home lets get going". As they all started walking out the door Matt turned to Shell, "I'm claiming you as of now". Michelle looked at him "Sandi will explain it to you, both of you be ready by 9 am Saturday" . Michelle closed the door both women looked at each other Sandi spoke "it appears we both have the look of two very well fucked women, right"?

Shell nodded, "I'd say that's a fair assumption, lets get showered I have to be at day care at 2.


As they headed upstairs Shell asked, "what does he mean claiming"? Sandi giggled "I'll explain it later this afternoon at my house over coffee. At 4 they sat in the kitchen Sandi explained claiming, Michelle just sat there with her mouth open.

Finally, at the conclusion Sandi smiled "we really don't have a choice, so a tattooed tit is a small price to pay for the fucking we'll continue to get. Michelle just sat there What Happens Next?