Finger fuck orgasm and fucking my boss compeers step sister her hot hd analmal training

Finger fuck orgasm and fucking my boss compeers step sister her hot hd analmal training
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I brought my wife with me on a business trip and stayed in a small tourist town (it was off season and pretty much abandoned). One day while I was at work she bought a 5th of vodka at 9 am and started drinking.

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She was wearing a white tee shirt and white cotton short-shorts that just barely covered her ass the bottom of her ass cheeks were showing. Under she had on a lacy white push up bra and a white thong.

She met a "real nice man" at the liquor store and had a real nice chat. She told him she had never been to this town and since it was raining the nice man offered to give her a tour of the town, in his car.

Of course she accepted. He drove like 6 minutes to the other side of town (real small tourist town), turned down a narrow, abandoned alley and parked behind a dumpster. He then turned off the car and started to small talk to her, encouraging her to drink.

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And drink she did until she was slurring her words and dizzy. He moved over next to her. Without saying a thing he reached over and started groping my wife's firm tit through her shirt.

She told me she had no choice but to just sit there and let him. He pulled her shirt up and off and tossed it in the back seat. Next he unhooked her bra, took it off and threw it in the back seat too. Then he nuzzled his face into her large "B" size firm tits, sucking, licking, groping, and pinching. She had to just sit there and let him do this to her for as long as he wanted.

Finally he was ready for more; he pulled down her cotton white short-shorts, off and tossed them into the back. Next her thong. Finally her eager pussy was fully exposed to him. In those days she shaved her pussy hair all except a small bush at the top because "men prefer that" so she said.


He forcefully spread open her legs, opening her pussy nice and wide for his display. He lowered his face down directly between her legs, into her pubic hair and pussy lips. There he sniffed and licked all over, driving his tongue deep into her as her pussy lips slowly spread open and began getting wet.

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After sliding his tongue all over and throughout the inside of my wife's wet pussy he began humping the air and finally he stopped, got up and positioned himself between my wife's spread legs. Reaching down he undid his pants and taking his cock in one hand drove it with a single lunge jamming it all up inside my wife's hungry pussy.

He fucked her hard and good, finally cumming deep inside my wife's eager cunt. Of course she had no choice but to let him. After he was done he got my wife's tee shirt and short-shorts from the back seat. Her bra and panties he kept as souvenirs. Then he drove my wife back to Main Street where he made her get out in the pouring rain, about 3 miles from the hotel. She was confused as to why he didn't drive her back the 6 minutes to the hotel.

After only a few minutes of walking in the steady rain she was soaked through and without a bra or panties her white tee shirt and white cotton shorts clung to her firm body.


Her firm tits, ass crack, and dark pubic hair at the top of her pussy were clearly visible to all! And the cold rain only made matters worse as her nipples got hard and pointed through her wet tee shirt all the better. As she walked back to the hotel obscenely soaked through for all to see, she said a few cars drove by and that all the men would slow down to get a good look.


One "nice" man stopped and offered her a ride. Once in his car she started to make small talk but she said the man said nothing. He drove half a block and then turned down the next alley.

She told him her hotel was straight down the street but he said nothing and kept driving. The alley was narrow and abandoned and he parked behind a high privacy fence. Then, without saying a word to her he slid over next to her and placed his hands squarely on her tits, groping and squeezing them. Of course she couldn't do anything about it so she just sat there and let him feel her tits.

After only a few seconds he pulled her wet tee shirt up exposing her firm "B" size tits. The rain had been cold and her nipples were hard and pointy. He especially liked this and began licking and sucking and pinching them as he squeezed her tits as hard as he could, all the while she just sat there letting him do this to her.

After a few more minutes he stopped, grabbed the top of her shorts and pulled them down her long legs and off. He spread her legs and climbed in between.

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She sat there and waited while he pulled his cock out and guided it into her soft, wet, warm pussy lips. Her pussy opened easily for him as he jammed his hard cock inside, enjoying every inch of my slut wife's cunt.

He fucked her until he came deep inside. Finished he put his cock away and zipped up. He then drove my dumb slut wife back to Main Street and dropped her off where he picked her up. Never saying anything to her.

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She thanked him and said it was nice to meet him. He just drove away. She walked the rest of the way back to the hotel as several additional men drove slowly by and enjoyed the view.

When she got back to the hotel she went to our room, showered and changed into a business dress suit. The skirt went to just above her knee and she let the jacket open a little, showing nice cleavage and a little part of her black lacy bra.

She wore a black lacy boy cut panties and black thigh-highs. She wore no blouse. Then she went down to the bar for a drink. A "nice" off duty female bartender began chatting with her and ordering and feeding her drinks. Soon my wife was again slurring her words and unstable on her feet.

The girl then invited my wife up to her hotel room to see a "really nice painting" (really, my wife actually fell for this). Of course my wife went to her room and somehow soon after they got there two men showed up. The girl and these two men kept trying to convince my wife to let the one of the men fuck her but my wife kept saying no and that she was married. At this point my wife was boxed in; sitting on the bed with a man sitting on each side of her and the girl standing in front of her.

After trying to convince my wife to have sex with the one man, they finally gave up and the girl pushed her down on the bed.

The girl then held her down as the two men rotated my wife onto the bed, stripped her and then took turns raping her. The men stripped my wife first exposing her big firm tits and then her tightly trimmed pussy.

They really liked how much of a whore my wife looked and the girl kept saying the whore loves this and she's such a slut. Spreading my wife's legs was easy since she basically gave up at this point and just laid there, letting the men do everything and anything they wanted to and enjoyed her body in every way.

The men took multiple turns raping her as the girl held her down for the two men and coached them through raping her. After they were done my wife got cleaned up and dressed and the girl walked my wife back down to the lobby. I was coming in from work and met my wife and the girl in the lobby.

My wife was all happy and introduced me to the nice girl she just met.

The girl looked real nervous at my wife like my wife was going to spill the beans but she didn't. My wife and I then went up to our hotel room. On my way up my wife began telling me about her day. She was very happy. She didn't tell me the details at that time but she did tell me she met a really nice man at the liquor store at 9 AM and she told me about how the off duty female bar tender wanted her to have sex with "the man".

She didn't tell me about how she got fucked by 4 men, 2 of which raped her repeatedly. Once in our room my wife basically attacked me, and fucked me real good. Later we went out to dinner, came back to the hotel, and fucked again. Then we fell asleep. Shortly after 3 AM she woke me, kneeling on the bed beside me, demanding sex.

I was tired and had to get up at 6 AM so I told her no.

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She kept yelling at me to have sex. Then she told me if I wouldn't give her sex that she would go out and find a young stud to fuck her. I still refused. So she got dressed like a whore and left.

I fell asleep and didn't wake until the 6 AM alarm. She wasn't in the room. I got ready and went to work. This wasn't the first time my wife was MIA so I didn't think much of it.

I didn't see or hear from her until after I got back from work late that day. She was all happy and said nothing about the day before. Over the next year I was able to get enough of the story from her that I could fill in the blanks. By spreading my questions out over time I don't think she ever put together that I got the whole story but I never forgot a hot detail.

So over time and knowing my wife I know what happened to her that day. Except for her leaving at 3 AM.

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I have never been able to get her to talk about that although I suspect that she woke the man in the room next to ours with all her yelling and he was waiting for her when she left our room.

He probably got her to go in his room and he fucked her right in the room next to ours. I also suspect that she may have gone from room to room getting fucked and then getting thrown out only to go to the next room. I don't know this but it's probably what happened. Now I share my wife every chance I get and I love how much of a slut she is.

If there are any other men out there with similar experiences I would love to hear them!