Two beauties making out on wresting mat by nicejocks

Two beauties making out on wresting mat by nicejocks
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I woke up the next morning feeling like a million bucks. Knowing the girls would be here for another 6 days made me all the happier. I put on some clothes and went into the kitchen to make some breakfast. I had got out the pancake mix and was starting to cook the first pancake when Toni walked in. She was dressed fairly decent to my disappointment.

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"So what you making for breakfast?" she asked. "Pancakes."I replied "where is colleen?" "She snuck over to her ex boyfriend's house for some fun."Toni said.

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"Cool. Would you like a pancake?"I asked "That sounds good." Toni replied. "Will you please make me one?" "Sure." I gave her the one on the pan since it was already done and I started to make myself one.

I finished making mine and I went and sat down at the table.

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As we were eating Toni had turned the T.V. on and had switched it to some channel or another. I really didn't know which one because I was to busy remembering last night.

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So busy in fact ii didn't realize when I got a boner or when Toni realized that I had it. "Chris." "What?" "What are you thinking about?"She asked." oh. Never mind I see well we cant go all day without you zoning out and since colleen isn't here guess ill have to do it my self." She got up and walked over to me she got on her knees in front of me and unbuckled my pants. She then pulled down my pants and my boxers and my cock sprang out.

Smiling she ran her fingers along the length of it. Playing with it and teasing me. Then she stuck out her tongue and run it over my head like she was licking an ice cream cone all over the top, the bottom, and the sides. Then she opened her mouth wide and engulfed my head and the top of my shaft into her mouth.

She began bobbing her head up and down taking in a little more as she went. Soon I was in balls deep. She ran her tongue all around my shaft as she deep throated me. Soon I was about to explode. "Toni I'm about to cum!" I warned her she shoved it in deeper and I let loose all that I had. My first shot went down her throat and so did the second and third but the third made her gag so the fourth ended up on her face and cleavage.

"Damn."She said now I have to go take a shower. "She went and took a shower and we watched T.V. for awhile and then colleen showed up. She walked in and took a shower and then walked back in the living room with nothing but a towel on. "Toni I'm bored want to tease Chris?

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Colleen asked. "Sure." Colleen got out a blanket and laid it on the floor. She then removed her towel and Toni removed her clothes. Colleen lay on the blanket and opened her legs. Toni wasted no time in licking colleen's pussy. Apparently they had done this many times before.

(Is this a surprise anymore?) Because in no time colleen was moaning and shrieking in pleasure. A few minutes later she came and Toni lay on the blanket. Like before it didn't take long for her to cum. But still it did the trick I was now hornier than ever. Colleen and Toni both saw the tent in my pants and busted out giggling. "We can see it worked." Said colleen "It was a little unfair of us to do that and not let him in on the fun though sis."Said Toni.

"So why don't we play a game?" "What game?"I asked "The rules are simple we do a sexual act to someone and time how long it takes that person to reach their climax." Said colleen. "If you last the longest you get to tell that person to do anything you want them to."Toni finished "Want to play?" Colleen asked.

"Hell yeah." I said. "So who goes first?" "I do!" said colleen. "I choose Chris to be my first victim." I walked over to her and she pulled my pants down and she laid me on my back. She then positioned my cock at her opening. She waited till Toni set the timer and then she said to start it. She sat on my cock and I slid into her. Once again I felt the weird sensation of my member being encased in a hot velvet glove. Then she slid up and down repeatedly for about a minute.

She looked at the timer and said "If that won't work maybe this will." She stood up and then squatted again. This time instead of positioning my member at her pussy opening she put it near her ass. She sat down slowly on it. As it first started to go in she winced and drew in her breath. She then kept going her pussy juices providing lubrication. It was really tight I felt as if my cock was going to implode from the pressure.

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Then I was all the way in. Toni stared in shock. "Why does Toni look so surprised?" I asked "Because this is my first time up the ass." Colleen replied She slid up and brought herself down a little faster this time. Soon she was going at about the regular speed of when she fucked and I was drawing close.


Her ass was really tight and it felt twice as good as her pussy. Knowing that I was her first just made it all the more arousing to me.


I tried to hold out as long as I could but I exploded load after load of sperm into her ass. "That was 6 minutes and 26 seconds." All of the sudden I heard the key being inserted into the lock. I quickly tried to gather my stuff but it was too late. "OH.MY.GOD" said my mom To be continued?