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Free gay boys twinks tube Tommie Reed seems like an virginal dude at
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A friend of yours Jane announces she is getting married. She has decided she wants to go to Benidorm for a weekend for her hen night. Her fiancé has decided to go to Amsterdam. She gives you a call and asks if you will come. When Mr Horney gets home you tell him about the weekend. He tells you it is fine with him and to make sure you enjoy yourself.

You instinctively know what he means by that. Your friend Jane arranges a get together for the following Friday. Everybody who is going on the hen weekend has been invited. The aim of the night is to plan the hen weekend and have a few drinks. When you arrive at your friends house most of the gang have already arrived.

You all get on the computer and search for suitable hotels. It doesn't take long before you find a Hotel that everybody agrees looks good.

The hotel is all inclusive. The Hotel is close enough to the main area but not too close to be disturbed by all the noise. You all decide to book the Hotel, flights and transfers straight away. You all make a promise to each other that whatever happens in Benidorm stays in Benidorm. You know your friend will be having one last fling on her hen weekend. You also know a lot of your other friends will be planning to have a sexy time in Benidorm.

It looks like this may turn out to be a really fun weekend. As there are ten of you going you have decided to book five twin rooms. You are staying with the bride to be. The outbound flight is booked for the Friday morning and the return flight is for Sunday morning. Some of you want to make it a longer weekend and come home on the Monday or Tuesday. As some cannot do that due to work you agree to keep it to just the two nights.

The day before the flight to Benidorm you go to the hairdressers and get your hair done. You also do a little bit of shopping.

You buy some new sexy dresses and some new bikinis. As it is going to be hot in Benidorm you buy dresses that are really short. The dresses show of your sexy legs perfectly. When you get home you put on one of your new sexy dresses ask Mr Horney if you look ok. "Wow honey you look so sexy and I love your new hairdo" he says to you. After your evening meal you pack your suitcase ready for the flight in the morning. You should arrive at the Hotel for around 11:30 AM.

After your evening meal Mr Horney tells you that he is going to miss you. "You will miss sex you mean" you say to him laughing. You both then decide to have an early night as you have to be up early for the flight. You know when Mr Horney says let's have an early night he really means lets go and have sex. After a couple of hours of fun you and Mr Horney have a chat. "I want you to have lots of sexy fun and tell me all about it when you get home" he says to you.

"Oh don't worry honey I will" you reply. You set your alarm for 4:30 AM and fall asleep. Once he is sure you are fast asleep Mr Horney gets out of bed. He gets your suitcase and takes out all your underwear. He knows you will find it funny when you find out. When you get up you have a quick shower and have breakfast. At 5:15 AM you hear the taxi beep outside. You are the last to be picked up. Everybody is already in party mood. You all again promise each other that what happens in Benidorm stays in Benidorm.

Getting booked on the flight, through passport control and through security is the usual ball ache. Once you get to the departure lounge somebody suggests having a drink. After a brief discussion you decided it's a bit too early and opt for teas and coffees instead. The chat soon turns to the weekend away. "So is the bride to be going to be having one last fling?" asks Sarah.

"One last fling. I am going to have many last flings on this weekend" laughs Jane. All ten of you burst into laughter. With that an announcement comes over the tannoy that your flight is ready to board. The flight time seems to go over very quickly.

You collect your suitcases and look for the coach. The coach driver tells you it will take about an hour to drive to Benidorm. When he drops you off at the Hotel you all agree to not waste time unpacking and to get a bikini on and meet down at the pool. You all go to reception and get your Hotel room keys. As you go to get one of your bikinis out you notice all your underwear seems to have disappeared. "Oh just you wait Mr Horney" you say out loud.

"Something wrong?" asks Jane. You tell Jane that it appears Mr Horney has removed all your underwear and you only have what you have on now. "So go commando then. I will if you will" Jane says to you. You have been commando many times and quickly agree with Jane it will be fun. You both get changed and head downstairs to the pool.

Once everybody else arrives you get some drinks from the bar. Jane soon tells the rest of the girls about Mr Horney removing all your underwear from your suitcase. "For solidarity I am going to join her and not wear my underwear when we go out" Jane says to everyone. All the other women agree it will be fun to join in and leave the underwear off all weekend. As the drinks flow you are all soon eyeing up the men around the pool.

"Good look at the cock on him. It must be about 10 inches" laughs Debbie. You all not very discreetly have a look. The big cocked guy notices you all looking and smiles.

As the drinks flow you are all soon start getting a bit drunk. The talk turns around to what you plan to do this evening. "Well I intend to go to lots of different bars, get drunk and get fucked. I may even try a woman." laughs Jane. "It's your hen weekend and that sounds fun to me" replies Michelle. A few moments later Jane notices Mr big cock going the bar. She goes up to the bar and stands next to him.

They get chatting and Jane tells him she is on her stag weekend. He tells her this is his last day and his coach for the flight leaves in 3 hours. Jane whispers in his ear "May I ask how big your cock is? It's just all us girls have been wondering". The guy smiles at Jane and whisper back "10.5 inches long and 4 inches wide" Jane quickly decides this will be her first fling of the weekend. She looks at him a and then whispers in his ear "Room 405 in ten minutes" The guy knows what she means.

He smiles ate Jane and says "See you in ten" When Jane returns to where you all are she proudly tells you she has found out the guy is 10.5 inches by 4 inches. She then finishes off her drink and tells you she will see you all later.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do" shouts Amanda laughing. Jane just smiles and heads for the hotel room. Once inside she removes her bikini ready in anticipation. Within a couple of minutes her guy arrives.

While Jane is having fun in the room you all carry on drinking and having a laugh by the pool. You notice a couple of guys sitting a little bit away from you are eyeing up your sexy body.

Feeling a bit tipsy and horny you decide to have a little bit of fun with them. You remove your bikini top and rub some more sun cream onto your breasts. Although the two guys have sunglasses you can tell they are watching.

After you finish putting the sun cream on you sit up and grab your drink. You then part your legs wide giving the two guys a good look at your barely covered pussy. A few moments later the guys get up off their sun lounges and leave. You join back in the conversation with the rest of the girls. They are currently discussing what the bride to be and Mr big cock are up to.

"I want a big cock like Jane has now" laughs Jill. "Don't worry there is plenty more cock in Benidorm" laughs Paula. You can see this is the start of a great weekend. You all decide to go up rest, then get ready for the evening meal and night out.

You all decide to meet at 7 PM at reception. When you get up to the room Jane is on the bed naked half asleep. "So you dirty bitch how was Mr bick cock?" you say to Jane. "His name is Rob and he was fucking fantastic. I wasn't sure I could take all off him bit I did" laughs Jane. You sit on the edge of Jane's bed and get her to tell you all that she has been up to.

Listening to her starts getting you turned on. "So you said earlier you are not only going to get cock this weekend you may try pussy as well" you say to Jane. Jane tells you that she has always been bi-curious so you never know what may happen this weekend. You look at Jane and say "You should try it. It is fun". Jane looks at you in disbelief. "Are you saying what I think you are saying?" she says to you. "If you mean am I saying I have been with a woman then yes.

I am not curious I am bi" you reply. Without saying another word Jane locks her lips onto yours. After a moment she stops. She whispers in your ear "I want you to be my first. Please say yes" You push her down onto the bed and quickly remove your bikini.

You join Jane on the bed and resume your kissing. As you kiss you let your hand wander down to Jane's pussy. Jane opens her legs in anticipation. With her pussy still being very wet from being with Rob your fingers easily slide into her pussy. You can feel her body responding to your kisses and touches.

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"Please lick me" Jane whispers in your ear. You kiss down her body and get between her legs. You take your time slowly teasing her with your tongue and lips. As you tongue Jane's pussy you can her softly moaning in appreciation to your oral skills. "Oh god that feels so good.

Please don't stop" Jane says to you. You carry on tonguing Jane until she has an orgasm. Once her orgasm fades you ask Jane if she would like to taste you. As you ask Jane this you get on your knees and place you pussy by her face.

Jane does not reply and instead starts tonguing your pussy. Although this is Jane's first time she is a natural. As Jane tongues your pussy she tells you that you taste beautiful. "Finger fuck me and use your mouth and tongue on my clit" you say to Jane. Once Jane has given you an orgasm you both collapse on the bed. You both look at each laugh and say "Just remember what happens in Benidorm stays in Benidorm" You then notice the time.

You and Jane share a shower and start to get ready. You then meet the rest of the girls at reception. You all head to the restaurant and are pleasantly surprised to find the food is of a very high standard. All the food is buffet style there is plenty of choice for all three courses. After your meal you all head up to the bar and get some tables outside ready for the hotel entertainment. Apparently tonight they have a magician and a singer on.

"So does anybody have underwear on?" you ask everyone. Everybody confirms they have no knickers or bra on. "Let's have ait of fun then. Whoever flashes their pussy the most tonight is the winner" you say to them.

All the girls start laughing but agree it will be bit of harmless fun. You quickly spot your first victim. Four guys sitting a few tables way seem to be eying all you women up. You give one of them a smile and open your legs.

As he looks at your naked pussy he nudges his mate. He looks and smiles. With that you close your legs. "Two nil to me" you say to everyone. "No way you are lying" laughs Sarah. "She isn't I watched the dirty cow" laughs Jane.

You decide to stop any cheating each time you are about to flash you have to tell one of the others so they can see you doing it. Every time one of you goes the bar for drinks you get eyed up by various men. You have no doubt it will be very easy to find some willing cocks later on.

The magician is ok but nothing special. After he finishes the singer comes on. Again he is ok but nothing special. You all sit and discuss what you are going to do later. You all decide it will be go from bar to bar and check them out then finish off in a nightclub.

As the evening wears on you all begin to get tipsy. You are winning your flashing game. You have flashed four times, Jane has done it twice, Sarah has done it once and the rest have yet to do it. At about 11:30 you all head of for the main drinking area. You walk past a guy trying to persuade people to go to lap dancing bar. "Where is a good bar to go?" Jane asks him. The guy recommends a few bars and nightclubs to you. He also tries to get you to go to the lap dancing club but you politely decline.

The first bar that he has recommended is pretty full. As you all stand having a drink and laugh Jane tells you that she can feel somebody pressing against her. "Bugger has a hard on as well" she whispers to you. You reach behind Jane and give his cock a playful squeeze. At first the guy assumes it is Jane playing with his cock until he sees you smile at him.

"He has a very hard cock" you whisper to Jane. You all then decide to move onto the next bar. Luckily this bar is not as packed as the first bar and you are able to get some seats. Straight away you see an opportunity to flash. "I now have 5. Come on girls this is too easy for me" you say to them all laughing. "I will confirm she just done her firth" says Sarah. As you are all now quite tipsy some of the other girls get their first flash in.

This prompts a group of six guys to come over to you all and start chatting. The one you are chatting with sits himself next to you. "So are you not wearing any knickers like your friend the flasher?" he asks you.

You look around and grab his hand. "Find out" you whisper to him. They guy soon has hand up your short skirt. As he feels your naked pussy you tell him that everyone you are with has no knickers on. They guy than starts to finger your pussy under the table. After a while you tell him to stop. You get up to go to the toilet.

As you go to the toilet the guy follows you. He follows you into the toilet and into your cubicle. "What do you want?" you say to him. "You" he replies. He then gets you to spread your legs and gets on his knees. You push his head deeper into you as he tongues your pussy. Once he has made you cum he gets his cock out. "Sorry only one man ever fucks me and he is at home" you say to the guy. He goes to put his cock away. "I said I would not let you fuck me I didn't say I wouldn't suck you" you say to him with a wicked smile across your face.

He quickly gets his cock back out again. You suck him to hardness and give him one of your expert blow jobs. As you suck him off he tells you that you are a very sexy woman and Mr Horney is very lucky to be fucking you. "We are both lucky. He is all the man I will ever need" you tell him. After the guy cums you ask him to leave. You have your piss and rejoin the girls. You tell the girls just flashing is boring and you want to raise the game.

"Let's see what sexy fun we can all have this weekend. See that guy over there. I have just sucked him off and had him tongue my pussy" you say to them all. "Bullshit" shouts Jill. You look over to your guy and call him over. "I loved sucking your cock just then your cum tasted so nice" you say to him.

"And I loved tonguing your pussy" he replies. The guy then goes back to friends. "See I told you" you say to the girls laughing. Not to be outdone. Jane walks up to one of his friends grabs him by the hand and leads him to the toilet. She bends over the toilet and asks the guy to fuck her. Once they have finished she rejoins you all. "Well I am winning on the fucking stakes two nil to me" says Jane. "I will definitely not be wining that one. Mr Horney is all I need when it comes to having a nice fuck" you tell them all.

You all then move to the next bar. This bar has a dance floor and you are all soon getting asked to dance by various guys. Each one has a feel of your bum and quickly notices you have no underwear on. Then next guy who gets you up pulls you close to him. "So are you not wearing any knickers?

I can see you have no bra on" he whispers to you. "Find out" you whisper back. No sooner have you finished saying that you feel him moving his hand up your legs towards your pussy. You tell him to finger fuck you. As you feel his fingers fuck you his mouth kisses your neck. You don't care if anybody can see you. Once he has made you cum you ask him to follow you to the toilet.

"Get your cock out. You can't fuck me but I will suck you off" you say to him. He doesn't need asking twice and you soon have your lips around his hard cock. After you suck him off you tell him it is his turn. You raise your skirt to give him easy access to your wet pussy. You are so turned on it doesn't take long before you cum all over his face.

When you rejoin the girls you all decide to move onto the nightclub. Again you are all soon asked to dance by various men. All them having a quick grope as you dance. Towards the end of the night some of the other girls head to hotels with the various guys they have met. Jane has pulled two guys. You, Sarah, Jill, and Sue head back to your hotel.

On the way back you bump into the guy persuading people to go the lap dancing club. He tells you if you go to his club the first drink is free. He then gives you each a flyer.

The four of you decide to go for a laugh. Once you get you free drinks. You watch one the women doing a pole dance. One of the other women comes up to you and asks if you would like a private lap dance.

You politely decline. She leans into you and says I want to give you a free lap dance. She then grabs you by the hand and takes you to a private booth. "My name is Rosetta. May I ask your name sexy woman?" she says to you. "Just call me Mrs Horney" you laugh. The music starts and Rosetta begins her routine. As she dances she tells you that she thinks you are very sexy woman. "You are not too bad yourself" you think to yourself. "You can touch me if you want sexy" Rosetta says to you. You reach up and start fingering her pussy.

As you do that Rosetta leans down and kisses you. She then gets on her knees between your legs. She asks if she can taste you. "Be my guest" you reply. Rosetta has certainly done this before and you are feeling really turned on. She expertly tongues your pussy. When she has finished you tell her to sit down and quickly get your mouth on her pussy. When you finish you rejoin the other three. They tell you the prices of drinks are outrageous so they will only be having the free drink.

On the way back o the hotel they quiz you about your free lap dance. You tell them it was very boring and you are glad you did not have to pay for it.

As soon as your head hits the pillow you are out like a light. You have all previously agreed to meet for breakfast at 9:30 AM. At 8 AM you hear Jane come into the room. She proceeds to tell you the two guys she met are called James and David. She then tells you they have had her up most of the night fucking her.

Although you are happy for her you are feeling tired and drift off back to sleep for another 30 minutes. At 9:30 AM you all meet up for breakfast. Again the food is excellent. There is plenty of choice. At the breakfast you all discuss the previous night's events. You all remind each other what happens in Benidorm stays in Benidorm but you all agree it has been fun so far. After breakfast everybody is still feeling a little bit tired. You all decide to get some more sleep and meet up for lunch at 12 PM.

When you get to your room Jane asks you what fun you got up to last night. You tell her about the two guys you sucked off and got to lick your pussy. You then tell her about the lap dancer.

"Mmmmmmm very naughty. We will have to their again tonight night" Jane says to you. "So tell me about you and the two guys" you say to Jane. Jane then tells you all the sexy fun she got up to with the two guys. "I had my first double penetration last night and my first time of having two cocks up my pussy and I loved it" she says to you.

"I may even try and find three guys tonight so they can make me watertight" she says laughing. As you drift off to sleep Jane says she hopes you and her will be having more fun later. When you both join the rest of the girls for lunch you plan the day. You decide to do the same as yesterday. An afternoon drinking and getting a tan by the pool by followed by a nights drinking. After lunch you grab some sun loungers by the pool and get some drinks. The talk soon turns to the last night events and who did what with who.

Sarah, Sue and Jill say although they did not do anything last night tonight is going to be different. "I need cock" Jill says laughing. As the drinks flow you all start talking about your sex lives and what you have done, what you would like to try etc. It turns out three of you have been with a woman and two more have it on their sexual bucket list.

Jill informs you all in her younger days she once had gangbang with five guys from Nottingham when she was on holiday Greece. Everyone is very open with each other. As you sit sunbathing and drinking you are getting admiring glances from some of the guys around the pool. At about 4 PM you say you are going to your room and everyone agrees to meet in the restaurant for 7 PM.

As you go to leave Jane says she is coming with you. When you get into the room you flop on the bed. You notice Jane starting to take her bikini off. "I do hope we are going to have more fun" Jane says to you. "So do I" you reply. Jane joins you on the bed and removes your bikini.

You both soon have your lips locked. Jane gently caresses your body as you kiss. She kisses down your body. As she starts tonguing your pussy she moves her pussy over your face. The two of you explore each others pussies with your mouths and tongues. "I have one of my vibrators with me in my suitcase" you say to Jane.

"That sounds fun go get it" she replies. You get up and get the vibrator and get back on the bed. You turn the vibrator on and slowly move it over Jane's body.

"Are you going to tease me with that or fuck me with it?" Jane asks you. Jane then gets on her knees and pushes her bum in the air. She looks over her shoulder and seductively says "Please fuck me. Please make me cum". As you fuck Jane with the vibrator your other hand plays with her clit. "Oh god yes that's it make me cum. I am your slut" she says to you. With your expert hands you soon have Jane cumming. Once she has cum she grabs the vibrator and pushes you to the bed.

You open your legs and feel the vibrator beginning to slide in. As Jane fucks you with the vibrator she kisses all over your body. "Are you sure I am you first woman?" you say to Jane laughing.

Jane moves her head down to you pussy. She tongues your clit as she continues you fucking you with the vibrator. Once she has made you come you both drift off to sleep. You get up about 6:15 PM and get ready for your evening meal. Again there is plenty of choice. You all decide to do the same as last night. You decide you will go the bar for the free drinks and watch the entertainment until about 11:30 and then go out to the bars.

Tonight's entertainment is a quick change routine and another singer. This time it is a female singer. Again she is nothing special but ok. As the drinks flow you are all having a laugh. A group of eight guys get two tables next you.

They soon strike up conversations and start flirting with you all. They get more interested once they learn you are all here on a hen weekend. "So who is the bride to be?" one of them asks. "That will be me" replies Jane. "Are you going to have one last fling then?" he asks cheekily.

"No I am going to have many last flings" she replies laughing. You all then carry on chatting and flirting. You notice Jane whisper something to the guy chatting to her. He then talks to his mates. You know Jane is up to something but can't guess what. Jane gets up and tells you she will be back in a bit. As she leaves you notice three of the guys follow her. You think no more of it and join back in the conversation.

The lads are doing their best to keep you laughing and enjoying their company.

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After about 30 minutes you notice Jane is not back yet. You also notice the three guys who followed her are not back yet.

You now realise she must have went for a bit of fun. After another 15 minutes you notice all four of them return. Jane sits back down next to you. "Another one off my sexual bucket list. I now know what it is like to be watertight. It's not easy to suck a cock when you have one up your bum and pussy but I managed" she whispers to you.

"You are such a slut" you whisper back laughing. At 11:30 you tell the guys you are heading into the bars and you may see them later.

You decide to try some different bars tonight. With you being ten sexy women you naturally attract a lot of attention. The more you drink the more outrageous you all become. Not only are you all flashing as any man walks past one of you cheekily has a feel of their bum. Naturally not one man complains. In the next bar it has a dance floor. Like last night various men soon have you all up dancing.

You are starting to feel horny and want some real fun. You tell the guy you are dancing with you have no underwear on. "So I noticed "he replies. You grab his hand go outside. You walk around to the back of the bar. It is semi dark and quiet. You lean against the wall, spread your legs and raise your skirt.

"Make me cum and I will suck you off" you say to him. Your guy gets to his knees and tongues your already wet pussy. "Mmmmm that feels nice" you say to him. You feel him sliding a couple fingers up your pussy. He expertly finger fucks you and uses his tongue on your clit. After you have come he asks you to bend over so you he can fuck you. "Sorry lover boy only one man ever fucks me and sadly that is not you" you tell him.

"I guess I will just have to accept you offer of a blowjob" he replies. You get on your knees and take his cock out. Just as you start sucking him off you notice Jane has come out with a guy. You watch as she bends over and tells her guy to fuck her good and hard. You carry on watching them fuck as you suck your guy off. Once you have made him cum you both head back inside.


About ten minutes later Jane comes back in with her guy. "I love cock" she says to you. "So I saw" you reply. You all then move onto the next bar. As the night wears on you are all getting more and more outrageous. Nobody can now remember who is wining in the flashing game. You are pretty sure it will be you though. You cannot remember how many men and woman you have flashed so far but you know it is a lot.

A couple of guys start flirting with you. Still feeling horny you tell them both to follow you. You then walk to the toilets. They follow you into the cubical. "No fucking. One of you lick me while I suck the other off. When the first one has come swap places and I will suck the other one off" you say to them.

One of them drops to his knees and starts licking your pussy while you suck his mate off. The guy you are sucking reaches down and plays with your breasts. Once you have made him cum they swap places. The new guy on your pussy certainly knows what he is doing and soon has you cumming. His mate warns you he is about to cum so you start sucking him faster.

After he finishes cumming you give them both a peck on the cheek and rejoin your mates. You are about to move onto the next bar but notice Jane is missing.

"She went outside with some guy" Sarah tells you. You know she will be fucking and wait for her return. As soon as she comes back you all move onto the next bar. The bar is holding a wet t-shirt competition. Although none of you have t-shirts on four of you decide to have a go at the competition. With a bit more coaxing you persuade another two of you to enter. In total there are eighteen women on stage. You have not thought this through though. Once you are wet everybody is going to be able to see your naked body.

The guy slowly comes around the stage and pours water over everybody's breasts. The wetness of the water on your dress makes your naked body very visible.

Everybody can see your naked body. The thought of so many people looking at you gets you really turned on. Once you are all wet the presenter asks the audience who is the winner. After bit of deliberation he pronounces you as the winner and hands you two bottles of champagne. All six of you leave the stage and join the other four.

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As you walk through the crowd you can see all eyes are on your dress. Knowing they are all able to see your naked body under your wet dress is getting your pussy very wet. When you rejoin the others you have a debate about going back to the hotel to change. "Fuck it. Our dresses will dry out soon in this heat and I don't care who sees my sexy body" you say laughing. The others agree to just let the weather dry their dresses as well. You ask the barman for some glasses and open the two bottles of champagne.

It doesn't take long before you all have more male attention. You notice a lot of eyes are still looking at you. Sadly for them your dress has already started to dry out in the heat and your sexy body is not as visible as it was when your dress was wet.

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Once the champagne is finished you head off to a night club. To keep things interesting you decide to try a different nightclub. Again you all attract a lot of attention from men and are getting asked to dance.

Of course they all have a little sly grope as you dance. A little while later the eight guys from the hotel come into the club. They notice you all straight away. Once they have their drinks they come over. They soon carry on their flirting. One the guys asks Jane up to dance. He asks her if she would like to be gangbanged by him and his mates. Jane says she will have a think about it and let him know. When they have finished dancing Jane tells you about his offer of a gangbang.

You tell her we could have more fun if we turned it into an orgy.


One by one you ask the rest of the girls if they fancy going to have an orgy with the eight guys. Sandra and Carol are a bit reluctant but you remind that what happens in Benidorm stays in Benidorm.

As you are all very tipsy and feeling horny it is s not long before you have all nine other women agreeing to have bit of fun. Jane walks over to her guy and whispers in his ear "Sorry there won't be gangbang tonight" He looks at her disappointed but respects her wishes. She then whispers to him "Although there will be no gangbang if you invite me and all my friends back to your hotel room we won't say no".

He looks at Jane and asks if you she is serious. She quickly assures him she is. Like an excited schoolboy his goes over to his mates. They think it is a wind up and when you all get back to hotel you will bid them good night and go to your rooms. You all finish your drinks and head back to the hotel.


As you walk back Tracy tells you she nervous but very excited. You remind her that what happens in Benidorm stays in Benidorm and to just enjoy it.

They guys have two hotel rooms. Each room is for four people. Once inside their room you set up the ground rules to make sure everybody enjoys themselves. "I only fuck my man. You can lick me, kiss me, finger me and I will suck you off but I won't fuck you" you say to them. The other girls say what they do and do not like doing. The guys complain it will he bard remembering all that.

You just say if one of us tells you stop doing something you stop straight away. The guys agree.

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At first things start off slow. You decide to take the bull by the horns and start striping off one of the guys. Once you have him naked you take his cock on your mouth. This gives everyone the green light and all the others start undressing. Soon there is mass of bodies all licking, kissing, sucking and fucking each other.

All the guys respect your wishes and nobody tries to fuck you. They do however give your wet pussy some attention with their tongues and get you to suck them off. You watch your mates fucking as one of them tongues you. Watching them fuck is really turning you on. After about an hour you all stop to have a rest. "So do any of you ladies play with each other?" one of the guys asks. Jane looks for you for approval.

You smile and she says "Me and Mrs Horney do". The other girls look on in disbelief. "I took Jane's cherry the first afternoon we were here" you say laughing. "Wow I would love to see you two together" one of the guys says to you. You grab Jane by the hand and take her onto the bed.

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Everyone watches intently as you and Jane explore each other's bodies. Watching you both gets everybody turned on again. You watch as everyone starts fucking sucking and lick each other again. As you lick Jane from below you watch somebody's hard cock enter her pussy. You carry on tonguing her clit watching the hard cock fuck her pussy deep and hard. Every so often he pulls out and offers you his hard cock to suck which you greedily accept.

The whole room now smells of sex. You all carry on for another few hours. You have lost count the amount of times somebody has made you cum with their tongue. You also don't know how many cocks you have made cum with your mouth. You notice it is 7 AM and remind the rest of the girls your coach to the airport leaves at 10 AM. You all say your goodbyes and head to your rooms. Jane tells you she is staying with the guys a little bit longer and will see you in an hour.

You call her a filthy slut and head to your room. To save time you pack yours and Jane's suitcase then get a shower. Just as you finish your shower Jane comes back. She tells you she got every guy to fuck her one last time.

After Jane has finished showering and got dressed you both go and get some breakfast. At 9:45 you join the rest of the girls at reception and get on the coach for the airport.

You can't wait to tell Mr Horney all about the fun you have had this weekend.