Young teens share delicious cock in bus threesome porn scenes

Young teens share delicious cock in bus threesome porn scenes
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When Damien Jones looked into the mirror, he liked what he saw. At 20 standing at exactly 6'2, 190 pounds and a smooth brown skin tone, with he knew all that time spent in the gym over the summer had been worth it. He had a well defined body. The hours he spent lifting as well as doing muay thai and jui jitsu at his gym, Wolfpak, had paid off. Now as he began his first year at college in New Hampshire, away from all his friends and family back home in Long Beach, he was ready to start fresh, to begin his new life.

He finished shaving, and returned back to his room to get dressed. He put on a pair of light blue jeans and a red button up shirt. Rolling up the sleeves to his elbows and putting on a pair of white Nikes, he couldn't wait for the first day of classes to begin.

Orientation had shown him that this school would be something worth remembering, he just knew it. The girls were extremely attractive, and he had met a couple of dudes that seemed pretty cool too. He walked into the kitchen of his apartment, grabbed an apple and headed downstairs to his pride and joy, his 95 Z28.

Most people didn't understand why he loved his car so much; it was old, no doubt. But the classic cars that everyone loved today were, at one point in time, at an awkward time stage where they were 17 years old and basically forgotten about. But when they got to be 30-40 years old, they suddenly became collector's pieces. He was just making sure he had it from the get go. And it wasn't like it was a rust bucket. He had ported and polished the heads, dropped a performance camshaft in, put in a cold air intake, ceramic header back exhausts, a high stall torque convertor, a supercharger, and cheater slick tires.

All together it was putting about 470 hp to the rear wheels. Not to mention the suspension was completely redone, the interior was re upholstered and a beautiful mix of black and purple with the paint job being a tough matte black. He did love his car, working on it for 5 years and paying for it by working at this meat packing factory back home. He got in the car, put the key in the ignition and turned the car over. It roared to life as a gaggle of girls walked across the street.

Damien could see in the rear view mirror them jump at the sound of the beast and how they looked at on in awe and excitement. He put on his sunglasses, and said to himself, "Yea, this is going to be a good year." **** Damien started on as the professor at the head of the class was going on about the syllabus for the year.


Trigonometry was his first class of the day, and he knew he was fucked. Math had never been his strong suit and he had barely passed trig in high school. As he listened to the older man drone on about how the class would be conducted, Damien let his eyes wander around the lecture hall. There were a lot of really good looking girls in this class, he thought to himself. He already knew that this subject was going to be an uphill battle in the rain, but he might he a couple of hook-ups out of it.

The professor dismissed the class and he stood up and walked toward the exit. As he was just out the door, a voice behind him called out, "Hey Damien!" He turned around to see Max, a guy he had met during orientation walking up to him. "What's up bro" Damien replied "I didn't see you in there". "Yea, I was up in the back talking with a couple of really hot chicks. There's a party Friday at one of their friends houses out in Student Housing, you down?" "Fucking A right, I'm game" Damien said.

"What do you have next?" To which Max replied, "English 101." Damien glad he had a class with someone he knew said, "Sweet, I've got that one too". As the pair walked towards the building of their next class, they couldn't help but notice all the coeds, the hot coeds all around them. There was a group of girls over by some picnic tables, a couple playing Frisbee with some guys under the trees, they were everywhere.

"So many choices, so little difference." Max said as they watched they delectable females. "My goal this year is to bang as many of them as I possible can without getting herpes." "Well, there certainly isn't a shortage, so good luck with that" Damien said laughing as they arrived at the building. They walked in, found their lecture hall and got seats in the back of the room. As people started to pile, Max and Damien spotted three more guys they met at orientation who came up to sit with them.

Jake, a lanky white boy with blonde hair, blue eyes was one of those guys who should have grown up on the beach. He even talked with the surfer cha voice. Keegan, was a large Russian fellow, even taller than Damien by a couple of inches, and massively built but gave off that vibe that he wouldn't harm a fly until you fucked with him…then he'd tear your head off.

And then there was Ricardo. He was a shorter guy, full on Spaniard and even had the accent and slicked back hair to go with it. The five of them caught up on the last couple of days while people continued to pour into the room. Then Keegan asked Damien, "Hey did you see that martial arts place right off campus?" Damien ears perking up replied, "No, I didn't know there was any place like that around here." "Yea, they teach jay jetsu or something like that.

"Haha, you mean Jiu Jitsu? Damn, definitely didn't know about that." Damien replied. "Well, I'm going to check it out around 6 tonight.

You want to come? You've done that kind of stuff before right?" Keegan asked. "Yea, I know a little, I'll come with you." Damien was however, being quite modest.

Back home he had been doing muay thai and jui jitsu for about 4 years. His stand up was good, but it was on the ground where he shined. He had gone to tournaments and competitions winning a good majority of them for the division he entered in including the Abu Dhabi, which is a prestigious grappling tournament known world wide and he placed second in that tourney for his division.

He mind wandered off, thinking about that night and excited to have found another gym so quickly. He hoped that it would pan out and have good instructors and not be one of those dime a dozen gyms. Just then the professor for that class walked in and began his introduction. But Damien mind was else where; his mind was on the mat. **** Damien and Keegan pulled into the parking of the gym.

In neon letters above the facility were the words Salvatore Bros. "This is the place?" Damien asked and Keegan nodded his head. They both got out and head towards the door.

When they walked inside they were immediately greeting by the sound of a lecture being given. There was an older lady at the front desk, around 50 with grey hair crow's feet around the eyes, but a warming smile on her face. "Hello, can I help you?" she asked. Damien said to her, "Hi, me and my friend here are new to the area so we thought we'd check your gym out." "Oh well its not my gym, it belong to my husband and his brother. They're giving a lesson right now, there are chairs on the mat, and you can go sit in and watch." "Thank you very much ma'am.

Come on lets go." Damien said turning to Keegan. The duo walked around the corner towards the mat. There was a line of chairs along the wall where the two sat. In the center of the mat where two older gentlemen who Damien assumed to be the Salvatore brothers and they were demonstrating a triangle choke crank.

As the two watched on, Keegan leaned over to Damien and asked "What is he doing?" Damien explained. "For that move the attacked has his opponent in a triangle choke. But because he's resisting the submission, the attacked lifts his hips and shifts opposite to the outside leg. Then, placing the top of his foot inside his opponents crotch, he sinks his hips down and sits up which doubles the pressure on the neck and immediately forces the opponent to tap out or have his neck broken." As on cue, one of the brothers demonstrates the move and as soon as it was locked in, the other brother tapped the mat.

"Damn, that shit looks like it hurts" Keegan stated wincing. "Yea, it definitely is not fun" Damien replied. The brothers broke the circle sending everyone out to practice the technique, while the two of them approached Damien and Keegan. "Hows it going boys?" one of the brothers said to them.

"My name is Stephen Salvatore and this is my brother Damon. You guys new around here?" Keegan spoke up, feeling a little out of his element, "Yes sir, we both just started school down the road." Damon replied, "Yea we get a lot of the students who like to come in from time to time. As you can see, we have a pretty diverse group here." As Damien looked around he saw black, white, male, female, younger and older. It was a pretty diverse, a good sign, meaning that they didn't just cater to douchebags who just want to fuck shit up.

As he continued to look around, Stephen exclamation snapped him out of his observation. "Hey wait a minute I know you. Ummm, Damien Jones right?" "Uh yea, how did you know that?" Damien asked, puzzled. "The Abu Dhabi last year, you were in the 180s. I followed your matches and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed.

You are extremely gifted. Shame you didn't take first." Stephen said. "Wow, I didn't even think some one would remember from a tournament a year ago." Damon spoke up, "No, I remember you now to, the last match, that was one of the best matches I've seen. I rooted for you the entire time." Damien was glad he was dark skinned, he hated the thought of people seeing him blush.

The brothers turned their attention to Keegan, the elephant in the room. "And what about you son? Why so quiet?" Stephen asked. "To be honest sir, this is the first time seeing anything like this. I guess this is kind of what a fish out of water feels like, only you know…without the dying." "Damon and Stephen both laughed, Damon then reassuring the gentle giant, "Come on son, lets sit down and let me tell you a little about jiu jitsu." Damien slapped his friend on the back and said, "Don't worry you'll be alright man." As Damon and Keegan walked to the far end of the chairs to sit down, Stephen asked Damien if he wanted to roll around a bit.

"A lot of the people in right now aren't too experienced but I don't believe in separating them from the more advanced guys, it helps them learn. So there a couple people in here who should be able to keep up with you…for a little while at least." Stephen chuckled to himself and again Damien was glad to be black.

"I doubt it sir, I'm rusty, and they could probably kick my ass." He said. "Nonsense!" Stephen exclaimed, "Your kind of talent doesn't just disappear. In fact I'm going to have you grapple one of my best, if not best. That is if you want." Damien couldn't deny the urge he felt to roll around on the mat.

"Absolutely. But I not entirely prepared, I didn't bring any gear " he said feeling a bit ashamed he didn't foresee this happening, either way he wanted to end up on the mat tonight and the fact that he didn't bring his gear made it a little mad at himself.

Stephen waved his hand, "Go see my wife up front, she'll set you up." Damien turned and walked back towards the front, to the receptionist desk and relayed Olaf's message.

The woman left for a minute and returned with a black long sleeve rash guard, a pair of shorts and a mouth piece. "Here you go, the Men's changing room is just that way" she said pointing him in the right direction. "Thank you ma'am" he replied walking towards the changing room. He quickly changed over, his adrenaline beginning to pump, his heart rate racing at the thought of getting on the mat.

He laughed at himself, no matter how many times he grappled; it always felt like the first time to him. He walked back out of the bathroom, the cold tile under his feet and leaving his clothes on the bench next to the front counter.

He walked back out to the mat and over to Stephen and said, "I'm ready. Let's do this." Stephen laughed a deep hearty laugh, "I love the eagerness. Alright, I'll oblige. Donovan, where are you at?" A feminine voice behind him said, "Over here." Damien turned around and his jaw dropped. What a sight to behold.

Tall, as she was almost eye level with him, brown eyes, with blond hair that hair brown streaks in, that was tied back in a ponytail to keep it out of her eyes. Cute small little nose, with these full lushes lips. She was extremely busty, that much was evident, as she was wearing a compression shirt like his, but her chest still protruded quite a bit. His eyes traveled downward, her waist went inward and then exploded outwards, her hips were large and round, and she was in Sprawl fight shorts which hide the figure.

She had to be packing an ass. And her legs were thick, that led down to feet with cute pink colored toenails with flowers on the big tow. "You gonna fucking stare all night or you going to get your ass kicked?" this knock growled at him in menacing voice.

Even though she had just threatened him, her voice made Damien stir in his shorts. She walked past him, bumping her shoulder into him hard as she did it, to the center of the mat. Stephen laughed again and said, "Good luck son". He followed her and noticed her ass.

It was huge. Even in the figure hiding shorts, which weren't doing their job, it stuck out and could see it jiggling as she walked. The sight alone made him hard, very hard. She stopped and turned around to face him, and the other grapplers had stopped practicing and formed a circle around the two. "You two ready?" Stephen said outside the circle of students.

The girl looked at him and nodded her head and Damien said "Ready". Then Stephen sized the two of them up and said "Begin." Damien tried to get his mind together. This beauty in front of him, even though she had a look in her had that made her seem like she wanted to tear his head off, was making him very distracted. He extended his hand, customary between two opponents as to wish each other a good match.

She grabbed it with her outside hand, and shooting her inside hand under his armpit, turned into him and shoulder tossed him. Damien saw the ceiling fly before his eyes and landed hard on his back, the wind knocked out of him. He certainly wasn't expecting that. Before he could react, she threaded her free hand under his arm and set in a Keylock.

He felt the pressure immediately start to build in his arm and shoulder and knew he was in trouble. His mind shut off and instincts kicked. Because she was so quick to try and finish him, she had improved her position and taken the mount, so with his legs free, Damien took his outside leg and swung it around in front of her face and pushed down, freeing his arm of her lock and pushing her away.

She was quick to recover. He was on his butt when she flew at him, but he rolled back and trapped her in full guard.

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He put his hand on the back of her head and sucked it into his chest. She began to work on opening his legs up, but with her struggling he became very aware that her massive breasts were squished into his abs. As she struggled, her breasts moving around him, he slipped out of his fighter mentality and felt his dick stir again, She capitalized on his lack of defense and posted one of his knees to the ground and stepped over into half guard, the shooting her other leg out and to his other side getting the mount.

She immediately dropped her hands to the top of his head and put chest pressure on him. Now her giant globes were right in his face, suffocating him. Damien's mind switching back and forth between arousal and fury. Furious that she was dominating him so easily, and aroused that this chick giant tits were crushing his face. He reached his hand to pry one of hers off his head, but she countered, grabbing it with a death grip. Then swinging her leg around, she planted it on his face and leaned back into an armbar.

He knew he was in trouble again, the pain in his elbow made him acutely aware of that. But again, her haste made her sloppy and he shot his free had up to grab is forearm and used the extra space her legs left to get his head free.

He postured up, now within her guard, and began to try and get some breathing room, because her powerful legs were damn near crushing his ribs. "Goddamn this bitch is strong" Damien thought to him.

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He saw her eyes quickly shoot to his outside leg, and in an instant, knew she was going to attempt to sweep him. He anticipated it and when she dropped her leg to his, he jumped guard quickly, landing in side control. Even with her mouth guard in, he heard her say "Fuck".

He chuckled to him self, and she shot him daggers. She attempted to buck him off, but he was entirely to stable. He noted again, he was chest to chest, he could feel her breast on his chest and he even felt her nipples, they were hard. He tried to maintain focus as her hips came of the ground as she tried to roll over him, but put up his forearm to block her reversal transition and slid his leg over her body. Now he had the mount and the upper hand.

She quickly reached up and sucked his head to her chest to prevent him from capitalizing with a submission attempt. Once again, he was face first in her glorious mounds, and with her squirming to buck him off, it was almost like he was motor boating her. And through all of this, even though she was profusely sweating, he found himself attracted to the scent.

In his ear he heard her say, "Pervert" in his ear. He then became aware of the fact that his hard on was poking her in the stomach as he sat on top of her. Disgusted with himself for disgracing his art by being unsportsmanlike like, for getting aroused by his opponent when he should only be focused on winning.

He resolved that this was over now, popped he head up, and at the same time posted his right leg outside her head and then sunk it under. Grabbing her hand, he rolled over locking his back of his knee on the top of his foot and sunk in a triangle choke.

She started to stand up, but he picked her knee and she fell back down. Her face was turning bright red and her breath was gasped and ragged.

He felt her hot breath…on his dick.

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Where her head was locked in between his legs, was directly on his dick. Got to end it now he thought to himself. Trying to ignore is arousal returning, he squeeze tighter and her mouth piece popped out. But she wouldn't tap. So he lifted his hips up, slipped his leg up and under into her crotch. As his foot made contact, he mind raced. No, it couldn't be, its gotta be sweat. No… is she…is she wet?

Is she actually getting aroused at this? He let his thought wander no more and sat up, completing the crank. Her head was pushed forward, and he almost let out a small gasp.

Her face was now being crushed into his dick; he knew she could feel his hardness. He felt so embarrassed, he thought he was more professional than that, but grappling with knockout had made him hard and now with her face squished into his cock, he want to do more to her, but he mind was relieved of such thoughts.


He felt her hand slapping his thigh signaling her submission and he released her. She took in a large gasp of air and spit out her mouthpiece. Damien tried to see if she was okay but she pushed in away with a surprising amount of strength. Then he heard the clapping. He became aware of all the people that were in the room, in the heat of his bout he had forgotten there were still people here.

Stephen walked to the center of the circle they were in and slapped in on the back. "Goddamn son that was a good match. You okay there Donovan?" he said looking at the ground where she was still getting up. "I'm fine" she replied shooting what can only be described as the look of all encompassing hate and fuck offery at Damien. With that she stormed out of the circle and over to the Women's changing room.

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"I really thought you had lost it there for a minute when she had you in the Keylock, and then the armbar, but I know now you where just toying with her. You're still just a good as I remember kid. If you start training here, I think my brother and I can really make something truly great out of you." Stephen said after telling the class to take a 5 minute break and pulling Damien off to the side.

"We're like a family here, and I think you'd really like it. And I believe the newer students can learn from you just as much they do from some of the other guys as well as Damon and myself. Plus a talent like yours shouldn't go to the wayside with inactivity." Damien thought about it for a second, and replied, "I really like the feel here too, I'd be honored if you'd let me train her." "Excellent!" Stephen said clapping his hands together. "Alana! Come here for a minute will you." The woman from the front desk, who was Alana joined Damien and Stephen on the mat.

"Yes dear?" she asked. "Damien is going to be joining us here so please take him up front and get him his papers and the gear he needs on the house." Damien was quick to say, "That's not necessary sir." But Stephen waved his hands, "No worries son, its on us." He turned and walked back center mat and said, "Alright everybody, gather around, lets do a breakdown of the match you just watched." Turning away from the group, Damien followed Alana back to the front of the facility.

She got him his registration papers and insurance papers which he signed and returned to her. She also gave him a package containing two rash guards, one white and one black, both long sleeved with words Salvatore Bros on the back. It also contained a pair of grapples shorts that had Salvatore Bros down the leg and on the ass.

"Gym dues are to be paid first on every month and it'll be $100." She reached behind the counter and handed him a towel and said, "There is a shower in the back of the changing room and soap as well, You should go clean up. Roll around there has made you a hot mess". He had even noticed, but he was still covered in sweat and stank pretty awful. Just then Keegan rounded the corner. "Hey Damien, Damon is showing me some old tapes and giving me some background on Jiu Jitsu, can you wait up like another 45 minutes?" he asked.

Damien laughed, he could see that look in his eyes, the one most usually get when they are introduced to something that they like. "Sure man, no problem I'll be in the car when your done." And with that he headed to the locker room. He stripped quickly and got under the water. It was tradition for him. He always took a nice hot shower after a match, and went over his every move.

But this time was different. He couldn't stop thinking about, his opponent Donovan. How incredibly sexy she was, how she made his blood pump, how when his body was pressed up against hers. He looked down and realized how hard he was. The girls he'd been with had always said he'd had a pretty big dick. It was about 9 inches long, sizable over average but it was thick too. He'd have to say circumference wise it was about 6 maybe 7 inches around.

And right now it was at full length, thinking about his sexy opponent. He wanted to bust one off real quick, but that would be disrespectful. He'd wait until he got back home to jerk off to that sexy bitch. He showered quickly, noticing the still lingering pain in his arms from her Keylock and armbar and how his ribs were still sore from that death grip she had on him when he was in here guard.

In between those thick powerful legs… his mind wandered off about being in between her legs and then caught himself. Laughing at himself, he turned the water to cold and immediately tensed up under the sudden temperature change. Soon, his tool went flaccid and he had had enough. He turned the water off and headed back to the lockers where his clothes were. He had just put on his boxers and pants when he felt someone behind him.

He hadn't even heard the door to the locker room open. He turned around and took a fist to the face. The punch caught him by surprise and his back hit the row of lockers. He opened his eyes again to face his attacker, ready to knock there fucking head off when his jaw dropped again. In front of him stood Donovan. Still sexy as all hell. His eyes almost began to wander again, but they were stopped by another fist to the face.

His head reeling, Damn this chick can punch he thought to himself. He felt his eye mousing up and shouted, "What the fuck is your problem?" "No, what the fuck is yours" was her retort. "You come in here thinking your hot shit, basically eye rape me, and then your felt me up the entire time we were grappling!" Damien mind was racing.

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" Are you insane, you were beating me down the entire time and I." she interrupted him, " Oh so that wasn't your dick that was impaling me in my stomach, just a roll of quarters right? Or when you put me in a triangle, and basically forced your dick into my face? Right? Right?" Damien was flabbergasted. He fucked up and he knew it. He was going to apologize when he hand came shooting to his throat and started to choke him. Okay, enough is enough. It was like I was trying to actively grope her, it just happened.

But this is going to far he thought getting ready to take her off of him. But then she got closer, her head right next to his ear, and her body pressed up against his. Her breast mashed against he chest and she whispered in his ear with a husky voice that instantly made his dick hard, "If you wanted to feel me up, all you had to do was ask." All Damien could manage was, " Wha…" before she kissed him on the cheek.

Then full on the mouth. From the start she was forceful. Her hand moved from his throat to the back of his head, pulling him into her lips. Her full, lusty pouty lips. Damien's mind was moving at a mile a minute. He tried to slow down, to fully grasp the situation, and then…tongue. He felt her lips part his mouth and she slipped her inside. She flicked his tongue with hers, and Damien lost himself. What the fuck is happening?

She broke the kiss, playful biting his lip as she did it. And then looked at him with her big brown eyes and said, "So are you going to fuck me or what?" Damien still moving a bit slow, apparently to slow for her liking.

She rolled her eyes and said, "I guess I have to make the decision for you." She dropped to her knees, and with lightning speed is belt was off and on the floor, soon followed by his jeans. Her hands rubbed up and down his crotch as she cooed, "What have we here?" And with that she yanked drown his boxer and got popped in the face by his dick springing forth.

She laughed, "So that must be why your brain dead right now, all your blood is down here." Damien looked down and just could not believe it. Here was this drop dead gorgeous girl, who he thought was going to try and tear him apart, now with his dick in her hand. "Mhmm, you definitely are a big one aren't you?" she said kissing the head of his very hard dick. She then lifted it up and licked the shaft from balls to tip and then it in her mouth.

Damien let out a gasp of air as his dick was engulfed her warm and wet mouth. His body was on fire. She started slowly, her head slowly moving down his shaft and back up again. Every bit she moved caused Damien to get a little more lost in pleasure. She began to speed up, her head bobbing up and down on his cock. She continued on and on until she got about halfway down his dick. She tried to get farther but started to gag and came up for air.

She tried again, her head moving back and forth on his cock, but couldn't get past that halfway mark. It was taking all of Damien willpower not to explode right there in her mouth. Who wouldn't? This busty knockout was on her knees, fucking him with her mouth and he was loving it.

He laughed as she to continue to struggle with getting more of his dick in her mouth. "What's the matter you stuck" he asked laughing. She stopped her head movements and looked at him. She had those deadly eyes again. Somehow, he knew, he probably shouldn't have said anything.

She started up again, with more intensity this time, his pole hitting the back of her throat. Then she started to swirl her tongue around his dick while she was sucking it. Damien felt a little weak in the knees. "Oh shit… goddamn, your fucking good at that." He said in a soft voice, this blonde vixen was trying to suck the meat on his bones.

"Fuuuuuuuck, damn that it&hellip.whoooo&hellip.shit girl. He felt his toes wanting to curl, the euphoric feeling in his dick…he wanted to come so badly. She started stroking his dick too, the combination was killing him, he wasn't going to last much longer if she kept up this treatment. The feel of her hands and that fucking mouth slobbing on his dick was almost to much. And something in him, took over. That primal urge to fuck the living shit out of a woman.


He looked down at her as she looked up at him with those big brown eyes and that did it. He grabbed his dick and pulled it out her mouth and pulled her to her feet. He pulled her in to a kiss; there was no romance, just lust pure lust.

His hands traveled down to her waist and then to her ass.

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It was so large that he could grab all of it. But he tried. As the two each other with there tongues, he squeezed he ass and gave it a smack. He felt her shuddered and moan into his mouth. He did it again but harder. She moaned louder and pressed harder into his body. Her massive tits were crushed up against his chest and she ground he crotch against his exposed cock. He smacked her ass again, and pulled her lips from his and said, "Shit, I'm so fucking wet." He turned her around, and pulled her into him.

His hands going to her breasts, he grabbed two handfuls and began to play with them through her shirt. "Oh my god, that feels so good" she moaned in a husky voice that sent Damien over the edge. He grabbed her shorts and whispered in her ear, "You have too many clothes on." She pushed her ass backwards into his dick and ground it against his raging hard on and said, "You should fix that." Off her shorts came, revealing one of the roundest, fattest asses that Damien had ever seen.

He knelt down, smacking it. The result sound was a fleshy thwack that rang out through the locker room. "Mhmmm, I love that shit." She whispered looking back at him. "Now fuck me." Damien stood to his full height and grabbing his dick, placed it at the entrance of her fuck box. He teased her, giving just the tip. Then grabbing her hips, he` shoved himself inside her. "Ohhhhhhhhhh, fuck yes. Fuck the slow shit. Fuck me hard." And so Damien slid his full length inside her.

" Aaaaaahhh yess, god yes" she cried as Damien began to fuck her. He quickly got up to full speed, ramming his dick into her tight hole. He was in endorphin overload. She was so wet, and so fucking tight. " Just like that, just like that, don't stop" she moaned in that husky voice that was driving Damien crazy. " Ohmygod Ohmygod Ohmygod Ohmygod Ohmygod fuuuuuuuuck, oh my good fuck me!" she screamed again. Damien looked down and the sight of her giant ass bouncing off his dick and them him pulling her back into to it was making him insane.

He smacked her ass and her drove deep into her and her head came back as she cried, " Shit, oh my goddo it again." He kept fucking her ands smacking her ass, he could feel how wet she was, the sound of his dick plunging in and out of her pussy gave it away to. His ball tightening he knew he couldn't last much longer.

She kept backing into him, meeting his thrust, she wanted it. He kept hammering away and sounds of her screams and moans of pleasure urged him on until she screamed "Don't stop aaahhhh don't stop aaahhh oh my god Im gonna come gonna come gonna come." Without hesitating, he pulled out and turned her around.

He grabbed he by the ass cheeks and slammed her into the lockers behind them. Parting her legs, he thrust forward, impaling her with his cock to the hilt.

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"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" she moaned and bit down into his neck. He felt blood trickle down his chest but he didn't care. He pounded her, banging her into the lockers. "That's it right there, oh my god I'm cumming, Im cumming, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" she moaned into his ear as he felt her wet hot pussy clamp down onto his dick and started convulsing.

Her body shook as she was racked with a powerful orgasm and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. "Don't stop don't stop don't don't stop" she whispers as her hip ground into his, and with the last of his resistance dwindling, he began thrusting into to her with every thing he had left. "Oh fuck, fuck fuck fuck, shit oh my good Im cumming again shiiiiiiiiit" and her pussy clamped down even tighter, and her nails dug into his back.

That bit of pain was the end of Damien. With one final thrust, he buried himself into her and an orgasm like he had never had before hit him like a ton of bricks. "Goddamn, yessssss, take it slut" He moaned into her ear as he pumped his cum into her. He came for what seemed like an eternity, before he had nothing left to give.

He slowly back out of her and his dick came out with a small pop. He set her down, but she clung to him with an embarrassed look. "I cant feel my legs." He had to laugh, and helped het sit down. She looked at him, "Take it slut huh?" Again he had to laugh, "Yea sorry I kind of got carried away." He sat down beside her and the silence around them made him feel incredible awkward. "So this is kind of weird." he said. "A little but the sex make up for it." Then it hit Damien, "Wait, you are you on…" "Relax stud, I'm on birth control.

Now hand me my shorts." She said. After the two cleaned up and walked outside, Donovan walked towards a silver 530i with a dude sitting on the hood. "Umm is that your." "No, he's my brother Tim." she said anticipating the question. That's a relief that would have been crazy as fuck. Damien walked her to the car, and she made the introductions. "Tim this is Damien. Damien Tim.

The two shook hand and Damien thought it was weird that Tim had to goofiest smile on his face. What does he know Damien thought to himself. As this extremely attractive female, who he had just had sex in a locker room with walked around to the passenger side of the car, as in a quiet voice so her brother couldn't her, as he got into the driver side.

"So I'm going to start training here, so what do we do now?" " Got a phone?" she asked, and he pulled his out of his pocket. She snatched it out of his hands and played with the screen a bit and handed it back to him. " What we are going to do is I'm going home and you can call me." She said with a devilish grin as she got into the car and sped of out of the parking lot. Damien put his phone back into his pocket as he walked back to his car, just as Keegan walked out of the gym.

"Man this place is incredible. The brothers are real down to earth and easy to talk to, and jui jitsu seems really fun. I signed up, did you?" he asked excitedly. Damien chuckled to himself and still not over how much a big kid this behemoth was. "Yea, I signed up to. You can ride with me when we need to train." And with that they both got in the car and drove away. Later that night as Damien was laying in bed trying to fall asleep, the events of the day kept replaying in his head.

At school, at the gym, on the mat, in the locker room with…and he thought to himself, Donovan isn't a usually girl name. He grabbed his phone off his bedside dresser and pulled up his contact list and searched Donovan. 1 match.

Cogiendo mientras mi esposo graba

He put down his phone and drifted off to sleep, his dreams of Ashley Donovan.