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Good redhead victoria in live sex broadcast do exciting on assf
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Twelve was a rough age. Having just reached puberty I was still a victim of my new found hormones. Three weeks after my numbing discovery I was masturbating at least once a day and becomming rabidly overeager for a womans touch.

Mom and Dad decided I had reached an age of maturity and bestowed me with decision making authority that was designed to propel me into manhood. My first significant choice was made three months after my pubic experience when I elected to stay home as opposed to accompanying my family on the annual road trip vacation. My motivation was a young gal named Suzy whom I planned to 'explore' while my parents were away. A damper was thrown at me when Mom said that Uncle Larry would be house sitting and by default, baby sitting me.

My objections went unheard and before I could change my mind, The day was upon us. Uncle Larry was not to be at the house until dinner time and my family hit the road before noon.


Since my folks were straight laced and the early eightieswere before internet porn had hit the average household, I was reduced to my crude drawing ability for masturbation material. I drew a nude Suzy as best I could and set down for a marathon jerkoff.

Time got away and before I could spill my juices six oclock was looming so I rushed to clean up before Larrys arrival. Timing could not have been better as I had just got out of the shower and emerged in the living room, still dripping when I heard the key turn in the front door.

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It should have been a warning but I was just too naive. Larry entered and literally looked me up and down as I stood there saying hello wearing nothing except sweat shorts. "Hey kid." was his only reply. And he plodded upstairs to my parents bedroom carrying a duffle bag. Larry had always made me feel uncomfortable. He weighed nearly three hundred pounds and generally wore skin tight tank tops that rode up over his gaping-hairy belly button.

He loved to drink and usually cussed a bit more than I was used to. Mother had told me that Larry agreed not to drink in the house, and asked me to be on watch for it as if her request would somehow make me feel responsible. I decided to go to bed at about eight and my babysitter had yet to come back downstairs.

I shut off all the lights, double checked the locks and went up to my own room. I heard the TV on in my parents room so I tried not to make any noise as I turned the corner and entered the bathroom. The sight before me was shocking and most unexpected. Larry was standing in front of the mirror stark naked. I was frozen for a second, he turned to face me giving a full view of his genitals and before I could utter a word he calmly spoke.

"Sorry Kid, I'm used to living alone. I was just about to take a shower." He spun around and bent over to turn on the faucet and his hairy ass cheeks spread apart. That was the moment my motor skills resumed and I did an abrupt about face and scurried out. A few minutes in my room and I knew that the pea had to come. I peeked into the hall and could hear the water running in the shower. Better now then later I thought and made a break for the downstairs restroom.

As I passed by my parents I heard the distinct sound of moaning coming from the television in Larry room. I don't know where the courage came from but I peered inside and saw the porno on TV.

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My still horny member twitched at the sight of tangled flesh and a man's ass pounding up and down. He sure is giving it to her, I thought and my inexperienced dick responded admirably to the first live action sex scene I had ever witnessed. Ten seconds later i was throbbing hard.

A minute or two later I was touching myself. Another minute and the actor pulled his tool out and prepared to--- I couldn't beleive it, he was going to cum in her face. When he got there, moaning and wincing the camera switched to the tipof his cock and the waiting mouth of his partner. The actor shot more jism than I thought possible and it splashed onto the face and into the mouth of a moustached MAN. "Oh no." I remember saying as I thought for a moment I might throw up. When I spun around to retreat to my room Larry was standing directly behind me stark naked and I bumped into him.

His protruding belly the only thing that thankfully stopped my she of his tiny hairy penis. I fought around him and rushed into my bedroom wishing the door had a lock. I jumped into my bed and pulled the covers over my head. The next minute seemed like an eternity and then my worst fear came true. My bedroom door opened and the floor creaked next to my bed.

A long pause followed before Larry finally spoke. "it's okay Kid. I won't tell anyone." I remained silnet hoping he would leave. "I saw that bulge in your shorts Kid." He said. "I won't tell anyone you like men." The statment enfuriated me.

"I thought it was a man and woman." I blutred. The covers ripped off me as if a hurricane wind had just blown. Larry stood there, still naked but that acorn sized penis had now grown into a five inch boner with astonishing thickness.

I think I was about to scream, or cuss, or maybe cry but Larry spoke first. "Then why is that little dick still hard as a rock?" He asked pointing at the bulge in my shorts. He was right, why was it, I thought.

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Larry grabbed his own dick and began stroking it gently as he stared down at my nearly nude young body. I bolted, tried to get off my bed and around his wide load but he grabbed me around my waist and threw me back on the bed. "Oh no you don't." He said. "Sorry kid but this has gone too far now." I screamed a bit but he slapped me hard and wrestled me onto my back.

I cried out for mercy and he responded by pulling my shorts off forcefully. My cock was a bit smaller than his, maybe three and a half or four inches but my skivies had slid aside and my quickly wilting hard on was exposed through the leg opening. I fought like mad and he grabbed my balls and sqeezed so hard that I thought they would explode.

He let go to remove my underwear and I resumed my struggle. Up until then he had not lost his temper but when I accidently elbowed his nuts he growled like a bear and lifted me by my tighty whities. The rear wedgied into my tender ass so hard it felt like it was a knife, the front crushed my package like a turnicate.

The underwear gave with a might rip and I landed face down atop my bed. Larrys hand pinned the back of my neck. My head was turned and I looked up to see him lick his hand, stroke his cock and I knew what was about to happen. He jammed all five inches in me and his entire weight pinned me to the mattress. He began humping madly, groaning like a pig, my tiny bed creaked as if it had reached the breaking point.

The urine I hadn't spilled flowed freely onto the bed. "Kinky." He said. "I like it." I nearly blacked out and remember thinking, What would Suzy have to do with me now. It did not take long, maybe thirty seconds when I felt his warm cum filling my ass and he moaned like someone had just punched him in the gut. He climbed off me and I began to think, at least it was quick. But he began stroking my head.

"Did you like that kid?" I just lay still and quiet, hoping this would be the last time he and i would see each other. I was disappointed when he slid onto the bed beside me and began massaging my sore ass and licking my neck. He maneuvered into a position where he could rub his genitals on my hip and I felt a couple more drops smear onto my skin. "Oh no, I thought, He is still hard. He eased back and tried to turn me over but I resisted. This time, instead of getting forceful he gently tongued my ear and said, "It's okay Kid.

We're lovers now.

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I'm going to teach you a few things." His seductive ploy had no effect except to wretch my guts, and I still resisted. He reached between my legs and grabbed my balls. "Don't make me hurt you Honey." I responded only after he squeezed enough pain into me, I rolled over and spread slightly.

The thought of having sex with him repulsed me.


What little of his cum that had not gone into my butt was smeared on his belly. The black hair was moistened and matted. He licked his hand and began stroking my cock gently. Inexperience trumped repulsion, my little jig squirmed, then jolted and soon was hard and inside his warm mouth. I did not want this, I still wanted to fight, but my dick was controlling with brainless feeling, my cock had no ill will and it rewarded his lips faster than my ass had rewarded his cock.

I arched my back and moaned, my brain had locked out who I was with and I came hard into his mouth. Before my wits returned he was atop me, his tongue in my mouth flooding my taste buds with my own salty sperm. I gagged but he did not shy away. Soon I was wishing I could vomit in his mouth but none came.

Our tongues played passionately as his hands fondled my cock and ass. By the time the kiss stopped I had grown accustommed to my molestation and entered a phase of acceptance. Larry wasted no time reading my attitude and shoved his hard cock into my semi willing mouth. He verbally instructed me on what to do with my tongue and lips while his massive hips and blubbering belly nearly smothered me like a big hairy pillow.

I could taste my own ass and it did not even phase me. I was greatful when he came minutes later. Swallowing was not an option, most of the hot cum shot right down my throat.

He tried to get me off again but my young dick just didn't have the gusto.

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He brought me to bed with him and cuddled me all night. I must have finally fallen asleep in the wee hours. When I awoke I was alone in my parents' bed, my ass throbbing in pain.

I went downstairs to find Larry staring out the window, I couldn't be sure but I think I was disappointed that he was fully dressed. He cried like a baby and apologized profusely, he begged me never to tell and promised he would never touch me again. I promised and the remaining two weeks went by uncomfortably but nonchalantly. Three nights after the 'lesson' my sex drive resumed and I had a normal masturbation session dreaming of Suzy.

After breaking that berg I began my daily routine of jerking off only by the fifth time I did, something had changed. I no longer fantasized of tender young Suzy and her flawless-blemish free body. I now began thinking of fat, hairy Uncle Larry and his mole covered chest and smelly armpits-and my orgasms became so much mor intense.

The last night rolled around and I began fearing that Larry would indeed, never touch me. I wore my sweat shorts and paraded around seductively but the tension between us had faded and he took no notice. He went to bed early and I did too.

I could not sleep or masturbate and soon, as I considered my families return, I cried. Finally I had enough and around midnight I stripped naked and snuck into my parents' bedroom.

I was happy to find him snoring loudly laying naked on his back. I became hard in a second. His dick was so tiny when it was soft, almost like his belly had just swallowed it up. I took what was there and began sucking. His snores stuttered on occasion as his dick got hard but he definately remained asleep. I climbed aboard like I was climbing a mountain spread my cheeks and began fucking myself on his cock.

He awoke and objected. "What the hell are you doing?" I think is what he said but he did not throw me aside.


Instead his cock got a bit harder and he began countering my thrusts. He moaned a bit and my little boner shot off like a geyser, the dropletts raining down on his hairy chest. It was strange as for a moment the ecstacy did not hit, seconds after I came, a rush of pleasure shot through me like lightning. I yelled, Larry yelled and he blew a river of cum inside my ass.

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We had sex all night. Fucking and sucking stopping only when the sun came up. I told him I was in love with him but he only kissed me in return. I came four times that night and have never again been able to repeat that performance. Larry came six times and taught me how to lick out an asshole and cum into my own mouth.

Larry visited us once more, when I was nineteen, but the opportunity did not arise and we never had sex again. He moved abroad later that year and lost touch. I became an avid bisexual for years but then gave up on women all together to serve a fetish for older men. One time I even made a ninety year old man cum in my mouth. I was twenty two at the time.

Although it was great fucking more old guys than I can count. None ever matched my Uncle Larry.