Fit lean man sexy abs jerks and cums

Fit lean man sexy abs jerks and cums
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This is the second spin off for my domination series. This story also works as a shout out to one of my favourite authors, Jasmine Walker.

Be sure to check out some of her stories. She can also be found on literotica under the name "Silkstockingslover". So be sure to check out her stories on there too. I thankyou all for your praise on my last story. After this story comes Divided Part 2, which I've already started.

On that note, I hope you enjoy.

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Chapter 1 Abigail bennet was just finishing her essay when the bell rang signalling the end of school. She planned on going straight to the library to do the last of her homework. All the kids jumped out of their seats, grabbing their bags, eager to go home. Abigail grabbed her bag when Mrs. Black called her. "Abigail, would you mind staying for a few minutes so we could talk?".

"Yeah sure." Abigail said. As the last of the students left the room, Abigail took a seat in the chair opposite the teacher's desk. "I have a favour to ask." Mrs. Black said. "Oh ok then. What can I do?" Abigail asked. "Diana Ruby is having some trouble with her final report.

I was wondering if you wouldn't mind tutoring her until the end of the assignment?" The teacher asked. Abigail knew of Diana Ruby. She was a popular girl who was dating the football captain, Jackson Bull. Abigail was a little intimidated by the prospect of helping Diana. She was one the mean girls in school.

"Please Abigail, I really want her to pass this assignment. I know with your help she'll have no trouble." Mrs. Black pleaded. "Yeah she'll pass. I'll probably end up doing it for her!" Abigail thought to herself. Abigail hid her discomfort and agreed. "Thankyou Abigail, you're such a good student. I told her to meet you in the library after school." Mrs. Black said. Dread filled Abigail as she walked down the long corridor towards the long corridor. The school was practically empty.

Abigail walked into the library to see Diana sat at one of the large tables. The library was almost always empty after school. That's why she enjoyed going there. Diana sat staring at her paper. Her light brown skin was flawless. Her black hair was curly with red streaks in it. She wore a tight, yellow, v neck t-shirt that showcased her cleavage. Her breasts were definitely D cups. A short pleaded skirt revealed her long legs down to her knee length boots.

Abigail took a deep breath before approaching. "Diana?" Abigail said. Diana turned round and assessed the young blonde that would be helping her. She wore tight jeans and a fluffy jumper. Her blonde hair was tucked behind her ear with nerdy glasses. "Hi Abi." Diana said smiling sweetly. "Just Abigail if you don't mind." Abigail said sitting next to Diana.

As she sat she got an eye full of Diana's cleavage. Abigail talked Diana through the story of Macbeth and what key elements she would need to focus on to gain the most marks.

As she did, she kept stealing glances at Diana's legs. Diana smiled at the silly girl. She thought she was being subtle. There was a reason Diana had chosen to dress like this. Abigail was starting to lose her words when Diana accidentally on purpose dropped her pen on the floor. She bent down at the waist to pick it up, giving Abigail a great view down to her top. Abigail couldn't take her eyes away. Her mouth began to water as she quickly turned away to avoid being caught. As Diana came back up she smiled to herself.

She could probably have this nerd under the table pleasing her right now! But she loved the seduction and wanted to drag it out a little longer. The remainder of their time in the library was perfectly innocent.

Abigail told Diana the basics of what she should write and Diana took notes. After an hour of tutoring, Diana called it a day. They both rose and Diana pulled Abigail in for hug. The hug startled Abigail but she embraced it. She felt Diana's breasts being pressed into her chest. Her perfume was intoxicating.

Diana rubbed Abigail's back brushing Abigail's butt. Abigail gasped and flinched. Diana broke the hug. "Give me your phone so I can put your number in my phone." Abigail's hands trembled as she handed her phone over.

"So I want you to come over to my place tonight so we can work on this some more." Diana said sweetly. "I can't, I have homework to do." Abigail declined. "You can bring it over to my place. We can both study together. Girls night!" Diana giggled. She pecked Abigail on the cheek and left before Abigail could say anymore. Abigail was flustered. Her mind was foggy and strangely, her pussy damp. The journey home was a blur as she tried to figure out what to do. She was both excited and nervous about seeing Diana again tonight.

Would Jackson be there? She thought to herself. She sat in her room trying to focus on her homework but she kept thinking of Diana. Her long legs, large breasts and her luscious lips. She couldn't focus so she pushed her homework aside and tried watching tv. It wasn't until six o'clock that her phone pinged. It was a message from Diana. "My parents are gone. Come over now." Abigail thought of cancelling but she couldn't bring herself to do it.

"On my way." Abigail knocked on the door carrying all her notes and homework. Diana answered wearing the same clothes and smiled at the pretty blonde. She knew she would come. How could she resist? "Hi honey, come on in." She said sweetly. Abigail entered and Diana led her up to her room. Her room was tidy. There was a large doubled bed against the far wall. A study station with a computer was at the foot of the bed. "Sit down here!" Diana said sitting on the floor.

Abigail sat and separated her homework from the notes she'd prepared for Diana. As Abigail began to go through everything, Diana opened two cans of pop and handed one to Abigail. Abigail smiled and took the can. Abigail talked about the story of Macbeth while Diana sat there pretending to listen.

All she could think about was having this nerd on her knees begging to taste her sweet, sweet pussy. Which was definitely gonna happen tonight. Suddenly, Diana "Accidently" spilled her pop over her top. "Oh shit!" Diana cursed. Abigail looked up to see the large red stain on Diana's top. "Are you alright?" She asked. "Yeah I'm good." Diana said pretending to be frustrated. "I'm gonna have to lose this shirt though." Diana said. With that, Diana crossed her arms and peeled her top off, revealing her black bra.

Abigail's jaw dropped. Her breasts looked beautiful. Diana chucked her top into the dirty laundry pile. She saw Abigail staring hypnotically at her breasts and smiled. "You staring at my tities?" She said laughing. Abigail said no tearing her head away, her face burned red with embarrassment. "It's ok honey, you can look." Diana said. She reached behind her back, unclipping her bra and pulled it away. Abigail's eyes were immediately drawn back to her beautiful brown tits.

Her pussy began to get wet as Diana scooted closer to her. "You wanna touch them?" She asked.

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Abigail didn't answer verbally but the hunger in her eyes said yes. Diana took Abigail's hands and put them on her breasts. Abigail began to squeeze gently as her mouth watered. "You like my tities?" Diana purred. "Yes." Abigail said. "You wanna suck on them?" Diana asked. Abigail didn't answer but instead wrapped her lips around Diana's left tit. "Hmmmm that's a good girl!" Diana said seductively. Abigail sucked while her tounge licked Diana's nipple. Abigail was horny, she was disappointed when Diana pushed her head away.

"You wanna suck them again?" Diana asked. "Yes!" Abigail said desperately. "Get naked!" Diana ordered. "What?" Abigail asked, her face turning red again. "If you wanna suck on my tities again, get naked." Abigail was so embarrassed but she really wanted to play with those breasts again. So reluctantly, she stripped down to her skin.

"Can I play with your breasts again?" Abigail asked hopefully. "Good girl, I got something better for you." Diana rose to her feet and sat on the edge of the bed. She pushed her skirt down to reveal she wasn't wearing panties. Her naked pussy glistened with juices. Abigail stared at Diana's pussy and immediately wondered what it tasted like. This brought on an incredible urge to taste her.


"On your knees my new pet and crawl to my feet!" Diana ordered. Abigail slowly fell to her knees and crawled the short distance to Diana. "You wanna taste my pussy?" Diana purred. "Yes Diana I do." Abigail said looking up at her. "You realise once you taste me, I'm your mistress and you're my pet! My pussy pleasing slut! My submissive little cunt muncher, my black pussy loving whore, my slave." Each degrading term made Abigail wetter.

She was so horny she'd tell this beautiful seductress anything. "Yes! I understand." She said. "Yes what?" Diana scolded. "Yes Mistress!" Abigail corrected. Calling Diana mistress had her pussy burning and begging for attention. "Good pet! Kiss my feet!" Diana ordered. Abigail didn't hesitate as she planted kisses on both Diana's feet. "Beg for my pussy slut!" Diana ordered. The word slut should've made Abigail angry but it only made her hornier and more eager to please as she begged. "Please mistress, can I taste your pussy.

You can wash my face with your juices. Make me your slut and cum on my face!" Diana smiled at her newest conquest as she granted her new pet permission to taste her. Abigail wasted no time diving in and licking up Diana's juices. The taste was a sweet but tangy taste that had Abigail hooked. "Hmmmm, that's my slut, lick that pussy! Hmmm lick it!" Diana purred as she started grinding on the blonde's face. "Hmmmm Aaah! Suck on my clit! Oh fuck!" Diana cried.

Abigail wrapped her lips around the black girl's clit and gently sucked on it. Taking some initiative, she inserted two fingers into her pussy and fingered her as she sucked her clit. "Aaaaah that's it. Aaaah that's a good bitch! Ahhh I'm cumming!" Diana cried as she continued to grind on Abigail's face. Diana's legs wrapped tightly around Abigail's head as she came on the pet's face. Diana's body quaked and shivered as she recovered from her orgasm.

Abigail sat, submissively on her knees with pussy juices on her face. Diana sat up and smiled at her new slave. "Another one bites the dust! You wanna cum?" Diana asked. "Desperately Mistress!" Abigail said. "Well I got a present for you!" Diana purred. Abigail shivered in excitement at what this present might be.

At that moment, the door opened and Jackson, Diana's boyfriend, walked in. He was a 6"2 black man with a bald head and a goatee. He had broad shoulders and bulging biceps. Abigail quickly hurried to cover herself. "Get back on your knees slut!" Diana barked. Abigail looked at her confused. "I called Jackson here while you were munching on my cunt. You're present is his big cock!" Diana said smiling. Jackson unbuckled his belt and pushed his pants down.

Abigail gasped and covered her mouth and as a 10 inch black cock sprang out from his underwear. Abigail was memorised by the size of it. It was long and thick, it was impossible to comprehend how it would fit inside her. Then the idea of this big black cock pounding her pussy made her very wet. "Get back on your knees slut! Now!" Diana roared again. Immediately Abigail went back to her submissive position on her knees.

Jackson waddled over to Abigail, stroking his cock inches from her face. Abigail looked at it longingly imagining how it would feel inside her. "You want this dick!" Jackson asked with his deep voice. Abigail's mouth hung open but no words came out. "Answer me bitch!" Jackson barked. "Mmm hmmm." Abigail nodded still staring at his cock. She licked her lips. "Use words slut!" Jackson ordered. "I do, I want you're big cock in my mouth!" Abigail said hungrily.

"Get me hard!" Jackson ordered. Abigail eagerly took the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked. Jackson groaned as Abigail slowly took more of him in her mouth. She moaned as her mouth was being stretched to accommodate the girth of Jackson's cock.

"Aaah shit! I think we got a keeper here babe!" Jackson moaned. "She's all ours honey!" Diana said walking over to her boyfriend. They made out while Abigail slowly took more into her mouth. She tried to take more but gagged and coughed as the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat. By now Jackson was rock hard and ready to fuck.

"You ready to get fucked?" He asked. Abigail's eyes lit up, her pussy begging for attention as she begged "Oh yes sir! I'm ready for your big cock!" She crawled over to the bed and bent over. Jackson kicked his pants off his legs and positioned himself behind the slut. For a few moments, he teased her by rubbing her slit with the tip making Abigail moan with lust.

"Do it babe! Give her that dick!" Diana purred. Jackson pushed the tip past her pussy lips and Abigail's jaw fell open as she gasped in pleasure and pain. Jackson pushed more of himself in. Abigail clutched the bed sheets and howled as her pussy was being stretched. "All in slut!" Jackson told her. He gave her a minute to get used to the size before he felt her pushing back on his cock.

Jackson began to slowly fuck her back while he kissed Diana. "Oh! It's so big! Harder! Please! Fuck me harder!" Jackson smiled to himself. None of the white bitches could resist black cock. He grabbed her hips and increased his pace until he was pounding her.

The room echoed with the slapping sounds. Abigail's breasts swayed back and forth and she began to cry in ecstasy. "You like me fucking you!" Jackson asked as he fucked her. "Oh yes sir! I love it! I love you fucking me!" Abigail moaned as her orgasm began to build. "You like black cock?" Jackson continued. "I love black cock!" Abigail confessed. Jackson pounded her faster. "You're a slave to black cock." He announced.

"Yes! I'm a slave to black cock! I wanna serve black cock everyday!" Abigail admitted on the brink of coming. "Cum for me bitch!" Jackson ordered. "Oh yes sir! I'm cumming!" Abigail cried as her pussy flooded all over his cock. At that moment Jackson filled her pussy with his cum. Abigail could feel him creaming her and shivered in pleasure. Jackson withdrew his cock from her pussy and watched his cum drip from her as she she stayed bent over the bed. "Good bitch!" Jackson taunted. Chapter 2 As Abigail walked home her mind came back to reality.

She was mortified at what happened. What she'd allowed to happen. She let herself be used and degraded by Diana and Jackson. Admittedly she'd just had the best sex ever. But to declare herself a sexual plaything for the couple, Abigail was nervous as to how far they would take this. She shook her head and decided she was being silly. If it ever went too far she could back out. Diana seemed really nice, behind the Mistress exterior.

She'd understand. Abigail walked into her house. Her parents were sat on the couch watching tv. "I'm back." She called out. There was no answer so she went back up to her room. Her heart ached. Her parents paid little attention to her social life or her academic life.

They probably didn't even notice she was gone. Trying to take her mind off things, she took out her books and focus on her schoolwork. Just as she was climbing into bed that night, her phone buzzed. The screen lit up and Abigail's heart started beating faster as Diana's name appeared. "Tonight was fun my pet, I may need some time with you tomorrow before school.

Be at mine for 8:15 xxx" Abigail's pussy immediately dampened. As she typed her reply. "Yes Mistress." The next morning Abigail woke up an hour earlier. After a shower, she dressed in Jeans, a simple t shirt and jumper. She went downstairs for breakfast and found her parents already eating.

They said nothing as she entered the kitchen. "Morning." She greeted. "Hmmm." They both muttered. Abigail went to make some toast to see there was no bread. Her heart sank as her stomach rumbled. She sighed as she grabbed her bag and headed out the door. "We need you home straight after school." Her dad called to her. "But I have plans to hang out with Jessica after school." She said.

"Cancel them." Her dad said bluntly. "You're mom and I are going on a date. I want this place spotless by the time we get home." He said. Abigail's eyes watered. She nodded and left. Abigail arrived at Diana's by 8:13. Diana smiled proudly as she opened the door to her pet.

"Well done my pet, if you're not early, you're late. That's what I say.". She was dressed in a tight black top and a pleaded skirt, for easy access to her pussy. She would change into jeans when she was done using her pet. Abigail's eyes were still wet as she entered which Diana picked up on. "What's the matter pet?" She asked.

"Nothing Mistress." She said as she fell to her knees in front of Diana. "How may I serve you." Diana was unconvinced as she put her hands on her hips. "Rise my pet!" She said. Abigail obeyed. Diana snapped her fingers and pointed at the couch. Abigail walked to the couch and sat on the edge. Diana sat beside her, resting her head on her head. "Tell me what's wrong Abigail". She said in a tone that showed it wasn't up for debate. At that moment, Abigail's stomach growled again loud enough for Diana to hear.

She laughed. "Damn, don't your parents feed you?" She joked. That's when Abigail broke down and cried with her head in her hands. Diana was confused and rubbed Abigail's back. "Abigail honey, tell me what's wrong." It took a while but Abigail stopped crying enough to speak. She told Diana everything. How neglectful her parents were. How food was always short and it was first come first serve.

How she was more like a live in maid then a daughter.

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Her parents were more interested in themselves then her. Diana listened intently as Abigail barely stopped talking to breathe. When she did stop. She pulled Abigail's head into her breasts and hugged her. "Shhh it's ok." She said rubbing Abigail's arm. "It's gonna be ok. You're mine now. I'll look after you." However ridiculous her words were, Abigail felt cared for which was a totally new and surreal feeling. Also the cushiony feel of Diana's breasts against her face was very distraction.

She was disappointed when Diana released her. "There's a ham and cheese sandwich in the fridge. You can have it." Diana said. Abigail wanted to decline but her stomach rumbled again. Almost as if it was telling her to shut up and accept the offer. "Thankyou." Abigail sat in the kitchen munching on the sandwich while Diana got ready for school.

Abigail's eyes were glued to Diana's long brown legs, the curve of her breasts against her shirt and her beautiful, black, curly hair. "We're short on time my pet, finish the sandwich and come and please me." She said sitting in the chair that faced the kitchen. Abigail swallowed the last bite and climbed out of her chair.

"Crawl my pet." Diana scolded and Abigail immediately dropped on all fours. Her pussy leaked a little. Diana's legs were crossed as Abigail crawled the short distance, her pussy getting wetter with each step. As she reached Diana she sat on her legs. "What do you want to do now my pet?" Diana asked smiling. "To please you Mistress." She replied desperately. "Obviously.

How do you want to please me?" Diana said. "I want to eat your pussy Mistress." At that moment, Diana spread her legs to reveal her naked pussy. Wet and inviting. Abigail bit her lower lip as she desperately wanted to dive in. "Go ahead my pet." Diana said smiling. Abigail leaned in and started licking. The taste was familiar and just as addicting as last time.

"Hmmm good girl." Diana moaned as she grabbed her phone and called Jackson. "Hi babe, Aaahh!" She moaned again. "Hey babe, whose serving you?" Jackson asked recognising the noise. "Pet Abigail, she really is an eager little thing." Abigail tried to hear what was being said but couldn't ignore the heavenly nectar that was hitting her taste buds. She continued licking while her Mistress and Master spoke. "You just used her last night!

You're getting greedy." Jackson laughed. "Oh yeah? Well who's sucking your dick right now?" Diana asked. "What makes you think someone's sucking my snake?" Jackson asked curiously. "You always have a pair of white lips around your dick!" Diana joked.

"Fair point. It's Mrs.

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West." He said chuckling. Diana laughed.

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Mrs. Allen was Jackson's neighbour and an insatiable slut for black cock. Always willing to do anything for a nice piece of black meat. Even ditching her husband on date night. Abigail was still licking. Diana's pussy was getting wetter, so she stuck two fingers in and took her clit in her mouth, sucking gently. "Aaaaah shit babe! I gotta go she's making me cum!" She bellowed as she hung up and clutched the chair's arms. "Ahhhh shit! YesYesYesssssss AAAHHHH!" Diana cried as her juices leaked all over Abigail's face.

She was about to lick it all up when Diana grabbed her head and rubbed her pussy on Abigail's face. Abigail just stuck her tounge out as Diana rode out the last of her orgasm before collapsing. Abigail sat submissively as she awaited further instructions, her face coated with pussy juice.

"Wow!" Diana said loudly. "That was good." Abigail beamed with pride at her Mistress's approval. "Horny Slut?" Diana asked. "Yes Mistress. Very!" Diana laughed. Abigail squirmed as her pussy burned, just waiting for permission to cum. "Well no cumming just yet!" Diana said and Abigail's heart sank. "I'm going to make you cum hard tonight. At your house." She said smiling sadistically.

Abigail began to panic as she pleaded. "Mistress my parents want the house clean when they get home. I'll be too busy." Diana's eyebrow went up. "Are you saying no to me slut?" Abigail gasped.

"No mistress, Im not. I just don't want to get into trouble." "Great. Then I'll see you tonight. Now lets get to school we're running late." Chapter 3 Abigail panicked as both her and Diana walked into school. "Relax my pet. Your first class is with Mrs.

Black. Just tell her that I gave you a ride." That didn't really reassure her as they went separate ways. Mrs. Black gave Abigail a stern look as she noticed Abigail enter the class. "Where have you been Abigail. You're twenty minutes late." Abigail was nervous. "Sorry Mrs. Black, I got a ride from Diana." She said. Mrs. Black's expression went from hard to soft as she said "Oh very well, take your seat and turn to page 53." Abigail was surprised by her reaction but asked no questions.

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As she sat at her seat, she noticed Damien Shellwood watching her. Class went well, Abigail almost forgot the bizarre events of the last 24 hours. During the end of class test, Abigail and Damien were the only hands up to answer the questions.

Abigail enjoyed the competition and she could tell Damien did too. Damien answered the last question correctly and winked at Abigail, making her blush. At lunch Abigail sat with her friends Jessica and Jade in the lunch hall.

As they usually did, they spoke about classes and possible college courses. Abigail never noticed how boring the conversations were. A part of her wanted to tell them about her new Mistress but deep down she new they'd judge her. They all believed that sex should be saved for marriage. The real reason being that they were awkward around boys and very rarely went on dates. Still it was excruciating keeping this secret, she really wanted to tell someone.

Suddenly, there was a commotion. Abigail looked up to see Damien and Max fighting. Abigail was shocked, Damien was not a violent person but then Max had a habit of bringing out the worst in people. She watched with fear for Damien as he rained punches down on Max. She wondered what Max said to set him off like this. Eventually the teachers arrived and separated the two of them. Once the hall was back to normal, Jade said "Wow, who knew Damien Shellwood, of all people, would be the one to stand up to Max!" "I know, that was awesome." Jessica said.

Abigail looked down and giggled. "What's that giggle for?" Jess said suspiciously with a smile. Abigail turned red. "Oh my god! You like him!" Jade said laughing. Abigail said nothing but smiled. "Ooooh you do!" Jess said. The girls began peppering her with questions. "Are you gonna ask him out?" "Where will you go on the first date?" Ect. Abigail brushed them off and told them to leave it alone.

They all sat and ate their lunch with smiles on their faces. After school, Mrs. Black walked through her front door and dropped her keys in the bowl. Her feet ached as she pulled her heels off and collapsed on the couch, her skirt riding up to reveal the tops of her stockings.

She loved being a teacher but it really was exhausting sometimes. She started rubbing her feet when the doorbell rang. She wondered who that could be as she walked to the door. When she opened it, her face turned white and her pussy flooded. "Hello slut!" Diana said. "Diana what are you doing here?" Mrs.

Black asked. "That's Mistress you dumb bimbo bitch!" Diana scolded. Mrs. Black's face burned read as her pussy got wetter. "Sssorry Mistress.

I just wasn't expecting you." She said with her head bowed. "Well I have a date with another slut later, I wanted a quick warm up with my favourite milf pet." Diana said smiling. "Won't you invite me in?" She continued. "Please come in Mistress." Mrs. Black said standing aside. "Thank you felicity." Diana entered then pushed the door shut.

Then she grabbed felicity and pushed her against the door. Felicity moaned in surprise as she became hornier. Diana grabbed her breasts through her shirt and squeezed.

Felicity moaned at the rough treatment. "Hungry bitch!" Diana asked. "Ummm hmm." Felicity nodded biting her lower lip. Diana pushed Her to her knees. Diana pulled her skirt up and offered her bare pussy to felicity. Felicity wasted no time leaning forward and licking the chocolate sweetness. She couldn't get enough of her students heavenly taste, lapping hungrily, trying to make Mistress cum as soon as possible.

"Hmmmm very eager today aren't you my pet." Felicity, focused on licking, moaned affirmative. She desperately wanted to touch her burning cunt but knew touching herself without permission would lead to punishment. Mistress was soaking wet and felicity eagerly lapped up the juices. "Aaahh yes my little slut!

Eat my cunt! Ahhh good bitch!" Diana said on the brink of orgasm. Felicity decided now was the time to focus on her clit as she started sucking on it. "Ahhh yessss shit! Make me cum teach! AAAAHHH!" Diana screamed as she came on her teachers face in her doorway. Diana pushed the teacher away and leaned against the wall as her legs quaked.

Felicity licked the juices from her lips, desperate to catch any last traces. "Go get Waldo for me." Diana ordered through deep breaths. "Yes Mistress." Felicity obeyed as she roses from the ground, her knees clicking as she did. While she was gone, Diana removed her clothes, pushing down her skirt, pulling her top off and removed her bra, letting her large breasts hang free. Felicity returned with a strap on and a very large dildo which Diana had named Waldo. Her mouth watered when she saw her student stood naked with her hands on her hips.

Her eyes were fixed on Diana's breasts as she handed her the strap on. Diana saw the drool on Felicity's chin as she stood hypnotized by her breasts and smiled. "Go ahead slut!" Diana said. Felicity immediately cupped Diana's breasts and started sucking on them.

"Hmmmm." Diana moaned as felicity worshipped her tities. Felicity loved Diana's breasts and was disappointed when she was pushed off of them. "Bend over the couch bitch!" Diana ordered.

Felicity obeyed putting her knees on the couch and bending over the back. Diana fastened the strap on and pushed Felicity's skirt up.

"Why aren't you wearing panties Mrs. Black?" Diana asked. "Because Mistress ordered me to never wear panties again." Felicity said looking back at Diana. "Good girl." Diana replied. Felicity's eyes sparkled at her Mistress's approval before she felt Diana thrust the whole dildo up her pussy.

"Aaaah!" Felicity moaned as Diana began sawing in and out of her. Diana squeezed her ass and slapped each cheek, making her pet yelp. Felicity was already on the brink but knew she wouldn't be able to cum until started degrading her so she enjoyed the ride. "I know I need to treat you like a cock hungry slut to make you cum. I'm just getting my dick nice and wet for that ass!" Diana explained. Felicity loved getting ass fucked.

She'd been fucked in the ass many times in her life. But the first time with Diana's boyfriend, Jackson, it was like the first time. He was much bigger then anyone she'd ever been with. Especially her husband. Felicity began bouncing back on Diana's cock when she suddenly withdrew it. "Where do you want my dick teach?" Diana asked. "In my ass Mistress! Please fuck my ass!" Felicity moaned, desperate to be filled again.

"Begging. I like it." Diana said as she poked Felicity's asshole. Felicity, dazed and desperate, pushed back and groaned as the cock filled her ass. "Can't even wait til I'm ready? You little ass slut!" Diana said laughing as she started fucking.

"Yes Mistress. I'm an ass slut! For you and Jackson!" Felicity moaned trying to cum hard. "You mean my boyfriend?" Diana asked. "Yes! I'm a slut for your boyfriend!" Felicity clarified.

The fact that she was fucking two students who were in a relationship so naughty. "Where's Waldo Mrs. Black?" Diana asked. "In my ass Mistress!

Waldo's in my ass!" Felicity screamed. "You ready to cum my little ass slut?" Diana asked. "Yes Mistress! I am!" Felicity said. "Cum for me my pet! My little fucktoy! Such a nasty slut letting a slut fuck you're ass in your own home! Cum now my submissive slut!" Each degrading name powered Felicity's orgasm which finally exploded. "YES MISTRESS AAAAHH!" Felicity cried as her orgasm shook through her.

Diana withdrew her cock from her teacher's ass and watched in awe as the sexiest teacher in the school shivered from an orgasm that Diana gave her. As Felicity recovered, Diana began dressing. "Well I gotta go I have a date. Slut Abigail is a good bitch, thanks for giving her to me. And clean my cock off you nasty slut!" Diana said mockingly as she chucked the strap on at Felicity and left.

Felicity pushed herself back on the couch as a wave of guilt washed over her for throwing Abigail to the sharks. Abigail was a sweet, innocent girl and now that was gone thanks to her. As she wiped a tear from her eye, she remembered Diana's last order. Without thinking she grabbed the dildo and started licking and sucking.

"I'm a submissive slut! I was lost a long time ago. Now thanks to me, Abigail may be lost too." She thought to herself. With that thought in mind, she chucked the dildo across the room and broke down crying. Whenever her Mistress gave her an order, all her morals and ethics shut down. And she became a raving cum slut willing to do anything for her Mistress. Chapter 4 Abigail raced around the house, picking up clothes, putting cups and plates in the sink.

Desperately trying to do as much tidying up as possible before Diana arrived. She began to get nervous. Diana was already pushing her out of her comfort zone. Maybe after her visit she could talk to her about some boundaries. As she chucked a load of clothes into the washing machine, the doorbell rang.

Before answering, Abigail straightened her clothes and tied her hair in a ponytail. She took a deep breath before answering the door. "Hi Diana." She said. "It's Mistress when we're alone slut!" Diana scolded.


Abigail was shocked at being told off but immediately felt a dampness hit her panties. "Sorry mistress. Please come in." She said standing aside. Diana walked in and looked disgusted at the state of the place. "Shit, what a dump." She said bluntly. "I tried to tidy up before you arrived Mistress." Abigail said ashamed. "Is there anywhere even remotely clean for me to sit my naked ass on?" Diana asked.

"My room Mistress." Abigail replied as she began to lead Diana to her room. Diana entered the room after Abigail and was impressed at how clean and tidy the place was it smelled nice as well.

"I take it you're the only one who cleans around here?" Diana asked. "Actually I clean the house daily, it just doesn't stay like that for long." Abigail said sadly.

"Well I admire your perseverance." Diana said winking at Abigail. Nothing more was said as she sat on the edge of Abigail's bed and pulled her skirt up and spread her legs. Without instruction, Abigail dropped to her knees and crawled between Diana's legs.

Subtly, Diana pulled her phone out and started recording. Abigail looked up at Diana and saw the camera. "Diana what are you doing?" She panicked. "Texting honey get back to work!" Diana said pulling Abigail back in. Abigail was nervous about the camera still pointing at her and also put off that her Mistress was paying little attention to her, so she doubled her efforts.

She started lapping like a hungry dog. It didn't take long to get a response as Diana started to moan lightly. While enjoying her Mistress's taste, she stuck two fingers in her push and sucked on her clit.

Diana felt her orgasm rise faster then anticipated as she quickly switched off the camera and clutched the bed sheets. She began to get animated. "Oh fuck! Suck my clit you little bitch!" "Lick my pussy my hungry pet!" "Eat your nigger Mistress you little white slut!" "Oh fuck!

Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" Diana screamed as her juices were released and coated on Abigail's face. Her legs closed around Abigail's head and squeezed in a vice like grip as she shuddered through her orgasm. It was beginning to hurt when Diana opened her legs and Abigail pulled out. Diana was lying on the bed panting as she recovered. When she did, she pulled Abigail up and kissed her. Abigail melted into her and kissed back with a passion.

Eventually, Diana broke the kiss and smiled. "That was intense." Diana laughed. Abigail giggled as Diana stood and pulled her skirt back down. "So I need you at my house on Saturday night." Diana said. "Yes Mistress." Abigail said excitedly. "Will Jackson be there?" She asked. Diana looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "You hungry for black cock?" She asked. "Abigail nodded. "Since I left your house last night." She admitted. "Well don't worry, you gonna get alot of black dick.

Jackson's coming over with some friends." Diana said smiling wickedly. That's when Abigail panicked. "More people!" She thought. "No! This is too much!" She decided. "Diana, is there anyway that our relationship can stay between us?" Abigail asked hopefully. "That's Mistress." Diana said irritated. "Sorry Mistress but I really don't feel comfortable letting more people know about me." Abigail explained. "Well don't worry my pet. Jackson's friends will make you feel real comfortable." She said chuckling.

Abigail was getting frustrated. Diana wasn't getting it. "Diana I don't want to go to your party! Sharing me with your boyfriend is one thing, but just offering me to a bunch of strangers without even asking me?" Diana was surprised at Abigail's outburst then she became angry. "Listen bitch! You're mine. My submissive slut, my plaything. I'll share you with whoever I damn well please." Diana snapped.

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"Well i'm not your plaything anymore. I'm done. Time for you to leave!" Abigail said firmly. Diana couldn't believe the nerve of this girl. She walked up to her and slapped her across the face. Abigail, holding her face, looked back at Diana with wide eyes.

"You don't get it do you bitch! You're mine. I own you! Your mouth cunt and ass are mine to use as I please! But incase you need me to spell it out! Here!" Diana said holding up her phone.

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Abigail gasped and her eyes watered as she watched the video of her eating Diana's pussy. As Diana put the phone away, a tear rolled down Abigail's cheek. "Do you understand now?" Diana asked.

Abigail said nothing but nodded. "You'll always obey?" Diana asked. Again Abigail nodded. "And your three fuck holes are mine." Diana stated more then asked. Abigail nodded. "Speak bitch!" Diana snapped. Abigail jumped at the outburst. "Yes Mistress, my holes are yours." She said looking down at her feet.

"Good girl." Diana said as she pecked Abigail's cheek. "See you Saturday." And just like that she was gone. That night, Abigail cried herself to sleep.


The next morning her parents went mad that she'd failed to tidy the house in time and told her to stay at a friend's house. She spent the night with Jess and told her why she'd been kicked out. She still didn't tell anyone about Diana or the party on Saturday.

Saturday night came and Abigail spent the whole night naked with pigtails in her hair as she crawled around the house serving many black men. A few other subs of Diana's were there in maid's uniforms. By the end of the night, she'd cum nearly 20 times and had been covered in cum. Luckily on the way home, she didn't bump into anyone. Her parents didn't notice anything. They probably didn't even notice she was gone.

Again she cried herself to sleep as she tried to mentally prepare herself for whatever humiliating task Mistress Diana had for her tomorrow.