Seductive Cunt Amazing BBW Squeezed And Pounded

Seductive Cunt Amazing BBW Squeezed And Pounded
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OLD FRIEND FROM HIGH SCHOOL I was in town doing some shopping when I unexpectedly ran into an old friend of my husband and mine who was visiting from England. We had known him since high school, actually my husband had known him longer than that, but hadn't seen him in quite some time since he moved to England after college.


He was always nerdy in high school but had matured quite well and I invited him out to our place for dinner that night. Since he was visiting alone, he gladly accepted. We dined pretty casually that night, barbecued some meat and enjoyed it outside in the yard.

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We sat drinking and reminiscing into the night around a fire pit and were all feeling pretty tipsy. My husband actually suggested that we try to sober up in the pool and quickly removed his clothes and dove in. I was shocked somewhat, not expecting him to skinny dip like that but our guest, Kim, took the hint and quickly took off his clothes too and dove in. They began to egg me on since they were both naked and I finally succumbed as well.

I pulled off my top and bra to their hoots, pulled down my shorts and panties in one swoop, then twirled around slowly so they could get a good look at me naked before I dove in as well.

We swam and talked and casually touched each other in the water before realizing we didn't have any towels. I volunteered to get some and again was greeted with hoots and howls as I got out of the pool, shaking my butt at them before running into the house.

I dried off inside, wrapped a towel around me before taking towels out to them. I made them get out of the pool one at a time before I gave them a towel.

Kim got out last and I teased him by not giving him his towel, pulling it away at the last minute. He grabbed me around the waist, pressing his naked body against mine and we wrestled a bit before I finally gave him his towel. We decided to call it a night and since Kim had been drinking, offered him our spare bedroom.

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Since we were all a bit drunk, the rest of the night passed uneventfully with us all turning in to sleep. My husband had to work the next day so I got up early to make him some coffee.

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Not thinking much about it, I made the coffee without putting a robe on, so all I had on was an old t-shirt of my husbands which was almost threadbare and pretty transparent. We sat and talked a bit before he left. As I was cleaning up in the kitchen, Kim came in wearing just a pair of boxers. I was bending over at the dishwasher when he came in and since the t-shirt wasn't that long, he got a pretty nice view of my naked bottom.

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I smiled at him, greeted him good morning and offered him some coffee. We sat around chatting and catching up some more with him staring at my nipples through the thin material. I kept looking at his bare chest, which was pretty hairless and was well defined. He didn't have to leave until later that day so we decided to sit by the pool and talk.

Sometime during the conversation, he decided to take a dip and quickly removed his underwear and dove into the pool.


Staring at me all morning, almost naked, had given him the start of a good erection. He encouraged me to get in as well but I settled for sitting on the edge of the pool with my feet dangling over the side.

This gave me a good view of his naked body as he swam around. He swam up to me and positioned himself in front of me with only his head sticking out of the water.

I had to spread my legs a bit and this let him see a little more of my bare pussy.


My legs were gently kicking back and forth in the water, touching him on the shoulders as we talked. His cock had become a complete erection by now but I couldn't see it clearly through the water. Finally I decided to join him and slipped into the water beside him, still wearing my husband's t-shirt.

It floated up around my chest and he helped pull it off of me and threw it on the deck. Without saying a word, he pulled me against him and kissed me on my mouth. I didn't resist and that encouraged him. He pulled me closer at the waist so I could feel his hard prick pushing against me, planted his lips on mine again, more forcefully, and pushed my lips apart with his tongue.

I pushed him away and backed up against the side of the pool. I told him to stop, that we were both married and should behave ourselves. He ignored my words and waded over to me, putting an arm on each side of me, pinning me against the side. His face got closer and closer to me and my heart began to beat faster and faster in anticipation. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled it towards him and forcefully kissed me. I pushed against his chest with my hands but didn't really resist and finally gave in to my desire and put both arms around his neck and returned his kisses.

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His hand found my tit and he squeezed and caressed it hard, almost hurting me. He broke from our kiss and his mouth engulfed my hard nipple. He sucked and nibbled on it with his teeth. I leaned my head back and held him hard to my chest. He broke away, picked me up in his arms and carried me out of the pool. He placed me gently down on one of the loungers and stood up over me. For the first time, I got a clear view of his hard manhood.

It was six or so inches long and very thick. He was circumcised with a huge smooth head. He pointed it directly at my face and I didn't need more of an invitation than that. I reached a hold of it and guided it into my mouth. Kissing and licking just the head at first, then working the head into my mouth and planting my lips tightly around the shaft.

He began to fuck my face, holding my head with both hands. His cock was hitting the back of my mouth and was gagging me. He quickly switched the direction and put it into the side of my mouth so it was rubbing against my cheeks. He started to call me names, like suck my cock you little slut; I always knew you were a cock sucking little whore in high school; and take my load you hungry little bitch.

This made me feel so dirty, so sexy. My husband never talked to me like that but I loved it. Loved being a little slut and sucked harder on his meat. He began to tense up and pulled my head hard against him.

He began to pump his lower body into me and his cock began to twitch and pulsate inside my mouth. I then tasted his hot salty cum shooting down my throat, filling my mouth and spilling out of my lips.

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I couldn't keep it all in even though I was swallowing like a two-bit whore. He tried to pull out now but I wouldn't let him. I kept my lips around his cock and slowly let it slip out with my lips caressing the head as he withdrew. He convulsed some more and finally broke away.

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I wiped my mouth with my arm and smiled at him. He came back up to me and rubbed his cock all over my face then down to my titties and laughed. I giggled to and grabbed a hold of him, rubbing my chest against his prick, back and forth. I loved being covered in his cum, felt a little like a glazed donut. I let him go and leaned back in the lounger and smiled. I felt so dirty, so slutty and so satisfied.