Naked chinese physicals and gay doctor medical exam fetish I kept

Naked chinese physicals and gay doctor medical exam fetish I kept
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It was the night before Thanksgiving. Hanna, was staying at college for the holiday. My cousins had all gone to see their Fathers for the long weekend. Mom and Aunt Cathy were out to a bar downtown. I was just getting ready to take a shower and go to bed when the phone rang. It was Aunt Cathy, mom had left her at the bar and left with some friends, she needed a ride home and wanted me to pick her up.

She was at a bar that was the lesbian hangout. Of course, I went to pick her up.


I got there and went in to get Aunt Cathy. The bar was crowded and I couldn't believe the number of women in the place. From girly girls to manly girls and women, it seemed like a man's fantasy, but every one looked at me as if I stepped in dog shit on the way in.

Aunt Cathy was at the bar, surrounded leather clad biker chicks. When I got to Aunt Cathy and asked if she was ready to go two of them got between us and acted like bodyguards.

They were both bigger than me and looked tougher than me, but Aunt Cathy told them it was all right, I was giving her a ride home they backed off. They didn't seem happy about it but they let her go. It seemed liked she had gotten a lot drunker since she had called me. She was so unsteady on her feet that she leaned against me for support.

I had my arm around her waist and once she stumbled and I felt her tits as I tried to keep her up. When we got to the car I sat her down on the front seat and she laid back across the seat.

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I reached in and grabbed her arms to sit her up. As she sat up she curled her arms and my face went between her tits. They were melon sized and still firm enough to stand on their own. I thought about taking them into my mouth and finding out just how big and firm they were, but I just reached down and swung her legs into the car. As we were about to leave, a woman came out with Aunt Cathy's purse.

She reached in and put the purse on Aunt Cathy's lap and then gave her a kiss that lasted an awful long time and looked hotter than hell.

After we had left Aunt Cathy reached down and tried to put her purse on the floor. She dropped it and it fell on it's side. She couldn't reach it, so, she undid the seat belt and sat it upright. She sat up and said she felt a little dizzy. She then laid down on the seat, with her head resting on my leg. It sounded like she had passed out. I couldn't help myself.

When I thought she was under pretty good, I put my hand on her shoulder and gave her a little shake. When she didn't wake up I moved my hand to under her blouse began feeling up her tits.

Like I said, they were the size of melons and they felt as firm as my sister Hanna's. I got braver and rolled her nipple between my fingers. Her nipples grew as they hardened, they were about an inch long and stiff as a board.

She moaned and moved, so I pulled my hand out. She wiggled and got her head farther up on my leg, so the top of her head was rubbing against my now hard dick. She readjusted and brought her hand up under her head and grabbed onto my dick.


She moaned and stroking me through my jeans. Because she had moved closer, I took the chance and reached over and pulled her skirt up past her hip. I ran my fingers over her panties and found them starting to get moist. I slid my fingers under her panties and played my fingers over her pussy lips. She was getting wetter so I pushed my middle finger into her wet, warm slit. I moved my finger around til I found her clit and I rubbed on that as she got wetter and wetter.

Before I knew it she stiffened up and gave out a gasp and a shudder. My fingers were covered with her come. I took my hand out and licked my fingers. Like all the women in my family she tasted great. We were almost back home so I straightened out her clothes before I turned into the driveway. I pulled around and parked at the back door.

I got out of the car, moved my dick so it wouldn't be pointing into Aunt Cathy's face as I helped her out of the car. I opened the passenger door and reached in and got her sitting up. I got her turned and her legs out of the car and leaned down to help her stand up. She stumbled as she got out of the car and she fell into my arms. She mumbled that she sould not be that drunk and somebody must have slipped her a mickey. I had my arm around her as we walked, stumbeled to the house.

She tripped once and I caught her under her arms and she leaned back so both my hands were filled with her breasts, we were able to get into the house with me holding her up like that.

When we got into the house she said I would have to help her to her bedroom. I scooped her up in my arms and carried her to her bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and she asked me to take her shoes off for her. I halfway knelt on the bed to take her shoes off. I got her shoes off and she put her foot on my crotch. She moved her foot back and forth and said she would need help getting her clothes off. I quickly had her undressed and was able to see her naked.

Her body was lovely. Her body was so firm and delectable that I almost came in my pants.

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I got undressed and lay down on the bed next to her. I started playing with her tits, she said that it wasn't right for us to do this.

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I put my finger to her mouth, like they do in the movies, to hush her. To my surprise she grabbed my hand and held it under her nose and took a deep inhale.

She said that she knew that smell. she said she thought she had had a wet dream, but my fingers told the real story. I told her that yes it was me and I that I wanted her.

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She didn't want to, but I told her I would stop whenever she wanted me to. She didn't say anything, so I started playing with her tits again. I rolled over so I could get her tit in my mouth. I sucked her nipple in and it got hard between my lips. I pressed her nipple across the roof of my mouth and pinched her other nipple with my fingers.

She moaned and lay flat on her back while I worked on her two tits. She reached down and felt my dick, which was hard as a rock and it seemed bigger than it ever had before. She stroked my cock and I slid my hand down to her blonde pussy.

My finger went in easily and I slid in the second finger. She was getting wetter by the second. I started moving down her body.

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I licked both nipples, nipped on the underside of her boobs and kissed my way down her belly. I moved between her legs and kissed down her thighs to the knees and then back up. I put my mouth over her pussy lips and stuck my tongue in as far as I could. She wrapped both hands into my hair and pulled me up her body til I was sucking her tits again.

My fingers found their way back down to her pussy and I slid both fingers in and used my thumb on her clit. She told me to use as many fingers as I could, the third and fourth finger squeezed in. I moved my thumb and it went inside with the rest of them, before I knew it, I was up to my wrist. I moved it around and found the right spot. She came again and I slowly rotated my hand and she started coming again. Her come ran down my hand and puddled at the crack of her ass cheeks.

She held me to her tightly as she slowly pushed my hand out with her muscles in her pussy.

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We kissed and she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I sucked her tongue further into my mouth. She told me to straddle her chest and I could give her a titty fuck. I got my rock hard prick between her tits and she pushed them up around my cock. I started stroking, I told her I was going to come pretty quick, and she made me stop. She had me open the drawer to her nightstand and take out a bottle of baby oil.

She squirted a little on my dick, pushed her tits over my cock and told me to go ahead. The oil seemed to help, the friction was gone. As I pumped her tits, I reached down and grabbed her tits and began playing with her nipples. I was about blown away, watching my dick slide in that beautiful chest, plus she was looking watching it almost hit her chin on each stroke. She then stuck her tongue out so every stroke ended with her licking the head of my dick.

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I was ready to come and I started pumping harder and faster. I came and the first jet shot over her head onto the pillows. She then lifted her head up and I shot right into her mouth, she let go of her tits and pulled me up and sucked me into her mouth. She swallowed every drop that I had and she kept me in her mouth til I was soft. We lay in bed for a while and she asked if I would like to do her again.

Of course I said yes. We went in and took a shower together. I had soaped her up pretty good and she asked if I would eat her pussy. I dropped to my knees and she placed one leg over my shoulder. I licked up her lips til she was super moist and then I stuck my tongue in and worked it around. I found her clit and sucked it into my mouth. I slid my fingers into her again and started wiggling them inside her. She was starting to come again and I took my other hand and pushed the thumb into her asshole, she came so hard it almost knocked us over.

I picked her up as we left the shower and carried her into the bedroom again. I laid her down on the bed and she reached over to the nightstand again and brought out a small spray can. She said she used to use this on my uncle, but now it was only for me. She took my dick in her hands and it gor rock hard again. She then sprayed my dick and it felt like I had lost all the feeling in it. She said it would make me hard for a long time.

I got on top of her and I was finally able to sink into warm and moist pussy for the first time. I pumped for a long time and then moved so I was riding her high. I rubbed across her clit a few times and she started coming again, I moved back down so I was pumping deep into her, I was still hard but not feeling much.

I moved back up and she came again rather quickly. I stayed there and kept pumping til she came again. I told her that I could keep going like that forever. She pushed me off and got onto her hands and knees, she told me to take her in the ass. Her asshole muscle gave way slowly, but once in I went all the way to the base of my dick.

I began stoking long and hard, with the tight feeling it was no time before I came. We collapsed on the bed with me still in her, and I fell asleep, she woke me before dawn and told me I had to get back to my room before my mom got home.

I went to my apartment over the garage and slept til late that afternoon