Chocolate hole of girl is fucked

Chocolate hole of girl is fucked
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This is FANTANSY. I feel like given this website I should not have to say this, but this behavior is not acceptable. No women should be treated/trained like this ever. Please enjoy it as a fantasy. I am a begining author so I apprecieate negative and positive comments, please just leave the "Sicko" comments to yourself and do not read if home invasion/force/torture.

do not excite you at least on some level. Thank you Katlyn. If you really enjoyed it and would like to edit further stories please contact me. Saturday Morning came and Sally stretched her eyes closed arms and legs straight out, when she felt something heavy on her wrists, she opened her eyes and saw the cuff on her wrist and then the day before came flooding back, she frantically looked around for the stranger who was nowhere then she followed the chain with her eyes and saw the other cuff was locked around the leg of the bed by the head board.

She was thinking about how to escape when Mike stopped at the door, leaned against the door frame and watched her unnoticed while sipping his coffee. He stayed there for just a minute before he crossed the room and sat on the bed. "Good Morning, Love." "A penny for your thoughts." "Nothing." Sally took a sharp intake of breath at his sudden appearance. "I am not thinking anything." Sally responded quietly as she sat up with her legs tucked up and her arms around her legs.

Without a pause Mike stood up and slapped her across the face, backhanded her, then slapped her again. "You lie and you forget your manners, answer the question, Bitch." "ESCAPE, Sir!!! I was thinking about how to escape" The words came out quickly and Sally was crying. "Well a good start to the day. Remember I have even less patience today, yesterday's lessons are to be remembered or there will be pain, now let us use the bathroom, and resume our training shall we?" As he had been talking he had taken off the cuffs and put them back in the nightstand.

"These are for nighttime only. You will behave or be punished harshly during the day, Soon I will not even need cuffs at night, but I will use them usually" He led her into the bathroom letting her walk ahead of him but guiding her with his hand on the small of her back.

"You may go" he had to let her know that even relieving herself was at his whim. Sally sat and when she was finished she went to grab the toilet paper only to have her hand slapped. "Uh-Uh, no, no you may not touch" Mike picked up the cup that was on the sink filled it with water and poured it down her cunt to clean her.

"Lean forward, Bitch" Sally complied and Mike placed his arm on her back forcing her to stay there as he poured the remaining water down her crack then he put his finger on her asshole. He smiled as she whimpered and decided it was time. "Come bitch" Mike grabbed her by the hair led her back into her bedroom and threw her on the floor.

"On your knees, back to me" Sally was confused, and was trying to think which caused her to hesitate. She jumped when the wooden spoon met her ass hard. "I will not be patient Obey me." Sally scrambled to get into position. "Yes, Sir." Upon hearing those words come out of her mouth she wanted to cry. Mike pushed her head into the carpet, and put his foot under her stomach "Ass up, Bitch, quickly." Sally did as told, stealing herself to be raped.

She had heard that some guys preferred to take a girl from behind, so when Mike came behind her and began touching her asshole the realization of what was about to happen caused fear to flood into her. "NOOOO, I don't want anything in that hole, please and Sally put her ass down tears streaming down her eyes.

Mike leaned down and grabbed her by her hair, and forced her to turn around on her knees to face him. "BITCH! You are my toy, I have told you and explained it to you VERY nicely. I told you today I have little patience and am willing to inflict lots of pain. You have earned your first punishment.

I will stop when you beg me to fuck your asshole. Mike began dragging her to the bed. "NOO I don't want you back there, please make love to me regularly, please??? Just not back there" Mike paid her no mind dragging her over to the bed and then over his lap.

Sally was still protesting as Mike began to spank her with the spoon. Mike had a workout trying to keep her in position as she thrashed about on his lap begging for it to stop. He kept count in his head after the thirtieth one he stopped, pushed her off his lap and grabbed her by her hair.

"I will keep going until you beg to be fucked in the ass.


Do YOU UNDERSTAND, BITCH?" "Yes Sir, but I don't want it there, please????" Mike sighed, and began in a very patient voice like talking to a child. "I will only explain one more time, if I have to explain again you will be punished. You are for my pleasure, I will do what I want and you will learn to not complain." Here his voice got harder "Now beg or pain, this IS your choice." And he continued spanking her much harder. He kept count in his head, because he was curious how long she would hold out.

As he struck her ass cheeks, her thighs, the inside of her thighs he was rewarded by her cries she was wailing and begging for it to stop, but not the right way, so he continued. After 40 more strokes Sally relented. "Okay, okay please stop. Do what you will, s-sir." Her voice was weak and hardly convincing.

"I said beg, bitch, beg for my cock in your asshole and I meant it. Now fucking BEG!" he started striking with renewed vigor all it took was two more strikes. "OH PLEASE, SIR, please put your cock in my ass, please, Sir, please.

I want your cock in my ass. Sally said it over and over not even realizing the blows had stopped for a few seconds. Her pleas became sobs. Mike pulled her up onto his lap, put his arms around her and stroked her hair speaking softly as she calmed down.

"Now, now my sweetie, hush, you know you needed that reminder of who is Master and who is the toy. I know it was a hard lesson, hush it's okay now, you took you punishment." Finally her sobs subsided and she let her head fall onto his chest for comfort.

"It hurts so much, Sir. It hurts." "I know, sweetie, but we are not done, you must now let me do what you begged me to do. Come get into the position I showed you before you had to be taught your lesson." Sally's heart sank, she melted onto the floor knowing she had no choice, but wanting to be anywhere else, she knelt her back to him and leaned forward put her face into the carpet and raised her ass to him.

"Ah what a good toy! So obedient!" Mike was undoing his belt and reaching into the night stand. "Now this will hurt and I don't mind if you cry, you can even tell me how much it hurts, but at the end you WILL thank me for taking your asshole.

We will do this often, as this is my favorite hole. The position you are in we will call position one. Whenever, wherever I tell you to assume position one, you will get into this position. Now this will be cold." Mike took the lube from the drawer and starting lubing up her hole. "Bitch, tell me how nice it is that I am using lube." "Sir, Sir th-thank you for using lube on my asshole.

Then Sally started to cry in anticipation of what was to come. Mike smiled, and put his hand on her back rubbing it like one would rub a horse, "Good girl" then he began to enter her. He did not want to break his toy so he went slowly enjoying each and every one of Sally's screams. The deeper his cock went, the more she cried and Mike enjoyed it. He was all the way in, he held her ass against his balls.

He had waited for this moment and it was everything he had wanted. He roughly grabbed her sore ass and squeezed as hard as he could just to get a different sound out of his toy, his bitch.

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How lucky he was. Then he started moving faster and with more purpose. Her hole was sooo tight. "AHHHHHH SIRRRR, Please it hurts, please stop, please?" Sally would cry she alternated between screaming, begging and crying even though there was no sign or hope for mercy from her captor.

Suddenly Mike picked up speed and started slamming his body into Sally's. He went as deep as he could go over and over not letting up. He enjoyed the cries, grunts, and pleas that came from the toy's mouth. Sally was mortified; she had never and would never have allowed herself to be taken there. She wanted very much for it just to stop. Finally, Mike grabbed her roughly and thrust hard and deep, Cumming inside her.

Mike stayed put until he was empty, then he pulled out and sat on the bed. Cum dripped from Sally's asshole, Mike contemplated doing something about that sometime. She should keep it in there, as a reminder of him. He made a mental note to get butt plugs for the next trip. "Oh honey that was great! Oh you are sooo good! Turn around sweetie" Sally turned around tears streaming down her cheeks and mike guided her face so she could see that his glistening cock was still out.

Mike looked at her and his eyes were a bit excited, he reached out for her hair so she could not get too far. "Will you please clean this off honey? It is all dirty." Sally sat back, and started to sputter a response when Mike put a hand over her mouth. "I want you to think really hard about the next words out of your top fuck hole.

Remember what happened when you argued this morning? No questions, no complaints just obedience. Or you will be punished. I will let you ask a question after an order is completed and I am satisfied.

Now I am going to let go you will put your mouth on my cock or feel more pain on your backside, then put my cock in your mouth. Your choice, Bitch" Sally sucked, her ass taste mingled with gross stuff and then mixed with gooey stuff none of which she wanted to identify. She cleaned him off then sat back on her knees and did not move. "You forgot to thank me Bitch" Sally's head snapped up, oh fuck she did not want to be hit again, or fucked or anything bad. "Oh-h Sir, thank you for fucking my tight asshole, please Sir I was so distracted by how it felt afterwards I forgot to thank you, please don't punish me.

Thank you for letting me clean your cock straight from my asshole." Sally's head hung down in Mike's lap sure there was going to be more punishment and she was sobbing. "Aw you are learning! What a smart little bitch, you thanked me for the fuck and the privilege of cleaning my cock.

Such a good girl!" Mike caressed her cheek and pushed back her hair so he could look at her. "Look at me sweetie, I am proud of you, that was your first time in that hole and you did good.

We will practice some more today, but for now let's get you cleaned up and go make breakfast." Then Mike leaned in to kiss Sally, and she did not turn away.

She stayed still and opened her mouth when he opened his. She was learning indeed. Mike took her to the bathroom, supervised her shower, brushed her teeth for her and let her use the toilet, afterwards he took her into the bedroom faced her and said: "Kneel, Bitch." Sally knelt with no idea what was coming, but that seemed to be normal.

Mike admired her for a few minutes not saying anything walked around her and reaching into a drawer for something. He was behind her and reached down running his hands over her back. "Lift your hair up, my lovely." And she did without hesitating; it was after all an easy order. He reached around her put the pinch collar around her neck and fastened it. "This will help you behave and not get as much punishment today, sweetie." Then he kissed the top of her head. "Come let's make breakfast." Mike walked her into the kitchen, she followed on her hands and knees.

Mike stood in the middle of the kitchen and pointed at the floor, "Position one, Bitch." Sally's eyes went big and she started to shake her head, but she got into the position. Her mind was racing, "He just fucked me there!

He said he was making breakfast, OH God, please nooo" She kept these thoughts to herself and complied quietly tears streaming down her face. Mike looked at her, Used his foot to nudge her stomach, "Ass up, come on up, up. Good girl, stay." This was part of the conditioning she would never know if he was taking her ass or just admiring her form. Having her in position in the middle of the kitchen meant she stayed out from underfoot while he cooked.

He left the leash next to her confidant she would not move. Sally could smell eggs, bacon and heard the toaster, she was on alert as she knew she had to respond to the simplest command, and she hated herself more and more for knowing that. "Bitch, Go kneel by the chair you sat at for dinner last night. You will stay there till I tell you that you may join me, and then you will get up in the chair." Sally got up and walked to the chair then knelt down.

Mike raised his eyebrows, but he had not told her she could not walk. He realized he needed to exercise her since she was going to spend a lot of time on bended knees between crawling, which she would do from now on, and kneeling. Mike went back to preparing the plates, keeping an eye on the bitch's positioning, she was actually doing quite well for less than 24 hours.

He knew if he left her alone too long thoughts of escape were bound to come up. Mike had cleaned off the table and done the dishes this morning while letting Sally sleep and drinking his coffee.

He set the table and sat down paying no mind to the bitch kneeling beside her chair. Sally was soo hungry and the smell of food just made her hungrier, she wanted to eat, but he had told her not to move, but what if he forgot? She had a feeling if she disobeyed she would for sure not be allowed to eat so she knelt there shifting her weight trying to draw attention to herself. Mike laughed "You are soo cute!

Sit up and eat." He chuckled some more to himself and sat back a bit and watched her. "Honey we are not animals, place the napkin in your lap before you begin." Mike scolded her like a child. Sally obeyed and ate. Mike said nothing to her the entire time, Meal times were a time for him to relax and get his thoughts together, and she assumed the rules from dinner applied so she ate in silence as well. When she was done she sat back and waited. Mike looked at her plate. "Finish!" Sally looked down there was only crumbs and some runny egg on the plate.

She only had a fork to use and was very confused. "Sir? I am done." "What?" his voice was getting softer and softer, this was not a good sign.


"You left some. Clean the plate." "But HOW Sir? I do not have any bread to wipe it up with and I don't know what you want me to do, please, Sir I am trying to be good, Please?" Her begging was because she wanted him to take pity on her and not punish her for not knowing what to do, but she was so distraught she did not complete the thought, but just hung her head and cried. Mike came over to his little toy, so upset, so trying to be good and gave her a hug, "Good girl, Bitch, good girl. Okay I thought you could figure it out, but I will tell you.

Lick your plate clean, leaving the plate on the table I want nothing left, okay? Can you be a good girl and do that?" Mike was petting her and talking soothingly to her.

"Y-yes, sir" Sally was trying to get herself under control and succeeded then looked at her captor and began to lick her plate, cold eggs and all. Mike watched and when she was done picked up her hair and began walking, Sally followed not given much choice, bent at the waist with Mike leading with a fistful of hair they went to the living room where he sat on his chair and pointed to the floor in front of him, Sally knelt down.

"Now toy I have to address some things that happened this morning, but first I need to ask you, how are your tits feeling?" Sally reached up and ran her hands over them "You hurt them yesterday, and I can still feel it, but it is not so bad, sir" "Okay good, now this morning when you woke up and I was not there, what was your first thought? Sally put her head down, "I'm s-sorry, Sir" she whispered in terror of what was coming.

Mike put his hand under her chin and softly said "Look at me, Bitch and answer the question." Sally looked at him, took a deep breath and said "Escape, Sir. I was thinking about how to escape." "And does that seem possible to you?

Do you think you can escape me?" "No, No Sir, I was just groggy and not thinking clear, Sir, I am so sorry." "Do you want to learn about my door again? Come on, let's do that." And Mike got up and walked to the front door. Sally stayed put, shaking. The leash grew taunt. "BITCH, COME!" Sally jumped and came as fast as her four limbs would carry her. She heeled behind Mike, not wanting to be near the door. "If you hesitate you will be punished harsher, now touch MY door, bitch." Sally, in a state of duress, crawled from behind Mike and put a hand on the door, the second she did Mike dragged her by the hair back to the living room while Sally scrambled to get off the floor onto her hands and feet.

"Now for thinking about escaping me after I have put all this work into you, and for touching MY door you will be punished." Mike removed his belt "But you told me to touch the door, Sir! I did what you said, Please, Sir I would never touch your door without permission." Mike ignored her she would be punished for arguing.

In a very controlled quiet voice he instructed Sally. "Lay on your back, arms behind your back, legs spread apart." Sally complied eyeing the belt. She had never been spanked as a child and she was very much afraid of the pain this new implement was going to inflict. "Now first off you are going to receive ten strokes for arguing with me.

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I will place five on your tits and five on your pussy. Do not move. I am not going to tie you; you are going to show me you can be a good toy. You are going to do that aren't you?" "Yes, Sir" Sally whispered as Mike walked around her admiring and wanting just the right angle. The first blow landed across both tits perfectly and Sally screamed, and the next two came in quick succession. Sally jerked with each blow as pain exploded where her lovely boobs were.

She rolled over to her side and tried to curl up only to have Mike's foot forcefully push her back. Sally looked up and shivered when she saw the look in Mike's eye and heard the growl of displeasure come from his mouth.

"Please forgive me Sir, Please. I will be good. I am sorry for moving Sir." Mike paused and waited for her to calm down, and bought down two more on her very tender mounds. Mike did not want to give her too much time so he switched positions and aimed the belt for the area between her legs. The first stroke was hard and Sally made a pitch change in her crying, Mike smiled and almost felt sorry for her, but she had a long way to go before this was over. "Do not move your legs, sweetie." Mike reminded her as he finished her punishment.

When he finished he reached over and rubbed her on her now very red parts. Soothing her and letting her cry. "That was because you argued with me about your punishment, now you still need to take your punishment for thinking about leaving me and touching my door." With that he began steady hard blows. Sally cried and begged for mercy, but there was none. Marks appeared up and down her torso and some on her thighs.

After 20 blows, he turned her over and pushed her arms off her back and continued for another 20 from ass to shoulder her back turned a nice shade of red. Mike sat down and picked up his Ipad he had brought with him. Sally lay where he left her crying. "I will give you 20 minutes to recover and come kneel in front of me and thank me for your lessons." Sally curled herself up and tried to sit up, before ending up on her side.

She had no sense of time, but just knew it was running out and she could not take another punishment. Soo much pain. He wouldn't punish her like that twice in one day would he? After what seemed like forever she pushed herself up and crawled over to her captor and knelt in front of him. Mike did not acknowledge her, It was her job to speak and he was not going to make this easy for her. Sally drew her breath, she was going to do this, she had little choice, but it made her sick to her stomach that she had sunk so low so quickly.

Her voice was low at first but became stronger. "Sir, I want to thank you for punishing me." She was not sure if she was supposed to say more. Mike left her kneeling there unsure of herself until he had finished reading the article he was reading. Then he looked at her, she was so lovely, so naked and so red all over. He smiled and put a hand on her breast rubbing it.

"Do you remember why you got punished, my lovely?" "Uh, because I argued with you, Sir?" "And?" Mike was getting frustrated would she never learn? "Because I touched Your door, Sir. I am sorry, Sir." "Good, bitch, and there was one more thing, something you thought about this morning?" :"Escape, Sir, I was thinking about escaping this morning when I woke up, but I won't again sir, I promise, I am sorry Sir." "Good girl, you are a good toy.

Now there is one more thing I need to address from earlier. This morning you asked me to do something to you. I doubt you remember, but you said 'please make love to me regularly, please'. Now I have been thinking that I have been neglecting you down there so I am going to fix that right now." He looked at his property, as she was that by now, and she was shaking, but she did not refuse, nor did she move. "Come lean over the arm of the couch, face down." Sally hustled over and positioned herself as instructed; she did not want to earn anymore punishments.

Mike got behind her and admired her redness. He roughly massaged her ass cheeks, and was rewarded by her outcry.

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"Hush, I am going to do this and you are going to bite the couch if you must to be quiet. If you must scream or cry out you will express your thanks to me for fucking your cunt." With that he slapped her ass and pulled out his member. He teased her pressing it against her hole, but not putting it in. He watched as she would tense up and then relax when he took his cock away from the entrance. Then suddenly and without warning he thrust himself in fully causing Sally to cry out then bite down.

She just wanted him to stop. All the places she had been hit were rubbing against the couch and his body, and it hurt. On top of it all was the pain of being penetrated, but stop he did not. Hard and fast never relenting, until suddenly he grabbed her by the waist and pushed her all the way down his shaft and exploded inside her.

When he was empty, she was crying, but Mike had no pity, this was her use, her purpose and she would learn to take it harder. Mike sat down, opened his legs and pulled on her hair which was next to him as Sally had not moved. "Up bitch, clean it off." With that Mike focused on the TV, leaving Sally to focus on him. Sally did as told gingerly getting off the edge of the couch, crawling to the front of her tormentor and began to clean off his cock, once again tasting herself on his cock and being forced to clean it all up.

When she was done she stopped and sat up in a kneeling position, just to have her face pulled back down "Keep my cock in your mouth, you may not move without it unless I say.

And he went back to watching T.V leaving her with a cock in her mouth for about an hour and a half; he paid her no mind the entire time. Sally was tired and a bit grateful for the break if one could call it that. She was sore, and needed time to think, but she also had to make sure she was focused on her mouth.

She hated having it in her mouth, but was glad she was not being face fucked again. Was that okay? She should be fighting! She should be pissed, certainly not happy she was not being face fucked.

God damn, what was she going to do? He was winning, gaining ground, maybe she had already lost it all. What a mess, why her? She had a simple life, she liked it. What was this monster going to do to her? When Mike finished watching T.V. He looked down. "Sweetie? Do you like having my cock in your mouth?" Sally shook her head no, not knowing how to answer with a full mouth.

"No? Aww but there you are just holding it there, I think its time you gave me a nice slow blow job before Lunch. Now come on give me a nice one, If I have to fuck your face you will only have cum for lunch, if you do me proper you will have what I have. I will count from three if you don't start, there will be consequences." "3…" Sally started sucking, she figured she had just sat there with it in her mouth, how much worse could it be?

"Oh yeah, Come on deeper, you can take it deeper, you are doing so good., Yep just like that now suck honey suck it and just keep doing what you are doing, if you get creative I will reward you." For some reason the idea of a reward spurred Sally on in a sick way, she knew it shouldn't, but she was curious. This man had done so much bad to her maybe a reward would be nice for a change.

So she swallowed with the cock in her mouth and was rewarded by his grunt of "Ohh fuck, oh yeah". Finally he shot his load but instead of making her swallow he pulled her head back and released on her neck and breasts. "I am going to give you a choice my pet. We are going to go make lunch, do you need your collar and leash on or can I take them off?" "Sir, you can take them off, I will behave." Sally spoke quietly "Promise?" "Yes Sir, I promise." Sally hung her head not knowing what to think of herself being compliant in her captivity.

Mike used the fact that her head was down to reach the clasp on the collar and release her neck."Aw look up, my love, you are so pretty, and you are being so good I am going to let you walk, come on, stand up," "Yes, Sir" and she stood up.

Mike put his arm around her and walked with her into the middle of the kitchen "Stay." Was all he said before he went about making lunch while keeping an eye on her. She was fidgety and probably wanted to run and he had thought of that, and was ready, but was really hoping that she was realizing escaping was futile and would stay because it was in her best interest. Then he could get on with behavior modification. He was making sandwiches, quick and easy and was soon finished.

"Take your position next to your chair, Bitch." He wanted her to get used to being called Bitch as a name so his tone was not hostile or mean he said it like he would say Julie or Andrew or Sally it was her name: Bitch. Sally was not 100% sure what he meant, but went to the chair she had eaten at during previous meals and knelt hoping that was what he meant. Mike brought the plates in and put them on the table; he stroked his bitch's hair, very proud of her then sat in his seat and pulled up the news on his ipad.

The sandwiches were cold so he waited five minutes pretending to ignore her knowing it would not ruin the taste, but Sally did not know that. Sally shifted in place and sort of cleared her throat, but Mike did nothing. She waited what seemed like an eternity before Mike finally said "Good girl.

You may sit in the seat and eat." He got up and pulled the chair out for her and grabbed a cloth napkin and put it in her lap. He bent down kissed her head "Good girl, now eat it all, no mess, and the table is quiet time." When Sally was finished having been quiet the whole time she kept her hands in her lap and her eyes on the table waiting for her next instruction.

Without a word or a nod to Sally, Mike suddenly got up without a word and went to the kitchen. Sally heard him in the refrigerator but not for long, He came back and stood beside her.

"Your actions have consequences; I need you to understand that. When you disobey it is pain, when you are good it is treats and rewards. You gave me a great blow job" Mike smiled and reached in to give her a kiss, which she accepted like a good toy. "And because of that I did not make you swallow my cum this time, you did not have to have a leash and collar, and you got to walk instead of crawl to the kitchen, but I promised you a reward and here it is I brought them with me." Mike put an ice cream bar on her plate.

Here is desert honey." Mike had grabbed one for himself and sat down watching Sally and eating. "Thank you, Sir." Mike smiled. It was the little things; she was learning to be thankful for the good and the bad. She would do nicely but it would take at least another visit or two before she was ready. Mike went and stood next to her. "Get up, my love, time to go to the bathroom and then I got another treat for you." Sally was unsure what kind of "treat" he was talking about, but did as she was told.

She did as instructed in the bathroom and waited for what was next. She was feeling kind of robotic. Mike took her hand and led her into the bedroom and sat her on the bed. Mike reached into the nightstand and pulled out the chain and cuffs and fastened one on her and one on the leg of the bed.

"Crawl in and rest. I am going to give you a two hour nap/rest time. You do not have to sleep, but you cannot get up. If you need something you may call out for me. Now rest. He held the covers up and supervised her getting in. He kissed her on the forehead and headed to the living room. Training was hard work and he was tired, besides the trainee needed time to recover from the beating this morning. And she needed to be rested for another rough evening.

Sally laid there not knowing what to think, he was being so nice and kind. She was tired and fell asleep wondering who her captor was, trying to make the gentle giant and the monster make sense living in the same person. When she woke up two hours later, it was to Mike looking at her from the foot of the bed.

"Up and at 'em." Mike walked to the side of the bed and released her cuff."Kneel" Sally had had good dreams and was feeling disorientated but did as she was told, when she looked up at her captor he had that infernal collar in his hands. Knowing what was coming she wanted to argue, but her protesting body warned her not to.

"Hold your hair up, my Bitch." She did and was rewarded with the feel of the cold metal against her neck. She wanted to go back to bed and pretend this was not happening to her. To make it all disappear. Instead she felt him tug on it as he headed to the bathroom. "Come on, sweetie." His voice was that one reserved for pets or children. It was like he was talking to a being that had to be guided with patience and sometimes force, not individuals with freedom.

In the bathroom he let her relive herself and cleaned her off, then handed her a brush and watched as she brushed her hair. "Okay sweetie, back to the room, and assume position one" Sally's heart sank, but she followed on all fours dreading what was about to happen and just wanting it to be over. Once in the bedroom she assumed the position in front of Mike. Mike rubbed his hands on Sally's ass, then squirted lube at the entrance and worked it in with his fingers. Sally whimpered but did not move.

Mike slapped her ass. "Thank me, Bitch." "Thank you, Sir for using lube before you take my asshole." Sally sobbed but Mike was satisfied. Suddenly he pushed his cock into her hole causing Sally to cry out in pain. He paused giving her tight hole a chance to adjust then moved forward, slowly but steadily.

Once his cock was all the way in he stopped and admired his bitch, who was crying softly, but not fighting just taking it like a champ. He pumped in and out a couple of times before beginning his assault in earnest. He pulled his cock all the way out with just the head in and grabbed her hips and forcefully thrust all the way in up to his balls. Sally started begging for him to stop, telling him how much it hurt, but he did not care. He continued until he finally came into her hole.

He stayed in while his cock went down. Then he went and sat on the bed and pulled up on her leash.

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"Come on bitch, clean my cock off." Sally shuddered and hesitated until the prongs bit into her neck. She put her mouth on his cock and tried to not think about what she was doing, rather concentrated on keeping the monster happy. Mike did not want to get off again so when his cock was cleaned he pushed the Bitch off. "Time for a snack, come on" Mike made sure she did not have enough lead on the leash to be very far behind. In the kitchen he grabbed a yogurt from the fridge and went to the living room and sat down on the edge of the couch.

"Kneel" Sally Kneeled, facing Mike, head lowered arms down at her side. "No. You need to learn another position. We will call it position two. When I tell you position two, or when you are not sure what position to be in you will get into position two, also known as your default position.

For this position you will kneel, Head up, eyes straight ahead. Shoulders back, back straight, your knees shoulder width apart and your arms behind your back with your hands on each opposite elbow. As he talked the helped Sally get into the correct position. "Now open your mouth" Sally was struggling to keep her position but did as she was told, she wanted to close her eyes expecting the worst, but she had a feeling she was not allowed to, so she looked straight ahead and opened her mouth.

She was surprised by a spoonful of Yogurt. She was hungry, but had thought the snack was for the monster, She thought he did not care for her needs and wants at all, and here he was being nice, well in comparison to allowing her to feed herself and forcing her to be in humiliating positions.

He fed her spoonful after spoonful without saying anything. Afterward he wiped her mouth and got up to throw away the container. "Stay, Bitch" "Yes Sir, um Sir?" "Yes?""Thank you for the snack, I was hungry, Sir" "He leaned down and kissed her, stay in position till I say.

Good girl. At the rate you are going you are going to deserve another reward." "Thank You, Sir." When he came back and sat down he turned the T.V on to a sports game, he was not a particular fan, but knew that Sally would not be able to tell how long it had been if sports were on. He made her hold position for 45 min.

every time she fidgeted, he would tap the offending area of her body and place it back where it belonged. Never once saying anything, but she got the message. He only had to correct her 30 or so times. Even small variances had to be addressed. No slacking allowed. After 45 min of silence suddenly Mike said "position one" and waited to see how long it would take for her to register and obey the command. Upon hearing the command Sally's eyes got big and looked up at the monster who was sitting above her naked, posed body fully clothed watching.

He watched with cold eyes and when she made eye contact his right eyebrow went up. This was a silent command and Sally heard it.


She scrambled to get into Position one, she made sure her ass was high, knowing she had delayed to obey him, she hoped getting the position correct would earn her some mercy, but that was not to be. Mike stood up, leash in hand, irritated. It had taken too long, his voice should be enough she should not need eye contact to confirm orders.

He pulled on the leash causing the prongs to stick up, and Sally gasped. Mike crouched before Sally. Very quietly as if he did not want to be overheard, Mike chastised her, all the while keeping the leash taunt. "I told you to obey right away or there would be punishments, yet you continue to hesitate.

I know you do not like to do the things I tell you to and I will not change my mind if you beg, but if you continue to be headstrong I will find a harsher punishment. For now you have earned a spanking." Sally could not speak the leash was poking into her throat, so she did her best to nod, to give some assent, anything to make the leash go slack. Mike dropped the leash and stood up. He walked over to the coffee table where the things were laid out from yesterday minus the slotted spoon, which had been used the day before.

Mike played with some clips then shook his head, picked up the wooden spoon and kicked himself for not bringing a crop or whip this time. Sally sensing his mood did not dare move, not even to follow, she stayed in position one where he had left her at full attention least he should want something else. Sally was scared not knowing what to think but she would learn the quiet, whispering, and even toned, monster was the worst: the punishments the hardest, longest, and by far the most painful.

As Mike walked by he scooped up the leash and sat in his chair. After watching Sally for a few minutes he pulled hard on the leash causing the prongs to come up causing pain, while giving her an order "COME!" Sally crawled to him, he was not that far away but she came to his feet, and not sure what to do, was about to ask, when she remembered and tried to get into position two perfectly.

Of course it was not perfect, that came with time, but for the amount of training she had received it was a pretty good attempt. "Bitch, I am going to punish you, it will hurt, and you will take it as quietly as you can.

If you need to scream, you will scream your thanks to me for taking the time to make you a good little fuck toy. I am punishing you for your lack of eagerness when following my orders. You will learn to obey immediately, without vacillating, and with every fiber of your being. Lean over my legs and prepare to be spanked for 20 min." Sally did as commanded tears streaming down her face, but she remembered to be quiet.

Her arms flailed at her sides, and wordlessly he took her hands into one of his hands and held them adjusting their position so as not to block the inevitable blows that were going to follow. The blows came hard and fast, and Sally's face was wet with tears immediately.

Every two or three minutes he would stop, rub the places he had been hitting, soothing them a bit before starting anew. Sally was not quiet. It hurt, her cries were incoherent, but when she remembered his cold harsh words, she would throw in words of thanks here and there. What she wanted to do was shriek at him and call him names, but she knew there would just be more pain.

He stopped after ten minutes, despite his promise of 20 min, he felt she had taken enough and he wanted to mold her not completely break. He did not want a shell of a human being, but she had to learn to follow orders. Sally was a sobbing mess, she did not stop when the punishment did, she kept crying, but Mike said nothing he lowered onto the floor and got up to get the lotion.

When he came back with the lotion Sally was trying to control herself and rubbing her ass and legs where she could reach the spots he had colored deep red with his attention.

Still silent, he pushed her face into the carpet and put her hands to her side, she got the message and stayed still. As he applied the lotion he was none too nice about it, massaging deep and hard, but she barley whimpered.

When he was done Mike began to speak. "We need to talk, get into position two, I will give you to the count of ten. You will stay in position the entire conversation.

And he began to count…" He had given her a ten count because honestly neither one of them could take another punishment. That was exhausting for him, and she was utterly, emotionally raw right now. Sally scrambled and got into some form of the position despite the pain, and Mike counted slowly. When in position he told her to relax, place her butt on her feet and her hands on her thighs this was position three or position two relaxed.

Sally complied thankful for the little bit of a break. "Bitch, we need to talk, nothing you say to me in this conversation will get you punished, do you understand?" Sally nodded Mike sighed. "I do however need you to use your words, so please indicate verbally if you understand that nothing you say in this conversation will get you punished." "Yes, Yes I do" Sally was trying to hold herself together, but she just wanted to lie on the floor in a heap and pretend it all away Mike raised his eyebrow and Sally noticed.

"Uh, Sir, I understand Sir." Mike nodded "Okay then, now I want to know what you think of me? Honestly?" Sally was shocked at the question she had expected a lecture.

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"You are a monster!" Mike laughed. "No, I just know what I want and I know I can provide a good life for you I just have a few requirements." "REQUIREMENTS?! You want a mindless slave!" "No, I don't, I want your brain intact I just want you obedient when I speak. Now why did you hesitate before, you were being so good and compliant why did you think hesitating would be a good idea?" "Position one is a horrible position, I hate having your thing back there in my butt.

It hurts." Sally hung her head and tears were coming down her face again. Mike reached out and pulled her close to him laying her head in his lap and stroked her hair and wiped her tears. "Listen to me my dear. It is not the position you hate; rather it is what it means I can do to you that you hate.

I understand that, but that is precisely why I need to train you. For your information I was not going to put my thing in your butt." Mike was amused with her terminology so parroted it back.

"Sometimes I just want to see that you are going to obey me. I do like to fuck your ass and I will whenever I want, but resisting or hesitating will only bring you pain. I really don't like having to punish you. I will and do enjoy causing you pain at times, but I do not like having to punish you because you are not behaving. I like getting what I want and I like giving you treats and telling you what a good girl you are, but you have to earn those things." Mike's voice was nice and concerned, he talked like he was being the most reasonable and rational person in the world, and Sally was getting confused again.

Mike lifted her up and sat her up to face him. "Can you do this for me? Just obey? We are not going to do anything sexual, but I am going to take you through your positions okay?" "Okay." Sally said quietly. Knowing the choice was not even hers.

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Mike pulled out a handkerchief and wiped her face, held her cheek in his hand and gazed into her eyes. Sally looked at his. He had such nice eyes, why was he doing this to her? His eyes changed in a flash, and Mike stood up. "Okay talk is over. Back to the rules of which I will give you a quick reminder. Call me Sir, obey immediately, If I have to correct you physically, thank me.

Let us begin with what was so hard for you. Position One!" and Sally complied silently and quickly. Losing track of time as he barked order after order swatting her with the spoon, or pulling up the prongs of her pinch collar, or both if she was slow to comply. Sally was being conditioned to the sound of his voice later he would teach her hand commands for each position. He made her crawl; go from one position to the next over and over and over for an hour. The last position was position two.

Mike set down the leash beside her and said "stay" and walked out of the room, just to test her. After three minutes he came back and she was still in position. Mike picked up the leash and he could see her suddenly give all her attention to him. "Bitch, it had been a long day, did you know it is already seven? Where did the day go? Well time to make dinner.

You will crawl to the center of the kitchen and resume position one." Sally began to crawl to the kitchen with Mike following after her leash in hand. She put her head on the floor and ass up in the air just to be humiliated by his voice. "Higher, Bitch." She complied feeling weary and tired. She knew the fight going out of her and that scared her.

Mike dropped the leash next to her and said "Stay" then went about the business of making dinner. She could smell the cooking going on around her and hear him walk around her, sometimes he stopped to look at her ass and she supposed her cunt, just up there for him to use whenever, but he always continued with the cooking.

It smelled different. Not something Sally would normally cook, but she hoped it was good. She was hungry. "Bitch go to the table like before and wait." Sally crawled, her leash dragging behind her. Once at her chair she knelt in her default position and waited. Mike came in to set the table and saw her there, what a good little girl, he went to her, and while running his fingers through her hair he told her: "You may sit in the relaxed version of this position, which we did not practice much.

Do you remember it?" Sally responded "Yes, Sir" and sat back on her feet, hands on her thighs open, her shoulders back and head still facing forward. Mike patted her head and finished setting the table and plating the food.

When all was ready he looked at his lovely project. "You may sit, Bitch" he said as he put the food down at her spot and went to his seat. Sally sat down and looked at the food and did not recognize the meat.

It looked good, but what was it? Not sure what to do because table time was quiet time, she raised her hand, slowly wondering if this was the right thing to do. Mike fixed Sally with a stare that scared her to no end. He looked at her hand and responded to the gesture. "Yes? Bitch what is it?" he said rather sharply, "You should know by now that I like to eat in quiet so be quick." "Sir, what is this?

Exactly?" "Lobster Risotto with a salad. "Sir I don't like Lobster, Sir." Sally cringed expecting the monster to come out. Mike raised his eyebrows…who does not like lobster?

"Are you allergic?" That could cause problems "No Sir." "Then what is it why don't you like lobster?" "Sir, well sir they eat the trash from the bottom of the ocean, and when you cook them they scream, and when you eat them you have to crack open their shells just to get to the meat, it seems so mean, but really my main objection is that they really eat all the poop and gross stuff from the bottom of the ocean floor." Sally got it all out quickly, and waited.

She was expecting to get punished at any point. Mike sat back. She had stated her case and it was not like she did not have a point, she needed to be rewarded for speaking her mind without fear. "Okay, that makes sense. I had never considered that before. Will you try a bite? I am not giving you an order I am asking you a question." "I would rather not, Sir." "Okay, well I am going to eat, you eat the salad, and then I will find something for you to eat okay?" "Sir?" "Yes?" "Can I make a sandwich?

I will behave I promise." "Yes you may, but after you eat your salad." "Yes Sir, Thank you sir." Sally started on her salad very confused. He was so nice. He was not angry at her. She wished she was not confused all the time, times when she thought he would be furious he was understanding and reasonable, and other times because of very small infractions he became a monster.

When she finished her salad she sat still and waited for her captor to acknowledge her. Finally he looked up. "You may go make a sandwich. To the kitchen and back here only. I locked up all the knives in case you get any ideas." "Yes, sir" But the idea had never even crossed her mind and she wondered if that meant she had just given up. She made her sandwich and placed it on a plate next to the other plate and then knelt beside her chair.

She had never been allowed back on the chair without express permission once she had left and she really did not want to anger him. Mike was amused at his Bitch. She was learning so fast. A smile played on his face and in his voice when he said. "Up, Bitch." "Thank you Sir" and Sally took her seat and finished her meal in silence, which they both enjoyed. The silence of the table provided both with a kind of break.

When Mike was done he got up cleared the table and pulled on Sally's leash. "Come. You may do the dishes with me. You may walk." Sally was relieved to be on her feet, it had been a long day and even if it was only to do dishes it was nice. This was just so messed up how could she be so grateful at just being able to stand…what was wrong with her? But she was being meek and standing next to the monster as if what he was doing was normal.

She stood next to him and dried the dishes he handed her and put them in the drying rack. "I see you have a dishwasher. I don't like to use them, you will get used to doing dishes by hand when I am here." After dishes he tugged on her leash and pointed to the floor.

Sally knew what to do. She got down on her knees in the default position as she had not been told anything else. Mike walked to the living room pulling her behind, and like a good bitch she followed on all fours. Mike took off his pants and underwear before sitting on the couch, Sally trembled involuntarily, but got into her default position. Mike sat down. "Come kneel between my knees and look me in the eye, I give you permission." Sally did so with very little idea of what was next.

"Now Bitch, you have been good, but I am here training you for my pleasure, so here is my question: Do you want to have your face fucked or your ass fucked? Answer quickly" Sally started to cry "Neither Sir, I don't want any of it." "No, no, no, you were doing so well. That question only had two answers and you did not answer it, now I will give you one more chance and this time there are three choices.

I will ask, count to five quickly to myself then pick the least pleasurable one for you if I do not have an answer. Understand?" Sally just looked at him, the monster was back. "BITCH! Do you understand? If you do not answer me there will be severe punishment before bed" "Y-yes Sir, I understand I must answer quickly or you will choose." "Good girl. Now you can choose being face fucked, ass fucked, or both—ass first then face." And he started to count.

"Face Sir." "Ask me nicely." "What? I don't understand, Sir.?" "Say please and thank you, beg, ask me nicely" "Please Sir, fuck my face and not my ass, please?" "Sure, open up that hole of yours, sweetie, nice and wide." Mike started forcing his hand into her mouth and stretching the sides of her mouth with his fingers.

When Mike let her she opened her mouth as requested and then he used her hair to guide her head to his cock, which was hard already. Then he proceeded to violently and without mercy pump her mouth back and forth giving little time for her to catch her breath.

He liked the sound she made when he pulled her almost all the way to his head then forced her all the way down. He could feel her gag reflex and it made him smile. She was his. Water pooled in the bottom rim of her eye before it came down her face and he thought that they would look nicer with mascara running down her face.

He would have to get her some that was not waterproof. When he was getting close he stood up and forced her head back. "Get ready to swallow, Bitch. All of it." Sally was relieved it was almost over, but hated swallowing. She made faces and he almost laughed out loud.

Her discomfort was his pleasure. Mike sat down. "Clean it off" and Mike reached for the remote. Cleaning it was better than what she had just experienced so she did so with no objection in her mind. When she was done, she figured she would be ignored for a bit. But that was not to be. Mike took her hair and guided her back to his now limp cock.

"You are going to kneel there keeping this in your mouth. Just like before, but this time you need to get it hard again and keep it hard. You will stay like this till I decide to use you again." Sally was not sure how long she might be forced to be down there, she knew she would not fight, maybe tomorrow she just wanted to get through tonight.

She put his cock back in her mouth and worked it till it was hard. Then she just stayed in place working it here and there, but for the most part waiting for her nightmare to be over. After about an hour of watching whatever nonsense was on T.V.

Mike pushed her face off his cock. "Okay, Bitch you will get another choice, same thing decide quickly this time I will count to ten instead of five in my head. Do you want to try to give me a pleasant blow job or do you want me to fuck your face and throat again with no mercy?" Sally was surprised by the choice, and she knew what she wanted "Please, Sir, may I give you a blow job?" Her eyes were pleading, the thought of getting violently fucked in the face and throat again was not pleasant.

Mike stroked her hair proud of how far his little bitch had come. "Yes, you may begin." Sally did, going back and forth, keeping him down as far as she could, but not for nearly as long as he had held her there for. Sucking clean his shaft and head and going down again, she swallowed to see what the effect was and it was audible, he was enjoying it.

That was a good thing for her. The happier she made him the less pain and suffering for her. When he was close Mike started guiding her head, but far more gently than he had before and when he came, he shot it down her throat into her stomach and filled up her mouth as he pulled it out slowly.

Sally swallowed. All of it, then continued to clean his cock until he told her to stop. She sat back on her feet, waiting for the next instruction. "Come slut, time for bed." Mike got up leash in hand, and lead her on all fours to her bedroom. He walked her over to the bed and sat on the edge. "Put your head down hair forward." Sally did so and Mike took off the pinch collar and gently rubbed the red areas around her neck. Then he reached in the nightstand and took out the cuffs, attaching one to him and one to her.

Then he pulled back the covers, "In Bitch" and Sally got into bed and once again he pulled her close and ran his hands all up and down her body that now belonged to him. "You are doing so good, my pet. Tomorrow is another day, sleep well." And she fell asleep, exhausted from all the fucking and training, Mike stayed awake a bit longer enjoying his property.