Horny teen babe Mia Malkova shared a cock with busty stepmom

Horny teen babe Mia Malkova shared a cock with busty stepmom
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It was just another Saturday night for me as I walked into the club, but it wasn't going to be for my unlucky victim tonight. Allow me to explain. Everyman has fetishes. Mine just happen to be a bit more devious than the rest. I like to enjoy women in their sleep. It first started back in college when I found it so easy to take advantage of drunk chicks after parties. I felt power, control, and total freedom when I had a passed out body before me. I could do whatever I wanted to her, and there would be no complaints, no struggling, and no consequences afterwards.

I made it a habit. Now though, instead of waiting for girls to drink themselves to black out, I prefer to give them a little concoction of roofies I mixed myself. The drug would not only render the taker unconscious, but it reduced reflexes and causes amnesia. I took me years to perfect it, but now with a gram of powder I could have hours of uninterrupted fun without any fear the victim would wake up or remember what happened.

Nightclubs are the perfect places to be. They were louder and more chaotic than bars. Bouncers couldn't take care of every drunk chick in the building and it was easy to slip past them. Tonight I had my eyes set on a small pale brunette I saw sitting in a booth. She was there with some friends, but they were all occupied and busy making out with guys they had met while she sat alone sipping on her cocktail.

That made her the perfect victim. Loneliness and alcohol made women vulnerable and prone to making choices. She was definitely my type. Probably around 5'5 and skinny. She had dark, shiny brown hair and a slim jaw. She didn't appear to have huge tits but they looked perky in her blouse.

It was clear she wasn't wearing a bra as any man could see her nipples poking against the fabric of her shirt. Below that was a pair of simple black yoga pants. The outfit was simple, but I liked it. I kept an eye on her as I bought myself a drink and danced a bit to calm my nerves and blend in. When she finished her drink and got up to get another from the bar, I made my move. Her friends were too busy and wasted to really notice and honestly probably didn't care much with all attention they were getting from the guys with them.

I made my way through the crowded floor and next to her as she was about to order. Before the bartender could get to her I waived him down first. "Scotch and soda please. No change.", I said as I slipped him a twenty. The girl shot me a dirty look. "Well that was rude. I was here first." "I'm sorry I didn't see you. Can I buy your next drink?" "You don't even know my name and you want to buy me a drink? What are you tryna fuck me?", she scoffed. She hasn't the closest Idea I thought. "I'm just tryna be nice.

What is your name?", I reply without breaking eye contact. This is the moment that makes it or breaks it. It doesn't matter if you're Casa Nova or the Hutchback of Notre Dame, sometimes women just don't like you. If they don't like me, I simply move on the the next one. It's a numbers game. Fortunately, I got lucky this time.

She pauses, then replies, ".It's Jordan. What's yours?". "It's Nick. What do you like to drink?", I smile as the bartender comes back with my drink. "Margarita. Double shot.".

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I slip the bartender another twenty dollar bill. "Well you certainly can hold your liquor can't you" "Unlike my friends." "That them right there?" I point to the booth she was at. Her friends probably haven't even noticed Jordan was gone. By now, the guys were sticking their tongues down the girls throats and their hands vanished into their pants.

"Unfortunately yes. They're too much sometimes.", she says as she rolls her eyes. We made small talk for a bit until her drink came.

I learned that she had just graduated from college and was looking for a job in the area. She majored in nursing and was hoping to work in the large hospital that was down town. By the time we finished our talk I had bought her 2 more drinks and I could tell they were having an effect on her.

I'm not sure how many she had beforehand, but the 3 double shot margaritas I bought had her slighting slurring her words. She was also getting a little more flirty by touching my thighs, resting her hand on mine, and even leaning a bit more forward to give me a better view down her cleavage.

"Hahaha.thats so crazy.", she laughed at one of my stories. "Can you watch my drink? I'm gonna pee- I mean oops! Use the restroom!

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How unlady like of me." I gladly agreed and watched her slightly wobble as she got up and stumbled her way to the bathrooms.

After she goes in, I double check my surroundings for any onlookers before I quickly sprinkle the roofie powder into her drink. I gave it a couple swirls to mix it in nicely. With all the lime juice and simple syrup in her drink, there's no way she'll taste anything different. When she returned I was simply on my phone pretending to check message.

She sits back down and looks around the club. "Hey have you seen my friends?" "I think they might have gone outside for a cigarette." I lied.

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"Why don't we finish our drinks and join them?" Without hesitation, she gulped down the rest of her cocktail and held her hand out. I took it and let her drag me outside. Of course, her friends were nowhere to be found, but every minutes we looked, Jordan got more and more tired.

The drugs began to course through her veins and her eyes began to glaze over. I eventually led her to the parking lot where my car was saying I saw them there but by then it was too late.

She was barely able to hold herself up and I had to help carry her arms over my shoulders and guide her. With my other hand, I managed to cop a feel of her soft ass cheek.

With no one looking, I unlock my car and gently lay her in the back seat. "Wherrr am I…?", she mumbles and attempts to look around. Her eyes were glassy and she really didn't possess the ability to process and retain information any longer. The roofie should be at kicking in at full force now. Jordan tried to get up but I gently pushed her back down and planted my lips onto hers.

"Shhhh.It's okay Jordan.I'm going to take you home now.", I say between making out with her. I wanted to fuck her right there and then but I knew it'd be too risky. I grab her crotch and rub her pussy through the thin fabric for a moment before letting go and shutting the door.

I take the wallet out of her purse and check her address before driving off. The ride to her home was quite, minus the occasion moan of discomfort coming from Jordan in the back seat. I was rock hard the entire time in anticipation for what's to come. That, and the viagra. I wanted to make sure I got the full use out of her.

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After all, the drug will keep her unconscious for about 5 hours. She probably wouldn't wake for a full 12. I parked at her apartment complex and took out her keys to see what room she was in. Thankfully, she was in the second floor. I looked around the luckily found a back door. She wasn't very heavy, only about maybe 100-110 pounds, but a body is hard to carry. I threw her over my shoulder like a fireman's carry and made my way into her place.

Jordan's apartment wasn't very furnished. It looked like she had just moved in. She had a couch and a couple kitchen appliances but she lacked a table in the living room and kitchen. Her meals were probably eaten at the kitchen bar. Regardless, I continued into her bedroom and threw her on the bed on her back. I carefully lifted her eyelids one at a time, and saw that each of them were shiny and her pupils had rolled upwards twitching ever so slightly. Good, that meant she was out cold. I quickly stripped out of my own clothes, then began to remove hers.

In no time, she was fully naked and ready to be fucked by me.


Her body didn't have an ounce of flabbiness to it. Her stomach was tight and her tits pointed straight up and didn't sag to the sides. The best feature was her smoothly waxed pussy. It didn't have an ounce of stubble. Now came my favorite part. I propped the unconscious girl so she was sitting against the headboard of her bed and stuffed a pillow behind her back and head. I liked a good blowjob, but I loved to fuck a tight throat even more.

Remember how I said the drug inhibited reflexes? That included the gag reflex. Out of all the holes on a woman, I find it to be the tightest and the texture to be the most pleasurable.

It had the the firm grip of a handjob, but the hot wetness of a pussy too. Top that with a ribbed texture and you could've sworn God meant it to be fucked. I stood onto the bed and placed myself before Jordan's face. My erection stood level to her eyes. I slowly pushed my erect cock into her hot, wet mouth. I didn't wait for her to get used to it, I just slammed ]my cock directly down her throat caring little for her comfort.

Having your cock sheathed by a girl's throat is one of the best feelings in the world. With each breath they take, it made the hole wriggle and squirm like it was alive. With Jordan unable to resist or struggle, I grab the top edge of the head board and proceed to brutalize her face with my hips. Her lips mashed against my groin as I thrust again and again. I pounded the back of her head against the wall with every hump. Her mouth naturally produced more saliva as a reaction to intruder in her throat, and soon thick strands of slime trailed from her lips and began hang from her chin.

Eventually, it began to drip over her tits and pool on her stomach. In no time I felt an orgasm coming. I let go of the headboard and grab her head with both of my fists and pull her in as tight as I could.

With one final thrust I force my penis into her face as deep as it could go and blow a thick wad of jizz down into her gullet. My cock pulsed and hummed with pleasure I deposited shot after shot of splooge inside esophagus. Jordan subconsciously puked despite not being able to gag causing the mixed goo of saliva and cum to run out her mouth.

By the time my orgasm was over and I pulled my cock out of her throat her face was a mess. Her mascara had been smeared and there was even a fake eyelash stuck to her cheeks.

The entire lower half of her face was shiny with fluids. I had only just begun. My dick was still stiff as before and just as angry looking with it's red hue and veins. Jordan was still as unconscious as ever and would wake up tomorrow with one helluva sore throat. I grabbed the drunk girl and placed her on her back. This was one of my favorite positions. It was so exposing for her. I lift her hips up and position it just before my cock head. Precum was flowing more abundant than I remember, leaking down my shaft and over my balls.

I leaned my weight over her and pinned her spread out knees all the way up by her shoulders. In one swift movement I impaled her with my raging hard on.

I felt friction grabbing as her cunt lips was in the way of my entrance. Pulling out like a machine, I drove back in with all my weight and force to jack hammer my way in her innermost depths. The room filled with rhythmic slapping sounds of my pelvis hammering away at the ass of the passed chick below me.

My penis wasn't enormous by any means. I was average most likely, but I could feel her cervix bump by glans every time I bottomed out. Jordan's pussy was going to be raw when she comes to.

I was going to make sure of it. I pull out of her now sloppy wet pussy and flip her over doggy style with her as high in the air.

Her back was unsupported and arched down just the way I liked it. I mounted her and resumed violating her insides. It wasn't long after that I needed to cum again. I really wasn't concerned with whether or not Jordan was on birth control. It didn't matter to me.

What mattered to me was that she was a young girl in her twenties, perfect to be bred, and here I was with my shaft sunken balls deep into her. Why would any man want to pull out? She was unconscious so I could get away with anything I wanted. My nuts lurched and I pushed my organ as deep as I could inside the passed out girl. I grabbed her hips and pulled her as close as possible before finally ejaculating.

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My shaft pumped stream after stream of semen inside her vagina until my balls ached with emptiness. I pulled out and sat behind behind her pussy to admire the big load I had just dumped into the unconscious girl. The creampie began to leak and drip from her slit which was puffy and slightly gaping after suffering from my assault. Watching her still raised ass in the air dripping my cum only served me make horny again.

I began to fuck Jordan's pussy again but this time it didn't feel as tight. It would be awhile before I'd get off in that loose, sloppy fuckhole. All I seemed to be doing was churning up the cum inside her, squishing it out with sploshy fart sounds and that was no good. Instead, I decided to pull out, point my sperm-lubricated cock 2 inches up and sink straight into her rectum. I fucked into Jordan's anus hard, as hard and fast as I could while I held her shoulders and pulled the slut against me.

She felt amazingly hot in there, nice and dry too, the friction was awesome as her ass would clench itself around my cock and suck on it like a mouth would. The best part was feeling the curve in her colon massage my cock head every time it hit the end.

Holding myself back wasn't easy, but I rode her for a good five minutes before my toes curled with the effort of keeping the sperm in my balls. I slammed my aching cock as deep as I could get it, feeling my balls jerk upward with that familiar sensation of spewing a hot load of fresh cum into someone special.

I wanted to fill Jordan with so much juice that she'd be shitting sperm for a week. My shaft squeezed pump after pump of what was left in my balls into the girl's bowels. But of course it was all over much too soon and I finally pulled my softening cock free of the unconscious girl's asshole with a soft, wet plop. I wiped my penis off on her face and then used her hair to finish the job. It was close to 3am and I had finished fucking Jordan in all of her holes.

My cock was still hard though and I probably still had a few fucks left in me. I stuck a finger in her pussy to test her tightness, and seeing that it had returned to normal, I inserted my pernis back into Jordan's vagina for another fuck. After adding another load inside her fertile womb, I got up and made my way into her kitchen to find something to eat. I snacked and watched some TV in her living room as I waited for my semi hard cock to reharded.

Even viagra has its limits. When I was ready again, I decided to drag jordan to the living room couch and have lay across it lengthwise with her head resting on my crotch.

I resumed eating her chips and watching the TV, but this time, I had my penis down her throat and with one hand I could slowly jack her jace on and off my shaft. See, a real woman would never let a man subject her to this. I took my sweet time. My cock ached with this many orgasms already and it was time for a slow massage. I fucked her mouth for a whole episode of the show I was watching before sliding her body down to the floor.

She was placed on her knees with her tight young ass jutted up and between my knees. I pointed by cock forward and let her canal swallow up my saliva covered penis. I watched another episode why slowly rocking back and forth letting her young pussy milk a whole 2 orgasms from me before I slid her off. I took a look at her cum splattered pussy and decided I had enough.

I laid her on her bed and snapped a pic with my phone. There was cum leaking from both her holes than began to slightly pool on her sheets. Her mouth was still trickling what could have been either my cum or her drool, but it was smeared on her chest and her makeup was all but gone. It would be the perfect trophy to add to my collection. I dressed quickly and shut off the lights in her apartment before heading out for a cigarette.

Another successful hunt. My balls were sore with the work they had to do tonight, but I was satisfied.


I climbed into my car and drove off into the night. Jordan would would wake up the next morning exactly as I had predicted. She felt extremely sick and nauseous and her lower body ached with the rough poundings she was given last night.

Her voice was raspy and she could barely make words out. The first thing she did was run to the bathroom and kneel before the toilet. She hurled and began to throw up the contents of her stomach from last night which mostly consisted of semen and bar food.

Next she sat on the toilet and let the fluids from her pussy hole and ass drain. My cum had pooled at the mouth of her cervix and the bends of her rectum overnight Jordan was confused and had a massive headache. She didn't remember meeting any guy at the bar last night and certainly didn't sleep with anyone, yet she felt like her body felt more violated than ever. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw her makeup had been absolutely ruined her hair was a mess.

Tears welled up in her eyes and she dragged her still cum leaking pussy to the shower and sat with the water running. She began to cry in confusion and fear. Had she been date raped? She felt her pussy and it was no longer the tight pink hole she was proud of but instead was a gaping cunt. After 2 hours of soaking, she called her friends. None were able to say whether or not she left with a man that night. Jordan panicked and didn't know what to do, She was too scared to go to the police, and didn't know if that's what really happened.

2 weeks later, Jordan missed her period.