Blonde milf sucks jizz out of stepson

Blonde milf sucks jizz out of stepson
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Bo had been living in Wyoming for quite a while. As a kid, he'd ride his bike around the neighborhood, dreaming of the day when he'd finally have his driver's license and could jump in his beautiful new Mercedes-Benz S550.

It didn't even have to be new. As long as it was that car and as long as it was his, that's all that would matter. It took a few years, but today was the day he got to realize his dream. "It's all yours," the car salesman smiled as he flipped him the keys.

Leaning into the window the salesman watched Bo grinning in the driver's seat, ready to roll off the lot, straight over to the one person with whom he wanted to share the realization of his dream: Arielle.

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"You're not going to believe it," Bo practically yelled into his phone. "It's exactly the car I wanted, down to the colors, options everything!" Arielle knew how much he'd wanted that car.

She was genuinely happy for him. "Bring it on over," she laughed, "and let's break it in!" They agreed he'd drive right over to her house, in Sycamore.

Bo was thinking about his new car's high performance, but back at her place, Arielle was preparing for a performance of her own. Knowing how much Bo went crazy over her naturally sensual ass, she decided to wear her sexiest Shirt. Then she brushed out her lustrous dark brown hair and touched up her sparkling hazel eyes and full, kissable lips.

All that was left was to make sure the drinks were ready for their inaugural celebration. "I hope he's wearing his necklace," Arielle thought to herself.

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She was crazy about Bo, often spending hours fantasizing about his incredible ass and his deep, penetrating hazel eyes. She laughed to herself. "This is one ride he's never going to forget!" It wasn't too long before Bo pulled the car into Arielle's driveway.

Sparkling in the sunshine, it really was gorgeous everything Bo had worked and hoped for. Arielle bounded out to greet him with a tray of Cîroc Amaretto. "What are these for?" asked Bo. "We're celebrating," chirped Arielle.

"If I'd just bought the car of my dreams, we'd be drinking to celebrate! Here, have one! Congratulations!" "If we drink these, I can't drive for a while, you know," warned Bo.

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Arielle thought about it. Then her beautiful hazel eyes brightened with her mischievous smile. "Well, we can sit in it and celebrate! That will be the first part of the party.

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And later, we'll celebrate with a test drive!" It seemed to make sense, so they both jumped into the front seat of the car. It was warm and cozy. The seats hugged them while the sound system softly played Bo's favorite music. "Here's your drink," said Arielle as she slowly handed him his drink. "And here's mine." Then she placed the tray in the back seat, out the way. "To your dream come true, your new car.

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Congratulations, baby, you deserve the very best." They clinked their glasses and began sipping. Bo noticed that the drinks were pretty strong. Maybe it was all the excitement, but he was beginning to feel a little buzzed.

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"Wow, baby, you really made these strong. I don't know if we'll be able to take a ride any time soon." Arielle just smiled. She was feeling every bit of the Buzz, too and she was loving every bit of it. "Well," she whispered as she leaned over to kiss him on the neck, "Maybe we could break it in right here…with a little ride of our own." Her hand dropped into Bo's lap, working her way inside his pants, immediately grasping his cock with a firm yet tender grasp.

Squeezing a little harder, she could hear him sigh with unexpected delight. She moved her lips along his neck until they were squarely on his mouth. Little kisses at first. Then she began licking his lips with her tongue.

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All the while, she kept squeezing his cock, grabbing his balls, making him crazy and incredibly hard. Bo was barely able to keep himself together as he reached his left hand down to the switch that reclined his seat all the way down.

He slid his right hand down the small of Arielle's back, where he could feel the moist warmth of her ass crack. As their tongues intertwined, he reached further, his fingers bathed in the juices that were flowing freely from Arielle 's pussy.

Arielle felt his fingers probing inside her, causing her hips to begin gently writhing. Bo's fingers were wet and slippery, finding their way from her pussy to the rim of her asshole, tickling it gently in delicate, small circles. The custom tinted windows on his car were beginning to steam up. Neither one could see outside, but neither one cared.

The only thing on each one's mind was getting Bo's cock into Arielle's pussy right now. Bo tore off her Shirt, took one long look at her ass and tossed her panties in the back seat.

Arielle, who practically worshipped Bo's back, remove his necklace to prevent it from breaking.


She climbed over the console and straddled his huge, hard cock. Inserting it slowly at first, she let out a small, breathless sigh. She began to slide down his turgid, pulsating shaft, moaning as each inch made its way deeper into her soaking wet pussy.

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Bo could feel the end of his cock deep inside Arielle. She had taken him in and now was beginning to grind up against him, rhythmically pumping as her breathing got heavier and heavier. Within moments, Bo's chest was heaving, his hips bucking to push even farther into her. He pushed his face into her soft, warm breasts, kissing and sucking them as hard as he could. The two of them were now in perfect rhythm, gazing into each other's eyes as the air around them grew hotter and steamier.

Faster. Harder. She could feel his cock's head inside her, getting larger and larger, ready to release all that he had for her. And then it happened.


Arielle felt the explosion of passion as Bo flooded her pussy with an endless torrent of his hot, steaming cum. Bo kept thrusting into her, plunging deeply and pulling back, sending streams of his love juice spilling out of her pussy, dripping down his thighs.

Arielle slowed her rocking into a slither against his slippery, soaking thighs. Then they were still. After a moment, Arielle looked glowingly into Bo's sweet, brown eyes. "That," she purred, "is one sweet ride."